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Leader on failure of Western liberal-democracy

BBC Monitoring Service Nov 13, 2001

Iran's spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamene'i has launched a strong attack on Western democracies, saying that the biggest blow to the credibility of Western liberal-democracy "is all the dead bodies, bloodshed and injustice that covers this world". Addressing a large gathering of people in the western Iranian city of Kashan on 11 November, citing the Palestinian and Afghan situation, he said: "Western politicians and their followers deceptively speak of peace, while fanning the flames of war." The following is an excerpt from the speech broadcast by Iranian TV on the same day:

[Khamene'i] In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate... I would like to say that some historical figures of Kashan have been unfairly treated. That is, they have not been given the proper recognition. One is the late Feyz-Kashani...

Nationalization of oil, the 1953 coup d'etat

Another is the late Ayatollah Kashani, which I believe my presence in Kashan is a good opportunity to talk about. Without Ayatollah Kashani the oil nationalization movement would definitely not have taken place in this country. I say to youngsters: Learn about the recent history of your country. Because one of the methods of deception is the distortion of history. Today, unfortunately, that is happening a great deal. They are distorting history.

It was with the late Kashani's assistance that Dr Mosaddeq and the other leaders of the oil industry nationalization movement were able to gain the support of the people for this movement; otherwise, the people would not have supported it. No-one knew Mosaddeq. No-one knew the meaning of the nationalization of the oil industry. The bulk of the people and the vast masses of the people, whose votes, presence, actions, are decisive in social developments, were not in the know. Things had not been explained to them. The court machinery was opposed to the people understanding things and was itself a plaything of the British. The intellectuals and politicians who were moving in this direction [nationalization] did not have any instruments, any means. The people did not have any confidence in them.

The late Ayatollah Kashani entered the arena. Not only were the ulema familiar with this man's past record, but the people of Iran were also devoted to him. He was someone who had been sent into exile from Iran by the British government and the usurping, interfering British troops in Iran. Just picture the state of the country. Look at the Iranian nation's political independence today.

See how no power in the world can impose any stance - even a verbal stance - on our statesmen today. But it was like that then. A foreign government, in the wake of World War II, when the British, the Americans and the Russians had entered our country from several directions - during the rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi - foreign troops, the invader British army took it upon itself to capture a man of religious learning, because of his opposition to Britain's policy, and to send him into exile.

Of course, earlier, they had imprisoned him in Khorramabad's Falakolalflak Fortress. I went and saw for myself the cell in which they say the late Mr Kashani was imprisoned. Then, they sent him into exile. Then, when he returned to Tehran from exile, the waves of people's sentiments and devotion towards this combative cleric created such a storm as to shake everyone, all the enemies. The British and the others understood where they stood. When they saw the waves of the people's devotion to the late Kashani, on his return from Lebanon, they realized that fighting this spiritual man of religious learning would not lead anywhere.

Then, in the National Consultative Assembly as it was called then, the late Ayatollah Kashani, as the deputy for Tehran and the then Majlis Speaker, spoke in favour of the bill on the nationalization of the oil industry. The representatives of the late Ayatollah Kashani went to different parts of the country - I was a youth myself at the time, in Mashhad. The representative of the late Ayatollah Kashani came there. He would stand at the pulpit and speak. He used to draw the people's hearts to himself like a magnet. Nothing else could have replaced such a spiritual deed.

And so, in the solar year 1329 [1950], i.e., 51 years ago when the movement for nationalization of Iran's oil began, the people became the supporters of nationalization of oil industry. And the same people made Mosaddeq prime minister thanks to popular support, in spite of Mohammad Reza [Shah's will]. The Shah was against Mosaddeq's becoming prime minister. And Mosaddeq would not have become prime minister had Ayatollah Kashani not created this huge popular support for him. This was the work of late Kashani. Then in 1331 [1952] when the [royal] court's counter offensive began against Mosaddeq and Mosaddeq was toppled, only one factor succeeded in returning Mosaddeq [to power] and that was late Ayatollah Kashani. These are historical facts. These are things that those who were present on those days and have seen it, and are aware of it, know clearly. But some people deliberately deny these. They do not let the new generation know about it. Of course their intentions are known and I shall tell you now. The late Ayatollah Kashani issued a statement against Ghavamossaltaneh whom the Shah had made prime minister to replace Mosaddeq. The people put on shrouds and took to the streets in Tehran and other cities. It was because late Ayatollah Kashani had given a clear hint and order. Ghavamossaltaneh could not remain prime minister more than three days. Was it possible at all to resist in the face of this huge human wave that was being moved by Ayatollah Kashani? He [Ghavamossaltaneh] stepped down and Mosaddeq rose to power once again. This means that nationalization of oil industry and getting the oil back from the clutches of the British who considered Iran's oil their own property and had used it for tens of years as usurpers, and took away Iranian nation's property almost for free, and the royal court cooperated with and worked for the British in order to continue its notorious reign for another four days[changes thought] this was disrupted by the movement for nationalization of oil industry whose inspiration and resource was this brave and great man from Kashan late Ayatollah Seyyed Abolqasem Kashani.

A very important part of this story is the one I am going to tell. This is what I want our youths listen to in particular. The enemy understood the secret of the Iranian nation's victory. So they decided to separate the politically minded people and the politicians from the clergy. To separate them from Ayatollah Kashani. And unfortunately they succeeded in doing so. From 30 Tir 1331 [June 1952] when Ayatollah Kashani managed to bring the Iranian nation into the [political] scene in that way, until 28 Mordad 1332 [August 1953] when American agents in Tehran managed to topple Mosaddeq and put an end to his government without the people showing any movement, it was only one year and one month. During this period, aided by the agents that were against the independence of this country, and with the conspiracy of enemies of this nation, Dr Mosaddeq separated himself from Kashani more and more, until a few days before 28 Mordad late Ayatollah Kashani sent a letter, and these letters are still there, saying that he was afraid that a coup was under way against Mosaddeq and a problem was to be created. Dr Mosaddeq said that he was aware of the support by the Iranian nation. And this was his mistake. It was the finger of a man like Kashani that prompted the Iranian nation to endanger their lives and come to the scene.

On 28 Mordad when Kashani was isolated by Mosaddeq's government, his absence was the cause of the people's absence in the scene and the American coup agents managed to control part of the army easily, and stage a coup and to bring to the streets a number of lumpens of Tehran and toppled Mosaddeq. And then there came the dictatorship of Mohammad Reza Shah and for the next 25 years this nation was trampled under the boots of dictatorship and the nationalization of oil industry was in fact forgotten. Because the same oil was given to an American consortium that was designed by Americans. And they [the Americans] did whatever they wanted. All the desires of the enemy came true because of the separation from the clerical system and religion. These are lessons to be learned.

The constitutional movement

A similar story took place at the beginning of the constitutional era. There too, the job was done by the people and it was the people's presence that imposed the constitution on the despotic rulers of Qajar [dynasty]. Mozaffareddin Shah was not a man who would accept the constitution. He was forced to accept it because of the people's presence and pressure. The people were brought to the scene by the clergy. When the constitution was established, the agents of Britain and a number of intellectuals who were under the influence of Britain did things to make the clergy pessimist as to the constitutional movement. As a result of this frustration, first there was a dictatorship and anarchy for a few years and then a black dictatorship under Reza Khan.

Those are two experiences. Of course, each of them should be analysed separately. Each of them have a different story. I suffer when I see that our young people are unaware of those events. Being aware of what the enemy has done in the past will always enable one to understand the enemy's subterfuge in one's own era... In sports, managers always try to carefully observe how their opponents in the other team play. They want to understand their methods.

Over the last 100 years, the Iranian nation has confronted America and Britain during at least two important events before the Islamic revolution. The first one was the constitutional revolution and the second one was the nationalization of the oil industry. During both events, they had a subterfuge which prevented the Iranian nation from enjoying their victory. They established harsh and reactionary dictatorships in our country after both of those events.

The Islamic revolution in Iran

The third event was the Islamic revolution. The Imam [Khomeyni] demonstrated his vigilance. The Imam did not let that happen. The Imam did not let that happen. At the beginning of the revolutionary period, a certain group of people, who were influenced by the same enemies, launched a propaganda campaign saying that; very well, the Imam came here and he ensured that the revolution would be victorious and he brought the people into the arena and the Islamic republican government was formed. So, what the Imam had to do was done. Now, he can go to Qom and lecture and do what he wants. That is what they wanted. It meant that their intention was to ensure that what was done during the constitutional revolution would be done during the Islamic revolution as well.

Our magnanimous Imam, our faithful nation, our experienced combatants - combatants who knew about our historical experience - and prominent revolutionary politicians, who knew what they were doing and how the enemy might launch another onslaught on our country, knew what they had to do. Thus the constitution was written and our magnanimous Imam supervised all of those efforts to consolidate the foundations [of the revolution].

During this period, the people remained committed to upholding their religious beliefs and precepts and they stayed with the standard-bearers of religious principles. Despite the enemy's actions, our young people did not do what the enemy wanted them to do. That is what the enemy wanted. They did not stop believing in religious realities, their immaculate religious principles and the outstanding traits of Islam. Islam is the standard-bearer in the quest for justice in the contemporary world. However, young people were more vigilant than all the other classes and they were more insistent than them to hoist the flag of Islam and Islamic principles in our country. [Crowd chants slogans, including: God is great, Khamene'i is our leader, death to opponents of the guardianship of the supreme jurisconsult, death to America, death to Israel, death to Monafeqin and Saddam]

They did not let - [changes thought] Our people and our young people did not let the enemy practice its old formula on our Islamic revolution. What is the formula? Firstly, it is separation. The political system and the institutions of our movement relied on religious principles and clerics. That was the first thing. The next step was to disappoint the people about the transformation which had taken place - as was the case during the constitutional revolution or the nationalization of the oil industry. That is because if the people are disappointed, then they will not be present in the arena. The third step, which would be implemented in the absence of the people, was to establish an oppressive and ruthless dictatorship which was under the enemy's control and under the control of imperialists and colonialists. That was always the enemy's formula.

They could do that easily during global developments in which religion did not play a role. They disappointed the peoples. They drove them out of the arena and they did whatever they wanted to do in their absence. They brought their own agents to power. They could not do that in Iran after the Islamic revolution. They could not extirpate religion as the essence of the Islamic republican state and the Islamic revolution. They could not disappoint the people. The people stayed in the arena. As long as the people are in the arena, the enemy will not get the chance to make any real moves in our country. [Crowd chants slogans, including; God is great, Khamene'i is our leader, death to opponents of the guardianship of the supreme jurisconsult, death to America, death to Israel, death to Monafeqin and Saddam, death to Israel]

Failure of Western democracies

What is the main challenge facing our country today, that the country's youngsters, the people, workers, farmers, industrial workers, clergymen, students should all note? What is the main challenge facing our country today? Today the most important task facing everybody is that, under the banner of Islam and Islamic government and a government relying on the people's sentiments, we should be able to build the country, in terms of the economy, politics, culture and morality, so that the ill-wishers and the extensive propaganda mouthpieces of the enemy would be silenced. [Crowd chants God is great, Khamene'i is the leader, death to America, death to Israel]

The biggest advertisement for a political doctrine is what happens in practice. I said this to the youngsters and the people of Esfahan. The biggest blow to the credibility of the liberal-democracy prevalent in the West is all the dead bodies, bloodshed and injustice that covers this world resulting from that liberal-democracy. The two world wars, the focal points and covering areas of which were Europe; that is, the centre of liberal-democracy. Then there was colonialism, interference in other countries, the events in Latin American countries and, most important of all, the events in Palestine, and now the Afghan issue.

The liberal-democracy doctrine has no answer for those event. There is no need for discussion and debate. The people of the world can see that the result of this political thesis, this political doctrine, that it is not effective.

Islamic democracy

Now you want to present the political doctrine of Islam, the Islamic republic system, that is, the rule of the people based on religion. Republic means the rule of the people and Islamic means the rule of the people based on religion. Some people think that when we mentioned the term, rule of the people based on religion, we raised a new point. No, Islamic republic means the rule of the people based on religion. Republic means the rule of the people and the meaning of Islamic is obvious. The truth behind the rule of the people based on religion is that a system should progress and be run guided by God and the will of the people.

The problem with the various systems in the world is that they either lack divine guidance - such as the so-called Western democracies, where there is apparently the will of the people but they lack divine guidance - or, if they have divine guidance, or they claim that they do, there is no will of the people. Or there are neither - and many countries are like that - that is, neither the people have any say or vote in the affairs of the country, nor is there divine guidance.

Islamic republic means where divine guidance and the will of the people jointly affect the make-up of the system. In university discussions or in research circles there is no argument against that doctrine. But if you wish to prove the justification of that doctrine to the world, you should prove it in practice. This is a major challenge facing the Islamic republic system.

Enemy plots

My dear ones! Be aware that the enemies of the Islamic republic work hard in order to make construction based on the Islamic republic system impossible. This is the reason behind the economic sanctions you hear about. These various obstructions regarding water and oil and other problems of our country by the enemies of our country are done for this reason. They want to prevent the Islamic republic system and Iran as country from reaching its objectives of development and progress. So that it will not set an example for other countries. So that Islam's political theory does not become popular in the world. This is their objective.

What is our duty? Our duty is to act absolutely contrary in the other direction. Government officials should not, even for a moment, forget about working for people and striving continuously to develop the country in all areas. This is the reason why I sometimes repeatedly warn the officials to refrain from engaging themselves in political disputes. Because political disputes do not allow the officials to work. The official who is busy with party, group, faction and political disputes will not have time to work for the people.

Of course, we have had many progresses. I am against ignoring or playing down the progress of various governments of the Islamic republic from the beginning of the revolution up to this day. Every government has made its contribution to the country's progress. Feeling of inferiority, is a national disease, just like the sense of superiority.

In our case, our enemies have always tried to ensure that we would humiliate ourselves, ignore our own advancement and either belittle, or totally overlook, our own achievements. Since the revolution, this country has been developed and it has made cultural progress from all points of view. However, if you look at the long records of those tyrannical and despotic regimes, you will not even see a small part of what has happened in these 20 years. One should not ignore those things. The officials of the Pahlavi regime, and the officials of the Qajar regime before them, looked at our country in the way that a landlord looks at his own property. They only made efforts to make a profit. Take a landlord who owns thousands of hectares of land somewhere. He might make a greater profit by making only a little effort somewhere, so he will invest there. However, in another place, he might not invest much money because hardly anyone can see the place and it does not enable him to make much money either.

He will make investments only if he makes a profit. However, he will not make investments if he does not make a profit. That was the crux of the matter in our country. Wherever, the places that the enemy could see or the places where their own people were present or in the places where courtiers and their dependants could increase their profits, or the places that belonged to corporations that belonged to global economic organizations and the places that belonged to Zionists were developed. They benefited from the government's resources. They made efforts and they allocated the country's budget to it. However, if a place did not have those things, no-one even looked at it. You could not see any roads or dams. They did not do any infrastructural work on them. There were no universities or university students there. There was no science, culture, industry, art or anything else for that matter. It was not limited to them. That was how it was.

The achievements so far

Today, if you look at the situation in our country and the image of the country after the passage of two decades since the Islamic revolution, you will see that extraordinary things have been done from the point of view of infrastructural work and development and meeting the needs of the remotest parts of the country - that is their needs for culture, universities, and all the things which are important to the future needs of any country. One should not ignore these things.

Once upon a time, I said to the leader of one of the foreign countries who had come to see me in Tehran, that, now, 70 dams are being constructed simultaneously. The president was sitting there as well. The minister who was in charge was sitting there as well. I said: Can you believe that? These things are being done simultaneously. The former government had left over a certain amount of money for the construction of dams. And this government has already completed a number of them. It has put the [construction] of others on the agenda.

Almost 70 dams were being [constructed] simultaneously. That is something that happened three or four years, three years ago. He was astonished. He said; is that true? I said, yes. Those are the things that no-one can ignore. Belittling the achievements of the revolution is not something that benefits the nation. It will disappoint the people. That is something that the enemies want to do. They want to magnify our weaknesses and exaggerate the significance of shortages. However, they want to overlook our progress.

That is what I believe. However, at the same time, in the same way that we should not overlook our progress and success, I also believe that our officials should also pay extra attention to what has not been done and what is flawed, what has been delayed and what has been forgotten. They should redouble their efforts to put those things on their agenda. That will not be possible unless officials do their utmost to do so. The problems that I said Kashan had, namely, the issue of providing drinking water and water for agricultural irrigation in Kashan, the issue of Kashan textile industry and the issue of Kashani's carpet-weaving industry. One of the oldest achievements of this city is carpet and velvet [weaving]. Those are the things that have always been associated with Kashan. Well, these things have caused problems. Those are serious problems. Each of them is affected in a particular way.

All of those problems can be solved. If our officials pay attention to those things and do follow-up work, they will be able to untie those knots. I am not saying that can be done in the short term. This knot will not be untied tomorrow. No, it might take time. However, the important thing is that it will be done after a while. Problems will be solved one after the other. This requires our officials to make efforts. That was the part that concerned our officials.

The part that concerns our people is that, when the people see the shortages and flaws, they should not be disappointed. They should not be pessimistic about everything and overlook all the positive things that have been done. That is exactly what the enemy wants. That is the main challenge facing our country today. This country has vast resources and praise be to God, we have astonishing human potential; we have so many young people, so many fresh and healthy forces, we have so many strong arms, we have so many talents, we have so many thinkers. We can use them to contribute to the advancement of our country and untie the knots.

We have so many university students. As it was pointed out earlier, in a city like Kashan, no-one believed that there would be 14,000 university students in that city. However, today, this has come true. That is the case in all parts of the country. Even the remotest parts of the country, there are higher education centres or universities or post-graduate university classes. Those things are our country's assets. Therefore, today, both the officials of our country - whose job is to make ceaseless efforts - and the people, who have not become despondent, who have followed things up and who have made rational demands of our officials - [changes thought] That is the duty of our people. They have not become despondent. They have made efforts and worked hard.

Everyone should work as hard as they can. They have to work hard. If we all work as hard we can - that is both our people and our officials - then this country will reach a point wherein the flag of the Islamic Republic will be hoisted all over the world, whether meddlesome and hegemonic powers like it or not.

[Crowd chanting God is great, Khamene'i is our leader, death to America, death to Israel, death to Monafeqin and Saddam and death to Israel]

Palestinian, Afghan situation

The world today needs the kind of Justice and morality which the Islamic Iran has been the standard-bearer of. There is a huge vacuum in the world created by the absence of justice and morality. The Islamic republic carries the banner of justice and morality in the world today. The people of the world love peace. The western politicians and their followers deceptively speak of peace, while fanning the flames of war. Look at the events in Palestine and Afghanistan. What is the issue in Palestine if not the desire of a nation who wishes to live in its homeland. It wants to live [in its homeland] and nothing else. A nation wishing to live in its own country. They do not let them. They destroy their homes. America has given the ruthless government of Israel a blank cheque. All its crimes have been sanctioned beforehand. It knows that America would not object to any of its actions. [Crowd chanting death America and death to Israel]

The world hears the news of crimes committed everyday in various cities in Palestine. However, they do nothing about it. Afghanistan is another example. What sins have the people of Afghanistan committed? What crimes have they committed against any government or nation to deserve such an attack launched against them? They [the world] does protest, however it does nothing. When nations witness such events, they feel that the world suffer great deficiencies, namely the lack of justice. The Islamic Republic of Iran should not lose its resolve in seeking justice and morality. And you, our dear youth, who form the majority of our nation, must know that the way ahead of you is a glorious one. And if, you travel this road with resolve, hope, confidence and faith and use your intelligence and experience as well as those of the previous generation, the world would follow your footsteps...

Imam Khamene'i on US response to the New York and Washington explosions

Full text of speech of Ayatollah al-Udham Sayyed Ali Hussaini Khamenei on US response to the New York and Washington explosions, delivered on September 26, 2001:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

The Leader's speech started with the following remarks:

I welcome all the honorable members of the audience and the honorable families of the martyrs. On the occasion of the blessed month of Rajab I hope the Almighty will grant His special kindness to pious hearts and the honorable families of the dear martyrs.

These days and nights are very valuable. They are the blessed days of the Almighty. The month of Rajab is a great opportunity for all pious hearts to strengthen their ties with the Almighty. All human beings need this spiritual communion because the forgetful heart will be targeted by the shaitan. When the shaitan takes over the mind and the spirit of a human being corruption in the world will be spread.

The importance of piety and spirituality

The true and deep way to combat any form of evil and corruption in the world is to be close to God and to immunize our heart and soul against the shaitan's influence and rule. If shaitan had not ruled the hearts of some of the people who originated major works in human societies, the world would have been able to see peace, mankind would have been able to see security and safety.

All the miseries of mankind stem from being separated from God. Therefore, in Islam there are opportunities to establish a special connection with God Almighty. One such opportunity is the month of Rajab. We should value the month of Rajab. The prayers said in that month are all lessons. They are not merely tongue wagging.

Those prayers should be heartfelt and with an awareness of their deep meaning. Let them run through your hearts and tongues. In the month of Rajab and then the month of Sha'ban, a Muslim, young, old, woman or man should have clear and close relations with God in order to prepare themselves for the month of Ramadan. Then, the month of Ramadan becomes a divine feast.

We should prepare before enjoying that feast. "Cleanse yourself before you walk into the tavern" [part of an old Farsi poem]. That cleansing should be done in the months of Rajab and Sha'ban so that one could arrive at the divine feast of Ramadan and benefit from it.

If we manage to benefit from the month of Ramadan, then we can see progress in our own behavior, manners, outlook and ideology. We become our own judges and we would be able to recognize development. If we do not undergo such tests we would feel the ensuing miseries and problems with all our existence and in the atmosphere of society. We should take advantage of the month of Rajab.

On the importance of the martyrs and the armed forces

To you, the families of martyrs, in particular, the issue of martyrs and martyrdom is one of the most outstanding issues in Islam. Our martyrs are not people who have died in a war for hegemony. They are different from those who have been killed in ordinary wars in many parts of the world, where they have attacked the lands of others.

There is a difference between those and our martyrs. Our country was invaded; our independence was attacked; the honor of this nation was attacked; they shouted abuse at us; all the big powers joined forces against us; the same people in the world who talk so much about peace and security today, they equipped one of the cruelest governments against us; they attacked our home, our cities, our villages, our roads, our installations; they violated our borders.

If the armed forces had not stood strong and mobilized itself against the enemy, if the Iranian nation, in the form of Basij, had not gone to sacrifice themselves alongside the armed forces, do you know what would have become of the country?

Do you know how the enemy would have trampled on the honor of this great nation, the dignity of this great nation and the pride of this great nation? This nation, all of us, owe our life to the combatants and the dear martyrs. The martyrs were the ones who demonstrated greater bravery and boldness. They didn't fear danger and they were martyred. Some flew to the heaven and others turned into living-martyrs [the war disabled]. It is the blood of the martyrs, the endeavor of the disabled and the effort of the combatants which brought security and peace to our country.

Those who speak against the armed forces, who speaks against the Basij forces should understand that they are not serving the interests and the future of the country. The armed forces, be they the organized armed forces or the members of the Basij, who are prepared to enter into battle in order to defend all the people and the borders of the country, are among the most valuable groups in our society. Everyone needs them and this will be realized at the time of danger.

In its cultural onslaught, the enemy tries to weaken and discredit the resistance of our people, and, in reality, smash the people's resistance and destroy their bastions. The most important bastion of a human being is his bastion of faith, motivation and love. You should not allow these bastions in your hearts to collapse and be destroyed by them.

Martyrdom, is a pleasant-smelling and scented flower which can only be reached and smelled by those chosen people and those chosen by God from amongst human beings.

The families of the martyrs should be proud of their martyrs. The ailed spouses, the bereaved mothers and fathers and the children who have never seen their father have experienced these hardships, but now they should feel proud. It was your fathers, husbands and children that were able to bring dignity to this country, which today, thank God, is very precious. If it was not for them, our situation would be different.

Some issues have been brought up in the world today under the influence of the incidents which occurred in some of cities in America.

The wave of global propaganda and political moves continuously fan the flames of bias propaganda reports. World media is controlled by a particular group. World newspapers, radios and television stations are controlled by capitalists, and the rich and powerful. They are not in the hands of ordinary people, or intellectual, pious or wise people.

They disseminate whatever they like and whatever corresponds with their own interests. They divert them into communication channels of radios, televisions, news agencies and newspapers, and spread them throughout the world and some groups, unaware of what they are doing, take up those reports . Unfortunately, some groups also help them while they do not benefit from what they are doing, but they help such waves of selfishness and arrogance.

During the past two or three weeks and since the explosions in America turned into global and international matters, our country's officials have adopted some good stances and mentioned some good points. At the same time, I would like to mention a few points in order to inform our dear nation, which, God be praised, is quite alert.

The first point is that the behavior and remarks of the American government and officials concerning this incident were very arrogant and pretentious and continue to be so. Their remarks do no tally with any kind of logic. Of course, their dignity has been badly harmed, their security reputation has been badly dented, but those are not adequate reasons for resorting to their arrogant image in order to compensate for their humiliation.

They put on a very angry face to tell the people of the world that: O' people of the world, we are angry and you do not dare say anything which would contradict what we are saying. No one should dare say anything different from what they are saying. They think that, through such methods, they can sideline independent people, nations and governments.

An example of what they say is that whoever is not with us is with the terrorists. That is very wrong. No, that is not the case. Many are on the side of America and are more dangerous than many terrorists of the world. Today, the government of Israel is sheltering the most dangerous of terrorists. Those leading that government have personally ordered and taken part in the most tragic acts of terrorism. Right now they are committing acts of terrorism and they are also on the side of America.

That is not correct that anyone who is with you is not with the terrorists. No, that is not the case. The most stubborn and evil terrorists are on your side right now. The same applies to the opposite side. Anyone who is not with us [America], is on the side of the terrorists. No, that is not right either. We are not with you and we are not on the side of the terrorists either. [People chant: Allahu Akbar, Khamene'i is the leader, death to America, death to Israel...]

Criticizing US treatment of Muslims

The second point is that from the early hours after the incident, they made the general atmosphere of their country anti-Islamic. How did you determine in those first hours that Muslims have conducted this act? If your information apparatus is so powerful that from the early hours, the radio and television in America spoke in such a way that everyone believed that it was the work of Muslims, if you are so powerful in information gathering , then why haven't you been able to detect this widespread operation which has definitely taken months and some even say years to plan. How did you realize that it was the Muslims?

They made the general atmosphere such that people in America attacked mosques and attacked, shot and stabbed those Muslims who had an Islamic appearance. In America and some European countries they made the atmosphere anti-Islamic.

The American president in his first remarks said that this was a Crusade. The Crusades are the wars which the Christians set out from Europe to capture Bayt al-Muqaddas [Jerusalem]. Those wars lasted for 200 years. At the end, however, Christians and Europeans were defeated by the victorious Muslims who forced them out of the region. The crusade means the battle between Islam and Christianity.

Why should a senior official be so inconsiderate and unrestrained in his speech if he did not have any ill intentions? Why have they accused the world Muslims of committing a terrorist and disastrous act? They, first, turn the public opinion against Islam and then, officially, tell the people not to attack the Muslims. How could this be possible?

They have created an atmosphere under which Muslims and Arabs are condemned. They publish Arabic and Islamic names and pictures of people with Arabic attire in their dailies. Do they mean that there was no American or westerner or people with western names among those accused of committing this act? Did they all have Islamic names? Why have not they published those names? They, first, create such an atmosphere, then advise the people not to attack the Muslims and say that Muslims are good. Is such a thing possible? This is a very bad and ugly act with long-lasting repercussions which will not be rectified easily or anytime soon.

The third point is that in these issues, they have been very demanding. Now that they have been attacked, the Americans expect the entire world to cooperate with them. Why? Because their interests have experienced a blow. Well, this is very demanding.

Have you ever respected the interests of others, that you now expect everyone to respect yours? In today's world, is the possession of cannons, guns and missiles a permit for a government to say that: It has to be what I say and nothing else? Will the people of the world accept this? It is these that has made America detestable.

Look and see that today in which countries the people are burning the American flag. Everywhere is not Iran. This conference that was recently held in South Africa [the Durban Conference] demonstrated the feelings of the world people, organizations and the different governments. With its bullying and great demands, America has isolated itself.

If the American interests in the Persian Gulf are threatened, everyone has to cooperate. But if the interests of the Persian Gulf countries are threatened it doesn't matter. Many times they have trampled on the interests of different countries including our country, now they are saying that the whole world has to cooperate with them because their interests have come under attack. This is a great demand.

On Israeli terrorist acts

The next point is that in the minds of the American officials the meaning of terrorism is wrong. They define terrorism incorrectly. They define terrorism in such a way that the massacre of the people of Sabra and Shatila - two Palestinian camps in Lebanon, in which men, women and children were all massacred one night on the orders of a person who is at present at the head of the usurper Zionist regime [Ariel Sharon] - is not terrorism. That does not constitute as terrorism in the eyes of the Americans.

A few years ago, some people gathered in front of the UN office in Qana, in Lebanon, to stage a protest. An Israeli airplane, or helicopter, came along and killed hundreds of them, men, women and children, hungry, thirsty people. They sprayed them with bullets and killed them all. They do not consider that as terrorism.

Many times they Israelis have kidnapped, killed people in Lebanon. That is not considered as terrorism. A few months ago the usurper government approved that certain Palestinians should be assassinated. They even mentioned the term assassination. They said they should be assassinated, and they assassinated them. They blew up their cars, they killed several people. All that is not considered as terrorism.

Criticizing America

But the people of Palestine, who have risen in the defense of their lands and to reclaim their violated rights, who scream with stones in their hands - they have no weapons - are called terrorists. That is the logic of the Americans. Well, that is an incorrect logic. The world will not accept that logic.

The next point is that, they Americans say: We have no good and bad terrorists, that all terrorists are bad. But in practice they, themselves, divide terrorism into good and bad. In the skies of the Persian Gulf they shoot down an Iranian airliner with hundreds of passengers onboard, without any reason or excuse; they blow up the airplane, tear the people into pieces and drown them in the sea - a clear case of terrorism. But then they give the commander of the warship a prize.

Where can mankind take that grievance to? Not only do they not put them on trial, not only do they not admonish them, not only do they not apologize to Iran, but they give a prize to the commander of the warship. That is good terrorism. [People chant: Death to America, several times]

Their logic is wrong. The purport is wrong and they expect the entire world to mobilize behind them for the sake of this wrong purport. Moreover, they expect the rest of the world to help them. That is, not only they expect the world not to protest against them, but they want help from everyone too.

On US intentions in Central Asia

On the whole the evidences show that there is something else behind the scene of Afghanistan's issue today. They and their wrath are facing the hapless Afghanistan which has no supporters, because one man - or perhaps 10, 100 or 1,000 people inside that country - are accused of being behind the explosions in New York and other places. But behind the scene, the issue is different.

Firstly, evidences show that the American government intends to repeat what it did in the Persian Gulf in this region, that is, in Central Asia. They intend to come and establish themselves in this region under the pretext of lack of security here. Evidences show that they intend to do so in Pakistan, the Subcontinent, the Central Asia and in Afghanistan, on the other side of our eastern borders.

Secondly, they want to settle scores with anyone who defended the oppressed people of Palestine. This is what they are really pursuing, the rest are superficial matters.

No help for US over Afghanistan

The next point concern their statements in which they have demanded that Iran should help them. They have asked for various assistance, including intelligence information and other forms of help. I am surprised how they have the audacity to ask the Islamic Republic government and the Iranian nation to help them?

Over the past 23 years, you have employed everything and all your might to inflict blows on this nation and this country. Now you expect us to help you? What help? Even if the nation of Afghanistan were not Muslims and oppressed and even if they were not our neighbor, your request for assistance would have been misplaced. Let alone the fact that the nation of Afghanistan is oppressed and deprived. Truly, one feels sorry for the people of Afghanistan.

You the American government expect assistance from the Islamic Republic. No, we shall not offer any assistance to America and its allies in their attack on Afghanistan. [People chanting Allahu Akbar, Khamene'i is our leader, death to America, death to Israel...]

Doubting America's sincerity

In the final analysis, we doubt the sincerity of the American government's intention to combat terrorism. It is insincere and does not tell the truth. It has other aims.

We do not think that America is qualified to lead an international movement against terrorism. America's hands are soiled with all the crimes committed by the Zionist regime in the recent years, which it is currently continuing with utmost ruthlessness and violence. Destroying people's houses with tanks. America is supporting this.

Such a government lacks the necessary qualification to lead an international movement against terrorism. Everybody should know this, and our country's officials have also stated this in private gatherings and meetings. I also would like to repeat it for the benefit of our public and the world. Everybody should know that Iran, the Islamic Iran, will not participate in any movement that is led by America. [People chanting Allahu Akbar, Khamene'i is our leader, death to America, death to Israel...]

Fight against terrorism is Jihad

Of course, the fight against terrorism and the fight against those who undermine the people's security is an essential fight. It is a must. It is a Jihad. Anyone who can take part in this fight, must do so. But this is a global movement and therefore should have a moral leader.

Over the past few days our officials have declared that we are ready to help and join this movement under the auspices of the United Nations. Yes, let me say that the UN is good but there is one condition. And that is, the UN should not be influenced by America and other major powers. Otherwise , if the UN and its Security Council or other departments were to be influenced by them by the American administration and other major powers , one could not trust the UN either. We do not have good experience over such matters in the past.

Here, the Islamic governments shoulder a heavy burden of responsibility. They must enter the arena as a global movement against terrorism, against violation of the people's lives and against violence which infringes the daily life of human citizens. They must enter the arena as an immense humanitarian movement. This is a great obligation and the Organization of the Islamic Conference is duty-bound in this respect. We, as members of the OIC, believe that one of the essential obligations of this organization is to enter this arena is a must. It must, however, be present in this arena independently. It must not be a subservient to this or that power.

On the other hand, the issue of Afghanistan's nation is raised today. The nation of Afghanistan is a Muslim nation. It is part of the Islamic ummah.

On the plight of Afghans

The innocent people of Afghanistan have committed no crime. Are the lives of those who died in the World Trade Center in New York more precious than those of the people of Afghanistan? Why? Is it because their collars are dirty? Is it because they have been deprived of hygiene, nourishment, peace of mind and security, all because of people who for many years were lackeys of the big powers? Is that the reason?

Before the events in Afghanistan, the coup d'etat twenty odd years ago, those who were in power were lackeys of the big powers. Then the communists came into power; they were affiliated to the Soviet Union. And what happen then, the people know and can see.

The interference of the powers has determined the fate of the people of Afghanistan in recent years. These are the reasons for the poverty and backwardness of the people of Afghanistan. Otherwise the people of Afghanistan are freedom loving, with a very rich and ancient culture, they are brave, very talented.

We know the people of Afghanistan. We have lived together for centuries. We know that they are very talented people. They are not inferior to any other people in the world. And they have so many stronger points. What crime have they committed that they should be the victims of various objectives and policies? The Organization of the Islamic Conference and Islamic governments have a duty here.

They must act wisely and rationally and do not allow the Afghan people to be harmed. Even if a few terrorists - we cannot be certain of this of course, this being a claim by the Americans - have camps there. Well, Afghan people should not have to pay for sins committed by them. Why should they be trampled on?

We ask God to bestow His Grace on Islam the Muslims [People say Aamin]. We ask God to protect Islamic countries against their enemies [People say Aamin]. Gladly, our government and nation have been treading on its own correct path with patience, wisdom, calmness and steadfastness. Our government and nation will continue on the same correct and dignified road. May God bless this country and nation and keep them in the prayers of Hadhrat Baqiyatullah (AJ) [People chanting God is our protector and Khamene'i is our leader].

Address on the Occasion of International Conference on Palestinian Intifada

Tehran, April 24, 2001

In the Name of Allah,


Speakers and Representatives of the National Assemblies of Islamic Countries, Leaders and Representatives of Mujahid Groups and Combatants of the Front Line of Islamic Defense, Honored Guests and Distinguished Audience.

I welcome you all to Iran and pray for the blessings and the guidance of Allah for you and myself.

The decision to organize this meeting is indeed very auspicious. With the grace of the Almighty, your meeting will strengthen the commitment and solidarity of Islamic States and peoples for the uprising of Palestinian people. Such meetings have practically proven that the question of Palestinian is an Islamic issue and belongs to the entire Islamic world. The occupation of Palestine is a part of a satanic design by the world domineering powers, perpetrated by the British in the past and being carried out today by the United States to weaken the solidarity of the Islamic world and to sow the seeds of disunity among us.

Our enemies have consistently endeavoured to prevent the solidarity and unity of Moslems by the policy of divide and rule and promoting ethnic division. In the beginning of the occupation of Palestine, Moslem ulemas, such as Sheikh Azedin Ghassam and Haj Amin Al-Hosseini appealed to Moslems to join hands in helping the Palestinian people in their just struggle. The great religious leader, Kashef Al-Gheta, even called for jihad against the Zionists. But, with much regret, the Islamic color of the Palestinian struggle gradually faded ant its ethnic content has become stronger.

The victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, under the able leadership of Imam Khomeini, a courageous and learned descendent from the Prophet, was a watershed event in Islamic awakening in the entire world, especially in the countries of our region. The victory of Moslems in South Lebanon, in the apparently unequal encounter with stronger enemy, once more proved the justness of the Islamic struggle and clearly showed that if Moslems put their trust in Allah, their victory will be certain. The astonishing victory of the Islamic resistance in South Lebanon, and the scandalous failure of all the compromising plans provide good lessons for our region. The triumph of Moslem combatants in South Lebanon, and the failure of compromising plans encouraged Moslem Palestinian people to resort to Intifada again. But this time the voices of surrender and compromise inside Palestine and the region will not change the mind of the brave and enduring people of Palestine. They are determined to bring their struggle to victory. The first Intifada was stopped as a result of insinuations by the Zionists and their supporters and pressures from the Americans and the West, promising to meet the demands of Palestinians by peaceful means. Passage of 10 years has shown that all efforts by the supporters of the Zionists were aimed at rescuing Israelis from the heavy pressures stemming from the relentless struggle of Moslems. Time has also shown that rosy promises given to Palestinian negotiators were nothing but mere illusions.

The occupation, expansionism and savagery by Israel today were all predictable for those with insight and for the sympathizers of the Palestinian cause in the Islamic nations.

From the very inception of Israel, this fictitious and usurper regime has consistently violated inalienable rights of Palestinian people. Moreover, some Western governments, especially the Americans have justified and supported these atrocious actions and international bodies have also tried to give legitimacy to the identity and aggressions of this regime by justifying its gross aggression.

Western powers have always shown territorial ambitions toward Palestine and Beit-Al-Moqadas. Imposition of Crusade Wars on Moslems is vivid proof of their greedy ambitions toward this sacred land. Military commanders of the Allied forces, after defeating the Ottoman Empire and marching into Palestine said that, "today the Crusade Wars have come to an end."

The occupation of this land was in accordance with a complex scheme, designed to prevent the unity and solidarity of Moslems and re-establishment of powerful Moslem states.

There are documents showing close collaboration of the Zionists with the Nazi Germany, and exaggerated numbers relating to the Jewish holocaust were fabricated to solicit sympathy of the world public opinion, lay the ground for the occupation of Palestine and to justify the atrocities of the Zionists. There is even evidence on hand that a large number of non-Jewish hooligans and thugs of Eastern Europe were forced to migrate to Palestine as Jews. The purpose was to install in the heart of the Islamic world an anti-Islamic state under the guise of supporting the victims of racism and to create a rift between the East and the West of the Islamic world after 1400 years of unity between those two parts. In the beginning the Moslems were caught by surprise, since they were not aware of the depth of the scheme designed by the Zionists and their Western supporters. The Ottoman Empire was defeated and the Sykes-Pico Treaty was secretly concluded to divide the Islamic territories among the victors of war. The League of Nations placed Palestine under the trusteeship of the British. It promised to support the Zionists and brought Jews to Palestine at the expense of displacing and forcing out Moslems from their motherland. In this long war, on one side of which are the West and the Zionists, and on the other side, the newly established Arab states, the enemies of Islam have made use of complicated instruments, including the power of international media and forums. On one hand, they invited Moslems to show patience, tolerance and engage in peace talks, and on the other hand, continued to arm Israel. Their strategic goal in these unequal and discriminatory interactions between Moslem countries and Israel has been to preserve the military superiority of Israel over Islamic countries. They have consistently supported Israel at international bodies, and have justified its atrocities by employing their mass media that keeps telling us victory over Israel is a dream that will never be realized.

The Israeli regime has carried on its aggressions for more than fifty with impunity since its formal recognition by the United Nations and no one and nothing has been able to stop her. But the situation has changed; the Lebanon Islamic Resistance, comprising of a few thousands of young combatants, armed with a strong faith, have become a nightmare for this regime and its supporters. These beloved young combatants forced Israelis to retreat from South Lebanon in humiliation. Their victory became a guiding torch for other Moslem combatants and today we are witnessing the Al-Aqsa Instifada, which is akin to the Lebanon Islamic Resistance but in a broader scale.

Now that you have gathered here to show your commitment to the Intifada, there is a heavy responsibility on your shoulder. You should, above all other things, demonstrate that the Islamic world is determined to revive the good traditions in its glorious history. Uppermost among these traditions was the unity of Moslems that brought the victory of Moslems in their decisive battles against the aggressor Crusaders. In those great historic events, Moslems from all corners of the Islamic world joined their defenses in that decisive and long jihand between the believers and unbelievers.

Today all Moslems of the world have pinned their eyes on this destiny-making struggle of Palestinian people. They have greater hope for this Intifada. In the first Intifada, ten years ago, the climate of compromise and surrender gradually prevailed in the region. There were those who overly depended on American promises, and there were also those who believed that we cannot resist and would ultimately succumb to international political pressure and there is no way out but acceptance of compromise under American and Israel terms. After the events that unfolded at that time in the region, the ground was then more conducive for acceptance of their terms. But, this year as you meet for this conference, the road to humiliating compromise is closed. Even those that had put all their hope on the United States openly admit the current impasse.

In 1991, Arabs and Moslems became disheartened as a result of a series of successive defeats in the course of the Persian Gulf War. Their internal unity was also exposed to serious threat of collapse. Conditions have changed now, especially after the great historic Islamic resistance in South Lebanon that put fresh hope in the hearts of Moslems.

At one time, there were two ways to deal with Israel: military encounter of Arab armies with Israel and compromising approach that would lead to giving in to Israeli demands by peaceful settlements. The previous experiences of military encounters proved to be failures for Islamic countries and the so-called "land for peace" scheme meant continued military weakness of Arab countries. A clear case in point was the Camp David Accord. During those days, there was no talk of resistance. Resistance was said to be universally unacceptable. Now we have a successful model of resistance before us that was able to liberate occupied territories without making any concessions to Israel and stopped it from hoisting its flags in the capital of Lebanon. With the Camp David Accord, Israel withdrew on the condition that Egypt would not send her army to north of Sinai. In Lebanon, Israel begged Lebanon to send its army to its border with the occupied Palestine, fearing the Islamic resistance. The resistance was able to restore full sovereignty to South Lebanon and other occupied territories.

This Intifada is a popular uprising. Palestinians have lost hope in all schemes aimed at striking a compromise, and have realized that victory is solely dependent on their resistance. The people of Palestine suffered much in their previous Intifada and offered many martyrs and casualties for Islam and liberation of Islamic lands. The Oslo talks ultimately brought an end to that uprising. What was the outcome of Oslo? Today, even the Palestinian designers and supporters of Oslo Accord have stopped defending it. They have realized that Israel wanted to solve her own problem by freeing herself from facing the stone-throwing fighters and reducing her exposure. Little, if any, that was given to the Palestinians, was to extinguish the fire of Intifada. When Israel saw her problem resolved and mistakenly felt that Palestinians do not have the power to resume Intifada, they even stopped the little concession they had made and revealed their true expansionist nature. The so-called peace process and the Oslo scheme placed the Palestinians in a situation that made them realize there is no other way but an all-out popular uprising.

The Al-Aqsa Intifada primarily revolves around Beit-Al-Moqadas. The spark that ignited the anger of Palestinian people stemmed from gross insult of the Zionists to Al-Agsa Mosque. By realizing their mission to protect one of the most sacred religious places of Moslems, the people of Palestine, entered the arena of struggle and by their devotion and sacrifices kept the sacred flame of resistance against the Zionist occupiers burning.

The compromising process, and more specifically the Oslo plan, divided the ranks of Palestinians. But this "sacred Intifada" was able to bring back and restore national Palestinian unity. As you have all seen, all segments of people are present in this struggle and Islamists and nationalists are fighting side by side. Even those hearts are at another place have no choice but to go along with this huge wave.

The Islamic uprising, or in another word "Islamic awakening", began in Iran after the victory of Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeinei and has appeared with great force in all other Islamic regions. Today, this movement predominantly revolves around the question of Palestine. The Al-Aqas Intifada was able to bring all Moslem and Arab nations, even those beyond the immediate borders of Palestine, to the arena of struggle. Demonstrations by millions of Moslems from east and west of the Islamic world showed that Palestinian people can count on their support and this issue is pivotal to unity of Moslems.

The day that the "Islamic Resistance" began to take root in Lebanon with the endeavours of brave sons of Lebanon and with the support of Imam Khomeini, Israel had Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, under her occupation and prevailed over the political destiny of this nation. Those days when the Islamic Resistance cried out the slogan "Move to Liberate Al-Qods", some called this slogan naive and simplistic. They asked sarcastically, if it is possible to move toward Al-Qods" while you the Lebanese are, unable to enter your own capital. Only 18 years passed since the historic victory of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon. I am sure you agree with me that 18 years is not much in the history of struggle of nations.

No doubt, any struggle means tragic loss of lives, and destruction of homes. It places heavy economic burden on the shoulder of people and causes much pain and anguish. But we have to see what will be the outcome of all these sacrifices. Victory is so precious that we must be willing to pay its cost.

Israel that used to bully its way around in this region and dictated its wishes on Arab nations is now disheartened and frustrated and kneels down in face of the grandeur of the Islamic resistance. This is only a small part of the immense power of Arab and Moslem nations. You should rest assured that if all the power and potential or even a part of it is employed effectively we will see the demise of Israel. Israel was defeated in facing the resistance waged by a few thousand combatants in South Lebanon. It is true that Hizbollah enjoys profound popular grass-root support and can, if needed, mobilize tens of thousands of forces, but it has only used a few thousand and at times a few hundred of its forces in its encounters with the Zionist occupiers. A few hundrd energetic and faithful young men who used simple armaments defeated Israel with all its military arsenals and advanced nuclear technology that are closely tied to the United States. Undoubtedly, their powerful and invincible weapon was the power of their strong faith.

We have, therefore, a good model for resistance. We can triumph by our resoluteness and resistance, but by being prepared to accept the cost. At the same time there is another way: To accept humiliating compromise and carrying the begging cup around in search of peace. The end result of the latter approach is humiliation, and one-way imposition of wishes of Israel.

Today, Hizbollah and its historic victory serve as a solid foundation for the Intifada of Palestinian people.

The Zionist regime does not have the required power to engage itself in a continuous and long encounter with Palestinians. The Jews were deceived and brought to Palestine in the hope that Arabs would not fight them and should they do decide to do so, the pressures from the West would prevent their resistance to continue for long. Thus, those who have migrated to Palestine are not prepared to put their lives on the line for political motives of the founders of Zionism. According to news reports, tourism of Zionists has been seriously hurt and there is a reverse trend in migration.

The previous conference on Palestine that was held in Tehran played a positive and fundamental role. It was source of great encouragement and hope for the opposing forces to the so-called peace process and boosted the morale and spirit of Palestinian people. The stance of the Islamic Iran and its steadfastness also gave hope to this valiant people. More than anything else, the people of Palestine need our moral support and perseverance in this time of need. It is true that they need financial assistance and we must together offer them help, but they have said time and again that for them strong Arabic and Islamic stance figures above all other things. You as the representatives of Islamic states can mobilize potentials of your country for liberation of Palestine. Defending and supporting the oppressed nation of Palestine and their brave struggle is an Islamic duty incumbent on all us. Today, a Moslem nation, with blood on its face, appealing to Moslem Ummah for help from the middle of the combat arena. I will never forget the cry of that Palestinian woman who shouted in front of the television camera, "come to our help, you Moslems".

All Moslems and Arabs should support the struggle of Palestinian people. At the international bodies, this point has to be emphasized that people of Palestine have the right to continue their struggle for the recovery of their legitimate inalienable rights. Continuation of Intifada is the legitimate right of Palestinian people and the rules of international law must respect this right, although these rules are usually interpreted in ways to suit the interests of global arrogant powers.

Gentlemen, I assure you that the Israeli regime is decayed from within and the present generation is by no means prepared to make any sacrifices for its preservation.

With the grace of Allah, Arab and Moslem nations are today stronger than any other time in the past 50 years.

Moslems can no longer afford to be indifferent to daily suppressions of Palestinian people. Israel must be made to understand that continuation of suppression of Palestinian people and its acts of aggression against areas with Palestinian in habitants will bring her in direct and serious confrontation with all Arab and Moslem nations.

We must all be a source of encouragement and inspiration for Palestinian people to continue their resistance. People of Palestine know well that their Islamic resistance has managed to harness the Israeli atrocities. The strength of Islamic resistance lies in its ability to wreak crushing blows in response to Israeli actions, and not in relying on diplomatic efforts and mediations of others.

The internal unity of Palestinian people and different Palestinian movements lies in one fundamental point: anything that detracts Palestinians from the right path and causes to ignore the principal enemy will not certainly be in the interest a Palestinian cause. We are grateful to Allah that Palestinians have come out of this trial during the past 50 years with heads high and have shown their maturity. We have all seen the failure of all efforts by Israel to fan the flame of dissension among Palestinian combatants. The mainstream movements, like "Islamic jihad", Fath, Hamas, and other groups, have succeeded with their revolutionary patience to thwart realization of aspirations of the enemy.

Today, it has become abundantly clear that those who thought that question of Palestine relates to only a small part of the Islamic world were making a huge mistake. The huge arsenal of nuclear weapons and other armaments of mass destruction in Israel are not only for defenseless Palestinian people. This arsenal is stockpiled in Israel to materialize the design to dominate the Islamic world, especially the Middle East. Today, Hizbollah is fighting for liberation of occupied lands and Israel attacks Syria in retaliation. This clearly shows the satanic intention of Israel and her Western supporters.

The following should be the general guidelines for our fight against the usurper Zionist regime:

a) Containing the usurper regime within its borders, constraining its economic and political breathing space and severing its linkages with its surrounding environment.

b) Continuation of resistance and struggle of Palestinian people within their own homeland and offering them the needed help.

Brothers and Sisters,

The principal reason behind the pressures of the arrogant powers, especially the Americans, on Iran is our support for Palestine; they have said in plain terms that America's major problem with Iran relates to the opposition of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the humiliating peace plans for Palestine, and other things such as the ridiculous claims of human rights violations and manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction are nothing but excuses and pretexts. They have also said very clearly that if Iran stops its supports for the Lebanese and Palestinian combatants and people, they will cease their hostile actions against Iran. But we know well that their main problem is Islam and Islamic governance and they truly know this clear orientation in the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We have given them a big "no", and consider support for Palestinian and Lebanese People as an important Islamic duty. Their principal and strategic policy is to break the united ranks of revolutionary Moslem people of Iran. They call one group "reformists" and another group "fundamentalists". They support one group and concentrate their propaganda campaign against the other.

By blowing problems in our country way out of proportion, they try to depict the Islamic system of governance as inefficient to disappoint people and to promote secularist thinking and separation of politics and religion. The strong faith of our people is their greatest impediment.

By their propaganda campaign they want to disappoint our youth and present economic difficulties that are also common to other parts of the world as unsolvable problems of the Islamic Republic of Iran. With their media campaign, they try to raise doubts and questions about the Father of the Revolution, Imam Khomeini, and its pillars. The reason for their actions is clear. Islam and the Islamic Revolution have hurt them.

They feel threatened from Islamic awakening and revival in the world and enlargement of Islamic struggle of Lebanon and Palestine. Therefore, they want to dry out the roots of Islamic thought. They are targeting their venomous arrows on Islam. As the scope and gravity of Palestinian and Lebanese struggle increases, the wrath of the Zionists and America against the Islamic Republic of Iran intensifies and their conspiracies against us become wider. But, they must know that the leadership and officialdom of our country and Moslem people of Iran will remain committed to the aspiration of Revolution and Islam and to the Intifada and resistance against Zionists and their supporter. This is one of the core and strategic policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I am confident Palestine will be liberated with the continuation of Palestinian people struggle and the support of the Islamic world, and Beit Al-Muqdas and Masjid Al-Aqsa will come back to the arms of the Islamic world. The will of Allah shall prevail.

Vassalom Alleikom va Rahmatollah va Barakato

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