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Speech at Imam Khomeini's mausoleum (4.6.2002)

Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei has vowed that the nation will stand firm in the face of America's threats. In a speech at Imam Khomeini's mausoleum in Tehran on 4 June, 2002 he said the occupation of Palestine "is the cause of many weaknesses and problems in the world of Islam."

Ayatollah Khamenei said "any kind of negotiation that is based on the acknowledgement of the Zionist regime is an illegitimate negotiation and it is a negotiation that will not endure." He added "The quest for martyrdom [in Palestine] is not based on emotions; it is based on belief in Islam and faith in Judgment Day and faith in life after death. Anywhere Islam exists in its true sense, arrogance faces this threat. In order to gain mastery over Palestine, arrogance has to fight Islam."

The following are excerpts from the speech, delivered on the occasion of the 13th demise anniversary of Imam Khomeini (RA):

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate....

The anniversary of the demise of His Eminence the Imam [Khomeini]- may he be admitted to God's paradise - is, on the one hand, an opportunity for the nation to convey its affection and respect for its noble Imam. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for those whose hearts are infatuated with the Imam, his ideals and strategic ideas and principles, to reiterate their loyalty and commitment once again. Therefore, 14th Khordad of every year [4th June] has a special importance for political analysts the world over. Today, in all parts of the country, the people are showing the kind of affection and love for their noble Imam that has now become customary...

The Islamic revolution, as a new and unique phenomenon, was able to revive the rays of hope in the hearts of people in Muslim societies. Everyone in the Islamic world and even outside it realized that our revolution was not emulating the slogans uttered by the untrustworthy tongues of the Eastern and Western regimes. They realized our revolution was a new phenomenon that had a new vitality and momentum. As a result, with the establishment of our Islamic Republic, all over the Islamic world, Muslim nations achieved a new momentum and a new sense of hope...

Islamic revolution is not weak

The reason why the dominant arrogant powers led by America work so hard against the Islamic revolution is that they want to destroy this focal point and this origin here. They know as long as this spring is boiling and as long as the focal point of this new thinking is alive here, they cannot discourage the nations of the world in their quest for justice. Therefore, they try to do one of these two things: Either they try to destroy this origin here totally, or as they know that this is not possible with the awakening of the nation and its being lively; they try to destroy the content of the Islamic Republic although its facade may be still there.

They try to change the directions and orientations. They try to distort the principal and clear concepts of Islamic revolution and Islamic Republic. Of course, they keep propagating all over the world that the Islamic Republic is declining and is becoming weak. This is part of the everyday propaganda of the enemies of this revolution and this system. Some simple-minded people may believe this. It may depress some of our friends across the world and make our enemies happy. But this is not a historical or scientific forecast. This a propaganda trick.

If the Islamic revolution is weak and old and incapable, why they spend billions of dollars to oppose the Islamic revolution? If the Islamic revolution is breathless, why America comes to face this revolution with all of its military and propaganda equipment and makes its tone increasingly violent everyday?

No. This revolution is alive, dynamic and progressing. The movement and the basic trends of the revolution are still alive...

Unfortunately, the enemies of the state ascribe all weaknesses - even if they concern only one institution, to the state itself. The state has firm foundations. It has clear contours. The mode of reasoning and the rationale behind the main contours of the state are immutable.

Need for vigilance in the face of foreign threats

The officials and executives of the Islamic state, be they in the legislature or the executive or the judiciary, or the armed forces or anyone who is working anywhere, must overcome their weaknesses. The way to ensure prosperity for this nation is to implement the very principles that our magnanimous Imam defined and which were incorporated into the constitution. The nation has expressed its loyalty to them a number of times.

It became clear that the enemy opposed those very principles. The enemy opposes everything that may prevent its infiltration. The enemy intends to infiltrate through different channels. The Iranian nation, particularly our officials, must be vigilant. Praise be to God, they have already demonstrated their vigilance. During all these years, our dear nation has demonstrated that it is aware of those things. What the enemy must know is that it will not be able to force the nation to surrender by addressing it in a peremptory manner or by using the language of force and bullying.

What is clear to our nation is that any foreign domination in this country would threaten their religious and material happiness and would impose inferiority and humiliation on them. Today America talks to the world - not only to us - with the literature of arrogance. America speaks of war in order to expand its domination and influence in the world. This is arrogance. Any nation and any government that is intimidated with this literature and this way of treatment and surrenders to it, is digging its own grave and acting against itself.

The regime of America, sees it as its right to treat the nations with force and talk to governments with the language of force. You see that America humiliates Arab governments and exerts pressure on Arab nations. It takes as many advantages as it can. It wholeheartedly supports the usurper regime of Israel against the world of Islam and the Arab world. It is planning to expand its influence. And this causes hatred around the world.

Therefore, America is becoming more and more hated in the world everyday. You saw this demonstrations of tens of thousands of people in European cities against the American president in his recent trip. This is unique in the world. It is unprecedented. What does this mean?

In the world of Islam the regime of America is the most hated regime. This is according to the polls they have taken themselves. Now it has been clear that it is not merely in the world of Islam. In Russia, in various European countries, this public hatred against the regime of America and its leaders is on the rise day by day. What they are going to do with this public hatred?

Our nation is a nation of dignity. It attaches importance to its independence and dignity. It does not accept and tolerate insults by anyone. No government and no regime in the world is entitled to insult the Iranian nation for their independent stances.

Unity is the only thing that can stop America's impudence

The enemy is a violent one. In Afghanistan and some other places, America showed that it does not deem it necessary to heed any humanitarian point in its operations.

In Afghanistan, in the poor and wronged country of Afghanistan, they entered the arena under the guise of combating a group or even a few individuals. They did not get their hands on those individuals, but they massacred many innocent people, bombarded them, and killed them. They are violent, but this imposition of violence or expression of violence cannot help America achieve its aims and succeed. Undoubtedly, they will be slapped in the face by nations, through the steadfastness of nations.

Let me also say this to our dear nation, to the country's honorable officials and to the political groups: The thing that can stop America's impudent assault is only and simply national unity. Unity. In any spot where they wish to appear, they must first sow dissension. The means of their success is the existence of dissension within nations' internal ranks. In any place where they have succeeded in bullying and exercising violence, if you look, you will see that there were rifts in the nation's rank there.

Wherever there is unity, they will not dare approach. The cure for confronting America's threats consists of the nation's unity, unity among officials, consideration for the different political factions and gathering around the same axes that our eminent Imam Khomeini (RA) designated as the principles of this revolution and the principles of this system - which are accepted by this nation. These are the things for which the nation committed acts of sacrifice.

See for yourself, anywhere in the world, when someone presents certain slogans as a presidential candidate and, then, a majority, even if a weak majority, vote for him, the mere fact that those people have come to the ballot boxes is thought to constitute support for those slogans.

The Iranian nation did not merely come to the ballot boxes for the principles of our eminent Imam Khomeini (RA) and the main lines of this revolution, which I spoke about; it took its life into its hands and stepped into the arena. This nation has put its signature in blood on this revolution, these lines, these principles, which are crystallized today in the constitution;, not just at the start of the revolution but also during the imposed [Iran-Iraq] war. The people stood up to the aggressor for eight years. They defended this sacred system, with their youths, with their entire existence. This is different from people coming to the ballot boxes to endorse an individual. This is dozens of times more significant.

These principles are principles for which the nation has sacrificed lives, sacrificed its youths, and sacrificed its blood. Now, too, it is standing firm. Now, too, if a dramatic event comes about which makes the people of Iran feel that they have to come into the arena with their bodies and lives, all the eyes of the world will see that the people's enthusiasm and eagerness will be even greater than in the imposed war.

These principles in which the people believe, which are trusted by the people, loved by the people - these principles are the axis of unity. People should not look elsewhere for the axis of unity. Everyone should show their loyalty to these principles again and again, with their words and pens, in their speeches, with their behavior, whether officials or other people involved in politics.

This becomes the axis of unity. This is what national unity means. We are not saying that the different preferences that exist among the people and the political groups must be removed from the country's political arena. No, this is neither possible nor beneficial.

Differences of opinion should not lead to conflict

However, such differences of opinion must not lead to conflict or create rifts. That is the main point. Everyone must observe this unity and preserve it. That is the way to defend this country and that is a barrier to the enemy's audacious onslaught. They are constantly threatening us and they are talking about it and repeating it all the time.

At the same time, our officials have a gargantuan task as well. Officials of our country must serve the people and they must be indefatigable in their efforts. They will have to work hard and around the clock. It does not make any difference whether they are in the executive branch in the government, or in the legislature as Majlis deputies or in the Judiciary and judicial institutions throughout the country.

They must be serious and they must try to implement the principles of the revolution and the Imam and they must follow this course of action. In fact, that means putting the constitution into practice. They must work regardless of any special considerations and they must make efforts like that. They must not permit their time to be spent on doing other things. Everyone is duty-bound to do so.

They must know that if anyone shirks his duty during this period, the people will condemn them and that Almighty God will hold them answerable as well. Dereliction of duty is totally unacceptable during this period because the people really need our officials to serve them. They must not shirk their duties.

They have ample opportunity to serve the people. They have ample opportunity to resolve the people's complex economic problems that affect their lives. They have ample opportunity to establish justice and narrow the class gap. Unfortunately, this should not exist in our society that is an Islamic society. However, unfortunately, it does exist. They have ample opportunity to narrow this gap. There are rational and logical ways.

Officials must make efforts. That is something that the immaculate soul of that magnanimous man expects us and our officials to do. The people want the same thing as well.

An issue that has become important these days - and praise be to God our country dealt with it very well - is the issue of Palestine. That is because these days our friends made efforts on the occasion of the anniversary of the demise of our magnanimous Imam. They convened the international conference on Palestine. The necessary and beneficial things that had to be said were said.

The country of Palestine will certainly be established one day

The issue of Palestine is the most important issue in the world of Islam. No international issue is higher than this in the world of Islam, because the mastery of the usurpers of the land of Palestine and the usurpers of Quds [Jerusalem] over this part of the Islamic Ummah's body is the cause of many weaknesses and problems in the world of Islam.

Today, of course, America is Israel's accomplice. The American president, who presents himself as a mediator, says explicitly: Supporting Israel is a part of our foreign policy. In other words, in front of the Arab world, in front of Arab leaders, in front of the Islamic ummah, he displays, plainly and shamelessly, his bias in favor of Israel, which is the usurper of the land of Palestine.

Brothers and sisters, today the Palestinian people's struggle has fallen into place; it revolves around the axis around which the hope of victory lies. In other words, the nation has come onto the stage. Israel is a contrived regime. It is an illegal regime. It is a usurper regime. They have taken a country from its people by force, through injustice and with ploys. Hence, any kind of negotiation that is based on the acknowledgement of this regime is an illegitimate negotiation and it is a negotiation that will not endure.

Of course, today, the Palestinian nation has understood the facts very well. They have understood that the language of force is the only language that the occupiers of Bayt al-Maqdis and the occupiers of the country of Palestine believe in. They have understood this. They know that any kind of negotiation, any kind of deal will inflict damage on them.

The battle that the Palestinian nation has started today is not the battle of one army against another army, for us to be able to say, this side has a few tanks and that side has more tanks. It is the battle of the bodies and lives of people who are not afraid of death.

Every single selfless youth, who stands before the occupying regime, threatens them as much as a military division. The answer to this cannot be given with tanks, missiles, aircraft and Apache helicopters. When an individual, even just a single person, is not afraid of death, when he prepares himself for sacrifice in the path of God and in the path of duty, he turns into the biggest threat for unjust powers. You, therefore, saw that, in the face of these martyrdom-seeking youths, the Americans took an explicit stance at the most senior level.

Let me say to you: these stances will not be of any use. This quest for martyrdom is not based on emotions; it is based on belief in Islam and faith in Judgment Day and faith in life after death. Anywhere Islam exists in its true sense, arrogance faces this threat.

In order to gain mastery over Palestine, arrogance has to fight Islam and fighting Islam means fighting the world of Islam. This fight will not lead anywhere. The solution to the problem of Palestine does not consist of these imposed, fraudulent solutions. The solution to the problem of Palestine is for the true people of Palestine - not usurper, occupying immigrants - the true people of Palestine, whether the ones who remain inside Palestine or the ones who are outside Palestine, must determine their own country's ruling system. This is the only solution...

The Zionists imagine that they have managed to gain mastery over Palestine and that Palestine is theirs forever. No, this is not true. The destiny of Palestine is that the country of Palestine will definitely become Palestinian one day.

The Palestinian nation has risen up to this end. It is the duty of Muslim nations and Muslim governments to shorten the distance to that day as much as possible. They must make it so that the Palestinian nation reaches that day...


Speech on the current situation in Palestine (1.5.2002)

The following is excerpt from Ayatollah al-Udhma Sayyed Ali Khamenei's speech on the current situation in Palestine, delivered on May 1, 2002:

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. First of all I would like to welcome you my dear brothers and sisters. In particular I would like to welcome the esteemed families of the martyrs as well as my friends, brothers and sisters who have come from other cities and remote areas...

The issues of the Islamic world are very important. It should not be imagined that there is no connection between our domestic issues and the problems of the Islamic world, Palestine and Middle East. No, today the issues of the world are all inter-connected. The problems of nations are all inter-related. The powers, which formulate policies that lead to problems for the nations of the world, do not distinguish between this or that nation in their bid to fulfill their objectives and interests.

The Palestine issue is not merely an issue for a single nation. The issue is in effect about the sovereignty of international dictatorship and the domination of force and coercion. Just look at the events in the Palestinian lands today. We are witnessing some of the most tragic events in history in Palestine. The usurper and counterfeit government of Israel - relying on its military power, tanks, aircraft and the ruthless and oppressive firepower - has imposed a siege on Palestinian towns. It is occupying these towns one after the other, and continues to massacre the people and destroy their homes. One day it is Ramallah, and the next day it is the turn of Jenin, Nablus and Al-Khalil [Hebron] and other cities.

One cannot begin to even describe the tragedies that have taken place in these towns. We have seen military forces entering these towns, killing, wounding or arresting many innocent people. There are many thousands of wounded people and thousands of martyrs in these towns now. Moreover, they have kidnapped thousands of young people out of their homes and have taken them to unknown locations. They have destroyed countless number of homes.

Generous US support for Israel

I have heard that 70 per cent of Jenin was destroyed by Israeli forces. Can you imagine, tanks rolling in and destroying 70 per cent of a city? What is the meaning of these crimes that are committed before the eyes of humanity? It means that a government that is a tyrannical government that does not care about any humanitarian, religious and divine regulations. Such a government is creating these tragedies to satisfy its own greed and to continue its tyranny of the past several dozen years. Despite doing so, the American government offers total and unstinting support to Israel.

In the midst of these developments, all the international slogans in support of human rights, defense of nations, democracy, freedom and the rest are forgotten. Despite the fact that the global conscience was moved, the conscience of the American leaders and the White House administration was not distressed in the slightest.

They, the American administration, intend to make the world understand the following two points: The first is that they intend to keep this cancerous tumor at all cost. Secondly, they wish to make the world realize that they are going to resort to force. They say: We intend to force and bully the rest of the world and we do not care what is said against us. In other words, they wish to convince the people of the world that no word and no action will be able to stand up to America's power of bayonet and military might. That is what they are trying to prove, but they have failed so far. Despite all their demonstration of might, they have not reached their objectives so far. Why? Because the nation of Palestine has not surrendered.

They - by exerting pressure, by resorting to massacre, by demonstrating lack of compassion and by trampling on all humanitarian principles - intend to force the Palestinian nation to surrender. They intend to force the nation of Palestine to submit totally to their demands and abandon its own justified wishes. But they have failed to realize this objective.

Contrary to the assumption of America and Israel, the power of force will not win. The final word in all problems is uttered by the people's power of determination and faith. This is true in this case too.

Martyrdom-seeking Operations: "Zenith of Courage and Bravery"

In response to the horrendous tyranny that the people of Palestine are subjected to these days, there are two solutions. These two solutions are inevitable and must be accepted by everyone. The first is to continue the intifada. The people of Palestine must continue their resistance. Praise be to God, they have stood firm so far. The climax of this resistance can be seen in the martyrdom-seeking operations.

It is the zenith of honor for a man, a young person, boy or girl, to be prepared to sacrifice his life in order to serve the interests of his nation and his religion. This is the zenith of courage and bravery. This is what frightens the enemy. We have therefore seen that everyone, from the American president to the lowest rank of officials who work to serve the American policies all over the world, has tried to put a stop to these martyrdom-seeking operations by censuring and denouncing it. On the contrary, martyrdom-seeking operations demonstrate the pinnacle of a nation's honor. They demonstrate the zenith of the epic.

Are there not any martyrdom-seeking operations when a military force is offering to sacrifice everything to defend its homeland? Are there not any martyrdom-seeking operations when a belligerent and ruthless army commits an aggression against another country, whose people put up a resistance against the invading army? In such cases, who can condemn such operations? Who can mar the value and esteem of such operations in the minds of the fair and conscientious people?

Martyrdom-seeking operations are the zenith of the Palestinians greatness. This is the truth even though some people may decide to utter and write contradictory words and censure a nation which has been suffering for 50 years, because of the failure of the past generations to pay attention to its long-term interests, and is now left with no option but to sacrifice its blood to restore its rights. The Palestinian nation is alive and alert and is moving forward. This was the first solution.

Suspending Oil Exports

The second solution is support. The entire world should support the Palestinians. Of course, the nations have lent their support. Even in Europe, the nations have given support and have staged demonstrations. They have used different vehicles to express their heartfelt support. Even inside the United States there has been expression of support. These trends will continue. Nonetheless, the governments must also fulfill their duties. In particular, the governments of Islamic countries, and specifically the Arab states, must do their duties.

What we said about suspending oil exports for a month was a fundamental issue, which obviously cannot be approached superficially. Of course, this action is not merely a theatrical move that one government alone says I will suspend oil exports and it is not clear whether that has happened or not. It is a real and serious action. Everyone must make this decision. Some arguments have been offered saying that in the first place, such a move would be detrimental to those cutting off their oil supplies. This is not true. This is an error in calculations. Cutting off the oil supplies is not disadvantageous to the nations. It will in the end prove beneficial to them.

Right now one day the price of oil is 24 or 25 dollars per barrel and within a few days, it comes down to 15 or 16 dollars. You can see that the nations are coming to harm because of the dramatic fluctuations in the oil price. This is because someone else holds the reigns. By cutting off oil exports for a month, the Muslim nations will demonstrate their decision making clout. The Islamic governments and nations will prove their ability to take action against the system of international dictatorship, and against the will of those bullies who only rely on the power of their bayonet. They should do this. This action is unavoidable.

Some governments such as Syria and Lebanon have adopted good positions on this issue. All the Muslim governments, and the oil-producing and exporting countries must attach a lot of importance to this historic duty. History will judge them for their ability to take decisive steps. Even today, the nations are going to judge them and come to a decision about their sincerity and virtues on this basis.

Of course, this is only one of the ways by which help can be given to the Palestinians. There are, however, other ways. The governments and nations must provide financial aid. I said this to our nation and other nations in one of my recent Friday prayer sermons. One should support the oppressed people who are fighting in defense of their homeland, Bayt al-Muqadas and the identity of a Muslim nation, and are seeking to put a stop to the presence of global arrogance in this region.

Both the governments that neighbor Palestine and all the liberation movements and popular resistance forces must assist the Palestinians. Anyone who is able to render such assistance must do so promptly. This is a duty for everyone.

Islamic Republic Not Scared of the U.S.

The American government is standing firm behind the Israeli government, despite all the deceptive claims that the American media relentless put forward about the leadership of the world, human rights, and so on and so forth. One is really astonished at the shameless audacity of some arrogant statesmen of the world.

They consider their actions to be the embodiment of justice, even though they do not understand the meaning of the concept. The American government does not know what justice means. Which of their actions can be called just? They consider this the Israeli action as a just war and as a war against terrorism. However, they themselves are openly supporting the most cowardly terrorists. Humanity's brow is covered with the sweat of shame and embarrassment [Audience chants: Death to America].

Of course today the Americans have totally fallen from the eyes of the world nations that is, they have lost the respect of the world nations, thanks to their irrational behavior. They are despised. They have attracted the hatred of all the people who have pure hearts and clear conscience.

In the eye of the American government any state that adopts a justified stance against their actions in Palestine, is a forsaken state. They bear a grudge against the Islamic Republic because the Islamic Republic speaks of justice, because the Islamic Republic is not influenced by fear of America, because it is not scared of America, because it refuses to abandon its will just to please America's statesmen and because it is not prepared to lose its independence. That is why they are hostile with the Islamic Republic.

In the past, whenever they intended to say something against the Islamic Republic, they used to make allegations that human rights are not respected in Iran, etc, etc. But today everything has become obvious. It is now clear what the reason for their opposition to the Islamic Republic is. The reason is that the Islamic Republic has not submitted to the logic of bullying and shall never do so [Audience chants: Allahu Akbar, Death to America, Death to Israel].

The Islamic Republic of Iran's stances are very clear and 100 percent rational. The state authorities have mentioned these stances on many occasions. The esteemed president has repeatedly reiterated these stances during his visits in recent days before other nations and at international organizations. These are the logical stances of the Islamic Republic.

When you look at the Islamic world, you will see that every single member of the Muslim nations lauds these stances. The nations are after justice. The basic strategy for global system of arrogance and bullying is to force the nations to accept its logic of coercion, oppression and injustice.

They are seeking a world that is based on oppression and tyranny. They want to run this world with tyranny to the advantage of large companies and capitalists or the Zionist or non-Zionist managers of the world's huge financial resources, and to the detriment of the nations.

Moreover, they expect everyone to obey these stances. But, how can this ever materialize? It is possible that some governments may give in to this pressure, because they want to safeguard the personal interests of their officials. However, a justice-seeking government or nation - which speaks and acts under the banner of Islam and adopts its stances on the basis of its independence and national identity - is never going to succumb...


Message of His Eminence Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, Addressed to the Haj Pilgrims of the Holy Mecca
5 Dhul Hijjah 1422 - 29 Bahman 1380 - 19 February 2002

(Two different translations)

In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, the Merciful, 


"Once again, we are witnessing the great Islamic event of Haj Pilgrimage, that is the ultimate wish of all Muslim believers and those who seek to follow the path to the truth and the Heaven. This year, too, a large number of people from different parts of the world gathered together to attend this divine assembly of Muslim before the Holy Shrines. Being drowned in the illuminated environment of worship and humbleness, and the search for salvation and dignity in this holy land that shines in the vast and infinite realm of history are the primary accomplishments of the enlightened travelers, who have an insatiable thirst to join the truth. "Here, all manifestations of material life, and negligence, deviations, worldly attachments and everything that adorns our appearance are temporarily separated from us, being replaced with a white garb to represent purity and sincerity of our hearts and souls. "A new horizon is opened, wherefrom we are able to see more visibly, hear and understand better the way to the eternal salvation. The blossoms of knowledge and Islamic fraternity, and divinely guidance flourish and appear before our eyes. "Here is the great camp of the Muslim Ummah, and the place where Muslims learn how to unite their souls with their beloved. Here is the place, where we free ourselves from the evil and blasphemous spirits, and seek to find our real self and the divine truth. "From these holy sites, we disavow demons, evils and Satan, as part of our quest to join the forces of Allah, and again and again we renew our covenant of abominate oneness and spiritual grandeur of the Muslim Ummah. "These are the blessings and true concepts of this great Islamic event, that have become more evident than ever at this crucial period of direct confrontation. "Today, the call of our great prophet and of Islam to justice, freedom and salvation forcefully resonates in our minds ever than before. The pervasive devilish nature of arrogance, oppression and unbridled repression on one hand, and rampant ignorance, superstition, and deceits on the other hand have made human beings intensify their efforts to achieve peace, justice, and fraternity. "Today, the call to unity against oppression and the oppressors as expressed in this Koranic verse "Come to common terms as between us and you: That we worship none but God" (Holy Quran, Chapter Al-e Emran; verse 64) resounding in our ears, and the tidings of divine power "And verily, God is Most Powerful for their aid" (Holy Quran; Chapter Haj; verse 39) brings hope to our hearts. "Muslims are the first to whom these messages are addressed. Islamic awakening has inspired the whole Islamic world in the east and in the west. Islamic enthusiasm has revived and restored Muslims' dignity and pride. The glorious flag of Islam is raised in Iran. The oppressed Palestinian people inspired by Islamic teachings and principles have now frustrated the Zionist ambitions and evil intentions. Our young children in the Islamic countries have entered in the battlefields to realize their aspirations in their indefatigable fight against the occupiers and world arrogance. "Despite all types of accusations and news distortions by the Zionist-led propaganda machine worldwide against Islam and Muslim combatants, the pure Islamic thoughts of our great prophet have been known to all people of the world. Now, everybody understands that Islam is the religion of justice, freedom, salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. Islam is the religion of life. However, life without dignity and liberty is denounced. Islam is the religion of logic and rationalism, although it renounces vehemently a perverted perception suggesting rationality, and used by those who called the messengers of Allah as insane people. Islam is the religion of unity, fraternity and world peace, but it rejects unity with the oppressors. Shaking hands with the murderers over the bodies of martyrs is considered a sheer treason against Muslims. Islam is the religion of realism; however, tyranny can never be justified in the name of realism. Islam has introduced a set of eternal precepts and principles for humankind. Meanwhile, dogmatism and fanaticism are totally rejected. Islam is the religion of innovations and new ideas, but refutes heresy and perverted conception of the religion. Islam is the religion of sacrifice and tolerance; however, submission to brutality and humiliation can never be acceptable. Islam is the religion of civility, science, and development, but it reproaches as barbarism and absolute ignorance the science that is used as a means for the humiliation of mankind and devastation of human civilizations. Islam is the religion of Jihad, but illogical and acquisitive wars are never regarded as Jihad. Islam is the religion of dignity, power, and sovereignty, though they are never used as a means to realize certain evil intentions. Islam is the guardian of human rights and nobility. Islam guarantees and protects ethical precepts and moral decency. Islam is the staunch supporter of peace and security. Those who try to depict Islam as a religion against human rights, civility and security, are launching the most ignominious lies and accusations against our religion. These tactics are intended to justify the brutalities committed against Muslim nations. "Muslim Nations, Clerics, Intellectuals, "The Muslim Ummah has now become the target of all kinds of threats and coercions. The unbridled World Arrogance led by the United States along with the pugnacious policies of the Zionist regime is taking advantage of the current gap and division in the Islamic world. The heroic uprising of the Palestinian people and the proud banner of Intifadah have enraged the arrogant powers, who have intensified their blind acts of repressions and retaliations against the Palestinian people. "September 11th attacks in New York have served as a pretext for the coercive policies of the White House, and emboldened the Zionists to continue their savage crimes and atrocities against the Palestinian people. In the aftermath of the disastrous military operations in Afghanistan, the international environment has been increasingly terrorized by the militaristic policies and tough stance of the US administration, posing a serious threat against world peace and security. The rhetoric of the US administration in fighting against terrorism and defending peace process in the Middle East are only a cover for the hegemonistic plans of the United States to dominate and control the wealth and vital resources of other nations. "It is a shame that a country with a long record of sponsoring terrorist operations, a country that planned and undertook military coups in many parts of the world, a country with the largest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, and a country that continues to support the most dangerous terrorists of the world is now going to take the lead in the war against terrorism. It is a total rejection of the truth that killing of women, men, and children, destruction of Palestinian homes, and expulsion of people from their homeland are being committed in the name of defending the cause of peace. "Our Islamic country is accused by the White House rulers of trying to undermine the Middle East peace process. They can never realize that the violation of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, and occupation of their land can never be called a peace, much less to be weakened by another government or a party. This oppressive process is doomed to failure that can be evidently seen in the awakening movement and sacrifices of the Palestinian people. "The Islamic Iran is firmly resolute in holding up the flag of Islam as the religion of noble teachings, enlightenment, salvation and liberty. We will never acquiesce in the coercions of the world Arrogance. Iran considers terrorism the enemy of human happiness and prosperity. The Islamic Iran has paid a heavy price in fighting against the terrorists who were inspired and trained by the United States and Israel. Our country neither succumbs, nor be frightened by the threats of the imperial-mind powers of the world. Our people and government value their independent policies and position on the solid foundations of wisdom, which is the everlasting reminiscent of our great leader, the late Imam Khomeini. The large demonstrations of Iranian people, marking the 24th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution was a strong response to the baseless claims of those who intend to disseminate seeds of dispute between the people and the Islamic government. The people and government of Iran condemn the threats and war-mongering policies of the United States that amply demonstrate the aggressive and barbaric nature of the US administration. The violent behavior and illogical attitudes of the US decision makers represent the weak and vulnerable foundations of this oppressive arrogant system of power. "The government and people of Iran call on their brotherly nations to consolidate their unity and solidarity. We extend our hands to all Muslim nations to solidify the ties of Islamic fraternity. It is the obligation of all Muslim clerics, intellectuals and politicians in the Islamic world to repeat for their peoples the lessons of unity, resistance and awareness. The dynamic young generations of the Muslim world must be prepared to shoulder the heavy responsibility of safeguarding these invaluable assets, thus laying the foundation of a united and powerful Ummah in the world. "Haj is the beginning point and the infinite source of this great and holy Jihad. "I pray to the Almighty God to enlighten your souls with knowledge and spirituality on your way back to your home country. May the prayers of Hazrat Valiullah Al-A'zam for the grandeur of the Muslim Ummah be granted by Allah. "Va Salamo Aleikom Va Rahmatollah Va Barakatoh "Seyed Ali Khamenei."


In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.

All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. May blessings and peace be upon Muhammad, the Master of creation, upon the pure ones of his progeny and his dedicated Companions. May peace be upon all righteous servants of Allah.

Allah, the Exalted, says:

This ummah (community) of yours is a single ummah, and I am your Lord, so worship Me.

The desire of the pious, the delight of the devout, and a boon to the righteous—the Hajj season is back again, and a multitude have found way to this general feast. A dip into the lights of worship and reverence, a recollection of the reminiscences of the first era of Islam, a renewed quest for the tracks of salvation and honour that make this land a radiant sun on the distant horizons of history—these are the first rewards received here by the heart and mind of an eager and earnest traveler.

Here the bonds of attachment, of neglect and spiritual pollution are removed—albeit temporarily—together with the physical attires and adornments, and the white of the dress of ihram overwhelms the bodies and hearts with a sense of purity, elegance and oneness. The doors are opened, to see, listen and perceive that which is source of everlasting salvation. The buds of righteousness, knowledge and Islamic fraternity sprout, and the guiding hand of Allah becomes visible.

Here is the great camp of the Islamic Ummah, a drilling ground meant to produce godliness and fellowship with the people, and to liberate from false and profane identities and restore the real divine identity. Here is the site of the disavowal of the devil and Satan, and the place to join the hosts of the All-beneficent. Here is the place to renew the covenant to avoid the worship of Satan and to respond to the declaration that Allah and His Apostle repudiate the polytheists. Here is the site for self-expression of the one Islamic Ummah, and a stage for expression of the spiritual dignity and human power of Muslims.

These characteristics assume a greater prominence in our era and at this critical and sensitive juncture, which is one of confrontation between truth and falsehood and the forces of good and evil.

Today the call of the Prophet of Mercy resounds with greater power and clarity. The call of Islam, which is the summons to justice, freedom and salvation, echoes with a greater force. The gloomy spells of the night of injustice, arrogance and despotism on the one hand, and ignorance, superstition and deception on the other, make urgent, more than ever before, man’s need for the light of salvation and his thirst for justice, peace and brotherhood. Today, the celestial summons of “Come to the word common between you and us, that we worship none except Allah,” which is a repudiation of the idols of power and wealth and a clarion call to join the forces of resistance to injustice and oppression, draws the hearts of the victims and gives them hope and reassurance with the words “Indeed Allah is able to grant them victory.”

The Muslim nations are the first addressees of this Divine message. The Islamic world, east and west, surges with Islamic awakening and a reawakened sense of identity and dignity. The triumphant banner of Islamic honour and authority flies over Islamic Iran, and the oppressed Palestinian people, by taking resort in Islamic ideals, have darkened the horizons of Zionism covered with billowing clouds of despair and defeat. In Islamic countries, the youth have launched a struggle inspired by Islamic ideals and posed a great threat to the world’s aggressive and arrogant powers.

Despite the flood of false allegations and distortions of facts released by centers of Zionist and imperialist propaganda and directed towards Islam and its courageous and self-sacrificing votaries, the visage of genuine Islam taught by Muhammad—may Allah bless him and his progeny—has gradually become visible today for the world’s people. Gradually, they are finding out that Islam is a religion of justice, freedom and salvation, a creed of reason, thought and learning. Islam is a faith of life, but it regards a life devoid of honour, freedom and dignity as death. It is a creed of rationality; but it fights those who would masquerade sensuality as rationality, a device of those who would label God’s prophets as madmen. It is a religion of solidarity, brotherhood, and world peace; but it regards alliance between the oppressor and the oppressed and shaking hands with the executioner over the corpses of martyrs as treason. It is a religion of realism and objective calculation, but it considers it a sin to justify wrongdoing in the name of realism. It is a religion of unchanging laws, but it does not accept stagnation and slavish literalism. It is a religion of ijtihad and renewal of thought, but it rejects heretical innovation and syncretism. It is a religion of forgiveness and pardon, but it does not permit submission to injustice and humiliation. It is a religion of civilization, science and development; but it rejects as ignorance a science that serves as the means of enslavement of nations and mass destruction and denounces as barbarism a civilization that serves as the tool of abasement of human beings. It is a religion of jihad, but it does not consider a war devoid of logic and waged merely for domination as jihad. It is a religion of honour, power and sovereignty, but it does not make them a basis for justifying ignoble means.

Islam protects the rights of human beings and their inviolability. It provides a guarantee for the fulfillment of moral values and merits. It is a votary of peace and security. The ugliest and the most unmanly of allegations are leveled against it by those who label Islam as a danger to human rights, civilization and security, and who make them a means of justifying their oppressive domination over Muslim nations.

Muslim nations! Scholars of religion!Intellectuals!Youths and self-respecting people of the Islamic world!

The Islamic Ummah is today a target of all kinds of threats and allegations. Amuck imperialism led by the US regime, and pandered and incited by the Zionist regime, exploits the division and separation between Muslim nations. The uprising of the Palestinian nation and the proud banner of the Intifada have enraged and frightened the political strategists of imperialism, inciting them to insolent moves and frenzied saber rattling. The events of September 11 in New York have provided an excuse for the mounting highhandedness of the White House and the unprecedented crimes of the Zionist regime in Palestine. After the catastrophic American operations in Afghanistan, the sinister militaristic countenance of the US government threatens the world more than ever before with insecurity, war and bloodshed. The war against terrorism and support for ‘peace’ in the Middle East have become pretexts for US violence and militancy and a disguise for domination over other nations and encroachment on their vital interests and resources.

It is indeed an ugly joke that the promoter of most acts of terrorism, the divisor of most coup d’etats, the producer of the most lethal of weapons, the patron of the most dangerous terrorists, should claim to be the leader of the rightful international war on terrorism! And it is indeed the most vulgar of ironies that the massacre of Palestinian men, women and children, the destruction of their homes and their expulsion from their ancestral homeland should be styled as the defense of peace!

Islamic Iran is charged by the rulers of the White House of undercutting the Middle East peace process. They are unaware that unjust aggression against the rights of the Palestinian nation and the usurpation of their homeland—actions which are misleadingly called ‘peace’—do not need to be undermined by any state to end in failure and defeat. This unjust process is intrinsically condemned to collapse and failure. The present awakening of the Palestinian nation, informed as it is with a spirit of self-respect and sacrifice, is one of its sure signs.

Islamic Iran will not set aside the banner of Islam as a creed of self-respect, clarity of vision, freedom and salvation, due to the bullying threats of the imperialists. Islamic Iran considers terrorism as the enemy of human welfare and it has itself paid a heavy price in its struggle against terrorists reared by the United States and Israel. Islamic Iran will not be daunted by the threats of imperialism or frightened by its scowling visage. The Iranian nation and government have a great regard for their bold, independent and wise policies, which are a legacy of the great Imam Khomeini. The impressive march of February 10 (22 Behman) this year staged by the Iranian people was a sagacious response to the nonsense of those who dreamt of creating or publicizing a fissure between the people and the Islamic order, or between the principal constituents of the system. The Iranian people and government denounce America’s threatening postures and its war-mongering, which are evidence of barbarism and bellicosity. They consider the infirm logic and hawkishness of this government as a sign of fundamental and deep-seated infirmities and flaws in the foundations of the oppressive imperialist system.

The Iranian people and government invite the brotherly nations to solidarity and extend them a friendly hand. The ulema, intellectuals, statesmen and the Muslim world should rehearse the lessons of solidarity, steadfastness and understanding for their peoples and prepare the sturdy youth of this generation for confronting great events, for carrying the burden of a great trust, of laying the foundations of a united monolithic Ummah of Islam.

The Hajj is the starting point and a perennial source for this momentous and blessed struggle.

I beseech Allah, the Exalted, to enable you all to return to your homelands with rich rewards of spirituality and gnosis, and to bless the Muslim Ummah with the prayers of the Great Wali of Allah.

Was-Salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Sayyid Ali Khamene’i

(private Translation)

Leader: George Bush has demonstrated a thirst for human blood (31.1.2002)

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