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Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei: We are armed with the weapon of the people's will and faith

The following are excerpts from the speech on November 2, 2003:

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

. . . Piety must be demonstrated in our lives. It must show itself. One of the cases in which we, the state and our state officials, must demonstrate their piety is to observe legal limits in all sectors. There should be no violations or infringement of the law. Our constitution or enforceable laws have clarified what various sectors and institutions must do. No-one must violate them. Infringement in such cases has caused economic corruption. Breaking the law and going beyond the defined limits causes this.

Moreover, such things may also cause conflict between various institutions and create rifts. They cause deleterious arguments that cause corruption. That is one of those things that we must observe when talk about divine piety.

There are one or two other points which I must mention. One is the issue which our dear and committed president, the honorable Mr. Khatami, discussed in detail. First, I would like to say that such incidents in the country shouldn't, in any way, become an issue which result in the emergence of differences and disputes between the country's officials, people or parties. Refrain from such things.

The president said that there is nothing wrong with criticism. Yes, he is right. There is nothing wrong with criticism. The concern and unease which we see is shown by students, people and some press in that regard, is a good phenomenon. It shows that society is sensitive towards its national dignity and independence. However, non of this should lead to disputes. This is an important point.

The elites, officials and especially those who have a platform, whether it be the Majlis, press, Friday prayers or any other place, play an important role. They must all know that when the country is faced with such an issue, which is similar to many other hundreds of issues which the country is faced with, the worst thing is for it to become an issue which causes arguments inside the country. This is very bad.

At the beginning of holy defense (reference to the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war) everyone's duty was clear and it was clear what they had to do. The monafeqin, (reference to members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization) were active in Tehran and other places and were freely holding meetings and speeches. However, they said they had no freedom.

They constantly said that we did not have freedom. Right now, the same thing is happening. There are those who are saying everything they like and they do everything they like. One of their slogans is that we do not have any freedom. They don't know that what they are saying would lead others to sneer at them. The same thing happened back then. They constantly talked about freedom. They used to stand on at crossroads and carried their placards. They raised doubts in the minds of the people and distressed them about the very principle of defense.

Briefly, what has happened is that the Zionists and the American ruling establishment, the American regime, whose hatred and jealousy of Iran, Iranians and the Islamic Republic know no bounds, are prepared to resort to any malevolent method to further their aim. That is what the current American ruling establishment is like. The Zionists who are cooperating with them in the U.S. and other Zionists who have usurped Palestinian land are the same.

They have concocted a slogan and they are chanting it in the world, saying that Iran is trying to acquire nuclear weapons. They have started a commotion and sensitized public opinion and many governments as well.

They had come close to forming an international consensus against the Islamic Republic on the issue of nuclear weapons and that was their aim. That was something that the people of the world were scared of. They nearly succeeded. They said, yes, their scientific endeavors in the field of nuclear energy and technology is aimed at achieving that objective. Well, what should one have done under the circumstances? Should one allow the Zionists and the Americans to launch a propaganda campaign and repeatedly say such things? Or, no, should one demonstrate and clarify that this is not the case at all?

The Islamic Republic and the honorable state officials decided to act adroitly and take such measures. They wanted to clarify the situation and say, no, that is not the case and come and see for yourselves and see what's going on. That is the situation. That is what the Islamic Republic has accepted so far. Come and see for yourselves and see that the enrichment processes going on in a certain location are like this. They have come and looked at what was happening and they saw it for themselves. They were told to go and see any other area in which they thought enrichment operations were taking place. In this way, you would know that Zionist propaganda is nothing but a lie.

That was a peaceful way of preserving our nuclear technology. That is because we do not have the right to give up such technological prowess at any price. No-one has the right to give it up. There are others who are conducting their own propaganda campaigns, saying, oh, no, not much was achieved. That is not right. You must know that. What was achieved was very valuable indeed. A lot was achieved. If it was not much, our enemies would not be sensitive. That's a lot. Experts, specialists and informed people have judged it correctly. We have attained technological prowess and the technology has been nativized in our country. That is what's important.

Today, even if our enemies manage to destroy, of course, they will not be able to do so, all the institutions that are at the disposal of the Islamic Republic, still the technology will not be destroyed. It is there. That is because we have got it ourselves and we have not borrowed it from anyone. We have not loaned it from anyone. Our own intelligent specialists have managed to do that. They have achieved this goal.

Of course, if it was up to Westerners or powerful world power centers, they would not have wanted or allowed the Islamic Republic to achieve something like that for another 100 years. However, this happened despite what they did. Sanctions and other things were in place. They could not do it. Therefore, what has been achieved is valuable. The government, officials and the Atomic Energy Organization, nor anyone else in this country for that matter, have the right to give up this valuable thing and make deals over it. Certainly, no deals have been made over this issue. We have been decisive and this will not happen in the future either.

Of course, if those who held talks with our government and officials, make too many demands and if they persist in their demands, then everything will fall apart. (Audience chants: Allahu Akbar)

I mean, if anyone wants to challenge the Islamic Republic over this issue, then they will definitely be smacked in the mouth by the Islamic Republic. Undoubtedly, the Islamic Republic will not, and does not, make any concessions on this matter. That is something to which everyone must pay attention. We must preserve our technological prowess.

That is not the only technological prowess we have. Alhamdulillah, we can see technological and research advancements in various fields in our country. There have been considerable advancements in various fields. Of course, we are still a long way from reaching the cutting edge of technology and science. The reason is that we started from below zero. One cannot even say zero.

They had done something to this country to block its scientific or technological progress. They wanted to make sure that it would not even be hopeful about it. That means below zero. We did not start with nothing. We started from nothing plus hopelessness.

That is how the revolution entered the arena. Alhamdulillah, today, the Islamic state is advanced. Our young people are active. Perhaps in 20 or 30 largest universities, the level of scientific work and research is comparable to the good and advanced universities of the world. I mean from the point of view of the talents involved, the work done and they efforts and diligence of academics. Alhamdulillah, they have made good progress.

What happened is what I just told you. That is to say, a wise measure without surrender, without accepting bullying, in order to break a conspiracy by the Americans and the Zionists against the Islamic Republic. This is what the gentlemen did. It was the correct thing to do. Of course, this is the start of the matter. Let this point be clear too. It is not as if something was done and it is finished. No. If this matter continues in the same way that has been foreseen and designed and that has been the case so far, there is nothing wrong with it at all. If, on the other hand, it is going to be the case that the enemies or power centers wish to be avaricious, to keep moving forward trench by trench - with us retreating - no, never. This would amount to surrender. This is not right by any means and such a thing will not be allowed.

One way of thinking is to imagine that - our pious and brave people think like this - that, yes, the government has surrendered. No, not at all. There is no surrender of any kind. This is a political move, a diplomatic act, talks, an agreement. There is no surrender in it, so far.

At the opposite end, that some people should think: Gentlemen, do not waste any time. Give them whatever they want. Do not leave any room for them to find pretexts. Do not leave room for this or that. This is not correct either; on the other side. Panicking.

That some of the enemies of the Islamic Republic, abroad, should think, for their part, that the Islamic Republic has now swallowed the hook and that it is stuck, no, this, too, is wishful thinking, naivety. This is not true at all.

Anywhere, any move we have made, reaches a point where the interests and values of the Islamic Republic are questioned or harmed, we will undoubtedly stop that move from that very spot. (The audiences chants Allahu Akbar).

Therefore, we will take peaceful courses to protect this achievement and to protect the country. The conditions and red lines are the following: If foreigners decided to interfere in our internal affairs, we will slap them in the mouth. If they have excessive demands and want to impose anything on us, we will refuse to accept. If they say they want to be assured, then we have no objection, they can be assured by doing what they have been doing so far.

This can happen from now on too. Of course, according to the law, the final decision will be made by the Majlis. So far the government has not made any decision. And it cannot make a decision. This is something preliminary which has been done by the officials. Otherwise, according to the law, the final decision about any agreement will be made by the Majlis. No one can disrupt this trend. And then Guardian Council will make sure that it is not against the constitution and Shari'ah.

What has been accepted by the officials and our respectful and hard-working friends, Dr. Rowhani and his other friends, Mr. President and government officials has been done in a way to make sure that nothing has been done against the principles. I am aware of the matters. I look at things and whenever I feel that something is being done against the criteria, against our objectives and national dignity and the orientation of the Islamic system, I will certainly stop it. There has been nothing like this so far. And I hope they can further it in the future thanks to God's blessing.

What is important is that the foreign side in this matter, and other matters in which the Islamic Republic deals with foreign sides, the foreign side understands that the Islamic Republic is not a place where they can continue what they had been doing in the past in the colonial Iran. But this is not the case. Everybody should understand this. Today the Islamic Republic is armed with a weapon which is over and above the atomic weapon. That is the weapon of the people's will and faith. We are armed with this weapon.

Of course they try to make us believe that we are not armed with this weapon and that the people are disillusioned about Islam, the revolution and the political system. They want to say this. But this is not true. We know that. Today the Islamic Republic system is armed with this very effective weapon. The weapon of the people's faith, presence and their accord with the government and the system of the Islamic Republic.

Europeans often have colonial objectives in their mind, though from the past. They should know that the Islamic Republic does not accept force and imposition and intervention in its transactions and contracts. They should not think that a number of people inside Iran whose impact in the country's general situation is nearly zero will sometimes give them good news. They should not be proud about this.

The people are devoted to the Islamic Republic and support it and are its soldiers. Those who deal with the Islamic Republic should come to believe this. The people like Islam, their independence and safeguard this independence. However, there are a number of political bankrupts who have been isolated by Imam [Khomeini] and the revolution. They will be happy by assuming that there has been a crisis for the Islamic Republic. They become happy with the possibility of anything bad happening to the Islamic Republic. And they show their happiness.

Those who are indebted to the Islamic Republic and this revolutionary and Muslim people. The Islamic Republic gave them the opportunity and freedom. But they were ungrateful to the Imam and the revolution and the people. They were ungrateful.

They were disloyal despite all the advantages they had. Now, all they do is to get together that America is threatening Iran. Every time, America threatens Iran, they become happy. Every time, the Americans or the Zionists find fault they become happy even before such things are actually said. Now, for example, the issue of human rights might be raised to criticize the Islamic Republic tomorrow. They become happy. They should not be too proud and deceive world political institutions, particularly those in Europe. They are nobodies and they are nothing. They are bankrupt and they are guilty as far as the Islamic republican state is concerned. They are people who have turned their backs on the people. The people have turned their backs on them as well. The people don't trust them either.

Of course, the Islamic republican state does not have anything to do with them as long as they are not perpetrating evil deeds. Let them be there. That is contrary to what they say in their propaganda campaigns. They claim that they are being confronted because their line of thinking is different. They have created respectable label for themselves, those who think in a different way. Once upon a time, I said that to call them people who have different idea is wrong. Well, in our Islamic society, there are so many people who think in different ways. Thinking in a different way does not mean that they are our enemies. The Islamic Republic has never confronted people who think in a different way.

A group of you is graciously sitting here. There are non-Shi'i brothers and there are non-Muslims here as well. Thinking in a different way does not mean that they are enemies. All of them are members of the Islamic state and all of them are working for the Islamic state. The point at issue is hostility and evil deeds. That is what the Islamic Republic is confronting. Of course, if someone has hostile intentions or has perpetrated evil deeds, then the Islamic Republic will not take into consideration anyone's desire before dealing a blow to them. It will not have any doubts about doing so either. [Audience chants: Allahu Akbar].

One of the things said in these international negotiations, and we should mention it so that our friends can take it into consideration. They said that they did not oppose the existence of atomic energy in Iran. Iran can have access to peaceful atomic energy and we will come and build power stations and reactors ourselves and we will supply the fuel as well. Some of those gentlemen graciously said that as well. The Europeans and others said that. No, this is not acceptable and the kind of reactors that Westerners and Europeans want to build for us and supply its fuel is not good for Iran. That means allowing Iran and Iranians to be taken hostage. The supply of fuel will depend on fulfilling hundreds of conditions. In fact, I said the same thing about oil once upon a time.

If the oil that is under the control of the countries in the region, were under the control of the Europeans and if you the people of Iran and other oil-producing countries were to buy oil from them, then they would take your life in return for every cup of that oil. I mean, for every cup of oil that they wanted to give you. Now, they are taking away millions of barrels of oil just like that and at prices that are really very cheap. They are really very cheap. The money they are spending on oil is very little and it is just like paying nothing at all. That is what they would have done and they would have forced you to give up your life for every cup of oil, if they had it.

Now, they want to come here and construct power stations for us and supply the fuel as well. They say, we will give you the fuel provided that you meet these conditions. They say, why did you say this or that? So we will not give it to you. Why did you not say this or that? So we will not give it to you. The Islamic Republic will not accept such things. Our nuclear power station is being constructed. Well, we had a contract and it has been completed. We are producing the fuel for the reactor ourselves. This is permissible under international law. That is what is being done in the field of nuclear energy in this country. The high technology is used in this part of the operation.

It is very important to acquire the fuel for the power plant. It's an important, complicated and very sensitive process. It will have a great impact on the country's scientific and technology sector. This is what the Islamic republic is laying emphasis on. Some say that they are prepared to construct power plants for us. However, the Islamic republic does not want this. . .


Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei: The Magnificent Voice of Imam Khomeini Is Still Alive

The following are excerpts of Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei's address on September 24, 2003:

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

I would like to extent my felicitous greetings on this happy occasion of Mab'ath to the Muslim Ummah, to our dear nation and the honorable guests who are here today. To commemorate Mab'ath is more than just celebrating a cherished historical event. It is about discussing the great lessons of the holy prophet (PBUH). The whole of humanity needs all those lessons, specially the Islamic society. Humanity is suffering at the hands of despotic powers. It is plagued with discrimination, injustice and corruption. It suffers at the hands of those groups with special interest and desires. The humanity has fallen victim to those who lack any traces of spirituality - Those who are controlled by their desires. Humanity needs the prophet's messages more than any other time.

The first and foremost message of Bi'thah is prophet's invitation to monotheism. Monotheism is not simply an intellectual and philosophical concept. It is a way of life for human beings. Placing one's fate in God's hands and releasing the humanity's life from the grips of various powers. There is no god but Allah, is the main message of our holy prophet as well as the all prophets. It means that despotic and Satanic powers should not interfere in the people's lives and their choices. Such powers should not manipulate the people's lives according to their own desires and wishes. Humanity can achieve true bliss through the realization of monotheism - The true meaning of which has been explained in Islam and by all prophets.

Islamic view of the world

Islam views the material world as the start of the world after - It is a passage through which we reach the other world. Islam does not negate the material world. It does not abhor the earthly needs. It requires human beings to actively engage in all aspects of life through their potentials and instincts. But all these activities should serve to spiritually and morally elevate human beings. In this way, life would become sweet even in this world. We are speaking of a world devoid of oppression, ignorance and violence. It is, of course, difficult to create such a world, it needs resolve and perseverance.

The holy prophet of Islam (PBUH) initiated work toward creating such a world. What the holy prophet (PBUH) taught was that which the humanity has needed all thorough time. He urged humanity to acquire knowledge. The first Quranic verses praise knowledge. "Read in the name of your Lord and Cherisher, Who created - Created man from a clot. Read and your Lord is Most Bountiful. He Who taught (the use of) the pen, - Taught man that which he knew not." [The Holy Quran 96:1-5].

Knowledge rescues and enlightens human beings. This is a timeless teaching not meant for a specific time or place. It applies to humanity through the ages. Prophet (PBUH) invited humanity to rise up and initiate movements. In the Quranic verses "Arise and warn" [The Holy Quran 74:2] that Allah sent to the holy prophet, it is stated that uprising, initiating movement, breaking through inactivity and idleness and accepting responsibility have been useful to humanity under every circumstances. "Say: I exhort you only to one thing, that rise up for Allah's sake in twos and singly." [The Holy Quran 34:46] No great goals can be achieved without uprising and movement.

Science as a tool

The holy prophet of Islam (PBUH) invited people to cleanse, purify and discipline themselves. "Allah did confer a great favor on the believers when He sent among them a messenger from among themselves, rehearsing unto them the Signs of Allah, purifying them, and instructing them in Scripture and Wisdom, while, before that, they had been in manifest error." [The Holy Quran 3:164] Cleansing is a prerequisite. Without purification, knowledge can be used as a tool for the deception, corruption and eventual downfall of human beings. As can be see in today's world where science has been used to chain nations. Science has been used to distort the truth. Science has been used to keep people hungry. So many people have been deprived of the vital resources that are rightfully theirs. They live in poverty, misery and deprivation. They have been subjugated by those despotic powers who have used science to control them.

Today is the same. The world arrogance ­ a new form of colonization - has used science to bring misery to the people. It chains people. It brings death and annihilation to human beings. This is science without purification.

On being pious

Islam promotes brotherhood among human beings. Everyone is equal in Islam. Islam does not discriminate against human beings. It does not use race as a mean to create divisions among people. Islam does not believe a nation is by nature superior to another.

Islam elevates the pious. Being devout, pious, taking careful steps and building your life around the bounders set by God are ideas not bound to a particular time or place. People need these teaching in today's world. No matter how much our science and civilization progress, they cannot change those fundamental principles that lay the foundation for the spiritual elevation of human beings. Islamic nations must desire these goals and work towards achieving them. Islamic nations and their leaders must demonstrate resolve and unbending will to achieve these goals. . .

On enemies of Islam

We have taken successful steps in the Islamic Republic whenever we have relied on resolves and placed our faith in God; wherever we have used our potentials; whenever we have abandoned our whims, whenever we have given importance to our objectives.

It is obvious that building societies, which is one of the greatest aims of Islam, cannot happen without hostilities. There was hostility at the beginning of Islam toward the establishment of an Islamic system and society. And the same applies to today.

Today, in the Islamic world, Islamic nations are finding their spirits touched by Islam. They feel proud because of Islam. Islamic awakening is a fact which has come to existence, whether or not the enemies of the Islamic ummah like it. A firm resolve by the country's officials is needed to advance on this path. We have been the first to highlight this. We, ourselves, have heavy responsibilities. The holy Prophet (PBUH) said once that the masses in a country cannot be reformed unless the experts and elite of that country or society are first reformed. When asked who the elite were, he said the elite of a society are the ulama, the scientists, and the intellectuals. The enlightened and the wise constitute society's elite.

If in the Islamic republic, the elite, officials, experts - be they from among the ulama or not - pay attention to these facts, practice self-restraint, not become slave to whims and avarice; if they do not become mesmerized by deceptive attractions of the world; if they do not leave the scene in fear of the enemies and do not lose their resolve, then no power would be able to make the slightest dent in the enormous national resolve and determination found in this country.

On Palestinian resistance

Enemies exist. That is a fact. It would be wrong not to expect enemies. It would be wrong not to expect any hostility from the enemies. Enemies exist and they perpetrate hostile acts. They seek to get their hands on any areas that could be profitable to them. And they use all means at their disposal. The enemy is despaired whenever the Islamic ummah is aware of its worth, merit and capability; whenever it understands its greatness thanks to unity.

Islamic ummah should be grateful for the power of resistance granted to it by the Almighty God. Today, the Palestinian nation, despite their oppression, pose a threat to oppressive and tyrannical Zionists, who are backed by America. They have made them powerless. Today, Israel feels that it has no logical and right paths ahead in respect of the Palestinians. That is owing to that nation's resistance. Because that nation has put up a resistance. There was a time when their enemy was weaker than it is today, yet it succeeded in exerting its hegemony over the Palestinian nation. That is because there was no resistance. Today, their enemy is a hundred times more powerful, yet it finds itself powerless in the face of the Palestinian nation, because that nation has resisted and staged an uprising.

This is the meaning of the resistance of the Islamic ummah wherever they may be in the world. Today the oppressed Palestinian people are facing daily atrocities and acts of barbarism of the Zionist regime. However, they have managed to shake the foundations of that suppressive and illegitimate regime.

Thanks to the resistance of the Muslim people of Palestine, many Arab states and neighbors of Palestine are immune from Israel's aggression. The entire Islamic ummah, and the Arab nations - neighbors of Palestine in particular - are heavily indebted to the people of Palestine.

Today, the enemy blatantly declares its objectives. They say that they are opposed to the Islamic re-awakening. They say that they intend to crush this re-awakening. They say that they plan to alter the geographical map of the Middle East. What does this mean? It means that they intend to make the tyrannical Zionists, these agents of global arrogance the overall decision-makers of this region. That is, they wish to see that no nation and no state is free from the claws of the Zionists' exploitation. This is the objective of our enemies. The Islamic ummah must stand up to these objectives.

The enemies are opposed to the Islamic Republic. Their hostility against us is the strongest because the Islamic Republic is awake, because we are steadfast, because our nation is united with the Islamic ummah and because the flag of Islam is hoisted in this country.

On preserving the Islamic identity

Of course you and I must take care. We must take care not to stumble. We must take care not to be deceived by worldly attractions. We must pay heed not to be influenced by the enemy's psychological warfare. We must strengthen our unity more and more. We must refrain from becoming preoccupied with peripheral issues. Today the most important thing is to preserve the Islamic Republic and Islamic identity. And that is what the Islamic world and ummah is concerned about.

You have succeeded in introducing a role model to the world. The enemy is trying to demolish that role model. The purpose of the enemies is not to defeat Iran, but to defeat the Islamic world. And today, the Iranian nation is standing firm, thanks to the blessings of the Almighty. We have sacrificed hundreds of thousands of martyrs on this path. Many thousands of our youth have entered the scene of self-sacrifice and resistance. Our families, wives, husbands have made sacrifices to that cause. This has not been accomplished easily. There is no doubt that this nation will do its utmost to safeguard what it has not accomplished easily. (Audience chant in support: Allahu Akbar)

The magnificent voice of His Eminence the Imam Khomeini (RA) is still alive. His words continue to echo in our ears; we are following in his path. We know what to do. We know what decisions to make. We will, insha Allah, advance firmly on the road to glory and prosperity, which is the Islamic path, by putting our trust in the Almighty God and by relying on this great nation; and we know our friends all over the Islamic world, whose number is not small, will be pleased at heart and their eyes will sparkle with joy.

We beseech to Almighty God to grant highest status to our martyrs. May God grants the honor to benefit from the noble Prophet's Bi'thah. May this feast be blessed to all Muslims. May you all benefit from the prayers of the Lord of the Age (AJ). May God's peace and mercy be upon you all.


Islam Does Not Allow Muslim Nations to Give in to Coercion and Domination

Excerpts from the Speech of Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei on September 17, 2003, addressing secondary school students:

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Alhamdulillah, the enthusiasm of youths and students is prevalent in this sincere gathering. This session is an example of what is prevalent throughout our dear nation. 

The main point in the analysis of the enemies of this nation is to cripple, by different means, this young, fervent and destiny-making generation which is building a prosperous, free, pious country. Despite the endeavors of the enemy, the reality is different. I will never accept the word and analysis which occasionally appear in some sections of the press and media and which speak of deviation among the young generation. If occasionally a mistake is committed by a young person, it can be completely compensated in view of his pure heart. Why cannot they see the usefulness, the piety and honesty of the young people? Why don’t they see the enthusiasm and conscience of the young people? They see a few mistakes from the young people and write exactly about issues that the enemies want and desire. 

Today, most of the young people, who are working in very sensitive scientific fields, are from the era of sacred defense. They are working with the same spirit and motives. Today, one example of their amazing work is the enrichment of nuclear material. This is the most secret component of world knowledge and technology. The world powers have exclusively claimed this to be theirs, yet our young people, relying on their talent, knowledge and skills, have achieved this great task. You have witnessed the reaction of the world arrogant powers. The hue and cry that has been raised in the world is reaction against your talents, abilities and achievements.

One example was the production and propagation of stem cells that I mentioned last month; and recently they themselves came and explained. International experts and scholars were forced to admit this and our young people, relying on faith and hard work, showed their bubbling hidden talents and traversed this great path. We have many such examples.

Islam does not allow Muslim nations to give in to coercion and domination, and to be trampled upon. The integrity and character of a Muslim person should be safeguarded under all circumstances. These are profound concepts in Islam, which allow this religion to be put forward as a blueprint for life.

Alhamdulillah, our society is blessed with the presence of you young people, millions of you, young men and women. This is a source of pride for this nation. This nation must be proud of all these young people, all these talents and all these pure hearts. In return, the young people too must be proud of their country, their revolution, Islamic political system and the hoisted flag of Islam, and they should endeavor to build the future. However, one cannot build the future by mere words. The future is built by conscious and pious work.

My dear young people, you should work hard. Today, the enemies do not want us to have committed universities, teachers, schools or other places of learning and education. Our enemies do not want our millions of young people to be able to build a magnificent future for a strong Iran in this region, through their studies, and through their endeavors to preserve their faith, piety and purity. The enemies are aware that if this great force is allowed to do its work, then in a not too distant future, a very powerful entity is going to rise from this region, and the enemies will not be able to dictate their will to it. They want to prevent this outcome. Therefore, I insist and emphasize that you should move in the opposite direction to this aspiration of colonialism and arrogance. You should preserve your faith and piety and you should study well. . .

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