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Speech to the deputies of the fifth Majlis (18.6.1996)

Source: Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Tehran, in Persian 0957 gmt 18 Jun 96

The following are excerpts from a recording of Ayatollah Khamene'i's speech:

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate...

The fifth Majlis was formed under conditions where, more than ever before, the enemies of this nation had intensified their propaganda attacks and were intent - and still are intent - on weakening the Islamic Republic through their various ploys and tricks. Their wish was that this Majlis would not be able to convene at the specified time. They were also hoping for a low turn-out in the elections and were looking for an election process afflicted with disputes and clashes among the people, officials and the supporters of famous personalities. Furthermore, they wanted the country's conditions to deteriorate because of the elections and were wishing for an atmosphere of enmity which would mar the people's vision and insight. These were the wishes of the enemy...

Today, praise be to God, the new Majlis has been formed. From what I know about the internal affairs of the present Majlis, it is clear that all the esteemed brothers and sisters in the Majlis are well aware of the country's priorities and the nation's needs. They are also fully aware of their grave responsibilities, which are often more important than mere legislation. These responsibilities include the safeguarding of the integrity of this nation and its revolution, and also preserving all the features which are essential for the country's proud and strong presence on the international arena. God be thanked, the approval of the deputies' credentials is proceeding well, or is about to finish and the serious task of the Majlis will soon begin, God willing; the sooner it begins the better because the people are waiting for you to get on with it...

This life will end one day. One may live for 50 years, 60 or 70 years . Some live longer, some shorter. It will pass like a flash of lightning. The position of responsibility will end sooner than life. Up to yesterday there were others sitting in this Majlis, it is your turn today and tomorrow there will be different deputies. This short space of time in the position of responsibility is not worth abandoning our religious duties. This is the essence of what I am trying to tell you.

Praise be to God, this Majlis is a good Majlis. When I look at the Majlis's composition, I can see that our previous terms of the Majlis were generally or mainly the same. It is a good Majlis and a good composition of deputies have sat around here. They are believers from the midst of the middle class. They have no affiliation with the aristocracy. They are not following unhealthy political doctrines.

I do not wish to say that the existing political factions among our brothers and sisters are some sort of gang-up. Well, each faction has its slogans and pursues certain policies. However, if you look at them more carefully, you will realize that they are the same. They all pursue the same objective. They all think alike. It is very, very rare to find individuals among the deputies who pursue other objectives. I think it is far fetched to imagine even such individuals exist in this Majlis. Praise be to God, this Majlis is a good Majlis.

Throughout the parliamentary history of this nation, the true Majlis was experienced by the nation after the revolution. Before that, the parliament was not a true Majlis, except in two or three terms... Today the deputies truly represent the people. No-one can say that there are individuals in this Majlis who are not in favor of implementation of the Islamic laws in this country. I do not think so. Even the representatives of the religious minorities, who in their personal belief do not believe in the sacred religion of Islam, have accepted the Islamic Republic. The Islamic Republic means a set of Islamic instructions. They work towards the implementation of these instructions too. No-one in this Majlis is against reconstruction of this country through proper Islamic means and independently. No-one is against uprooting poverty from the midst of the people. No-one is against creation of comfort for the people. However, in the Majlis of the pre-revolution era there were individuals who only thought of their own interests. They used to say: As far as I am concerned, the important objectives are to line my own pockets with money; to protect my own land and to secure my own interests. I do not care what happens to the people. I do not care if Iran is drowned. I do not care if all the houses are demolished. I do not care if thousands die of starvation. Nothing was important to them. Whereas in the post-revolution Majlis, in the Islamic Majlis, such thoughts never enters anybody's mind. We can conclude, therefore, that all the deputies pursue the same objectives.

It is important that I should remind you dear brothers and sisters that today you enjoy a certain authority which you lacked before being elected as Majlis deputies. In other words, you now have the authority to legislate, which is your main responsibility. Of course, the Majlis has other duties and responsibilities, as stipulated by the constitution; that is to say supervision over what the government does, approving ministers, etc. However, your most important duty is to legislate...

If an economic, cultural or political problem should prove very harmful to the nation and Islam, or if it impedes the movement of our people towards their ultimate, lofty objectives, then it is up to you to provide suitable solutions. If you refrain from passing the appropriate laws, then the government can sit idle and say that it is powerless to do anything. Of course, our government would never act in this way, because it is intent on helping and supporting the Majlis and, by all its bills and proposals, in fact it provides the Majlis with a suitable working agenda. Praise be to God, our government today is capable and efficient. The government officials, furthermore, are caring individuals. I want to repeat here that in the entire history of Iran, we have never had such a good collection of ministers, and our nation has never before enjoyed the service of such a good group of individuals.

Throughout the entire history of Iran, our executive power has never been led by someone enjoying as much support and admiration as our present president. This is one of the realities of our country today. If our president was not an efficient and capable person, if he did not acknowledge all his responsibilities, if he lacked religious insight and if he was someone who had not fought for the sake of God, then all the good legislation by the Majlis would have been totally futile. There is no point in having laws if there is no one to implement them. In other words, the presence of a good executive power is like enjoying strong muscles. It is up to you to show the way and set the pace. This is what an Islamic Majlis is all about. As I said in my earlier message to you, each minute of your time is extremely valuable. You must not waste even one second of the Majlis time, whether in the various committees or in the Majlis chamber proper...

Some deputies might propose a bill to the Majlis just to please the people of their constituencies. To pass such a bill may be beyond the capabilities of the Majlis because of budget restraints or because it is not part of the government plan. For instance, they might propose building something somewhere. It is below the dignity of a deputy to seek popularity by resorting to such measures. And if you wish to be successful, you must be independent and free. This was one of the reasons I opposed the participation of cabinet ministers in the Majlis elections. Of course there were other reasons too but one of the reasons was the one I mentioned.

The various political factions should take part in the elections. They should also take part in all the affairs of the country. No affair of the state is the monopoly of a certain stratum, of a particular ideology or a particular political faction. Everyone must take part. We have learnt by experience that this is in the interest of the country and its progress. This was the reason we encouraged different political factions to compete in the elections. It will always be the same. We shall also encourage different political factions to enter the social arena. However, we strictly banned cabinet ministers, saying: Ministers are not permitted to take part. The reason is that we believe the executive authority should not interfere in the affairs of the legislative authority. Both of them work on the same front for the country, but they perform two different tasks. It is not possible for the referee to be a player at the same time. It is not possible for the policy maker to implement the same policies. This is not possible.

When we say the Majlis deputies should be independent, we mean they should judge for themselves. Of course, they should ask the experts to help them. Such experts exist in the ministries, in the universities and in the Majlis itself. Praise be to God, we are not short of experts today... If the Majlis is a parliament in which the deputies think for themselves, in which the committees think for themselves, make decisions and then insist on carrying them out - carrying the government behind them - then it will be an effective Majlis that will be able to run the country in the best possible way. This is something we have said repeatedly to the brother and sister deputies, and we are now saying it to you.

Of course, as I said, government officials are, fortunately, very sympathetic officials. They care. They act on the basis of a sense of duty. There are people among the ministers who, my guess is, with every action they do, they first stop and think whether it will please God or not. This is the kind of ministers we have today, God be praised. This is the kind of government we have. The president's qualities, of course, speak for themselves. He is a religious, learned man, struggling in the path of God, with complete competence regarding the affairs of the country, he is experienced. All this goes without saying as far as the head of the government is concerned . Every single one of our ministers, God be praised, enjoys such great qualities. You, however, are representatives of the people. Your dignity and status must be in line with what is expected of you.

At any rate, you must trust in God and Exalted God will, hopefully, make your tasks easier. You must increase this unity and solidarity that exists in the Majlis with every passing day. If it comes to pass that, at the end of this term, these political factions, which now imagine they have some differences, reach the conclusion that they do not have any differences at all and are good friends, you should know that you have made a great gain; both you and the country...

Speech on anniversary of Imam Khomeini's demise (3.6.1996)
Source: Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Tehran,

in Persian 0600 gmt 3 Jun 96

... Dear people of Iran, let me tell you this: You, the great people of Iran, have advanced every day despite the pressures and the threats of the enemy. This is the first point. No-one can deny the fact that serving hands and able arms have advanced the country in the past 17 years. Iran is no longer the country that it was during the royal tyranny with all its chaos, deprivations and discriminations. The achievements of the country since the revolution 17 years ago are more than all the achievements of that evil and corrupt regime. This was the first point: progress.

The second point is this: all the progress was achieved while our enemies, that is the United States and its political and economic allies, were threatening us. They told us: Gentlemen, you will suffer from economic sanctions. They said: You will die of hunger. They said: The road to progress will be closed to you. They said this and they said that. But, thank God, there has been much progress despite their threats, despite their enmity and despite their pressures. This was the second point.

And the third point is: My dear ones! My brothers and sisters! Oh, great nation! You should know that today, the major aim of America and its arrogance is to force the revolution, the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation to take back its word; to declare that it has taken back its word, that it has taken back the word of the Imam Khomeini . All the efforts of its arrogance are directed at this. Why this? Because it sees that the Imam's message has awakened Islamic nations. Look at the world's different nations - especially Islamic nations - and see how they have become influenced by the message of the exalted Imam. America's arrogance has realized that if it wants to silence the nations, put them in their place and make them abandon the right path, the only way is to do something to make these nations see that Islamic Iran and the Iran of the Imam has abandoned its path. In this way it hopes to make everyone lose hope and abandon their path. Arrogance has understood this. All its efforts are directed at this.

Today they are bringing pressure to bear on the Islamic Republic of Iran's government to give in on the question of Israel, on Islamic issues, to stop chanting Islamic slogans and reduce all these proclamations about Islam and the Koran which are held in common by Muslim countries. All the pressure is aimed `t this.

Vhat H have to say is that hf the Iranian nation wants to continue the path of glory and progress ,just as, God be thanked, it has done hn these past years, thanks to the blessings of the powerful `nd serving hands in the Islamic Republic of Iran's government which endeavored and worked hard in different sectors and progressed , hf the Iranian nation wants to `dvance `nd obtain the results of the path nf glory, development, reconstruction, affluence, then the way to do this is to continue steadfastness and endurance in the face of the enemies and arrogance.

Chants of God is Great!

In the past several years, the Iranian people have achieved much and they must look after these achievements. All sectors of the nation, particularly the officials of the Islamic Republic, must act wisely, intelligently and sensibly in order to prevent the destruction of these achievements, be they the direct outcome of the revolution - such as popular government, popular sovereignty, popular presidency, popular deputies and such - or things that are the indirect result of the revolution - such as construction, revolutionary work and revolutionary art by revolutionary elements in the government or in other organizations. These things must be guarded wisely and intelligently by the Iranian people and by government officials. The way to guard these achievements and to create more is for the Iranian nation and officials to follow the path that the noble Imam sketched out by his actions; the path of resistance in the face of enemy's expectations and endurance in the face of unrestrained fabrications by those abroad. Public chants of approval People talk about the path of the Imam and the line of the Imam.

But what is the path of the Imam? It is too general to say that the path of the Imam is Islam or the revolution. It is obvious that the line of the Imam is the path of Islam and the revolution. Indeed, no-one is against Islam or the revolution. But to meet the expectations of that noble man, the father of the revolution and the engineer of Islamic Iran, is to learn from his perseverance and resistance in the face of the enemy. He did not fear the enemy. The enemy's threats did not move him. No-one can accuse the noble Imam of unwise acts. No! If learned people looked carefully, they could understand the correctness of his path, that took him towards his aims. And this is my statement at the seventh anniversary of the demise of that noble man.

All the officials, the various sections of the public and the Iranian nation must learn from the Imam's perseverance in the face of the enemy's expectations. And if other nations want to get anywhere this is the path to follow. The way to solve the Palestinian issue is to show resistance and endurance. The way to solve the various interventions of the world arrogance in the region is to show endurance. The Iranian people should know that if it were not for the Imam the great borders of Iran would not have been safe. The enemy would have violated the borders, would have stayed on our territory and would have brought eternal shame on the Iranian nation. The Imam' s resistance did not allow this. Today, if you want to have a beloved Iran, if you want to be a proud nation and if you want to materialize the aims of the noble Imam, which were the aims of Islam and the revolution, you must not give in to the enemy's expectations. Thank God, the officials are as strong as a mountain. Today, the government of the Islamic Republic, the people's deputies, the judiciary, the armed forces and the whole nation are standing like an iron wall against the enemy's expectations and will not blink in the face of their threats. Indeed, this is the fit and honorable path to follow.

The Americans want to advance their cause through threats. This is not possible. They can't even do it through intervention. The Iranian nation will not turn a blind eye to the rights of the Palestinian people. The Americans say that we should turn a blind eye to the Palestinian people and sign the imposed compromise. It is obvious that the Iranian people, effectively and forcefully, reject this path and regard anyone who follows it as a traitor. Public chants "God is great" , and "death to Israel"

And the people should know that the message of the Imam and the message of you great revolutionary people has spread throughout the world. Although seven years have passed since the demise of Imam Khomeini , his name and memory has not aged and will not age. Of course, the propaganda of the enemy attempts to give the impression that the message of the revolution has declined in the world. But this is a lie and a falsification. Today, in all parts of the world, even places where there are no signs of a Muslim, the name and the symbol of your great revolution, the great movement of our nation and the great movement of that noble man is evident among the people.

This is the path of might for Iran. This is the path of glory. This is the path of development for our territory. This is the path of welfare, victory and prosperity. God willing, the Iranian nation will continue to pursue this path with might. And with God's grace future generations will complete it....

Speech on Teacher’s Day and international Labor Day (01.05.1996)

Source: Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1, Tehran, in Persian 1001 gmt 1 May 96

The following are excerpts from a recorded speech by the Leader marking Iran's Teacher’s Day and international Labor Day on 1st May, broadcast by Iranian radio later the same day:

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate... It may be that, in a society, there is work, effort, education - but what is the motivation behind that work? In what direction is this work or education moving? Imagine, for example, the work that is being done today in munitions plants in the United States: There, too, there are workers, but the work that is being done there - whether it is the labor of a simple worker, of a skilled worker, a foreman, a sectional director, a plant director or the main designers behind the work - all their work is at the service of warmongering. That is the purpose of their work. It is aimed at serving usurpers, such as Israel. It is aimed at, for example, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima - once upon a time.

Today, too, if the United States were not afraid of public opinion, if it were not afraid of its own internal destruction, in short, if it were not for the harnesses and barriers impeding the US administration, it would be willing to drop atomic bombs wherever it felt like. Murdering people is not a difficult thing for them. Or, for example, at a university devoted to intelligence or espionage sciences for the CIA organization in the United States, too, there are teachers and students who are engaged in teaching and studying. Does that teacher have the same value as we attach to our teachers? Is a student, the product of whose efforts is changes thought - not to defend the national interest of the United States; if it were, we would have no complaints. Let them manage their own national interests within the boundaries of their own country in a reasonable way. We have no wish to stop them from that. We are not jealous. However, that education, that studying is at the service of the most evil and the dirtiest political hands and human beings in the world, against independence - seeking movements, against independence - seeking countries, to the benefit of reactionary regimes, against progressive regimes. That is the motivation behind their work.

Look my dear ones, I want you, the workers' community of the country and academic’s community of the country, to pay attention to this point. The nature and substance of work is not important but it is the spirit of work which is important. The mere fact that only an arm moves and turns a wheel doesn't create any value, any spiritual value, any moral value. We should see why the wheel is turning, for what purpose and for whom, and what purpose the wheel will serve... One should see what is the substance of a subject, what is its purpose and in what direction that teaching moves. This is important, my dear ones.

Today in the world, science is being taught, but in some cases it is aimed at destroying human values. Today there are people who are acquiring education in order to serve foreigners who are lying in ambush beyond the borders of the country with satanic aims. This is not an important value. Once in our own sacred territory in Iran , a number of people were educated simply for the sake of steering Iranian society and Iran further towards corruption. This does not have any value or credit. The direction is important, the spirit is important.

Let us talk again about our own society and our own country. I want to say to you, my dear ones, the country's workers, the country's teachers: Today any scientific, cultural or working movement that is carried out in the service of the Islamic Republic and in the service of Islamic Iran and for the reconstruction of this country and for the country's growth and development, is a religious duty. That includes any task that you perform today. There are no differences between this and that factory or this and that school. If today in Islamic Iran a teacher teaches only one word and his intention is to educate a student to serve the country - a country which is today the land of Islam and an arena for the greatness and glory of Islamic instructions - then it is a good word. If it becomes a hundred words then it becomes a hundred good words...

My dear ones, today Iran, your Islamic <Iran,> is the focal point of the freedom and liberation of humanity.

Crowd chants: "God is Great" , "Khamene'i the leader" , "Death to America" , "Death to Israel"

Your country is the focal point of the liberation of humanity. Why? We don't have that much (?free) relations with humanity sentence as heard . What are we trying to do? The point is: Today the satanic and evil powers - those that you refer to as arrogant powers, for example the USA - are standing against humanity. They are standing against human values. They don't care about the lives of millions of people. You have seen that Israel killed, wounded and made homeless tens of thousands of people in 10 to 16 days and caused many grievances. It didn't touch the global arrogance in the least. These are the people who, when a cat is trapped in a well in a house, mobilize their equipment and spend money, as a deceitful act, to free the cat, which is an animal. Occasionally they pretend to be humanitarian to the extent that even we, who know them very well, sometimes doubt whether all these expression of kindness are really true. They deceive people to that extent.

A great catastrophe Lebanon fighting occurred in front of their eyes and they did not say anything. This was not the only incident - since the beginning of the Islamic revolution, over the past 17 years, the people of Iran have been looking at issues and evaluating the world problems with their eyes open - if you look you will find hundreds of such examples. For example, when the Americans, the Zionist apparatus of the world, the lying global powers, were supporting Iraq, you saw that the Iraqi government used chemical bombs on Halabjah and poured chemical substances by air during daylight on the people and left their bodies like dead wood in the streets. It was an unprecedented incident. You shiver when you hear of such an incident. All the world's television channels filmed it and showed it. No-one condemned Iraq. Most of the world community did not even refer to it let alone governments.

The Islamic Republic, of course, made a lot of fuss about it in the world. A number of people, when they realized that they cannot do anything but submit to public opinion, said a few words which they wouldn't have said otherwise. That was the same Iraq to which they referred as an awesome giant a few years later and confronted it. Because, at that time, Iraq was fighting the Islamic Iran. Such are those global powers. The threat of global sovereignty over humanity is a serious issue. Up to some time ago, there were two powers, East and West, so there was at least some rivalry between them. In this way, they balanced each other out to some degree. Today, it is a question of absolute power. The Americans have become so impudent that they have started striding this way and that throughout the world, saying: Look, you should break off your relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran because we are not on good terms with it. Shamefulness to this degree! Of course, the Europeans and the countries of the world slapped them in the face. They ignored them. But that is the extent of their shamefulness!

Well, these are the ones who wish to gain ever more mastery over humanity; to

dig in their claws; to carry out their bullying; to express their opinion on important international events and impose their opinion on everyone. On Palestine. On Lebanon. On Bosnia. Everywhere, where something occurs, they want to be present, express their opinion and make their presence felt. Then, they expect all governments to obey them. Weak, humble and worthless governments actually start praising them, contrary to the interests of their own nations, encouraging them and magnifying their importance.

On the other side, who is it that is standing up to them? Which government and nation is it that does not bat an eyelid in the face of their ever-increasing threats? Which system is it that, with reliance on its people, on the strong will of its great and proud nation, has said no to all their threats and insults? Where is that place?

Do you think that we are the only people who say this? Today, all those countries, which are knowledgeable about international issues, especially issues relating to this region, admit that it is only the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran that has the courage and the strength to stand up to their ever- increasing pressure and say, no.

Crowd chants in support "Death to those who oppose the supreme jurisconsult", "Death to America" , "Death to Britain" , "Death to Saddam and the hypocrites", "Death to Israel" .

This saying of no by the Iranian nation and government even encourages other governments to stand firm. If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed examples of this in the course of various events. You may have noticed reported in the news. I do not want to mention any names. You saw numerous instances of this during the recent events in Lebanon and in other situations.

In other words, your steadfastness even affects governments and excites nations. Nations are emboldened. Nations derive courage from it . The spirit of fear that they have tried to inject into the bodies of nations is discarded. The steadfastness of this nation, the growth of this nation has this impact on the whole world's public opinion.

We do not listen to foreign radios for a judgment on our own situation. It is obvious that foreign radios are run by a bunch of mercenaries who have received money to write articles filled with insults from top to bottom. Well, when someone swears at someone else, does he base it on reality? For example, when he says someone's father is a such and such, has he actually gone and seen that person' s father? He is just swearing. They are swearing at the Islamic Republic of Iran. That is of no value.

We base our judgments on realities. This is the reality of the world today and the more this Islamic country, this independent country, this brave nation makes progress, in science, in work, in experience, at universities, at factories, at schools - the better it becomes, the greater will become the psychological impact that I said it has on other nations. Those who impose economic embargoes on the Islamic Republic wish to prevent the Islamic Republic from having an effect on other nations due to its industrial, technical and scientific progress. God be praised, they cannot do so. We have made progress by the day. We thank God for this.

Today, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the government officials that serve the nation are working hard. Our active and dear president is working with all his might. You can see this. The people, too, are truly helping. The people's support is very valuable . Everything depends on this link between officials and the people. These efforts will bear fruit. Your work, your knowledge, your schools, your culture, your universities, your factories can affect the progress made by this country every day. That is, they can give hope to nations, humble the enemy, make the tyrants of the world and international dictators, the manifestation of which is the US administration, slip further away from their evil goals with every passing day.

Message to Hajj pilgrims 1416 (25.4.1996)

Source: IRNA news agency, Tehran, in English 1241 gmt 25 Apr 96

  im0114.gif (15670 Byte)

(also available as booklet)

Following is the text of the message from Ayatollah Khamene'i, transmitted in English by the Iranian news agency IRNA on 25th April: I the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful, and praise be to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds, and salutations upon the Sayyid lord of the first and the last, Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa and his blessed household, and upon Baqiyatullah fil-Ard 12th and hidden Shi'i imam. Hajj (pilgrimage), this ever-flowing fountain of piety and spirituality, goodness and blessing shall, each year and for ever, supply the Islamic world, and each and every fortunate Muslim, with its abundant favors, and all individuals or congregations may draw benefits from it in proportion to their capacities and capabilities. The pilgrims to the Baytullah al-Haram Ka'bah are not the only ones who imbibe at this bountiful fountain: If this great obligation is truly recognized and properly carried out, then all Muslim nations and individual Muslims throughout the world will be overflowed by its blessings. Harm has always come to individuals and communities from two quarters: Firstly from within themselves, that is, through human weaknesses, unbridled desires, irresolution and lack of faith and other destructive traits, and secondly from without, namely by enemies who, because of their rebelliousness, paranoiac wishes, aggressiveness and devouring nature, oppress mankind and make their lives unbearable and miserable by forcing war, injustice and suppression upon them. And the Islamic world, both as individuals and nations, has always been exposed to the two kinds of threats, and today they are being threatened more than ever before: deliberate propagation of corruption in Islamic countries and imposition of the Western culture on them, to the spreading of which certain dependent regimes also contribute that affects not only individual behaviors, but also influences many aspects of life from city architecture to general living conditions to radio, television, the print media on the one hand, and military political and economic pressures on some Muslim nations coupled with human slaughter as in Lebanon, Palestine, Bosnia, Kashmir, Chechenya and Afghanistan on the other, are glaring examples of the two kinds of threats directed against the Islamic communities. The pilgrimage is like an everflowing river, divinely granted, at the banks of which Muslims may always wash from their faces the dusts of hardship and suffering, pollution and malaise, and to refresh themselves by this eternal provision in order to confront and overcome the two vulnerabilities at all times. In the performance of Hajj the elements of piety, remembrance, presence, submission and absorption in God Almighty, shall serve to remove the first threat, and the elements of togetherness, unity and feeling the enormity and the strength of the great, Islamic Ummah, of which Hajj is the crowning symbol, will tackle the second threat. The immunity and resistance of individual muslims and Muslim nations shall increase as these two aspects of Hajj are strengthened, but if one or both become weak or extinct, then the Islamic Ummah, as individuals, nations or states, shall become more vulnerable. In the texts of the holy shari'ah of Islam and in the holy Koran, sufficient emphasis is laid upon both these aspects of Hajj, and there shall be no doubt whatsoever about them for those with seeing eyes and unbiased hearts: Along with the command "Celebrate the praises of Allah, as you used to celebrate the praises of your fathers, yea, with far more heart and soul" (surah 2, verse 200), there is the order "and an announcement from Allah and His Messenger to the people assembled on the day of the great pilgrimage, that Allah and His Messenger absolve themselves from the polytheists and pagans" (surah 9, verse 3), and together with the divine wisdom "it is not their meat, nor their blood, that reaches Allah: it is your piety that reaches him, he has thus made them subject to you that you may glorify Allah for his guidance to you, and proclaim the good news to all who do good'' (surah 22, verse 37), we are also made hopeful "that they may witness the benefits provided for them" (surah 22, verse 28). Any recommendation, propagation or endeavor in the direction of weakening or abandoning these two aspects of the pilgrimage will undoubtedly be a confrontation with the verses and injunctions of the Holy Koran. There is no heavier loss to the Islamic Ummah than allowing the teachings and the guidance of Islam, which are vital, eternal, invaluable provisions for Muslims and the whole of humanity, to fall into oblivion through the negligence or ignorance of their religious, political leaders, and to deprive people from their benefits. Hajj is an everlasting valuable reserve of that kind, and it is obligatory upon all Muslims to get to know it better and to exploit it more deeply for the good of the Islamic Ummah. Today the Islamic world is faced with certain extremely threatening problems, and if Muslims do not strive to remove them through the power of faith, struggling, reliance on God, sublime selflessness and with open eyes to utilize the reserved potentials deposited by the Almighty in this straightforward religion, then their arrogant enemies, who are equipped with political and military power and technology, will tighten their encirclement of them and further postpone the days of freedom and salvation in the Islamic countries, not only for decades but for centuries, in the course of which certain nations might by annihilated or they may lose their Islamic identities by the imposition of the corrupting components of the West' s culture. Today, after the establishment of the Islamic Republic in Iran, and Islamic reawakening in many Islamic countries, numerous facts of bitter or sweet nature are known and great numbers of people in the Islamic world are able to properly analyze events around them and to understand the realities of their situations. Yet it must be admitted that the bewitching influence of radios, televisions and the print media, often run by Zionists, their Western allies, and certain seemingly Muslim elements who behave as servants of the arrogant powers, are perpetually engaged in distorting the truth. It may, therefore, be propitious here to give a brief summary of the problems facing the Islamic world as well as of the potentials and possibilities at the service of world Muslims. As far as potentials are concerned, we must, first of all, make mention of the numerical strength of over one billion Muslims throughout the world that embraces some 50 countries and extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. This great Ummah includes nations well known for their talents and intelligence, some civilizations that go back a few thousand years, and great individuals in the fields of science and politics. This great part of the world's population, better known as the Islamic Ummah, possesses a very rich culture and an everlasting heritage that brilliantly shines in history, and it does enjoy, despite its great variety, an amazing unity instilled in all its component parts and particles. These singlehearted brother nations, formed of different, racial designations, black, white and yellow, who speak dozens of tongues, believe in being parts of the same great, Islamic Ummah in which they take pride, and daily they pray to God in one language and receive their instructions and inspirations from the same divine book that explains all the truths and contains the orders for all their needs and obligations. "And we have sent down to you the Book explaining everything, a guide, a mercy and glad tidings to Muslims" (surah 16, verse 89). The geographical location of this great Ummah is perhaps the richest region of the world in natural resources, with the single commodity of oil being the support and sustenance of today's industrial civilization. And if the Ummah were to stop, for only a few months, the flow of oil to its customers, the larger part of the world, especially these countries whose governments have for centuries made the Islamic nations the victims of their greed and arrogance, shall face a dark, cold and helpless prospect. A complete list of all the potentials of the Islamic Ummah would embrace hundreds of other outstanding topics in fields ranging from culture, politics, economic to social, material and historical contributions that any researcher with some insight will be able to discover. Now we turn to the big problems that this great part of humanity, the Islamic Ummah, is today facing: Problems that have made it nigh impossible for such a great, rich and gifted portion of mankind to exploit its exceptional, practical potentials, which has left the Islamic countries behind the marching caravan of scientific advancement, deprived them of their own abundant, material wealth, subjugated them to foreign cultures, subjected them to others on the international political scene, and militarily exposed them to aggressions and aggressive policies of arrogant powers. These problems, that are mainly caused by negligence, mismanagement or treasonous behavior of elements within the Islamic Ummah, would form a long list. They could, however, be briefly categorized under the following headings: - Sectarian conflicts, mainly publicized and intensified by evil ulema and paid writers. - Ethnic and national conflicts, emanating from chauvinistic tendencies, the fires of which are often fanned by dependent, subservient intellectuals. - Submissiveness towards interventionist powers, turning certain governments into satellite states of the big powers. - Surrendering to the corrupt culture of the West and even helping to spread it for their own political and doctrinaire purposes. - The indifference of certain governments to their own people or their disregard of people's needs, beliefs and aspirations, and taking up despotic stands against them. - A dread of the arrogant powers, particularly of the United States, on the part of some political and cultural leaders in the Islamic world. - The presence of the usurper, Zionist regime in the heart of an Islamic region, that is the root cause of many other difficulties. - Promoting secularism and introducing Islam as an abstract experience for individuals that has nothing to do with questions relating to people's lives such as government, politics, economic management, etc. These and scores of other problems equally grave, though with historical roots mostly, were solvable if the religious and political leaders had shown any sincerity, determination and independence. They are the source of the present predicament of the Islamic world, bringing in their wake poverty, backwardness, ignorance, superstition, prejudice, discrimination, political servility, war and destruction. The point is that if Hajj were held rightly and as commanded by God, it is capable of remedying all the major maladies and causes of failure, though not all of a sudden but gradually in the course of several long years. This gathering of millions of brothers and sisters from all over the Islamic world at a single place, and that too at the scene of observance of spiritual rites performed in unison under the majestic banner of tawhid unification , with refreshed memories of the early years of Islam, of the battles of Badr and Uhud, and the pilgrims presence in the (Prophet's) mosque within whose walls still reverberate the animating revelations of the Koran as pronounced by the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family, and the resounding cries of "Allah Akbar God is Great " of the first warriors of Islam, in an atmosphere charged with zikr commemoration , supplication and the sense of presence before. God, the Almighty and the Glorious, which liberates human beings from their feeble, self-seeking and crooked-minded self and unites them with the source of divine majesty, greatness and power - this is healing spring that lends strength to the hearts, edifies the will and steadies the resolve, infusing confidence into the souls, broadening the visions, bringing the aspirations closer, uniting the brothers and disappointing the devil and defeating his ghul monster. Yes, a true and perfect Hajj, a Hajj worthy of tawhid, a Hajj that is the mainspring of the love of God and the faithful, of the rejection of satans, idols and idolaters, such a Hajj would first curb growth of all problems of the Islamic Ummah and then resolve them, to become a source of honor for Islam and vigor for Muslims and of the independence of Islamic countries and their freedom from the evil of the aliens. It was on the basis of such a correct view of the significance of Hajj that after the triumph of the great Islamic revolution of Iran, the issue of Hajj came to have top priority in the international agenda of the government of the Islamic Republic. Thus this noble regime combined the religious-political aspect of this rite, a manifestation of the divine majesty and power, with its devotional aspect, a manifestation of divine mercy and compassion, bringing the contemporary Hajj closer to the Hajj of early Islam. It revived the ceremony of Disavowal of the polytheists Infidels in Hajj as a symbol of this and it has pursued the observance of this Islamic duty, despite all the political harassment and obstructionist moves inspired by un-Islamic motives. As a system that has affirmed the life, dynamism and power of Islam in administering human societies despite the anti-Islamic propaganda and efforts of the last 100 years, the Islamic Republic views Hajj not as a means to further its own goals, but as a forum for the awakening of muslims and reviving of the spirit of Godwardness and faith in the implementation of the Islamic shari'ah as well as the honor and independence of the world's Muslims. Those who negate and reject the dynamic and comprehensive character of Hajj are in fact against the honor and independence of Muslims and their deliverance from the bloody claws of imperialism and Zionism. Any such kind of fatwa or religious decree is tantamount to giving a ruling in violation of God's revelations, and it derives most probably from ignorance of the realities of the world and its environs and a lack of adequate insight into the affairs of Muslims. Today everyone who knows the plight of Muslim nations under the tyrannical domination of the United States, whoever is aware of the crimes of the Zionists and their covert conspiracies against Muslim countries, whoever senses the danger of the growth of this malignant, cancerous tumor within the political and economic body of the regional states, whoever observes the gloomy conditions of the homeless Palestinians who suffer in refugee camps, seeing their country and homeland under the occupation of their oppressors, whoever is aware of the condition of south Lebanon, of its territories under Zionist occupation and its parts under perpetual threat of aggression, whoever has heard about the recent catastrophic events in Lebanon, where the Zionists, now for the 12th day and with the support of the US government, have been bombarding more than half of that country from air, land and sea, massacring children and women and ordinary civilians, whoever is aware of Bosnia, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Tajikistan and Chechenya, whoever knows about the successive hostile measures of the roguish US regime and the anti-human Zionists against the Islamic Republic which today is the manifestation of the sovereignty of the Koran and Islam. Yes, anyone who knows these facts and possesses a sense of Islamic honor and religious duty will not doubt that to forego such a great opportunity as the Hajj and waste such a powerful God-given source of support to Islam and Muslims is to incur an irremediable loss and commit an unforgivable sin. The present weakness of Muslim states and the sorry disunity of the Islamic countries cannot be concealed or denied. Today the Arab world by its own deeds placed itself in such a condition that, regrettably, it is unable to defend the Lebanese people who are victims of the crimes of the usurper Zionist regime, and face, even for a single day, an enemy that has usurped its territories. While stockpiles of fighter planes and air defense equipment bought `t stupendous cost from Western factories dxist today in these countries, the aircraft nf the bloodthirsty Zionists freely destroy the homes of @rab people `nd none of these governments is able to stop it. These bitter facts, along with the increased political influence of imperialist powers within many of these countries, as well as the unchecked nffensive aimed `t achieving a complete cultural invasion of these countries and many other regrettable and alarming events, are sufficient to make every sane mind and wakeful conscience realize that Islamic countries and nations, whose representative sample is now present around the Holy Ka'bah and at other sacred premises of this land of revelation, stand, more than ever before, in greater need of the spirit and spirituality of Hajj and its abundant resources, which it is essential for them to utilize. This is our viewpoint and thesis concerning Hajj and the other delivering sacraments of Islam. It is for this very straightforward and bold stance in the defense of Islam and Islamic laws that the Islamic Republic, from the very beginning, has been the target of the wrath and resentment of the imperialist powers with the USA, the big satan, at their head. They accuse the Islamic Republic of exporting insecurity and of pursuing expansionist policies so as to justify their malice and hostility in the eyes of the world's people and Muslim public opinion . Their mercenary radios and media funded by the Zionists or by American and Zionist stooges and propagated from the Islamic countries against the Islamic Republic incessantly broadcast accusations, rumors, commentaries and biased and false reports against the Islamic Republic, meant to curtail the spiritual influence of the Islamic revolution and to damage the sanctity and popularity of the name of our late Imam Khomeini , may Allah sanctify his soul. With the help of the most up-to-date propaganda techniques they try in an unmanly manner to cast disrepute on the Islamic Republic and to turn away its supporters in the Islamic world. With their lies and slander, they are trying to raise a wall between triumphant Islamic Iran and other Islamic countries, where they are afraid of the repetition of the Iranian experience. The most infamous of the world' s terrorists, that is, the leaders of the usurper Zionist regime and their perverse patrons in the US government, accuse Islamic Iran of terrorism. At the slightest pretext, the US and Israeli leaders are quick to raise their accusing finger at the Islamic Republic and to mention in their political statements, after every few words, the sacred, majestic and radiant name of Islamic Iran with resentment and rage. It is a matter of pride for us that the world's infamous scoundrels and perverts should hate us. We too regard their ugly character and polluted hands with disgust and resentment. God and His Messenger too hate and dislike them. Today, with God's grace and despite the hostility and obstructionism of the malevolent, the Islamic Republic marches onwards with power, honor and a steady resolve and determination, as a stable country with an accelerating pace of construction and development, with an administration that is popular and close to the masses, with a deserved presence and repute in the world, with a zealous faith in Islam, with its live and dynamic youth free from the grievous problems of the youth in many other countries, with a people intelligent, brave and ready to defend Islam and Iran, with an expansive spirituality side by side with growth and development, and, ultimately, with an exemplary and rare solidarity among the citizens. Thank God, the massive propaganda of the enemy serves us as the indicator of our increasing power and the greatness of our people and country. At the end, I call upon all the dear pilgrims to make the fullest use of the opportunity provided by these great days and I invite all of them to contemplate upon Hajj and to draw a spiritual provision for the rest of their lives. I ask the revered clergymen to raise these issues in an appropriate manner in the gatherings of Iranian and non -Iranian caravans and bring the spirituality of Hajj and its political message to the hearts and souls of the pilgrims. I beseech God, the exalted, to grant honor to Islam and Muslims and give real independence to Islamic countries, liberating them from the political and economic domination of the imperialists. I beseech the one Lord to preserve the majesty and glory of Islamic Iran under the shelter of the special favor and attention of the Imam of the Age, may our souls be his ransom. Peace be upon all our faithful brethren.

Imam Kkamenei speaks about elections and middle east peace process

20 Feb 1996

The Iranian leader, Ayatollah Kharaene1i, has said that Iranian voters should be aware of the importance of the forthcoming parliamentary elections and elect candidates who support Islamic values and follow the line of the late Imam Khomeyni. In a sermon to mark the end of Ramadan, Khamene'i also criticized Arab countries for holding negotiations with Israel and making territorial concessions. The following are excerpts from a live broadcast of the sermon by Iranian TV on 20th February:

I will cover two issues in my second sermon, and we will speak briefly on both subjects. The first issue concerns the Situation of Muslims around the world and the second concerns, important current domestic issues.

As far as world Muslims are concerned, what is truly a source of regret and pain is the fact that' the Muslims today are paying less attention to what they need most: a return to Islam and self - reliance, Islamic strength, the consolidation of bonds among Muslims and Muslim unity.

Today Muslims need these more than ever before, because the enemies of Islam have adopted a harsher and even a more blatant stand, against Islam. In the past too there was a great degree of enmity and hostility towards Islam, but the enmity is harsher, more open and more hostile today. Unfortunately, the stand that most of the. heads of states of countries that were expected to adopt a correct stand towards the usurpers of Palestine - that is, the countries in the Arab region - have taken towards this overt and impudent aggression is one that weakens Muslims more and more each day in the face of that sinister alliance [of the USA and Israel]. It also weakens the governments themselves…. that the heads of the Islamic countries would realize the value of Islam, which gives them power, dignity, independence and the strength to resist bulling. But unfortunately, most of the Muslim leaders do not know what this blessing is worth.

One day the usurping Zionists came - with the support of the top colonialist power in the world in those days, that is the British - and grabbed a corner in the heart of the Islamic countries, in the sensitive area of Palestine. They are not satisfied with what they have today. They believe that the land as far as Median belongs to them. They believe that the land as far as the Euphrates belongs to them. They want an immense country that has sufficient water resources. They want to have economic, political, military, social and other influence over all the countries around them and over the entire Middle East. They are not satisfied with what they have today. There are those who think that if they sit at the negotiating table with the aggressive Zionists - under Americas pressures and force - they will free themselves of the confrontation with this usurping aggressor. But it will not let them be. And even if it would, they do not have any right to give up territory that belongs to Muslims and to the Palestinian nation merely with their signatures and their talks held under Israeli pressure. Now that the usurping Zionists in Palestine have freed themselves of the attacks by the Arab armies which, until a few years ago, threatened them, they are thinking about imposing other economic and political pressure on the other countries, and again with American pressure. The Americans are applying the various pressures that they have at their disposal against each and every country around Palestine and even on countries that are farther away. They are resorting to political weapons - the weapon of human rights - and using economic pressure by interfering in international forums, at the United Nations and in international economic institutions. They exert so much pressure on these governments and countries that those weak governments that have no relations with Israel will have to establish relations, and those that already have relations will have to strengthen them...

This is a great danger that is threatening Muslims today. Of course, the cancerous tumour that is growing is that of the usurping Israel, Zionism. But the hand that is helping it is the leader of world arrogance, that is the American government. The Muslim nations should not forget this, in the same way that our dear, brave, zealous and alert nation has shown by its words and deeds, with its participation on the political scene, and with its activeness everywhere a necessary activeness that it will not tolerate American pressure and that it can turn the American pressures into a punch in the mouth for America itself.

Another event that is approaching is the elections. I would once again like to tell everyone that the elections are important. The Majlis is important. A strong Majlis is important. A pious and revolutionary Majlis is important. A Majlis that can understand and recognize these aspirations and be faithful to them is important. And the lack, of such a Majlis, its weakness or its obstruction could result in great damage being inflicted on the nation. You can form, a good Majlis through your awareness and your care. Examine and understand the people you are sending to the Majlis. Anyone who is elected to the Majlis as a deputy of this nation, a deputy of a revolutionary nation, a deputy of a pious nation, a deputy of a brave nation, should be revolutionary, pious and courageous. If we do not find the most courageous, most, pious and most revolutionary, at least he should be able to measure up to the great masses of people who, are shining so much. Anyone who does not like Islam and does not accept, Islamic strictures pleases the hearts of the foreigners. Anyone who insults the revolution, and revolutionary values does so to satisfy others or out of fear of others. Anyone who favours the enemy instead of our people, who lacks the necessary piety and is not devoted to moral issues but to worldly issues wants to undertake this responsibility [as a deputy] only to gain Status and rank and to serve his personal interests.

Look for pious, courageous and revolutionary people, people who can safeguard the strength of this nation under the aegis of revolutionary values and who will approve laws, adopt Stands and deliver speeches that will all be for that purpose. Such a person is fit to act as a Majlis deputy of this nation. A deputy should understand what the Imam [Khomeyni] said, what he wanted and what enraged him. He should understand that great man - a man whose grandeur, sincerity, strength and courage were characteristics that even his enemies admitted - and someone who was able to free a weak and dependent Iran from the clutches of corrupt people and corrupt and dependent managers and to place it into the hands of the people. He should understand that- the imam was a person who was able to direct the future of this nation and to unite it on the path to this great objective. They should walk in the path of the imam and follow the line of the imam. Do not forget the line of the imam. Do not forget the imam's values. Do not forget the imam's will. Seek what these values teach you about a person. And when you find such a person, vote for him with God's blessings. This will be a Majlis which is fit for you, for this nation. This is the way you should go about things.

Thank God, the Majlis has performed well in the past four terms. Of course, there have always been different types of people, different types of ideas and different types of political tastes in this Majlis. Even people representing religious minorities who were not Muslims sat next to their Muslim compatriots and worked and served in this Majlis. Everyone has worked for the good and power of the Islamic Republic, which is the power of the Iranian people and the grandeur of Iran. In this Majlis term too, I know that Almighty God will help you and bless you. The Majlis will be a good Majlis. The people's participation, with God's help, will be good. This nation, this enthusiasm, this faith, this motivation, this ability to recognize the enemy, and this ability to tell when the opportunity is right will not allow the enemy to achieve their objectives. The enemy wants the Majlis to be weak. The enemy does not want the elections to take place or for the elections to be zealous and enthusiastic, and wants there to be a low voter turnout. They do not want to see occur that which is necessary for this nation. But this nation will not allow this to happen...


Imam Khamene’i urges no compromise with the West in Friday prayer sermons

9 Feb 96

Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamene'i told crowds at Friday-prayer sermons in Tehran that the United States was trying to weaken the Islamic revolution by trying to destroy Iran and was pressuring Iran into dropping its hostility to the West. He said that this was wishful thinking on the part of the West and that the revolution, which took place 17 years ago on llth

February would remain strong as long as Iranians stay politically vigilant. The following are excerpts from two Friday prayers sermons broadcast live on Iranian provincial radio on 9th February;

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate ... Today we all need to be as courageous as Imam Ali (a.). The Iranian nation needs the courage. Anyone who is an official of this government, his need for courage is greater. Anyone who has access to a portion of the Muslims’ national wealth, his need for courage is greater. The greater the people's trust in some one, the greater his need for courage is. Individual members of the nation need this courage too. The entire nation of Iran needs this courage. Today the world infidels, our enemies, are the most intelligent people in the world. They can twist the most important political and Publicity issues round a finger. They are the same people, who are running the world politics. They are managing the world nations. They change world governments. They occupy various regions of the world. They created wars and terminate some other wars. They uproot one regimes to replace it with another. These wicked, evil, cunning and first-class deceitful statesmen of the world have united against the Islamic Republic. Their policy vis-a-vis the Islamic republic is to humiliate the republic and the Iranian nation. Their policy is to question our principles through deceit and to prove that we have chosen the wrong path. We need courage to face enemies Their policy is to veil us that you are making a mistake by not observing the accepted international norms. They say to us that you are making a mistake by not surrendering to the US and world arrogance international policies. You are making a mistake over the issue of Palestine; you are making a mistake over the issue of Bosnia; you are making a mistake over the issue of Muslims and so on. This is today's policy. Not just today’s policy but it has been their policy as from the beginning of the revolution to disparage Persian: Takhtafa the Iranian nation and Iranian officials. They want to disparage those confronting them most seriously. They ridicule whatever hurts them most. They want to ridicule our approach towards women; to ridicule the universities, the performing of prayers, Jama’ at communal prayers, the non-consumption of alcoholic drinks, and to ridicule the devotion to Almighty God, ridicule, ridicule.

My dear ones, sometimes very great men will lose their temper if they become the subject of ridicule, humiliation and insult. They become frustrated, wretched and become fad up with. Then they forced to do as the Romans do; saying they have no other choice. Then the superpowers will have a hearty laugh on the sly because they have got what they wanted and have removed an obstacle.

They ridicule revolutionary movements in the world to such an extent that these movements take back openly and clearly all their revolutionary ideas, aspirations and slogans. Or they disparage revolutionary movements or ridicule them. It is here that Shias, the followers of Imam Ali, and above all Muslims who believe in following the path of Imam Ali should learn a lesson from the bravery of Imam Ali. You have a priceless jewel in your hands. You have carried out a great task. You have discovered an endless war in your country. You have acquired Islam, reached independence, freedom and have been able to free yourself from the yoke of superpowers. Once this country, this university, this Tehran, security posts and armed forces, the government Offices, the intelligence Services were all US properties. Today if the nation sees anyone even in the most remote areas of the country who favours America, they will be despised.

Importance of Iranian nation

One day there was no nation in this country. There were no elections, no Majlis, no voting. Everything was superficial, unreal and artificial. There was nothing in this country. The Pahlavi former king rule was really a strange period for the nation. Everything in this country was superficial. The universities were superficial, the intellectual Community was superficial as well as the press and the government. The only movement that was real was the popular movement of religion. They were viewed with hatred and spite. There were also a slight and very small Patriotic movement here and there. They the past regime created this atmosphere in the nation. You Iranian people have come and laid the basic foundation for everything. Today science is developing in this country, Industry, universities, Personalities of individuals and ideologies are all developing in this country. Freedom is developing in its true meaning and education is developing. The nation is gradually moving towards achieving its position in the world. In the past, the Iranian nation was not considered as a nation worthy of attention.

Those who came here received hardship allowances Persian: haq-e tavahosh. Today you are a nation with an important opinion to express. If you are opposed to an international issue then this issue can't be solved. If the Iranian nation is - serious in opposing any issue in the world that issue will not be solved. This nation/ this great country, this government has such a position in the world, thanks be to God. Everything is developing and bearing fruit. The appearance Persian: jelvah of the Iranian nation is becoming eye-catching. These are your achievements. Let the enemy insult us and say whatever it wants to say, comparing Iranian revolution with Russian October revolution..

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate... These days we are marking the 17th anniversary of the Islamic revolution and are also preparing - for the forthcoming Majlis elections. I should, therefore, raise the important issue of the elections as well as the rallies planned for 22nd Bahman anniversary of the revolution, 11th February. The revolution anniversary rallies demonstrate the people’s presence in the arenas of urban areas and city streets. There is also another rally planned to mark Jerusalem Day last Friday of Ramadan, 16th February 1996. We must say something about each issue.

I wish to begin by saying that the great Islamic revolution of Iran was truly an exceptional revolution. We have read or heard about other revolutions in history. We have also observed some uprisings in our own era. I wish you, our dear people, would read more books and publications about such instances in history. What I am going to mention briefly, you can read about in detail in various books. Nothing can replace a good book. Truly our revolution was different from other revolutions. Its origin and the people's motive were different from such occasions in history as the Russian October revolution, which led to 70 to 80 years of Communism. That revolution and that popular uprising had different slogans. You can compare its achievements with our revolution. See how many tragedies it created, whereas here things were different. The difference is like between the earth and the sky. I am only comparing popular revolutions. That was a popular revolution too. The great French revolution before that was the same. I am not saying anything about those cases in history when a revolution materialized through a military coup d’etat. Our revolution was really amazing in view of its greatness, safety, purity, lack of deviation, absence of tragedies - as seen in other popular uprisings and its lasting features and achievements. In my previous post as President I visited a country, which I do not wish to name here. It is a big country with a large population. They had also staged a "revolution". The day I visited that country, 19 years had passed since their revolution. When our motorcade was driving from the airport towards the residence they had chosen for us, that country's. President was sitting beside me. We were talking about various issues. I saw they had blocked some streets. There was also workers busy digging in some places. I asked: It seems you are busy implementing some projects in the city? He answered: O yes we have not had time to resurface the city streets which had been destroyed by the revolution. This was their capital city and they had started resurfacing its streets after 19 years. See how efficient a revolution can be.

The revolutionary governments that we saw in the past used to spend all their resources to keep themselves in power. They never had any proper elections. They could not begin development projects or erect a new building. Even the most advanced revolutionary states used to declare five-year plans, without being able to implement them. Those several-year plans were only real on papers, they were hardly ever implemented. Most of the revolutionary governments failed for the same reason, for shortcomings, for being incapable and other promises that they never realized.

New Islamic identity in Algeria and Turkey

Our revolution has indeed been unique, both in terms of its slogans and objectives and the method by which it attained power after destroying the enemy and the corrupt Pahlavi regime. If the revolution has achieved two momentous tasks, one of these is the formation of the Islamic System. This was indeed a great achievement, especially since it happened in this region and in this part of the world. It was also great because there has been not been precedence for it since the early days of Islam.

The second achievement is as great as the first one. Some might even say that this was indeed more important then the first achievement. In any case, these two achievements enjoy at least an equal degree of importance. The second achievement of our revolution is that it revived the Islamic identity the world over. That is to say, Muslim nations, communities and individuals across the world have gained a sense of integrity and power because of this revolution. They no longer see themselves as a collection of condemned communities. Some of these have begun to have a presence on political arenas and have gained the control of a State, while some others are about to attain this.

In a country like Algeria, this sense of Islamic identity reached such a stage that the Islamic groups there were able to win the elections. This development was so dangerous for the arrogance US and West that it had to stage a military coup, imprison the Muslims and suppress the people. Of course, they will not be able to extinguish the flame. But they think they can now rest for a while. In a country such as Turkey, this Islamic identity gained such a dimension that a party with an Islamic title and known by people as an Islamic group won more votes than all other parties. Of course, the arrogance, the enemies, the US and its allies, also intervened in Turkey in a bid to prevent that party from forming a government. They also took action there, even though the nature of this action was different to what they did in Algeria.

Enemies angry with us because we revived Islam

In Afghanistan, the same kind of presence of Islam was so strong that the Soviet army was forced to leave; that is to say a huge army of several million men and the biggest army in the world in terms of its size and its equipment. Of course, later on our Afghan brothers were not grateful enough for this divine blessing. I want our Afghan brothers to listen to this very carefully. Until now, the Afghan brothers have been ungrateful for this blessing. They have been fighting and killing each other. They have done to their towns and elites what the Russians, the Soviets and the communists never did. They must change their ways and return to the right path. Nonetheless, the victory of Islam in Iran made it possible for them to defeat the Soviet Union.

Today, in many other countries of the world too, Islamic groups and associations are present. They are strong and they envisage a certain future for themselves. There is the possibility that some of these may form governments; if they are permitted, that is. They, moreover, pose a threat to the enemies of Islam, and consider America and the other enemies of Islam as their own enemy. This is all due to the blessings brought about by the revival of the Islamic identity; a sense which was created by our revolution. This, more than any thing else, brings out the wrath of the global arrogance. Of course, when the Americans, their allies or the

Zionist networks, of the world press and news agencies want to say or write things against Iran, they tend to level certain accusations against us. They say you violate human rights and disregard the rights of women. They say you want to manufacture nuclear weapons, so on and so forth. However these are all superficial excuses. The real essence of the issue is something else. The essence of the issue is what I just said. They say why have you caused the revival of the Islamic identity all over the world, so that all Muslims wake up from their slumber and undergo a transformation and leave behind the State of being a servile and obedient lamb about to be slaughtered? This is the cause of their anger, as they themselves admit. What I said was not just an analysis. It was based on facts, and we have been informed that this is the cause of their anger. We have also been informed that it is a fact that the Islamic revolution has created a momentous transformation in the character and spirit of Muslims all over the world. And we know that they are very angry about this.

How the West wants to end Islamic revival

What is arrogance the West going to do in the face of this phenomenon Islamic revival? Please pay attention, what is arrogance going to do? It only has two ways. If it can go down one of two paths, it will save itself from this threat of Islamic revival which, in any case, has taken place. A revolution has taken place, a strong government under the leadership of a great leader, the late Imam Khomeyni made its mark on the world, it is over. If they could have stopped it, that would have been the sure for them arrogance. But they couldn't and this event took place. Now that this event has taken place, now that it is too late, what are they to do? They have two ways, if they can go down one of these paths, if they achieve one of their aims, the danger for arrogance will be eliminated; and if not, the danger remains. What are the two paths that arrogance can take? One of them is to destroy the Islamic Republic, this strong fortress. If they could do this, then this would be an experience for the Muslims of the world. They would say: What is the use? We have struggled, many people have died,, we have created so many Problems for ourselves and at the end, what did we achieve? We survived for five, 10 or 15 years and, just as Iran, just as they destroyed the Islamic Republic and ended it, we shall be destroyed. This would be a lesson for Muslims. The threat to the enemy would be eliminated, this is what they believe. Of course, we can take issue with this. Even if this impossible task was achieved, even if this dream, the destruction, God forbid, of the Islamic Republic, took place one day, arrogance's problems would not be solved. This is one of their ways. Therefore, they are trying to weaken and destroy this System through an economic blockade, through war, through threats. And to date, they made a number of decisions to undertake certain dangerous tasks but they realized they couldn't. In any case, they are stuck, what are they to do with the Islamic Republic?

Their second way, which they think is easier than the first way but would have the same effect, would be to do something so that the Islamic remained but in a way that it compromised with arrogance, with its enemy of yesterday. The Islamic Republic would stop its slogans of opposition. This is their second way. If this was to take place, then again the danger facing arrogance would be eliminated. Why? Because the compromise of the

Islamic Republic with arrogance would damage the morale of Muslims throughout the world, now that their spirits are high. They would say: What is the use? The people work hard and struggle; but the leaders, just as in the Islamic Republic of Iran, compromised. Again, the threat to arrogance would be lifted. Everything that America, Zionism, America's mercenaries, its lackeys, its Propaganda apparatus, its military and security apparatuses and others are doing today is on one of these two paths. They are trying to either destroy the

Islamic Republic or put pressure on us so that the officials of the Islamic Republic go to them and say: Look, we want to make up and be friends. Well, they have their wishes, especially now that their leaders are young and as the saying goes, let the young have their dreams. Let them dream on, let them wish for the destruction of the Islamic Republic or let the dream of forcing the Islamic Republic to go to America and apologize saying: Well, we are sorry, we have said bad things about you for a few years, we have shouted death to America, please forgive us. They have their wishes. However, will this empty dream become a reality or not? This is the important point. Let me say this: O people of Iran; O those who in the present era undertook and created the greatest epic of contemporary history; know this: these American dreams will not become reality under one set of circumstances only; under other circumstances the dream can become a reality. Under which circumstances would it be impossible for the American dream to become reality? Under the circumstances when the masses of the people, all strata of society, remain on the political scene, recognize that the revolution is theirs, recognize that the officials come from the people themselves, and remain sensitive to the issues of the nation and the revolution - just as they have been for the past 17 years. If people continue to remain on the scene; if they continue to recognize that the revolution is theirs, which it is; if they continue to recognize that officials belong to the people, which they do; if they continue to care about the revolution and not turn to apathy; if they continue to feel that the country and revolution belongs to them; if these continue - which, thank God, has been the case up until today - not only America, even if there were 10 superpowers in the world, they would not be able to lay a finger on the revolution!

Elections and the role of the people

And the enemy has not been able to do a damn thing until today for this very same reason. People were present during the war, people have been present during elections, people have

been present during demonstrations, people have been present during referendums; whenever the government, the System or the officials had a problem, when they referred to the people, the problem was solved. When they officials asked for financial help, the people created a mountain of money; when they asked for money for the war effort, women took their earrings off and gave them away; when they asked for blood during the war, all sorts of people rolled their sleeves up saying: Take my blood; they asked for young people to fight in the war, the young left their studies, school, work, farms, parents, their everything and went to the front, and the parents gave up their children without blinking an eye. Don't think America is weak materially, no Sir! It is very strong materially, it has everything. However, what it possesses has no affect on what this revolution has. Those material things threaten those regimes that have come to power through a coup d'etat; those things threaten those regimes that have no contact with their people. The Islamic System has something that bombs, foreign invasions and the like will not affect; in fact, they will make it stronger. And that thing is the people, the people; The Islamic System has the people. As long as the people are with the Islamic System; as long as the people continue to open their Windows to find out what is going on if there is a - commotion outside and offer their help if needed; as long as young people care about the issues of the revolution; as long as politics is a part of the people's lives; as long as

the university remains politicized, the bazaar remains politicized, the Community of clergy remains politicized; as long as everyone intervenes in the political process, gives their views; as long as we have this, America or anyone else, the nuclear weapon, money, facilities, technology, the dollar etc. cannot do anything. This is the first eventuality. As long as this is the case, the enemy cannot do anything. If, however, this was not the case; if the Islamic System loses the people; if the people become apathetic; if they become cold towards the

revolution; if their faith weakens; if the people Start thinking of their personal lives, thinking: We have served the revolution for many years, it is enough, let us get on with our lives; if the trader thinks of his trade, if the shopkeeper thinks of his shop, if the farmer thinks of his farm, if the Student thinks of his studies, if the seminary Student thinks of his religious studies,

etc.; if people start valuing their own lives more than the country and the revolution; then of course, we shall be open to attack. We have not come down from the skies. We are not in ourselves superior to other peoples in history or to our forefathers. The superiority of our people came about because they followed the path of God, because of their faith, because of their presence on the scene of the revolution, because of their work for the sake of God...

Take care, take care, O dear people. Be careful and don’t lose God’s path. Our country’s pride has been that it has managed in a Short period to create legislative bodies. It organized the Islamic Consultative Majlis. This body has served four terms with pride and strength. It. has passed laws and carried out its duties. And now we have the election for the fifth term of the

Majlis and the people must take part; it is their duty, a religious duty. The Presidency, the cabinet, the Guardian Council, the Assembly of Experts, all the bodies that are responsible for the revolution have carried out their duties, the country was never left in a State of lawlessness. The country was never without a President or a Majlis, the country did not waste time hanging around. Only in one case, the enemy had been looking forward to the day when the great imam of the people passed away, thinking everything would come to a halt; and even then, thanks to the people, the officials, those responsible, their the enemies’ wish didn’t come true. The people carried out their duties to the best of their abilities. This is a source of pride for us. Elections are ahead of us my dear ones. Let me tell you, take part in the elections all of you. Choose your election candidates for the Majlis and write their name in your electoral papers and drop them in the-election boxes when the time comes. Do that all of you. Search and find competent people. The Islamic Consultative Majlis is important. The Islamic Consultative Majlis is the most sensitive and effective legislative organ of this country, so to speak. If there be deputies there who do not care for the revolution, do not care for the country, do not care for the constitution, do not accept the constitution, do not take the country's interests as important, do not understand the animosities of the world arrogance, seek to butter-up the world arrogance, seek to have their names written large in the Zionist affiliated press and have them say that they have opposed the Islamic Republic of Iran's System, seek all that, they would destroy the Majlis, they would destroy the people and destroy the country. They are good for nothing. If a deputy should get the job who before getting into the Majlis has obligated himself to others and is forced to pay his dues when inside the Majlis, such a deputy is good for nothing. If a deputy should gets into the Majlis who does not have the required understanding of the country's issues, the required intelligence, the required knowledge, education, understanding, such a deputy is good for nothing. Being a deputy is significant. I beg those brethren and sisters who notice - between themselves and God - that this task is beyond them, not to step forward. Now, don't let this Statement make some become diffident and step aside out of caution. No! Those who feel that they can, it is their religious duty to step forward. Every thing in this divine System must be resolved through closeness to God and the intention to become closer to God. When you vote, when you choose, it is for God. When you are chosen, when you become a candidate, again it is a matter of duty to God. And even when I speak here, I must speak out of duty to God, And those who introduce candidates to the people, they must do it for God as well. Passage omitted: repeat of the same idea; thanking those who follow guidelines.

Last year, at New Year 21st March 1995, as well as this year as heard, I called on all the people to be socially and economically disciplined. Now is the time for that to be observed. Let all observe that discipline; let all be meticulous in what they do. Let them not embark on any illegal act on any wrongful act, any immoral act, unethical act, misappropriation of public purse. Let them not abuse each other, insult each other. This nation is an enlightened one; a religious nation; one which believes in the aspirations of the revolution; one which loves the revolution. Know that it is the revolution which can save this country. If revolutionary values are forgotten no power can reform this country, reconstruct, save it, resolve its Problems... This country needs revolutionary slogans for a long time to come in order to be reconstructed, for its bones to become strong/ for it to become invulnerable for the enemy to stop their greed,

Therefore, the elections are important. That’s one thing. All must take part.

Secondly, it is something than can take place without any difficulty; just as - thank God - it has been in earlier rounds. As for the 22nd Bahman rallies, take care, my dear ones. The presence in the streets by all of you, men and women, will be the actual and palpable manifestation of the presence and support of the nation for the aspirations of the revolution. The thing which no comment can negate or deny is your presence in the streets which has been repeated every year and every year has been like an arrow in the eyes of the ill-wishers…


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