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Imam Khameneis Hajj Message

Once again the Hajj season is back with its spiritual tidings, and again it presents a precious opportunity to the Islamic world. While many eager hearts are attracted from all over the world to attend this annual congregation, there are only a fortunate few who actually realize their dream. This is the reason for the perpetuity of this flowing spring.

On the one hand, the annual congress at the House of the beloved reconnects the hearts with the Kiblah of creation on the other hand, the friends who have been detached from one another find an opportunity for the meeting of hearts. It also brings elation and jubilation to the body, spirituality and politics of the Muslim ummah.

Freedom from material contaminations and remembrance of Allah in all our deeds and in all places, although for a few days, is a great souvenir for hajj pilgrims. The acts of worship and rituals of hajj are for the purpose of providing an opportunity to gain a spiritual experience and sense this joyous experience with our souls.

In the area of politics, the cardinal purpose of hajj is to show the united identity of the Muslim ummah. Detachment and separation among the brothers will open the door to those who bear malice toward us and will serve as a breeding ground for the seeds of division among Muslims.

The Muslim ummah embraces various nations, races and followers of different sects in Islam. This diversity and the vast geographical stretch of the ummah in a sensitive and important part of the planet Earth can be a source of strength. Our diversity has enriched and enhanced the ummah's common heritage, culture, history and their effectiveness in the vast part of the globe, and has enabled them to utilize all forms of talents and human and natural potentials.

From the very first days of their entry into The Islamic countries the Western colonialist powers have taken account of this diversity and have consistently attempted to arouse divisive sentiments. The colonialist politicians knew well that if a united Islamic identity is formed, the door will be closed to their political and economic domination.

Therefore, they have planted seeds of division and discord by employing their concentrated and enduring efforts. To succeed in carrying out this nefarious policy and to advance their goal of domination over the Islamic countries, they have taken advantage of the unawareness of the populace and weakness of the political and cultural leaders in Islamic countries.

Suppression of liberation movements in the Islamic countries over the past century, the success of colonialist powers in consolidating their domination over these countries, creation or strengthening of authoritarian regimes, plundering of their natural wealth and destruction of their human resources and consequently keeping Muslim nations behind the caravan of progress in science and technology, have all been made possible under the shadow of disunity that in some cases reached the levels of internecine and fratricidal conflicts.

With the commencement of Islamic awakening which reached its peak with the emergence of the Islamic republic in Iran, the Western camp faced a formidable threat. The failure of political schools of thoughts of East and West, the recognition of the falsehood and the collapse of the values that were represented by the colonialists as the only road to humanity's happiness helped self-awareness among Muslim masses to take root, and successive frustrations of the arrogant powers in covering and extinguishing this divine radiance have sprung up the seedlings of hope in the hearts of Muslim nations.

A glance at today's Palestine which has a government that has come to power committed to the unchangeable principle of "liberation from Zionist occupation", and comparison of the present situation with the seclusion, isolation and weakness of Palestinian people in the past;

A glance at Lebanon in which the Muslims put their lives on the line to defeat the equipped Israeli army with the all the help that it received from the U.S., the West and other hypocritical powers, and its comparison with the Lebanon that the Zionists could easily encroach upon and move forward without any real obstacles;

A glimpse at Iraq, in which its proud people humiliated the pompous America, and bogged down the army and politicians that boasted of having a free hand in Iraq, in a quagmire of political, military and economic problems, and its comparison with previous Iraq in which its bloodthirsty leader brutalized its people with the encouragement of the United States;

A glance at today's Afghanistan in which all the promises of the U.S. and the West have turned out to be lies and the unprecedented military expedition of the united front of Western countries have produced nothing, except destruction, poverty, killings and the growing power of the narcotics mafia;

And finally, a glance at the youthful populations of the Islamic countries and the generation with growing tendency toward Islamic values and the rising sentiments against the U.S. and the West;

Looking at all these developments provide us with a clear and true picture of the falling fortunes and the failed policies of the arrogant powers, especially the United States, and augur well for the emergence of the united Islamic identity.

The American government, the domineering capitalism of the West and the corrupt Zionist political lobbyists have begun to sense the living truth of the Islamic awakening, and by admitting that their military might is useless against this truth, they are using all their power to employ political ploys and tactics. The entire Muslim ummah, whether the political, cultural and religious elite, or the masses of people, must remain vigilant more than ever before, and try to identify and foil the conniving schemes of the enemy.

One of the most effective schemes of the enemy is to incite the flames of discord and division. By spending money and rushing to put to use whatever they have in their power, they try to keep Muslims engaged in feuding and quarreling over their differences and once again to set us against one another by exploiting our negligence, narrow-mindedness and prejudices.

Today any divisive action in the Islamic world is a historical sin. Those who maliciously use takfir to declare large groups of Muslims as unbelievers, those who insult the sanctities of various divisions of Islam, those who betray and put a dagger in the back of the Lebanese youth who are a source of honour for the Muslim ummah, those who speak of the fabricated threat of a Shiite crescent in order to please the Americans and the Zionists, those who incite fratricidal hostilities and lawlessness in Iraq to defeat its Islamic and popular government, and those who put pressure on the elected HAMAS government in Palestine, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will be regarded as culprits, detested by history and future generations and looked upon as mercenaries of the brutal enemy.

Muslims all over the world must know that the era of humiliation and backwardness of the Islamic world has come to an end. We are all witnessing the coming of a new era. The flawed frame of mind that Muslim countries will remain enthralled in the cultural and political claws of the West and will continue to emulate them in their individual and collective behaviours have been eradicated from the minds of Muslim masses by the hands of the Westerners themselves, and as the result of their excessive arrogance and conceit.

The concept of the west especially after being led by the US, through its flagrant acts of oppression and endlessly arrogant and illogical behaviour, is now clearly seen as an anti-value in the Islamic world. Their treatment of the Palestinian people compared to their treatment of the bloodthirsty Zionist regime, their position with respect to the admission of the Zionist regime on possession of nuclear weapons, against their position on civilian use of nuclear energy by Iran, their support for military aggression against Lebanon and their defense for the aggressor, their hostility toward the defenders of Lebanon, who were prepared to sacrifice their lives, relentlessly blackmailing the western governments and constant surrender of the western governments to the demands of the Zionist regime, supporting insulters of sanctities of Islam and even open defamation of Islam by high-ranking authorities in the West, including the Pope, while making any inquiry into and questioning of Holocaust or the formation of the Zionist regime a punishable offence, military attacks against Iraq and Afghanistan and killing of civilian population under the name of democracy, while conspiring against democratic governments in Palestine, Iraq and in Latin America and in fact anywhere that their stooges do not come to power, all the hullabaloo on the war on terror while clandestinely talking with and supporting brutal terrorists in Iraq. These irrational and malicious behaviours have provided clear proof to Muslim nations and have helped strengthen the Islamic awakening.

Whether they like it or not, today a profound and deep-rooted movement has begun in the Islamic world. This movement will lead to the independence, dignity and rejuvenation of the Muslim ummah.

This is a decisive juncture in history. The elite and the intellectuals have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Any weakness, wavering, misguided actions and negligence on their part will lead to disaster. Ulema should not remain silent in the face of divisive actions, the intellectuals should not shirk their responsibility to impart spirit of hope in our youth, and politicians and leaders should not distance themselves from the people and must rely on them. And the Islamic governments should strengthen their ranks and solidarity and use the power of the people to overcome the threats of the domineering powers.

Today the intelligence services of the U.S. and Britain in Iraq, Lebanon and in countries of North Africa, and wherever they can, are spreading the virus of religious division and discord. The congregation of hajj keeps us immune from this deadly virus and places this sacred verse of Koran in our full view: And obey Allah and His Apostle and do not quarrel for then you will be weak in hearts and your power will depart, and be patient; surely Allah is with the patient. Surah VIII: 46 Today distancing ourselves from moshrekin is the heartfelt desire and the call of all Muslim nations. The season of hajj is the only opportunity when this desire can be expressed with full force.

Let us seize this opportunity to pray for Allah's grace and favour on all hajj pilgrims and pray for the earliest coming of the Promised Mahdi(A.S.) Cleanse yourselves in this vast ocean. I pray for your success and happiness and for the acceptance of your hajj.

Sayyid Ali Khamenei

3rd of Dhulhajja 1427 - 3rd of Dey 1385


IR Leader sends congrats message to Nasrallah


Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei in a congratualtory message to Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement Hezbollah, Wednesday felicitated him, Hezbollah members and the Lebanese nation over the splendid victory they achieved against the Zionist regime's army in the recent Lebanon-Israel war.

The text of the message is as follows.

In the name of Allah, The Merciful, the Compassionate

Dear Mujahid brother,

Sayed Hassan Nasrallah,

May Allah prolong your life, dignity and well-being

"Peace unto you for that ye persevered in patience" (The Thunder, 24)

Peace be upon you and other brothers and upon every Hezbollah Mujahid

What you bestowed the Islamic umma by your unparalleled jihad and resistance surpasses my expression. Your valiant and innocent jihad that brought you the Devine assistance, proved once more that modern and lethal weapons go ineffective versus faith, patience and pure essence and that a nation that enjoys faith and jihad never falls to oppressive powers.

Your victory was Islam's. You managed to prove, under the auspices of Allah's will and might, that tools, weapons, planes, warships and tanks fail to fetch military superiority, rather, it is the power of faith, jihad, sacrifice in addition to prudence that may do so. You imposed your military superiority over the Zionist regime, consolidated your spiritual dominance in regional and international extent, derided the Zionist army's phony invincibility and splendor and portrayed the usurper regime's fragility.

You granted dignity to Arab nations and displayed their potentialities, smothered for decades by imperialist propaganda and policies.

What took place offers a Divine proof to all Islamic states and nations, especially in the Middle East region. You once more translated the illuminate words of Quran "There has already been for you a Sign in the two armies that met (in combat): One was fighting in the cause of Allah, the other resisting Allah. These saw with their own eyes Twice their number. But Allah doth support with His aid whom He pleaseth. In this is a warning for such as have eyes to see" (The House of Imran, 13).

Those who have eye to see at present include the million-strong people and zealous and faithful youth in the regional countries, the honest politicians as well as independent and prudent authorities and leaders.

Your innocent jihad divulged the enemy and revealed its true face. The callous carnage of civilian people, shedding blood of innocent children and defenseless women, the Qana incident and many similar examples, demolishing of thousands houses and making thousands families displayed, destruction of infrastructure in a large part of Lebanon, and these kinds of atrocities revealed the true face of the American authorities and certain western states in addition to the ugly and disgraced face of the Zionist regime.

It revealed how much their double-face slogans about human rights, freedom and democracy are spiked with lie, deceit and meanness. It revealed what tragedies may happen to the human community if countries' authorities are alien to mercy, compassion, logic and sincerity. The recent remarks of the American President in which he regarded the Zionist regime's crimes of defensive nature as well as his subsequent, risible claims that Israel won the Lebanese war depicted in the eyes of the public a clear example of such merciless, vicious and illogical conduct.

And now Lebanon ... and what will explain to you what is Lebanon. Lebanon shined thank to its own people's diligence and bravery. When raiding Lebanon, the enemy took it for granted but was wrong that it was targeting the weakest country in the region, launching its desired Middle East delusive scheme.

The enemy, to wit America and Israel, ignored the Lebanese nation's patience, prudence, and prowess. It ignored the might lied in the robust arm of Lebanon. It ignored the Divine law that "How oft, by Allah's will, Hath a small force vanquished a big one? Allah is with those who steadfastly persevere" (The Cow, 249).

The Lebanese nation, its valiant youth and it circumspect politicians by their hard slap made the enemy quit ignorance.

The enemy is now bent on cutting that effective and calibered arm. It is bent on inciting discord between politicians. It is bent on spreading virus of impatience and doubt among people. Every one must be vigilant towards such a poisoning.

Under the auspices of Allah's will and power you will succeed to thwart their ploys and achieve the next victory, God willing. The jihad which you have before in this new field is of significance like your devoted jihad in the military field and this time patience, reliance on God, pure essence and prudence prove fateful.

I greet you and other brothers and brave men of jihad and kiss your arms.

Sayed Ali Khamenei

Mordad 25, 1385 (August 16, 2006)


Ayatollah Khamenei condemns Qana tragedy


Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei issued an important statement Wednesday to the world of Islam in which he strongly condemned the Qana tragedy and the ensuing silence of the United Nations and the international bodies that profess to champion human rights. The statement in full is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

The tragic disaster in Qana has made our hearts overflown with pain and grief.

It has made us and other Muslim nations as well as all freedom-loving peoples of the world grief-stricken and angry.

Why and for what reason the lives of those innocent children, those fragile and exhausted bodies, and the small and frightened hearts ended in such a cruel manner? Why were the distressed hearts of their mothers and fathers so cruelly wounded by the bloodthirsty Zionists and their bigheaded and arrogant American supporters? What is the logic and rationale behind twenty days of relentless bombing of Lebanon, twenty days of atrocities on a massive scale, destruction of a country and killings of its civilian population, and the disaster such as the massacre in Qana, to make the world that claims to be civilized, the United Nations, governments and organizations that profess to be advocates of human rights to remain so callously cold and uninterested? How long should the Islamic world tolerate existence of the scheming and evil Zionist regime? How long should the Islamic governments allow war-monger and arrogant America to have a free hand in this sensitive region?

The events in Lebanon have exposed the true nature of American human rights, and have revealed the kind of Middle East the American government seeks after.

Today it has become clear to all that attack on Lebanon was premeditated and part of a joint American-Zionist stratagem and is a major step toward domination over the Middle East and the Islamic world.

Bush and his American cohorts share the same degree of guilt in the disasters brought upon Lebanon as the evil and wicked Zionist regime. And the silence of the United Nations and many of the Western governments and above all the support by some governments, such as the notorious British government, make them accountable and partners in crime in varying degrees in contemporary and future judgment of humanity and in the Day of Reckoning and the Divine Judgment Day.

More than ever before the Muslim nations loathe America. Their governments, even those that are constrained because of political considerations, loathe and oppose the American government because of so much outrageous and arrogant aggression. The American regime must expect a hard slap on the face and the crushing fist of Muslim ummah because of its support for the crimes and the Zionist criminals and its blatant violation of the rights of Muslim nations.

The resistance of the people of Lebanon and the heroic struggles of Hezbollah and power arising from their faith, endurance and trust in God is another sign of awakening in the Islamic world and a mark of their firm resolve agaisnt animosities and hostilities. The iron fist of the faithful, brave and innocent youth of Lebanon has landed on the hideous face of the aggressors and has broken the glassy shield of their conceited and drunken vanity.

The strategic policy of America is premised upon creating crisis, tension and war in the region. They must understand that as they expand the circle of insecurity in the region, the nations will become angrier at them and the world will be less safe for them.

The aggressive conduct of America and Israel will revitalize more than ever the spirit of resistance in the Islamic world and will make further clear the value of jihad.

The Islamic world and the Muslim youth in all Islamic nations should also realize that the only way to stand against the savage wolf of Zionism and the aggression of the Great Satan is by dedicated resistance.

Surrender and capitulation before the adventurist and cunning American authorities will only add to their greed and blatant defiance and make things more difficult for the nations. If Lebanon had caved in and surrendered to the aggression of the Zionists, and if the combatant youth of Hezbollah and the innocent people of the southern Lebanon had chosen not to put their lives on the line in this sacred defense, long-lasting suffering and ever-increasing humiliation would have threatened the entire nation of Lebanon and similarly the rest of the region would have been embroiled as part of the aftermath of these aggressive attacks.

Today Hezbollah is on the frontline of the sacred defense of the Muslim ummah and all nations of the region.

To the Zionist enemy religion, faith, mosque, church, Shiite or Sunni make no difference. It is a racist, aggressor and brutal regime. If it finds no obstacle on its way, it will spare no crime and show no mercy toward any group or nations.

The nations of the region, all Islamic sects and followers of different faiths in Lebanon and in all Islamic countries must join hands of unity and not allow their division to be a source of strength for the enemy.

The Islamic Iran regards it its duty to stand against bully and aggression of America and the evil designs of the Zionist regime. We will stand by all oppressed nations, especially the beloved people of Lebanon and the combatanat nation of Palestine.

America, practically a partner in the heinous crimes committed in Lebanon by its open support for the killings of civilian population of Lebanon, open opposition to ceasefire and by providing armaments, financial assistance and political support to the Zionist aggressors, now intends to impose further tyranny on the people and government of Lebanon by imposing its own conditions.

Without any doubt, the resistant nation and those brave combatants will not succumb to this tyranny and will choose their way only on the basis of their interests.

I offer my condolences to the dear people, the tireless Mujahids and the political authorities and figures of Lebanon on the sufferings brought upon the people, specially Qana great tragedy, and declare the sympathy of the great Iranian nation with them.

Greetings to the people of Lebanon, salutaion to the victorious Hezbollah, and hail to the valiant and faithful Arab leader, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah.

The Almighty Allah says: So patiently persevere, for verily the promise of Allah is true, nor let those shake thy firmness, who have (themselves) no certainty of faith (Rome, 60).

Sayed Ali Khamenei

Mordad 10, 1385 (August 1, 2006)


Hajj-Meassage 1426

The Following is the Message of H. E. Imam Khamenei to the Hajj pilgrims from the whole world


In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

"So when you have performed your devotions, then laud Allah as you lauded your fathers, rather a greater lauding" (2: 200)

Dear Muslim brothers and sister

The Hajj season is an occasion for hope and good tidings. On the one hand, the magnificence of solidarity among the travelers of the House of Unity raises hope in the hearts, and on the other, the refreshing of the souls through the blessing of the divine lauding gives the good tiding of the unbolting of gates of mercy. After the pilgrims have performed the rituals of Hajj, which are full of secrets and are brimful of lauding and humbleness, once again they are called to laud Allah. The reason for this stress is that lauding of Allah illuminates the saddened hearts, raising hope and granting light of faith to them. Once the heart is hopeful and faithful, it enables man to properly go through the slippery and challenging bottlenecks of life to reach the summits of material and spiritual perfection. The spirituality of Hajj lies in this very celebration of the praise of Allah which has been incorporated in each and every Hajj ritual. This auspicious spring must continue to simmer after the Hajj season and this accomplishment should go on.

In different fields of life man is a victim of his own negligence. Where there is negligence there is also ethical degeneration, intellectual distortion and spiritual decline. And it is this very degeneration that on its turn can cause the defeat of the nations and disintegration of the civilizations besides the destruction of the personality of individual human beings. Hajj is one of the best means of Islam for the elimination of negligence. As if the universality of this ritual imparts the message that the Muslim Ummah in their collective identity, besides the individual duty of every Muslim, are duty-bound to remove negligence from themselves.

The rites and rituals of Hajj provide us with an opportunity to temporarily give up servitude to and neglectful dependence on hedonism, caprice and comfort. The ihram (pilgrim's garb), tawaf (circumambulation), prayers, sa'i and woquf fill us with the celebration of the praise of Allah and bring us closer to the Divine sanctorum, embedding the joy of acquaintance with Allah in our hearts. On the other hand, the glory and grandeur of this unique congregation acquaints us with the reality of the great Islamic Ummah, which transcends the nations, races, colors and languages. This intertwined and harmonic congregation, these tongues all chanting a single word, these bodies and hearts all marching towards a single Qibla and these human beings representing tens of countries and nations all belong to a great unit and collection, that is, the Islamic Ummah.

As a matter of fact the Islamic Ummah has lived in negligence for a long time. Today's scientific and practical backwardness and inferiority in the fields of politics, industry and economy are the bitter fruits of the said negligence. Now, in the light of astonishing developments that have emerged or are emerging in the world, the Islamic Ummah must make up for the past negligence.

Fortunately, some of the phenomena of the contemporary era point to the beginning of this compensating move. There should be no doubt that the world of arrogance considers the awakening of the Muslims, Islamic unity, and progress of our nations in the fields of science, politics and innovation the greatest obstacle in the way of its international domination and hegemony and will confront them by all means. Our Muslim nations have the experience of colonialism and neocolonialism in front of them. Now, during the period of postmodern colonialism we should take lessons from those experiences and should not once again allow the enemy to dominate our destiny for a long time. During those bitter, black periods, the dominant Western powers employed all cultural, economic, political and military means to weaken the Muslim nations and countries and imposed disunity, poverty and ignorance on them. The negligence, laziness and indolence of many of our political figures and the irresponsibility of many cultural elites helped them and the result was the plunder of our wealth, humiliation and even denial of our identity and obliteration of our independence. We, the Muslim nations, grew weaker day by day while the expansionist, hegemonic plunderers became stronger and stronger day by day.

Thanks to the devotion of courageous strugglers and sincerity of the leaders in some parts of the Islamic world the waves of Islamic awakening are now spreading and the youth, elite and masses of many Islamic countries have been brought to the scene, exposing the bullying face of the domineering powers for many Muslim politicians and rulers. Hence once again the imperialist leaders are after new ploys to perpetuate and consolidate their domination over the Islamic world.

The slogan of advocacy of human rights and democracy is one of those ploys. Today, the Great Satan the embodiment of evil and cruelty against mankind has hoisted the banner of advocacy of human rights and invites the Middle Eastern nations to democracy. The democracy the US advocates for these countries means the installation of some timid, obedient lackeys through plot, bribery, and deceptive propaganda in an apparently popular, but inherently, American election, who will be the US agents in the realization of the nasty imperialistic objectives.

Top on the agenda of these objectives is the suppression of Islamist wave and isolation of Islamic values. All the propaganda and political means of the United States and other hegemonic powers are at work today to postpone and if possible suppress the Islamic awakening movement. The Muslim nations must be completely wakeful and vigilant today. The ulema, religious leaders, intellectuals, academics, writers, poets, artists, the youth and the elite all through wakeful and timely action must not allow the world-devouring US to begin a new period of colonial domination over the Islamic World.

The slogan of democratization is not accepted from the hegemonic powers that for many years have been the supporters of dictatorial regimes in Asia, Africa and the Americas. The claim of campaign against terrorism and violence is abominating when made by the promoters of Zionist terrorism and perpetrators of harshest kinds of violence in Iraq and Afghanistan. The claim of advocacy of civil rights by the devils, who have always praised and encouraged the crimes of a bloodsucking terrorist like Sharon against the oppressed Palestinians, is merely a blameworthy deception. The perpetrators of crimes in Guantanoma, Abu Ghuraib and clandestine prisons in Europe, the humiliators of the Iraqi and Palestinian nations and the promoters of the groups that in the name of Islam consider it permissible to shed the blood of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan do not have any right to speak of human rights. The American and British governments that permit the torture and even shedding of the blood of the accused on the streets and the eavesdropping of the telephone calls of the citizens without a judicial verdict do not have any right to introduce themselves as advocates of civil rights. The governments that have tarnished their contemporary history by production and employment of nuclear and chemical weapons do not have any right to consider themselves the custodians of nuclear non-proliferation.

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters

Today, the world, particularly the Islamic World, is going through a crucial juncture. On the one hand, the waves of awakening have permeated the entire Islamic World, and on the other, the bullying face of the United States and other arrogant powers has been unveiled. At the same time the move towards restoration of identity and sovereignty has begun in some parts of the Islamic World and in a country as magnificent as Iran the saplings of indigenous knowledge and technology have yielded fruit and the self-confidence that had transformed the social and political atmosphere in Iran has now spilled over to the environment of science and reconstruction. On the other hand the cracks of weakness and decline have appeared in the edifice of political and military permutation of the enemies. Today, Iraq on the one hand and Palestine and Lebanon on the other are an exhibition of weakness and helplessness of the US and Zionist false power. The US Middle Eastern policy has faced great obstacles in its primary steps and the failure of this policy has been turned into a tool against its planners.

Today is the day the Muslim governments and nations take the initiative and a great measure. Assisting the oppressed Palestinian nation, supporting the wakeful nation of Iraq and safeguarding the stability and independence of Lebanon, Syria and other countries of the region is a general duty, while the responsibility of the political, religious, and cultural elites as well as that of the national figures, the youth and the academics is heavier than others. Unity and sympathy among the followers of the Islamic schools of thought and avoidance of sectarian and ethnic differences should be the boldest slogan of these elites. Scientific endeavor, political liveliness, cultural effort and mobilization of all forces in these main arenas should be top on the anvil of their call.

The Islamic World does not need the flawed and frequently violated prescription of the West for democracy and human rights; democracy is inherent in the Islamic teachings and human rights is among the most outstanding themes of Islam. Knowledge should be learnt from anywhere and anybody, but the Islamic World should try not to remain a disciple for ever, rather must rely on its own talents and efforts for innovation and production of knowledge. The Western values that have led to the collapse of ethics and spread of revelry, violence, legalization of homosexuality and other such fiascos in their countries, can not be followed. Islam with its sublime values is the highest source of salvation for human beings. The elites of the nations shoulder the responsibility of rereading and promotion of these values.

The blind, savage terrorism, which is a pretext for the occupiers of Iraq to attack Islam and the Muslims and an excuse for the perpetuation of the military occupation of this Islamic country is rejected and condemned according to the Islamic teachings. The prime accused of these criminal events are the US army and its intelligence services and Israel whose immediate nasty objective is to influence the trend of formation of government in Iraq.

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters

Trust in God, belief in the definite promise of the Quran and consolidation of Islamic unity guarantee the accomplishment of all great objectives of the Islamic Ummah and the Hajj, with its rich, effective essence of celebration of the praise of Allah, and the great congregation of the Muslims during the Hajj rituals can be the starting point and the launching pad to march towards this comprehensive movement. And deliverance from the polytheist and arrogant leaders in saying and action during this worship should become a model for action and the first step in this line.

I beseech the Almighty God that He may grant success to the pilgrims and may the Imam of Time pray for all the Muslims.

Wassalam-u-Alykum Wa Rahmatullah

Seyed Ali Khamenei

9th January2005

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