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The Cries of Ya Lil Muslimin of Families and People of Iraq Are Being Heard

Muslims Should At Least Raise a Voice of Protest

In an important message to Muslims worldwide His Eminence Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei has referred to the tragic situation in Fallujah and the increasing crimes committed by the occupation forces in Iraq and has called on Muslims worldwide to carryout their obligations in this regard. The text of the message is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

To the Islamic Ummah.

The tragic events in Iraq have now reached a point where all Muslim peoples and all individuals with any human compassion should be extremely concerned and disturbed.

The killing of children, women and civilians in their thousands, the execution of the wounded, the arrest of innocent people, the destruction of houses, mosques and places of worship, and the violation of the people's private sanctuary on an astonishing scale in Fallujah have stolen sleep from eyes and comfort from hearts. After Fallujah there are now talks about repeating the tragedy in Mosul, Samarah, Baqubah and other towns.

All these crimes have taken place with only the excuse provided by the occupiers that a group of terrorists are among people. If this claim is correct, and this is seriously doubtful, is the presence of a group of terrorists among people a sufficient permit to kill innocent people, abandon the wounded and leave children without food and water?

How can those individuals who prided themselves with the abolition of the death penalty watch the mass execution of innocent people in cold blood? How can Islamic and Arab governments play the role of the indifferent spectator?

The cries of Ya Lil Muslimin of families and people of Iraq are being heard. Does this not put an obligation on the states and peoples to at least raise a voice of protest against this great injustice which is being committed by the war mongering arrogance towards a group of innocent Muslims?

I expect the Islamic Ummah everywhere in the world, and particularly the governments, the assemblies and the members of the elite in the Muslim and Arab world, to carry out their obligation in this critical juncture. Wa La Hawla Wa La Quwatah Ila Billah

Sayyed Ali Khamenei, 5 Shawwal 1425 [18 November 2004]


Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei: Stand for Fallujah and Quds
The American Government Will Face Failure in Its War Against Islam

The following are excerpts from Ayatollah al-Udhma Sayyed Ali Khamenei's Friday prayer khutbah delivered on November 5th 2004.

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Peace be upon our Islamic nation everywhere, particularly the Iraqi and Palestinian oppressed peoples.

The blessed month of Ramadan is that of God's hospitality, Who is the overseer of its last 10 days, whose nights are the best of nights and whose days are the best of days. The messenger of God, may God's peace and blessing be upon him and his progeny, used to spend these days in worship and seclusion. It is in these 10 days that Laylat al-Qadr and the martyrdom of the commander of the faithful Ali Ibn-Abi-Talib, may God's peace be upon him, is located.

This month and these 10 days are among the divine opportunities to prepare the self, purify the heart and accumulate piety. I ask God, may He be glorified, to help us seize this opportunity and to grant success to our greater Islamic nation in adhering to all of Islam's obligations and its lofty provisions and to prepare us better so as to confront whatever great challenges are facing us.

Al-Quds day, which is on the last Friday in Ramadan, is getting closer. This day is one of the most important international arenas in which the will of the nation - peoples and governments - should be manifested in defending Palestine. The Palestinian issue today is one of the greatest tragedies of the whole world and the most painful. At the same time, it is also the Islamic world's most sensitive issue in recent times. The oppressed Palestinian people stand alone firm and brave to defend themselves against the aggressive enemy which shuns all moral and human standards.

Regarding the issue of Palestine, there are three matters which history cannot forget. The first are the crimes committed by the usurping Zionist regime which leave an indelible stain of disgrace on the forehead of humanity. The second are the characteristics of will, integrity and courage adorning the Palestinian people, a matter which makes the Islamic nation proud and constitutes a model for the oppressed peoples. The third is the withdrawal of the regimes, which claim to defend human rights, into themselves and their silence over these serious crimes, and rather their support for that criminal guilty hand, which human memory will never forget over the ages.

Palestine will definitely and categorically return to the Palestinian people one day. The seeds of this tyranny and repression will, God willing, be uprooted. But these facts will remain as an example in history. The Iraqi people are also experiencing today a grave disaster and a difficult ordeal. The evil hands of the occupiers are seen behind the injustice, insecurity, poverty and disasters befalling the Iraqi people. They entered Iraq in the name of defending its people and they are today the source of these people's plight and their tragedy. They have insulted Iraq's dignity, pillaged its riches, destroyed its structures and killed the innocent civilians - men, women and children - everywhere. The Islamic nation is living in grief as a result of what is befalling the injured Iraq. The massacres which are befalling the Iraqi towns - Al-Fallujah and the others - have become daily practices by the occupying forces. But the occupiers will only reap thorns and colocynths from their acts. Iraq is not a palatable mouthful which the occupier can swallow. The great Iraqi people are today hostile to America with all their existence. All the peoples of the Islamic world are increasingly resentful and indignant of America. The Americans will face failure in their war against Islam.

I advise the brothers and sisters in Iraq to maintain their unity and national determination and not to allow the enemy to succeed in provoking national or sectarian sedition. They should not allow the enemy to succeed in provoking national or sectarian sedition. Our people's heart is with the Iraqi people. It has always been like this throughout history. Lean years have passed during which the malicious and dissolute Saddamist regime had tried to separate between the two peoples by a war imposed on both of them. That regime was destined today to the dustbin of history and the Iraqi and Iranian peoples are still tied to each other with brotherhood and blood ties which, God willing, will multiply.

Anonymous voices which also aim today to separate between the Iranian and Iraqi peoples, as though there were emanating from the era of Saddam's fall or from Saddam's mouth, will not be able to achieve the desire of their masters, the Americans, to separate between us and the Iraqi people.

I pray to God Almighty to hold back the foreigners' evil against our nation and against the Iraqi and Palestinian peoples, disappoint the tyrant America, wipe out the Zionist regime and make Islam and Muslims great. God's victory is close.

People, I advise you and myself to fear God, abide by His orders, avoid the sins and be serious in obeying Him. Be an opponent to the tyrant and a supporter to the wronged. I pray to God to forgive you and me. In the Name of God, the Compassion, the Merciful: By the time through the ages. Verily man is in loss, except those who believe and do good deeds, exhort one another to the truth and exhort one another to patience. (The Holy Quran, 103). May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

Excerpts from the second khutbah:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

. . . At this point, I would like to discuss two issues very briefly - God willing - before addressing our Arab brothers in a few sentences that I have written down. The first two issues concern the sensations over our nuclear program and the issue of Quds, the problem of Palestine and the rally planned for next Friday (12 November) in which the Iranian nation as well as other nations will participate powerfully and enthusiastically.

Nuclear issue

The sensation over the nuclear issue, is in fact a hue and cry raised by our opponents. It is irrational. One can understand America's motive. Its motive is clear. As to the others who raise the hue and cry in this arena, some are under the influence of America and some are misled. At any rate, the motive of America and the motive of the enemies of the Iranian nation, the enemies of our country and the Islamic Republic system, is clear.

Let me say one short sentence: the centers of global power, who wish to monopolize the entire world, are opposed to any development which helps a nation to achieve national independence, self-reliance and national strength. This is the nature of the hegemonist world order. In the domineering world order, the centers of global hegemony view the rest of the world as a morsel (which should be gobbled up). Everything has to be placed at their disposal - the financial resources of the world, its sources of wealth, its markets and manpower have to be placed at the disposal of their particular centers.

This is the basis for a hegemonist world order. By a hegemonist world order, we mean a chain of states and governments, backed by companies and economic and financial institutions, which are the real policy-makers today.

West wants to control access to technology Suppose that those companies which are favored by the current American administration, wanted to move into the Middle East in order to create new sources of wealth for themselves or avoid bankruptcy or get hold of the oil resources in the region or defend the Zionist government and businessmen. For any of these purposes, they need to have a strong presence in the Middle East. So what do they do? They wage a war against Iraq. Once you look into details of waging a war and organizing a military presence with all the losses they entail, you realize that it is rooted back in the political and financial ill intentions of the powers behind the scenes in the powerful countries of the world. That is the way it is.

Therefore, on the basis of such calculations, they reject any attempt by any country to improve its national independence and its self-relied progress. They are ready to give the technology, but not in a self-sufficient form. They are ready to give aircraft, but to a country which will not even open the packages of spare parts to know what is inside. It is their engineers who have to go and install a part and remove the broken one.

They were-prepared to build a nuclear power station for the satanic Pahlavi regime (the former Shah of Iran) because he was subservient and did as they said. However, when it came to the Islamic Republic, they said no. However, the Islamic Republic is a sort of a state that has the capability to learn the technology of producing nuclear fuel that they refuse to supply, thanks to the round-the-clock efforts of its youth, its engineers and other graduates working under the efficient management. Such achievements taste bitter to them, and that is why they are confronting the issue.

Iran's success in becoming self-sufficient Well, you can see that the system of the Islamic Republic was created. From the early days, the dominating powers realized that the system of the Islamic Republic was a threat to their hegemonist objectives. They understood this and, therefore, began their opposition from the start. They felt the threat not because of the developments in Iran alone, but because what we say in Iran is new. This is a new statement which is appealing to the Islamic world. The words of the Islamic Republic and the new ideas of the Islamic Republic are attractive on the international arena. They undermine many of their foundations. They knew these things, but they kept on comforting themselves by saying: the Islamic Republic will not survive anyway. They thought so because in a world where science and technology utter the first word and where acquiring science and technology creates wealth, any country deprived of science and technology and the target of sanctions will automatically perish. Such a country will resemble a sapling that is deprived of water and light. Such a sapling will die gradually, without the need to cut it down. This was the assumption of our enemies. Therefore in the early days of the revolution, they used to say that the Islamic Republic will collapse within a couple of months, a year or five years at the most. They kept on giving themselves the glad tidings that the Islamic Republic was going to go sooner or later. They subjected us to economic sanctions, scientific sanctions and technological embargo. Moreover, they imposed the war on our country, while offering every support to our antagonist in the war. They were hoping that the Islamic Republic would cave-in and die under all these problems.

Now, after 25 years or so, they can see that the Islamic Republic has shot out from beneath the debris and stood firm on its feet. They can see that the Islamic Republic is relying on itself and full of hope about its own achievements. They can see that this Republic is optimistic about its future. They can see that we have made progress in the spheres of science and technology. These are the facts and they understand this fact. They can see that the Islamic Republic has achieved the highest level in some very important and sensitive subjects. For instance, the same nuclear technology that you are witnessing. Dozens of countries in the world use nuclear fuel, but very few of them can produce their own. It is over this issue that they have created the Iranian nuclear sensation. Perhaps only 10 countries can produce their own nuclear fuel, one of which is Iran.

The knowledge of stem cells, to which I have referred several times, has been developed by our faithful, committed and revolutionary young people in their laboratories. They have been able to produce, duplicate, freeze and use stem cells in their laboratories. They have been able to inject these cells in hearts and bone marrow. Such advanced, complicated and important work has been done here. Some world scientists attended a seminar here in Iran about eight months ago, and could not believe what they saw. They were surprised. Iran is among the top 10 countries in the world in this field.

Iran is also advanced in developing infrastructure, including constructing dams. During the Taghut period (ex-Shah's era), between the time when dam construction started in Iran and the fall of the Shah, 10 or 12 dams were constructed in the country by foreigners all of which had plenty of technical faults. Following the Revolution, about 70 dams have been designed, many of which have been constructed. They are in different sizes and styles, including concrete and earth dams. The mass construction of dams with indigenous technology and by our own experts has made us one of the top five or six countries in the world.

There are many such achievements in different industries, including military, infrastructure, or even in cultural aspects.

They want to damage the strong pillars of our culture with their termites and I should say they are doing ugly things in the cultural field. Nevertheless, today, the genuine Islamic culture and philosophy as well as the Islamic sciences are gradually moving forward across the world. This has raised eyebrows. .

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