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The Supreme Leader's Hajj Message

Thursday, 26 November 2009 07:49

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

The season of Hajj is the time of a spiritual rebirth and the dawn of monotheism across horizons over the world. Its rituals flow like a limpid river, offering chances to pilgrims to wash away the filth of sins or negligence and to eventually restore the sheen of their God-like innate disposition.

The shedding of the attire of snobbery and privilege in the Hajj rendezvous and the subsequent wearing of the uniform garment of Ihram altogether symbolize a unanimous Islamic Ummah and decree a symbolic call of unity and empathy to Muslims worldwide.

The Hajj calls "Your God is One God, so to Him surrender. And give good tidings unto the humble" (The Hajj: 34) on the one hand and "the Holy Mosque that We have appointed equal unto men, alike him who cleaves to it and the tent-dweller" (The Hajj: 25) on the other and in doing so, the Ka’aba embodies a call in unison for Islamic fraternity besides its call of monotheism.

The Muslims who have converged onto the holy place from the four corners of the world with an ardent desire for circumambulating around the Ka’aba or visiting the shrine of the Noblest Messenger, may the peace of Allah be upon him and his progeny, are expected to cherish the opportunity in consolidating their mutual brotherly bonds as it would heal many woes of the Islamic Ummah.

Nowadays, we clearly see that the hands of the ill-wishers of the world of Islam are busy more than the past driving wedges among Muslims, thus the Islamic Ummah is in need of integrity and unanimity more than ever before.

Today, the bloodstained claws of enemies are busy unleashing tragic scenes here and there across the Islamic lands; Palestine languishes under the wicked grip of Zionists and suffers a widening tribulation. The Al-Aqsa Mosque faces a grave threat; innocent people of Gaza, having already been subjected to an unprecedented genocide and still endure the harshest conditions; Afghanistan, under the boots of the occupiers, witnesses a new suffering on a daily basis; in Iraq instability has robbed people of their calm and their peace of mind; in Yemen fratricide has struck the Islamic Ummah with a fresh grief.

Muslims worldwide should rather stop and think how and where these blind seditions, wars, blasts, assassination bids and massacres which have gripped Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have been planned. Why was it that before the American-led Western troops arrived in this region in a peremptory and possessory manner, the regional nations had never been subjected to such a long list of sufferings?

The occupiers, on the one hand, brand any popular resistance movements in Palestine, Lebanon or any other place as terroristic, and on the other hand, are organizing or masterminding a violent sectarian terrorism among the regional nations.

The Middle East and the North African region was once colonized and humiliated for more than a century by the Western governments of Britain and France and subsequently by America; their natural reserves were plundered, their free spirit was trodden upon and their nations were taken hostage by the greed of the aggressive aliens.

Yet, after an Islamic awakening coupled with a popular resistance movements made it impossible for them to proceed and following a re- emergence of the issue of martyrdom and ascension to God and on the path of God , as an exceptional factor in the scene of Islamic jihad, the aggressors, having been pushed to a defensive position, resorted to duplicitous methods after replacing their old approach with a new type of colonialism.

Nonetheless, the multi-faced demon of colonialism has now fielded all its capacities to bring Islam to its knees, from military might, an iron fist and flagrant occupation to an evil chain of propagandas and a myriad of lie-spreading and rumor-mongering media centers, from the organization of networks to ruthlessly carry out assassination and homicide to promotion of promiscuity and the proliferation of narcotics targeting the morale and the morality of the youth, and, finally, from a thoroughgoing diplomatic assail on any hub of resistance to the provocation of sectarian snobbery, prejudice and enmity among brothers.

If affection, trust and empathy take the place of the enemy-desired mistrust and animosity among Muslim nations or Islamic sects, the conspiracy of the ill-wishers would be defeated for the most part and their sinister plots in seeking a growing dominance over the Islamic Ummah would be foiled.

The Hajj is one of those precious opportunities for this sublime goal.

Muslims will only be able to withstand the multi-faced demon and overcome it through cooperation with one another and reliance on their common foundations which are encapsulated in the Holy Koran and the practice of the Messenger. Islamic Iran, following the lessons of our great Imam Khomeini, has epitomized this fruitful resistance. The enemies have faced defeat in Islamic Iran.

Thirty years of plotting, conspiring and ill feeling, from staging a coup and imposing an eight-year war, to imposition sanctions and the freezing of assets, from the unleashing of psychological warfare and media confrontation to making efforts to hinder scientific growth and the acquisition of modern sciences including nuclear expertise by the Iranian nation, and even blatant provocations and interventions during the recent glorious and meaningful elections, all turned into scenes of setbacks, passiveness and confusion on the part of the enemy, re-evoking a verse in the Iranian mind: "Surely the guile of Satan is ever feeble" (The Women: 76).

In all other areas of the world too, where people have countered the arrogant powers through a faith-inspired resistance, the faithful achieved victory while the tyrants ended up in scandal and retreat. The shining victory of the Lebanese in the 33-day war and the prideful and victorious jihad of the Gazans during the past three years stand as living evidence in this regard.

I emphatically recommend the fortunate pilgrims in general and especially the scholars and orators of the Islamic countries who have attended the Hajj gathering, as well as the leaders of Friday prayers in the noble sanctuaries, to recognize their your immediate duty, to expose the conspiracy of the enemies of Islam in the eyes of your audience, and to call the people to affection and unity, they should strictly avoid anything which may provoke a sense of mistrust among Muslims, and vent all cries at the arrogant and the enemies of the Islamic Ummah and the masterminds of all seditions headed by the Zionists and Americans, and in doing so, help materialize the practice of renouncing the infidels in word and in deed.

I humbly pray to God, the Most High, to confer His succor and blessing on me and to you all.

Wassalam-o Alaikum

Seyyed Ali Husseini Khamenei

November 21, 2009


Supreme Leader's Message to Qurra on the First Day of Ramadan


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

This gathering was very pleasant and enjoyable for me. First of all, Quranic gatherings are intrinsically appealing, especially when the Quran is read aloud in a sweet voice with a pleasant tone. Second, this auspicious gathering has coincided with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. I hope Allah the Exalted will place all of us among the followers of the Quran. By Allah's favor, our life will be based on Quranic principles and our death will be in line with Quranic recommendations.

First and foremost, good progress has been made in the country regarding widespread affinity with the Quran and melodic recitation of it. The melodic recitations that were performed here - for which I would like to express my gratitude to all the esteemed qurra as well as those who made preparations for this gathering - were among excellent recitations. Some the recitations were indeed performed in a highly principled way - in terms of pronunciation, intonation, tajwid, attention to the meaning, and correspondence between the tone and meaning of verses. Thankfully, our youth have made good progress in these areas. That is something good. As I have repeatedly pointed out before, such gatherings and the efforts to promote principled recitation of the Quran are a prelude to our society's affinity with the Quran. They are a prelude to saving our people and country from alienation from the Quran, something that has plagued our country and our nation for many consecutive years.

These gatherings can foster an affinity with the Quran, and that is being done in a gradual process. Of course there is a long way to go before all our people, youth, men, and women develop an affinity with the Quran. Then there will be an opportunity to consult the Quran for various daily matters. This will be done when there is an affinity with the Quran. Otherwise, it is not the case that anyone can just open the Quran and unfailingly find what they need without having developed any affinity with it. That is not the case. Most of the time, it is not possible to find what one needs. Most of the time, the heart cannot develop close familiarity with Quranic concepts. But when there is an affinity with the Quran, that becomes possible. Therefore, these are the prelude for an affinity with the Quran.

I usually make some recommendations to our dear qurra. A new recommendation that I would like to make this year is that the intonation and melodic recitations are good: They make the Quran more enjoyable to the ear and the heart, and they increase the influence of the Quran. However, these enjoyable melodic recitations can be performed in two different ways. One way is to read out the verses like a singer. That is the case with some famous Egyptian qurra - who are, of course, considered among the prominent qurra. They simply sing out Quranic verses, and they are good at their work. They have a good voice, and the tone and intonation of their voice is also good.

However, the Quran can also be recited - using the same tones and intonation patterns - in a way that it can create humility in the hearts of those who are listening and make them remember God. "And when His messages are recited to them they increase them in faith ..." [The Holy Quran, 8: 2]. The purpose is to achieve this goal. This kind of recitation can bring man closer to humility and supplication before God. That is another way to recite the Quran. Among the famous qurra, there are some individuals that recite the Quran in this way. Their recitation engenders humility.

You should observe this aspect of reciting, particularly you dear youth who thankfully have a good voice and have achieved good mastery over the techniques of recitation. I know that you dear youth are also familiar with the meaning of what you recite. That was not the case in the past. The situation was different in the early years of the first decade of the Revolution. At that time, there were some qurra who had a good voice, but they often did not pay attention to the meaning of what they recited. By Allah's favor, the progress we have made in this regard has brought the youth to the forefront. That is something good. But you should learn and observe what I said as another technique in order to engender humility.

When there is humility before Quranic verses, the heart will be influenced by Quranic guidance. Some hearts do not seem to be influenced no matter how much Quranic verses and guidance are recited to them. But this is not the case with some other hearts: "So whomsoever Allah intends to guide, He expands his breast for Islam, and whomsoever He intends to leave in error, He makes his breast strait (and) narrow as though he were ascending upwards" [The Holy Quran, 6: 125]. We must pray to Allah the Exalted to make our hearts so sensitive that they learn lessons and are influenced by Quranic guidance and hints.

We keep repeating Quranic verses to one another, but our hearts must be affected by these verses. For instance, take the verse "And hold fast by the covenant of Allah all together" [The Holy Quran, 3: 103]. This is a Quranic teaching, and it has been repeated to us so many times. We have read this teaching repeatedly. When this holy verse is revealed to our hearts as a divine inspiration, when our hearts absorb the message, when our hearts take the form of this verse, and when our heart and soul are placed within the framework of this verse, unity will turn into an essential issue for us, and we will not undermine national unity for the sake of personal motives and goals. That is where unity manifests itself. If Quranic verses are revealed to us in a way that our hearts absorb and understand the message and take the form of the verses, then it will be easier to accept the message when, for instance, the following verse is read to us: "And those with him are firm of heart against the disbelievers, compassionate among themselves." [The Holy Quran, 48: 29].

This verse does not mean that the enemy must constantly be suppressed and trampled underfoot. That is not the case. Sometimes it is appropriate to suppress the enemy and sometimes it is inappropriate to do so. However, you must always stand firm against the enemy. Your bulwark must not be flimsy. Your stronghold must be impenetrable. That is how you should treat the enemy. In contrast, you should be "compassionate" among yourselves. We must be kind towards one another. We must be sympathetic and gentle. After all, that is the order of the Quran. Why do we fail to practice this Quranic decree? What is wrong? That is our problem. If our hearts are ready for Quranic blessings and guidance and if we develop close familiarity with the Quran, it will be easy for us to unite. Then personal goals, materialistic interests, greed for power and money, favoritism, and other such things will not make us forget or disregard this Quranic recommendation and guidance.

Therefore, reading the Quran and listening to it must gradually lead us to this point. That is the way it should be. That is the characteristic of the Quran as a celestial book. The Quran is not like an ordinary book that can be read once. It is not possible to read it once, learn everything, and put it aside. That is not the case. The Quran is like drinking water. It can give you life. You always need it. Its effect is gradual and infinite. Its guidance is endless. No matter how much you learn from the Quran, there is always a door to be opened. There is always something that has to be explored. That is what the Quran is. Therefore, the Quran must be read constantly. We must gain an affinity with the Quran. Our youth must recite the Quran in a good tone and observe different techniques that have been developed for recitation. As I said, our youth must consider engendering humility as one of the components of good recitation.

Dear God, let our life and death be accompanied by the Quran. Associate our souls with the Quran. O God, make our hearts accept Quranic guidance and knowledge. Make us true followers of monotheism. O God, for the sake of Prophet Muhammad (s.w.a.) and his household, make this month of Ramadan auspicious for our nation and the Islamic Ummah. O God, make the Quran more and more common among the Islamic Ummah on a daily basis. Dear God, bestow mercy and blessings on our forefathers.

Blessings be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings


Historical Friday prayer after elections

Leader addresses nation in Friday prayers: Transcript

Sat, 20 Jun 2009 17:43:32 GMT - Presse TV

In this sermon, I call all the respected brothers and sisters who have attended the Friday prayers here to piety and I advise them against any wrongdoing.

In this sermon, I will address the issue of the election, which is a hot topic in our country.

I want to address three different groups on three different issues; firstly, I want to address the general public. Secondly, I want to address the political elite, the candidates of the presidential election, activists and those who have been active in the process of election.

I also have something to say to the leaders of the global arrogance, certain Western governments and their media.

On the first issue, where I address you dear people, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude. I do not like to exaggerate while I am addressing my audience, but regarding the recent election, I must tell you great people that no matter what I say, words cannot describe the greatness of your great accomplishment.

The June 12 election was a great show of the people's sense of responsibility, their will to participate, and their dedication to the system.

Truly, I have never heard of anything similar to what you have accomplished taking place in any of the democratic systems around the world, whether they are false democracies or truly built on their people's vote.

In the Islamic Republic, aside from the 1979 referendum, there has been no election like the one held last Friday with a turnout of almost 85 percent. This means almost 40 million voters. You can see the presence of the 12 and last Shia Imam behind this. This is a sign of God's blessing to us.

It is necessary that I address you all across the nation from the depths of my heart, to express my respect and tell you that I feel humble in your presence.

Our young generation showed and proved they have insight and that like the first generation of the Islamic Revolution, they are committed. The difference is, during the days of the revolution, revolutionary fire burned in the hearts of all. It was the same is the days of the imposed war but in a different sense.

Today, however, there is no more of that but we still witness this commitment, this sense of responsibility, this understanding and fervor in our youth. This is not something that can be ignored.

Of course, there are differences of taste and of opinion among our people. Some people support a certain candidate; others back another person and his words and ideas. This is natural, but you can see a collective commitment amid all this and amongst people of all walks of life. You can see a consensus, a collective commitment to the protection of our country and system.

Everyone entered the political scene in villages, towns, cities, major cities, different ethnic groups, people of different faiths, men, women, young and old. They all entered the scene. They all took part in this great movement.

My dear people, this election was a political tremor for your enemies. For your friends across the world, it was a real celebration -- a historical ceremony and victory.

Thirty years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, such a huge turnout and show of commitment to the Islamic system and the late Imam [Khomeini] shows the renewal of the pledge of allegiance to the late Imam and the martyrs. This was a breath of fresh air, a new movement and a great opportunity for the Islamic system.

This election put religious democracy on display for the whole world to witness. All ill-wishers of the Islamic establishment saw for themselves the meaning of religious democracy.

This is an alternative path in the face of dictatorships and arrogant regimes on the one side and democracies devoid of spirituality and religion on the other. This is religious democracy. This is what brings the hearts of people together and draws them to the scene.

This is the first point I wanted to make about the election. The second point is that the June 12 election showed that people live with trust, hope and national enthusiasm in this country.

This is against a great deal of comments your enemies make in their propaganda. If the people of this country were not hopeful about their future, they would not have taken part in any election.

If people were not dedicated to the Islamic establishment, they would have never voted. If they did not feel free, they would have never shown up at polling stations. The trust they have in the Islamic system was evident in this election.

Later on, I will tell you how the enemy targeted the very trust of the people in the Islamic establishment. This trust is the very thing they want to crush. This trust is the greatest asset of the Islamic system, so they want to take it away from the Islamic establishment.

They want to cast doubt on the election and weaken the confidence of the people in the system. They want to cause the people to panic. The enemies of the Iranian nation know that without trust there would have been a low turnout.

A low turnout would have questioned the legitimacy of the establishment. That is what they are after. They wanted to take away your [people] trust and keep you away from the polls to target this legitimacy, and if they had achieved this goal, the damage done would have been incomparable to any other.

For the people to come to the polls en masse and then be told that they made a mistake and should not have trusted the Islamic establishment, this is an enemy game.

This path is the same one they pursued even before the elections. A few months before the election, in late march, I said in Mashhad that the enemy has started whispers and rumors that their will be vote rigging. They were preparing the grounds for the events of today.

I advised our friends in the country not to repeat what the enemy wants to plant in people's minds. The Islamic establishment has the people's trust and it has not gained this trust easily.

For the past 30 years, authorities in the Islamic Republic have managed to maintain this trust, with their performance and painstaking efforts.

The third issue I want to touch upon is the issue of rivalry. This competition was a free, serious and transparent race between four candidates as we all witnessed.

These competitions, debates and discussion were so transparent that some began to voice objections. I will tell you that to they had the right to object to some extent.

Certain problems were also created that resulted in what you see today. I must tell you that we were and still are under the impression that these rivalries were between the four candidates who are all individuals committed to the system.

The Enemies want to portray the situation in the media - some of which belong to the Zionists -as if there is a row between the proponents and opponents of the Islamic Republic. No, this is not the case, this very untrue.

The four candidates who entered the presidential race all belonged and still belong to the Islamic establishment. One of these four is the president of our country - a hardworking and trustworthy president. One of them is the two-term prime minister, he served the country when I myself was president. He was my prime minister for eight years. One of them was the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps and one of the wartime commanders. One them was two-time head of parliament and Majlis speaker. They are all members of our Islamic establishment.

Of course, they have differences of opinion and plans that differ from one another. But, they all belong to this Islamic establishment. This race was defined within the framework of the system. It was not a competition between insiders and outsiders as the Zionist and the US were trying to portray. No, this was a competition within the framework of the system between members of the system.

I know them all personally, I know their system of thought and their tastes very well. I am familiar with their personalities. I have worked with all of them closely. I know them all. But of course, I do not share all their views. I believe some of their views and executive records are subject to criticism.

I see some more suitable to serve the country than others. But, this is up to the people to decide, and this is exactly what happened, they chose who they wanted.

My desire and my choice was never announced nor was there any need for the people to pay heed to it. The people had their own criteria and this is what they based their decision on. Millions here and outside the country decided for themselves. This is an internal issue.

Misrepresenting the problem is underhand. The row is not between insiders of the system and outsiders. The row is not between revolutionary and anti-revolutionary forces, it is a difference of opinion between the members of the Islamic Revolution.

People who voted for these four candidates, voted with faith in the system. They believed their candidate of choice was better for the country so they voted for him. They voted in favor of the person they found most competent.

Well, these campaigns and debates were an important and interesting initiative. They were very clear, to the point and serious. The televised debates proved wrong those who were trying to say from the outside that these competitions are formalities.

They saw that these rivalries are real and serious. They saw that they are really battling it out and exchanging viewpoints. From this perspective, these debates were positive. But, they also had some negative points which I will touch upon.

The positive aspect was that in these televised discussions and debates everyone spoke their mind clearly and casually. A flood of criticism followed. Everyone was forced to respond. Everyone was criticized and they defended themselves. The stances that these individuals and groups had were unveiled before the eyes of the nation. They talked about their plans, commitments and projects.

All this was publicized for the people so that they could judge for themselves. People felt that in the Islamic system they are not the outsiders. Everything was clearly laid out before the people.

They were shown that the nature of their vote is not ceremonial. The right to vote truly does belong to the people. People want to have the right to choose. This is what the televised debates indicated.

One of the main reasons that ten million additional voters participated in this election was because the people's minds had been engaged, therefore they came and voted for the candidate of their choice.

These debates found their way into the streets and homes. These debates helped the people become better informed and hence make better decisions. The Islamic establishment is in favor of such debates.

Note that such debates should not be steered in a direction that may cause people to hold grudges against one another. If these debates had remained within their intended framework, they would have been positive. But when they turn into arguments than they will gradually bring grudges and hard feelings.

Of course, such debates should continue at managerial levels, but without a negative aspect. Officials should allow criticism and feel responsible to answer. If an individual is criticized, he must see it as an opportunity to enlighten the people and reveal fact and truth.

If these debates are regularly carried out [as normal government practice], at election time when there are such debates we would not witness such reactions. All arguments would emerge and all ideas would be exchanged over time. These are the positive aspects of such debates.

But, there have also been some negative aspects to the debates that need to be dealt with. In some cases, we saw that logical points were undermined and emotional and destructive responses dominated the debate.

There were efforts to portray the last four years as a dark era. There were also attempts to portray previous administrations in a similar light. Allegations were made that have not been proven in any court, rumors were used as a reference, and unjust remarks were made.

This administration, despite the excellent services it had rendered came under unjust attacks. Similarly, the performance of previous governments in the past 30 years came under attack. The candidates gave in to their emotions.

They made some positive points. They also raised some unpleasant negative issues. Like the rest of the nation, I sat and watched these TV debates. I took pride in the freedom of speech I witnessed. I enjoyed the fact that the Islamic Republic has been able to aid the people in deciding their future, but the shortcomings saddened me.

For supporters of the candidates the shortcomings and negative aspects were also a cause for concern; both sides were a party to this... both sides had their problems.

On the one hand, insults were hurled against the president of the country, even two to three months prior to these debates, speeches were brought to me and in them, I read the insults made and the accusations leveled against the president of the country who was elected by the vote of the people. They accused him of lying. This is not good. They fabricated documents against the government and distributed them everywhere.

I saw what was going on. They [accusations] were all untrue and contrary to the facts. They swore at the president, called him superstitious, and called him names. They closed their eyes to ethics and the law.

On the other hand, almost the same thing happened. The performance of the past 30 years of the Revolution was brought under question. People were named who are among the system's veteran figures.

They are people who have dedicated their lives to this establishment. Never before have I mentioned people by name in the Friday prayer sermons, but today, I have to mention some names, particularly Mr. [Akbar] Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mr. [Ali Akbar] Nateq-Nouri. I must mention their names and point out that nobody has accused them of corruption.

Now, if anyone has any claims or complaints regarding their [Hashemi Rafsanjani and Nateq-Nouri's] relatives they should refer to judicial authorities.

You cannot raise these issues in the media before they are proven. If it is proven, you can raise the issue as every member of society is equal, but you are not allowed to make claims. When such things are mentioned, misunderstandings are the outcome. This can cause misunderstandings for the younger generation.

Everyone knows Mr. Hashemi. My relationship with him goes back to before the Islamic Revolution. I have known him for more than 25 years. Mr. Hashemi was one of the main revolutionary figures.

He was one of the most active proponents of the revolution, and after the Islamic Revolution, he was one of the main political figures serving the people alongside the late Imam, And after the departure of the founder of the Islamic Revolution he has been alongside the leadership to date.

On several occasions, there were assassination attempts on his life. Before the revolution, he donated his possessions for the revolutionary cause. Our youth should know these facts. After the revolution, he had different responsibilities.

For eight years, he served as the president and before that he was the parliament speaker. He held other sensitive positions as well. Throughout these years, I am not aware of one incident in which he gathered wealth. These are the facts that everyone should know.

In the most sensitive of periods, he served the revolution and the establishment. Of course, my opinion and Mr. Rafsanjani's differs on numerous issues, which is natural. However, we should not create any misunderstandings for the people.

The president and Mr. Rafsanjani have had differences of opinion since the president took office in 2005. They have differences of opinion in foreign policy, in the manner of spreading social justice as well as on some cultural issues. However, the president's ideas are closer to mine.

The same goes fort Mr. Nateq-Nouri. He has also served the revolution, rendered great services for the establishment and there is not a shred of doubt about that.

The live televised debates are a positive step, but these shortcomings should be removed. After the debates, I had a talk with the president because I knew he would listen to me. The stance of the Islamic establishment is clear-cut regarding corruption and social justice. Corruption should be fought anywhere it is traced.

There is a point I want to make here. We do not claim that our establishment is free of all economic and financial corruption. Yes, there is corruption. If there was no corruption, I would not have written the eight-point letter to the heads of the legislative, judiciary, and executive branches of the country.

We have corruption, but the Islamic establishment is one of the healthiest establishments in the world today. However, it is not right to accuse the country of corruption based on some Zionist reports and sources.

Moreover, questioning the credibility of statesmen goes beyond the bounds of decency. Financial corruption is an important issue in the Islamic establishment. The judiciary, executive and legislative branches of the country must do everything within their power to fight against it.

Everyone is duty-bound to fight corruption. If corruption is not contained, it will spread in the same manner as you see occurring in many countries…. They are struggling with an alarming level of corruption as you have heard about in the UK. This is only a fraction of the scandal as it goes way beyond what has been publicized.

Let me summarize the points I made. The Friday election was a historical event, which touched the entire world. Some of our enemies, however, attempted to cast doubt over this absolute and definitive victory. Some even attempted to portray it as a national defeat.

They did not want you to enjoy this victory. They did not want to see the highest turnout in the world go down in history in your name. However, it has happened, it has been recorded in history. They cannot manipulate this.

The time for rivalry is passed... These four candidates have all fought in the battlefront of this revolution and they are members of this establishment. Forty million people went to the polls and cast their votes for this revolution.

It was not only the 24 million votes that went to the president; 40 million votes were cast in favor of the revolution. The people have trust [in the establishment], and all supporters of candidates should rest assured that the Islamic establishment would never betray the people's trust.

In fact, the electoral system of the country does not allow for any vote rigging, which is testified to by all those in charge of the election process.

When there is a margin of one hundred thousand or one million at most, then one can doubt that there may have been some form of manipulation or irregularity; however, when there is a difference of eleven million votes, how could any vote rigging have taken place?

However, as I have said, and the Guardian Council has accepted, if some people have doubts then it should be dealt with through legal channels. Everything must be dealt strictly though legal channels. I will never accept illegal demands.

If the legal frameworks are breached today, then no future election can be guaranteed. In every election, there is only one winner, and of course, some defeated candidates. Complaints, if there is any doubt, should be pursued through legal channels. We have a comprehensive and competent legal system.

Just as the candidates have the right to appoint observers, they are given the right to file complaints. I have requested the Guardian Council conduct a partial vote recount in the presence of the candidates and their representatives. We have no problem with this.

I want to address the politicians, candidates and political parties at this point. We are at a critical historical juncture. Look at current world affairs, the situation in the Middle East, global economic woes and the situation in our neighboring countries.

We are duty bound to remain vigilant and to be careful not to commit mistakes at this critical point in time. In the election, people fulfilled their duty in the best way possible, which was by going to the polls. We have heavier responsibilities on our shoulders now.

Those figures who are looked up to by the people and politicians, should be cautious about their words and deeds. If they show any amount of extremist attitude, it will penetrate into the ranks of the people.

It may have dangerous consequences and may eventually get out of control. Extremism in society will trigger or fan other extremist moves in the country. If political elites disobey the law and make wrong decisions, they will be held accountable for any violent actions or rioting that ensues.

I urge these people, these friends of mine, to exercise restraint and patience. You should see enemy hands at work [against the country]. You should see hungry wolves laying in ambush. They are taking off their masks of diplomacy and are showing their true colors. I urge you to open your eyes and see the enemy.

In the past few days the prominent diplomats of some Western countries, which have been dealing with us through diplomatic rhetoric, have removed their masks. Today you can see their true face. They are now showing their enmity toward the Islamic establishment and the most treacherous of them all is Britain.

I tell these brothers of ours to think of their responsibility. You are responsible before God. I call on you to remember what Imam has written in his will; the law has the final say.

All differences should be settled at the ballot box. This is what elections are for, to let ballot boxes and not the streets determine what the people want.

If after every election, the supporters of the candidates who have lost take to streets and the supporters of the candidate who has won respond in the same manner, then what need would we have for elections?

Why should the people have to suffer? We should not take to the streets to show off with the number of our supporters to the people. Such acts are not a political issue for those terrorists who take advantage of the situation to hide among the masses in order to carry out their agenda.

It is a very good cover for these saboteurs. Who will take responsible for this? Some of the people who were killed in these riots were ordinary people, ordinary Basij members. Who will be held accountable for this?

They may start taking advantage of this situation to assassinate Basij members, which will naturally provoke emotional reactions. Who is to be held responsible for this? One is grieved to see them attack religious students at Tehran University dormitories and afterwards chant slogans in support of the leadership.

Post-election rivalry on the streets is not the right way to go. It only challenges the election. I want all sides to put an end to this. If they do not stop such actions, then they will be responsible for the repercussions of such incidents.

It is also wrong to assume that street riots can be used as leverage to pressure the establishment and to force officials to listen to them for what they believe is in the interest of the country.

Giving in to illegal demands under pressure is in itself the beginning of dictatorship. This is a miscalculation and the consequences will be directed at those who orchestrated them. If necessary, I will tell the people about them in due time.

I ask all these brothers and friends of mine to act based on friendship and abide by the law. I hope God will help us choose the righteous path. The celebration of 40 million votes should be appreciated and the enemy must not be allowed to ruin the celebration. However, if certain people decide to choose another path, then I will have no choice but to talk with the people more openly.

The third group I wish to address are the leaders of the Western media and arrogant powers. In the past two to three weeks, I have heard the words and witnessed the actions of politicians from the United States and certain European countries.

Before the elections, they attempted to cast doubt over the election itself so that there would be a low voter turnout. They had their own assessments of results forecasts, but they did not expect the mass participation of the people. They never predicted an 85 percent turnout, or 40 million voters.

When they saw the mass turnout, they were shocked. They realized the reality of Iran. They came to understand that they need to adapt themselves to the new situation be it regional, nuclear or internal.

When they saw the great popular movement on Election Day, they realized that a new chapter had been opened with regards to Iran and that they must come to terms with it. When some candidates began protesting the results, they felt that there was a change, so they jumped at the chance to ride this wave.

Their tone after the election changed on Saturday and Sunday. Their attention shifted to the riots and that was when they gradually began removing their masks.

Western officials, their presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers commented on this situation. The US President said that we were waiting for the day when people would take to the streets. At the same time they write letters saying that they want to have ties and that they respect the Islamic Republic. Which are we to believe?

Inside the country, their elements [foreign countries] began street protests and vandalism, they set fire to public property, they made shops and businesses insecure, and they are trying to rob the people of their security.

This has nothing to do with the people and their preferred candidates. This kind of behavior stems from ill-wishers, mercenaries and elements working for Western and Zionist secret services.

The incidents occurring inside the country have misled some of those outside our borders, who imagine Iran to be the same as Georgia. A Zionist American capitalist a few years ago, had been quoted in the media saying that he had spent 10 million dollars in Georgia to start a velvet revolution.

Our nation cannot be compared to any another nation. Their problem is they have not come to know this revolution and its people.

American officials say they are worried about the Iranian nation, how can you be worried? Can you even speak about human rights when you are responsible for the blood shed in Afghanistan and Iraq? In Palestine who has and is supporting and funding the Zionist regime?

During the term of a previous US government, eighty people affiliated with the Davidian sect were burnt alive in their compound in Waco, Texas. For some reason these people were disliked by the then US administration. Eighty people were burnt in that building, how dare you talk of human rights?

In my opinion, these western officials should at least feel a little embarrassment!


Speech at  the Fourth International Conference in Support of Palestine


In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful

I welcome you, honored guests—scholars, thinkers, statesmen, and combatants—who have come to the Islamic Republic of Iran to participate in the Fourth Conference in Support of Palestine.

Important and crucial developments have occurred between this and the preceding meeting held in Tehran during 15-17 Rabi al-Awwal, 1427 H. (April 14-16, 2006). These developments have brightened the prospects of the issue of Palestine and made clearer our duties concerning this fundamental problem of the Islamic world.

Among these important developments were the amazing military and political defeats inflicted by the Islamic resistance in Lebanon on Israel during the 33-day war in 1427 H. (2006), and the humiliating failure of the Zionist regime in the 22-day criminal war against the people of Gaza and the legal government of Palestine.

Now this usurper regime—which with its army and weapons backed by the U.S. military and political support flaunted a fearsome and undefeatable facade during the past several decades—has twice been forced to suffer defeat by the forces of resistance fighting with trust in God and the people, rather than reliance on arms and equipment.

Notwithstanding its military exercises, preparations, and far-reaching intelligence outfits, as well as the unsparing support of America and some other Western governments, along with the collaboration of some hypocrites in the Muslim world, the Zionist regime is faced with incompetence, a steep downfall and dissolution before the powerful wave of Islamic awakening.

On the other hand, the crimes committed by the Zionist criminals during the historic events of Gaza—the genocide of civilians, the destruction of defenseless homes, the impaling of breastfed babies, the bombing of schools and mosques, the use of phosphorous bombs and other outlawed weapons; all this following an almost two-year blockade on supplies of food, medicine, fuel and other essentials of life for the people, and numerous other crimes—proved that the savage and criminal instincts of the leaders of the fake Zionist state have not changed in the least since the early decades of the disaster in Palestine. Exactly the same policies and predatory and ruthless motives which created such tragedies as those of Deir Yasin, Sabra and Shatila still rule the dark minds and hearts of the contemporary tyrants. Of course, the magnitude of such atrocities and their disastrous consequences has been amplified by the advances in technology.

By now both those who advocated a “pragmatic” approach under the illusion of the invincibility of the Zionist regime and those who succumbed to surrender and compromise with the usurpers, should have realized their mistake, as well as those who entertained hopes of peaceful coexistence with the Zionists, wrongly believing the second and third generation of Zionist politicians to be free from the criminal impulses of the first.

Firstly, the false image of invincibility was shattered by the wave of Islamic awakening and maturing of the erstwhile sapling of Islamic resistance. The signs of the usurper regime’s weakness and despondency have become fully visible. Secondly, the aggressive character of the ringleaders of that regime and their unscrupulousness in committing atrocities remain unchanged since the early decades. They are not averse to committing any atrocity whatsoever and whenever they think they can do it.

Now 60 years have passed since the occupation of Palestine. During this period all material means of power have been in the service of the usurpers, including money, weapons and technology, as well as political and diplomatic initiatives and the giant empire of news media and networks. Yet despite these staggering and far-reaching satanic efforts, the usurpers and their supporters have failed to solve the problem of the Zionist regime’s illegitimacy, rather the problem has grown more complicated in the pass of time.

The intolerance shown by the Western and Zionist media and pro-Zionist governments toward even the mere posing of any question concerning the Holocaust—which served as an excuse for the usurpation of Palestine—and research on the topic, is one of the signs of this nervousness and uncertainty.

The image of the Zionist regime in world opinion today is much worse than it has ever been during its dark history, and more serious questions are being raised concerning the rationale of its creation.

The spontaneous and unprecedented world-wide protests against this regime and in support of the Islamic resistance in Gaza and Lebanon during the 33-day war, which extended from the Far East to Latin America, and demonstrations in 120 countries including Europe and Britain, the breeding ground of this evil tree, reveal the emergence of a world-wide resistance against Zionism that has never been so serious and extensive in the last 60 years. We may well say that the Islamic resistance in Lebanon and Palestine has succeeded in awakening the world’s conscience.

This is a big lesson, for both the Muslim Ummah and its enemies.

It is a lesson for the enemies, who tried to create a fake and ceremonial nation and state by resorting to force and repression, and to convert it in the course of time into an undeniable reality, and to make such an unjust imposition something normal for the Islamic world.

It is also a lesson for the Muslim community, especially the proud youth and their alert conscience, so that they may know that any struggle waged for the restoration of usurped rights is never in vain, and that God’s promise is indeed true when He, the Most High, declares (in the Qur’an):

“Those who are fought against are permitted [to fight] because they have been wronged, and Allah is indeed able to help them. —Those who were expelled from their homes unjustly, only because they said, ‘Allah is our Lord.’ Had not Allah repulsed the people from one another, ruin would have befallen the monasteries, churches, synagogues and mosques in which Allah’s Name is mentioned greatly. Allah will surely help those who help Him. Indeed Allah is all-strong, all-mighty.” (22:39-40)

And when He, the Most High, says

“Indeed Allah does not break His promise.” (3:9)

“Allah shall never break His promise.” (22:47)

“[This is] a promise of Allah: Allah does not break His promise, but most people do not know.” (30:6)

“So do not suppose that Allah will break His promise to His apostles. Indeed Allah is all-mighty, avenger.” (14:47)

And what promise can be more categorical than this promise of God,

“Allah has promised those of you who have faith and do righteous deeds that He will surely make them successors in the earth, just as He made those who were before them successors, and He will surely establish for them their religion which He has approved for them, and that He will surely change their state to security after their fear, while they worship Me, not ascribing any partners to Me. And whoever is ungrateful after that—it is they who are the transgressors.” (24:55)

A big fallacy which has taken control of the minds of some persons concerning the problem of Palestine is that a country named Israel is a 60-year old reality with which one has to reconcile. I do not know why these people do not learn from other realities that are in front of their eyes. Is it not a fact that the countries of the Balkans, Caucasus, and Southwest Asia reclaimed their identity after 80 years of loss, and after being parts of the former Soviet Union? Why cannot Palestine, which is part of the body of the Islamic world, reclaim its Islamic and Arab identity? Why cannot the Palestinian youths, who are among the most astute and resistant of Arab youth, overcome this unjust reality by their will and resolution?

Another big fallacy is to say that negotiation is the only means of deliverance for the Palestinian nation. With whom are these negotiations to be held? With a usurper, misguided and bullying regime which does not believe in anything except force? What have those who have been captivated with this game and delusion achieved?

Firstly, what they obtained from the Zionists in the form of the Palestinian Authority—its humiliating and disgraceful manner aside—was at the enormous cost of having to recognize the ownership of the usurper regime over nearly the entire Palestine.

Secondly, even that partial and fake authority was at times trampled underfoot by the Zionists under empty excuses. The siege of the late Yasser Arafat in his administrative building in Ramallah and numerous forms of humiliation he was made to suffer are not events that can be forgotten.

Thirdly, during Arafat’s days and, especially, after him, they have treated the officials of the autonomous Authority as police-station chiefs whose duty was to prosecute and arrest Palestinian combatants and to keep them under intelligence and police surveillance, thus spreading seeds of enmity among Palestinian groups and prompting them to wage war against one another.

Fourthly, even that puny achievement was the fruit of the struggle of Palestinian combatants and resistance of its proud men and indomitable women. Had the Intifada not occurred, the Zionists would not have given them even this little, despite the successive compromises made by the traditional Palestinian leaders.

Or shall there be negotiations with America and Britain, which are guilty of the biggest sin in creating and sustaining this cancerous tumor, and which are more one of the parties to the dispute than arbiters?

The American government has never ceased its unconditional support for the Zionist regime and its flagrant crimes, such as those committed during the recent events in Gaza.

Even the new American President, who came to office with the slogan of bringing change in the policies of the Bush administration, avows unconditional commitment to Israel’s security, which means defending state terrorism, defending injustice and oppression, and defending a 22-day massacre of hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children. It is a policy which amounts to the same crooked ways of the Bush administration and nothing else.

Negotiations with bodies associated with the United Nations are another exercise in futility. The United Nations has perhaps confronted few tests such as the problem of Palestine, wherein it has been exposed and earned a bad name. It was a day when the Security Council promptly and officially recognized the occupation of Palestine by Belligerent terrorist groups and played a basic role in the birth and continuation of this historic injustice.

After that, for several decades, it maintained a consent-implying silence with regard to the cases of genocide, expulsion of refugees, war crimes and other various atrocities committed by that regime. Even when the General Assembly voted designating Zionism as a racist ideology, the Security Council did not go along rather it maintained practically a diametrically opposite stand. The oppressive world powers, which enjoy permanent membership in the Security Council, have been manipulating the world body. As a result, the Security Council does not help the cause of world security rather it rallies to the assistance of these powers whenever they employ notions such as human rights, democracy and the like as pretexts to further their greed and domination, drawing a curtain of deception and lies over their illegitimate actions.

The deliverance of Palestine cannot be obtained through begging from the United Nations or the dominating powers, and more so from the usurper regime. The sole path of its deliverance is through resistance and fortitude, through the unity of purpose of the Palestinians and the word of God’s oneness (Tawhid), which is the inexhaustible resource for human struggle.

The pillars of this resistance, on one side, are the combatant Palestinian groups and each and every one of the faithful and resistant Palestinians, those who are within that country as well as those who are abroad.

From another side, the pillars are the world's Muslim nations and governments, religious scholars, intellectuals, political figures and academics. If these two pillars remain firmly in their place, there is no doubt that in every part of the world, awakened consciences, hearts and minds which have not been spoiled by the spells of the news media empire belonging to the global arrogance and Zionism, will rally to the assistance of the victims and those who have been denied their rights, forcing imperialism to confront a storm of thoughts, emotions and actions.

We have seen an example of this truth in recent days during the magnificent resistance of Gaza. The sobs in front of the news cameras of a Western chief of one of the international aid organizations, expressions of sympathy by activists belonging to humanitarian organizations, the large and impassioned public demonstrations in the heart of European capitals and American cities, the bold moves made by the heads of several states in Latin America—all these are signs that the non-Muslim world has not yet been fully subjugated by forces of evil and corruption—called ‘Satan’ in the nomenclature of the Quran—and that the ground is still open for truth to manifest itself.

Yes, the resistance and fortitude of the Palestinian combatants and people, together with all-round support and assistance from all Islamic countries, will break the satanic spell of the usurpation of Palestine. The prodigious energies of the Islamic Ummah can solve the problems of the Islamic world, including the urgent and acute issue of Palestine.

Muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world, my message is now addressed to you as well as to all persons with an alert conscience, irrespective of country and creed. Make an effort, and break the spell of impunity for the Zionist criminals. Bring to trial the political and military heads of the usurper regime who have had a role in bringing about the Gaza tragedy, and mete out to them the punishment laid down by reason and justice.

This is the first step to be taken. The political and military leaders of the usurper regime should be brought to trial. If criminals are punished, the room for criminal acts by those who possess the motives and madness to commit them will be restricted. Impunity for perpetrators of great crimes is itself a cause and incentive for further crimes.

If after the 33-day Lebanon war, the Muslim world community had earnestly demanded the punishment of Zionist leaders responsible for the terrible atrocities committed during this war, had this legitimate demand been made following the massacres of wedding processions in Afghanistan, after the atrocities committed by Black Water mercenaries in Iraq, and following the Abu Ghuraib scandal and other scandals involving American soldiers, we would not have witnessed a repetition of Karbala events in Gaza.

In these cases, we, Muslim states and nations, have not acted in accordance with our duty as dictated by the laws of justice and reason. Its consequence is what we are witnessing today.

It is a matter of deep regret that some governments and world politicians are totally alien to moral values and judgments of human conscience. They are insensitive to the 22-day long genocide in Gaza in which 1350 people were killed and about 5500 civilians were wounded, many of them children. The murderers and criminals have not only gone unpunished, but also they have been rewarded. The security of the bloodthirsty regime is considered sanctity to be defended at all cost, and the victims, whether it is a government elected by a decisive popular vote or the people who have elected it to office, are accused and condemned. Such is the judgment of political tribunals totally divorced from ethics and alien to conscience and human virtues. Yet, when these governments encounter public opinion in the form of a deep hatred, instead of noting its obvious cause, they again resort to political maneuvers, thus continuing the vicious circle.

Dear brothers and sisters throughout the Islamic world! Let us learn from experience.

Our great community, with the boon of the Islamic awakening, possesses tremendous power. The key to the solution of many of the problems of the Muslim countries lies in the resoluteness and solidarity of this wonderful galaxy. The question of Palestine is the most urgent problem of the Islamic world.

At times some people are heard to say that Palestine is an Arab problem. What does that mean? If it means that there is a stronger feeling of consanguinity among the Arabs, who are willing to offer Palestine a greater service and do more struggle for its sake, that is something desirable and we welcome it. But if it means that the heads of some Arab countries should refuse to pay any heed to the cries of help of the Palestinian people which are addressed to all Muslims, if it means that they may collaborate with the ruthless usurper enemy in such an important case as the tragedy of Gaza while loudly condemning others who cannot remain indifferent to their call of duty to help Gaza—then no proud and conscientious Muslim or Arab will accept it, nor spare the speaker of disapproval and reproach. It is the same as the logic of Akhzam (an Arab man), who used to beat his father and chide others for interfering. After him, his son would assault the grandfather with his fists. The fable became the source of an Arabic proverb which means: My sons have left me covered with blood; a precedent that I know was laid down by Akhzam.

Offering a multi-faceted assistance to the people of Palestine and complete support is a joint duty of all Muslims. The governments which criticize the Islamic Republic of Iran and some other Muslim countries for assisting Palestine should come forward to bear the burden of such support so that others are relieved of this Islamic duty. But if they lack the ability and courage to do so, instead of criticism and causing hindrance, they should appreciate the dutiful and courageous steps taken by others.

Respected audience! You who are present at this conference are thinkers and specialists about the problem of Palestine. Today our historical duty is not to repeat the bland statements and torpid theories of the past, but to suggest approaches for liberating Palestine from the oppression of the Zionist regime.

Our proposal is a solution which is in total agreement with democracy and can form a common logical basis. That proposal is that all those who have a legitimate stake in the territory of Palestine, including Muslims, Christians and Jews should choose their own system of government in a general referendum. All Palestinians who have borne for years the ordeal of displacement should also participate in such a referendum.

The Western world should know that non-acceptance of this solution will imply an absence of commitment to democracy, which it always claims to support. The failure to pass this test will further expose its double standards. Palestine was also the focus of an earlier test, when the West didn’t want to accept the result of elections in the West bank and Gaza which brought the Hamas government into office. Those who accept democracy so long as it results in achieving their aims are war-mongering adventurers. If they talk about peace, it is nothing but lies and deception.

The reconstruction of Gaza is one of the most urgent problems of Palestine. The Hamas government— which was elected by a decisive majority of the Palestinians and whose epical resistance, which saddled the Zionist regime with defeat, is the brightest page in Palestinian history of the last hundred years—should be at the centre of all reconstruction efforts. It will be appropriate for the Egyptian brothers to open the way for aid to move in and allow Muslim countries and nations to carry out their duty in this regard.

In conclusion, I honor the memory of the martyrs of the 22-day war. With their blood they made the Palestinian Gaza a matter of pride for Islam and Arabs. I implore God’s mercy and forgiveness for them. In addition, I invoke His blessings for all the martyrs of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan and for all martyrs of Islam, as well as for the pure spirit of our magnificent leader, the late Imam Khomeini.

I beseech God, the Most High, to exalt the honor of Islam and Muslims, to bring Muslim nations closer to one another, and bring a daily increasing awakening to the Islamic world.

May Peace and Allah’s mercy and His blessings be upon you.


We Will Do Whatever We Can to Help Gaza

The following are excerpts of the latest speech of Ayatollah al-Udma Sayyed Ali Khamenei delivered on 11 Muharram 1430 [January 8, 2009].

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. First of all I would like to express my condolences on the martyrdom of the greatest martyr of human history, Aba Abdillah al-Hussain (AS), the creator of the unforgettable awakening epic in the course of history. Second, I would like to welcome you dear brothers and sisters who have come here from Qom on the occasion of the uprising of the conscious and vigilant people of Qom [in 1978]. You have formed a lively and sincere session by your presence here.

. . . The arrogant powers’ apparatus, which does not believe in any human principles, wishes to dominate the sensitive Middle East region which is bubbling with wealth and is positioned in a strategic geographical area and benefits from economic advantages. The way they want to achieve that objective is through the usurper Israel, the Zionists who rule the occupied Palestine.

All the events of the past few years from what happened in Lebanon to what happened in Iraq and Palestine can all be interpreted through this window. The objective is that this region must become dominated by America and the global arrogance. The case of the global arrogance is of course separate from that of America, however America is the main manifestation of the great Satan. The arrogant powers wish to have this region under their domination. They need this region and the agent assisting them with achieving that objective is Israel. All the events of the past few years can be analyzed through this window.

You saw that during the 33-day war [of Israel against Lebanon], the American foreign secretary of state said this was the birth pangs of a new Middle East. That is, a new birth will be given to the American-desired Middle East. Of course that hollow dream was interpreted with what happened to them. The bravery, vigilance, devotion, sacrifice and jihad of committed youth in Lebanon punched in the mouth of not only Israel, but also America and all their supporters and followers.

The issue of Gaza is the same. They do not want anyone in the region who would show resistance. They consider the Islamic Republic to be the cause of resistance. They have of course understood this correctly. Here [I. R. Iran] is the center of resistance. The Islamic Republic is a source of inspiration for the nations of the region even if we do not take any action, do not say a thing.

An entity, an identity that despite the efforts of all arrogant powers and contrary to the wishes of the enemies is standing firm in the region and is becoming more consolidated and its roots are getting deeper and deeper. The very existence of this great and glorious entity is a thorn in the side of the arrogant powers and a source of hope for nations. Yes, you are right. Here is the centre of resistance. No doubt about that. Others have also received their inspirations from here. However, in order to smash this resistance, they have targeted a weak chain first, the elected popular government of Hamas in Gaza. They have found some oppressed people to suppress.

Anyone in the world of Islam today who considers the issue of Gaza a regional, restricted, and area-confined matter is in a deep sleep, the deep sleep which has so far caused a great deal of trouble for the nations. The issue of Gaza does not only concern Gaza, it is an issue which concerns everyone. Right now Gaza is the weaker link and that is why they have started their onslaught there. They will not leave the region alone if they succeed there. The governments of the Muslim countries in the region, which refuse to give the aid that they can and should give, are wrong. They are wrong. The further Israel establishes itself in the region and the more the dominance of arrogance increases in the region, the more the weakness and troubles of these governments will be. Why donât they understand? The governments will also take the nations with them towards abjectness. An abject, obedient and dependent government will make an entire nation abject, obedient and dependent.

That is why nations should be aware. Our nation has demonstrated its awareness and readiness regarding this issue. I must thank the nation, which has shown its stance and determination with its slogans and its participation in rallies. I particularly thank the enthusiastic and pious youth, who gathered at airports requesting to be sent to Gaza. But our hands are tied. Our hands are tied. If we could have a presence there, we would have done it, we would not have been worried about other’s views, but this is not possible. Every one should know that the government and officials of the Islamic Republic will do whatever they can to help that innocent nation, as it has done so far and will do in future. [Audience chants: Allahu Akbar, death to America, death to Israel].

Our youth are enthusiastic. This generation has shown by this act [requesting to be sent to Gaza] that they are the same as the generation that took part in Karbala-five and Valfajr-four and the Kheybar and Badr operations [reference to military operations during the Iraqi imposed war of 1980s]. These young people are the same as the young generation of 25, 30 years ago, ready for the battle field. [Audience chants: Oh, freedom-seeking leader, we are ready, we are ready.]

The money that the enemy’s espionage apparatus has paid to some internal elements to divert our youth and to write analysis and denounce this readiness was wasted. Our youth are moving in the same direction that the revolution, Islam and Imam Hussain (AS) have laid out. This is the situation in our country. However, in the world of Islam the nations should show their presence and determination clearly. They should demand this from their governments.

Some Muslim governments have made good efforts, but this is not enough. The enemy should be forced to withdraw under political and popular pressure. Take a look at the catastrophe the Israelis are creating today. This is an unprecedented catastrophe. If one person, in one corner of the world, falls down in an incident, all human rights organizations start a furor. They [the West] claim to support human rights with lies, hypocrisy, pretence and deception. And now, little children and innocent women are falling down like autumn leaves [being martyred] and they [the West] donât say a word. [Audience chants: Death to America, death to Israel.]

God Almighty disgraced those who claim to defend human rights, at the United Nations and other so-called defendants of human rights. These European nations constantly talk about human rights. What human rights? You do not believe in human rights. You lie. Your mention of human rights is deceitful. Otherwise, how could the head of a European state see these events and not condemn Israel if he believes in human rights. Worse than them [Europeans], are some of the intellectuals of the world of Islam. Unfortunately, the corruption of media and broadcasting and intellectual systems in the world of Islam is very regrettable. They write analysis against the current legal government of Palestine to justify the crimes of the Zionists. God Almighty will not forgive them. . .

If, God forbid, the enemy can take out the Palestinian combatants, who are bravely fighting and defending their country with determination, one by one, the issue of Palestine will still remain and will not go away with such tragic acts. Without a doubt, the past experience has shown that they will rise up much stronger than before and deal a blow to the Zionists and will come out victorious. [Audience chants: Allahu Akbar, death to America, death to Israel].

Our Muslim nation must keep this determination alive in its mind and heart and respect this insight, this awareness that has been blessed on this nation, and maintain its presence. It should show its stance clearly and announce to the world that the Islamic Republic will stand by its anti-oppression stances and will fight and sacrifice for them. And surely, what it will gain will be much more valuable than what it will lose.

The immaculate souls of our dear martyrs and our great Imam will be behind the Iranian nation and behind these efforts and the spirited defense. God willing, all Muslim nations will celebrate victory in not a distant future. May the prayers of the Baqiyatallah, may our souls be sacrificed for him, include us all and regard us among the true followers of Hussain ibn Ali (AS). May God's mercy and blessing be upon you all.



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