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Speech to a gathering of young people in Tehran to mark the National day of struggle against global arrogance


Ayatollah Khamenei’s delivered a speech to a gathering of young people in Tehran on 1st November (1995) to mark the National day of struggle against global arrogance", the anniversary of the occupation of the US Embassy on 4th November 1979. He said those Iranians who thought that the struggle against the USA had ended were wrong because the world was being run by hegemonists, led by the USA/ and that "only those who accept hegemony are approved by hegemonists" . He went on to praise the killed Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Fathi al-Shaqaqi, saying that his "crime" was not only opposing Zionism, but also being a follower of the late Iranian leader, Ayatollah Khomeyni. Khamene'i underlined the role of the clergy in society by saying that jihad been the clergy in Iran who had brought about the revolution and that the revolution would be destroyed without them. He ended by issuing a warning to those who were undermining the clergy in Iran: he said if it came to light that they were doing so "with ulterior motives... The Islamic System will slap these people hard in the face." The following are excerpts of a recording of Khamenei's speech broadcast by Iranian radio on 1st November:

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate...

The fight against USA is not over The main topic of my speech today is about maintaining the spirit of standing, against and fighting the enemy. This is very important, my dear ones. A number of people thought that in a world where the System of hegemony rules – I shall, of course, explain what a frightening reality the System of hegemony is – there could be a System based on wisdom, spirituality, independence, relying on one 's own human and financial resources, disregarding foreign interference; which could exist without any difficulties. This is wrong; it cannot be. The System of hegemony means that countries and nations and governments in the world should either be hegemonic or yield to hegemony... The System of hegemony means that any supremacy by one country over another which comes about in the world based on the System of hegemony is partly America's fault – since America is the symbol of hegemony. (Crowd chants in support: Death to America!) The system of hegemony means that if the American regime decides to stake its claim anywhere in the world - whether it is legitimate, illegitimate or contrary to all international Conventions, it makes no difference - it has the right to have a strong military presence there, and crush anyone opposing its interests. Sometimes it does it covertly, sometimes openly, and it states clearly that such and such an organization, government, society or movement has opposed our interests. That would give America the right to crush that organization, person, government or nation, whoever they are. This is the system of hegemony. It means the law of the jungle. It means an inhuman system. It means a system contrary to human nature.

Only those who accept hegemony are approved by hegemonists. If a government put at the disposal of a hegemonist all the oil, resources, security, economy, foreign relations and various policies of its country; and if it asked for the hegemonist's opinion and listened to what the hegemonist said, then this would be very good. It does not matter if the government is an oppressive one or it is a just government, whether it respects human rights or not, whether there is democracy in its country or not, whether its nation has heard of something called a parliament or not; none of these matter.

If you look at the Middle East, you can see governments which are accepted and approved by the American hegemonists. In terms of their ideological political development, from the point of view of human rights record, democracy what type of government are they? Do they understand the meaning of democracy? Do their people understand what an election is? Could anybody assume that there is room to breath in those countries? Not at all, it does not make any difference to officials of an hegemonic country, such is the USA. The important thing for it USA is that those countries submit to it. That is sufficient. Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader was killed because he was "devoted to Islam" If a country, a Community, an organization from any nation, with any characteristics, does not yield to them, they deserve to be attacked and no matter where they are in the world. You can see this if you look at conflicts, friendships and enmities, and again look at the confrontation against the system of the Islamic Republic. In such a case, any crime would be permissible against anyone who defends his homeland, his country, and anyone who struggles against the Zionist occupiers, which is a natural right of any individual. It has been accepted that there are governments in the world

Which are oppressive and cruel, and some of their people stand against them. The world regards those as combatants, not as terrorists. There are people who are struggling, truly, against the usurper, oppressive, occupier and harsh Zionist regime. That devoted young man, reference to gilled Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Fathi al-Shaqaqi who was martyred by the criminal Zionists and their lackeys, was one of them, and so are his organization and his society. Their crime is their struggle against a regime, which has usurped their homeland. Of course, he was guilty of another great crime which might have been greater then that struggle and that was the fact that he was devoted to Islam, and talked about following the Imam Khomeyni and was clearly proud of the fact that he was a follower of our great imam

This was, a very great offence. This is why the Zionist mercenaries murdered him. This is not all that unnatural. It is obvious that a regime such as the terrorist regime of Israel would kill its enemies if it could find an opportunity. Others people would also murder them. This is not all that unexpected either. We expect nothing else from Israel. They are terrorists. What is important is the fact that no individual in the Western world has condemned this terrorist act. This is the System of hegemony. It is that ugly face which has filled the world today.

People throughout the world have the right to clench their fists and scream at the hegemonic regime. This is a very sad thing. Among journalists, human rights organizations and politicians the words terrorist, terrorism, supporting terrorism roll off the tongue very loosely. The American President has gone and stood in front of the representatives of all the world’s nations and states arid has, utterly shamelessly, accused the Islamic Republic of being a government that nurtures terrorists. This is the extent to which they lack piety and are careless in their accusations. They neither produce any evidence nor pay attention to the facts; they just say something for the sake of keeping the Zionists, capitalists and others happy. They say

These things about terrorism and human rights in this manner, anywhere they can, whether the occasion is appropriate or not, whether what they are saying is the truth or a lie. Yet they do not condemn the most blatant terrorist crime; they pretend it has not happened. This is what a hegemonic System is and it is such a very ugly and detestable thing that if anyone ignores its existence, they should count themselves as being very ignorant.

Iran has no choice but to defend itself. Now, the Islamic Republics System is standing against this hegemonic System. In essence, the task of the Islamic Republic is to administer the nation and the country of Iran on the basis of the divine values and concepts taught by Islam. The assumption is that these values can bring prosperity to a society, and this is definitely the case; Islam will make society prosper. The basis of prosperity in a society is that that society is capable of living, thinking, choosing, reconstructing independently, following its own path and choosing its objectives independently. Thus, independence is at the basis of this important Islamic movement. So, can a country that bases itself on the principles of independence

and not surrendering to hegemonic Systems survive without resistance, without struggle and hard work? How ignorant are those who imagine that since the Islamic Republic's System is undergoing a period of reconstruction, there is no struggle against anyone or any power in the world - and that it is enough to drop one 's head and preoccupy oneself with reconstruction. Do you think that the enemy allows you to reconstruct? Do you think the enemy allows you to follow and advance along the path of this nation's prosperity? Can the hegemonic enemy tolerate an independent nation that will not allow the hegemonists to interfere in its affairs? They cannot tolerate it so they create disputes, they attack, they hatch plots - cultural plots; economic plots; security plots, which are today being hatched with intensity; and military plots - they will carry out military plots too if they deem it necessary or if it is expedient.

When a country has an objective, a path, and is determined to follow that path by not surrendering to the enemy and by ignoring the enemy’s illegitimate demands and greed, when faced by such an enemy/, this nation has no choice but to, defend itself. You have no choice but to defend yourself. (Crowd chants in support: God is great! Khamene'i is the leader! Death to the opponents of the supreme leader! Death to America! Death to'Zionism! Death to the

hypocrites and Saddam! Death to Israel!)

This spirit of Struggle and resistance against the enemies will remain healthy and intact among the youth only when their lives are ruled by piety and attention to God, which can rightly be called the great jihad. Students at universities, seminaries and high schools must be vigilant and alert. This is expected from all of you today, since you make up the elite generation of this country. You must identify the enemy. This is the first step. I have had a long-standing affinity towards universities and university students, with whom I have had many dealings in the past. Therefore, I have a lot of things to say to them. After all, it is our duty to admonish, and I particularly feel obliged to offer advice and admonition. One of the

things that the enemy pursues at present, in particular within the arena of our universities, is waging an onslaught against the clerical System Persian: nezam-e ruhaniyat in our country. You must always bear this it mind. This is not just happening today. From the day when the Pahlavi dynasty came to power, enemies realized that if they wished to conquer this country once and for all, there should not be anything by the name of religion or religious faith in this country. In order that religious faith should not exist in a structured form, the clergy must be put out of business. That is what they believed. As long as the clergy exists, there is a central organization, which is recognized by people as speaking in the name of religion. Religion cannot be purged from the lives, hearts and minds of the people. I am speaking about an organization which is not dependent on any of the organs of power, financially or otherwise. The clergy of our Sunni brothers - changes thought Clergy exist in other Islamic countries but they rely on government organs for a living. It is obvious that they cannot oppose those organs. The Christian clergy are similar.

The special characteristic of Shi'i clergy is that they do not rely on the ruling machinery for money, for a living. They are, therefore, free to speak. See for yourself. For 100 years, whatever reformist movements, whatever social or political struggle, whatever major developments that have taken place in Iran have been led entirely by the clergy or partly by the clergy. This is our history for all to see. However much the enemies of the clergy have tried throughout the last 50 to 60 years, they have not been able to deny this, because it is in our history...

A interpreting religion cannot be carried out by "non-specialists". At the head of the clergy are people who, from the point of view of theology, that is, the science of religious jurisprudence - I have already spoken about this before, jurisprudence Persian: feqahat is a methodology, it is a manner of interpretation Persian: estenbat , it is a science, it must be learnt sentence as heard . Everyone is free to learn this science, to Interpret religion. However, interpreting religion is based on a methodology. It is based on a scientific method. It is not something that can be carried out by anyone, by any non-specialist. It is not as if anyone can come from anywhere and start interpreting the Koran and the Traditions words and deeds attributed to Prophet Muhammad. This jurisprudence is the main science of the clergy. Of course, there is also Islamic philosophy, Islamic mysticism. These are also parts of jurisprudence in its broad sense. If the methodology of jurisprudence is from the midst of all this, then there would be nothing left of religion. people may come from one side and interpret religion on the basis of Marxism.

Have we, not already seen this in Iran? They had made a religion. The book written by that hypocrite group, which was Islamic in appearance and Marxist in fact – that is why they are hypocrites reference to the Mojahedm-e Khalq Organisation, MKO – when you placed their book side by side the ideological and theoretical books of the pro-Soviet communist Tudeh Party and communist groups, they were identical; in economics/ in history - the same interpretation of history, the same socialist economics, everything the same. The only difference is that these ones the MKO had stuck the names of God and the prophet on it and

the others had not. That is how it would be. If religion does not have an official interpreter, does not have an official custodian and guardian, this is what things come to: Some people bring religion into line with Marxist thinking and some people bring it into line with western democratic ideas, western capitalism. There are people in the world today who interpret religion, Islam that is, not all religions, exactly in a way which suits big companies and firms. This is what things would come to. It makes me very sad when I see people who, according to our own assessments and according to the information available to us, have no ulterior motives much, as the ones harbored by the Pahlavi regime, who seem to be one of us, one of us Muslims, when I see these people saying exactly the things which used to be said by the regime of Reza Khan and Mohammad Reza the shah's father and the shah respectively, who wished to spin a variety of plots and ploys. Why should this, be happening? The clergy are a major institution in the Islamic system. Were it not for the clergy, were it not for these turbaned seminary students, were it not for the struggles conducted by these seminarians throughout those sixteen years of struggle throughout the country – the struggle from 1341 to 1357 1963 to 1979 – when the seminarians used to go to every village and town in the country, to every region, even to military garrisons, publicizing the struggle – leaves sentence unfinished And that System could not stop them. What could they do to a seminarian? ...

Confronting the clergy is "sedition".

Today, if someone confronts the clergy, he gladdens the Zionists and the Americans more than anything else. You can see for yourself how, if a voice is raised anywhere in Iran, applause and chants of approval rises from all the Zionist media. Why? Because they have set their heart on the destruction of the clergy. They want the clergy to cease to exist. Well, this is sedition. This kind of talk, understanding the truth in such a distorted way and Publishing it in this way - this is sedition. I must give advice to those people who do not understand, do not realize that is I do not have the heart to and cannot believe that they are doing these things deliberately. I do not want to accept such a thing. Otherwise, if it comes to light that, God forbid, these things have been done with ulterior motives, with ill intent, let this be known:

The Islamic System will slap these people hard, in the face. (Extensive chants of

support- from the crowd: God is great! Khamene!i is the leader! Death to America! Death to Israel! Death to the hypocrites and Saddam! Death to those who oppose the position of supreme jurisconsult!)

This nation will slap in the face of the enemy of the clergy. The clergy are the servants of the people. The institution of the clergy is a modest one, undemanding and asks for little from the world. It wants none of the material things of the world. Of course, there are bad people among the clergy, treacherous people, in the past and in the present. I am not saying that

There are no such people. We have information about the presence of some unsavory people among the clergy. We know about them and know how some of them have upset people and how they used to upset the imam and the nation. However, this is no reason for the institution of the clergy, the organization of the clergy to be put under question. Of course, unsavory people exist. In the main, they are people who have decided to deviate front the true path of the clergy. Otherwise, those clergy who have been following the true path of the eminent imam, God be praised, good. We pray that God will guide all of us and give us success.

Hajj message of Ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene'i,
the Leader of Islamic Revolution


In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

And praise to God, the Lord of the worlds, and solution and greeting upon the best of his creation, Muhammad al- Mustafa and upon his pure household.

"And proclaim the pilgrimage among men; They will come to thee on foot and on the backs of swift beasts from every distant quarter." (22:27)

In the manner of spring season of nature, that arrives always, full of cheer of life, at its proper, permanent time, so the season of the pilgrimage, the ever refreshing spring of hearts and souls, the season of reappearance and growth of the spirit of monotheistic life in the heart of every Muslim who has reached Mighat, does return each year for its permanent, divine appointment, in order to, like a pure blessed fountain, shower the lands of Islam, to cleanse those who have succeeded to reach this fountain, from the dust and filth of sins, of polytheistic tendencies, of mammonism and materialism and of any inclination towards ill and evil, and to store up in them, if they are of those who do heed, a treasure of righteousness and salvation for an entire life.

For more than fourteen centuries now the call of Abraham, the Friend, echoed by Muhammad, the Chosen (s), has annually summoned 'the guests of the house' to come, at this season, to the great center of spirituality and unity, in order that they could circumambulate this monotheistic house, which is blessed by an eternal cycle of ascension, to pray at the back of Abraham's Maqaam, in the direction of Muhammedan Ka'ba, to demonstrate the unending endeavour of the faithful toward the origin of purity, in their movement between 'Safa' and 'Marwa' to recognize their own insig- nificance and the glory, the greatness and the might of the Most High at Arafaat, to learn the whispering of prayings, rememberings and love to the Holiest One, who has no equal, inside one's dark desert of being at Mash'ar, and to stone at Mina, the Satan and all other satans, to sacrifice sacrificial beasts a sign of sacrificing all misguiding desires and canal inclinations - and all this when the pilgrim is in ehraam, that is, when the heart and the soul of the pilgrim are faced with the forbidden fruits of paradise, and with other Muslims, shoulder to shoulder, from every place, from every race and of any material of spiritual status, belonging to any language of culture; and then as indication of removing every dust and dirt settled on their hearts and souls in the course of their polluted, worldly every-day lives, perform halq and taqsir; and to return, with a freshness resulting from having removed sins, and delighted by the manifestation of the knowledge and love of God, to the House of God again; and to perform their 'Tawaaf’, salaat, and 'Say' once again, but now in a superior horizon; and finally to prepare to go back, fortified by an abundant treasure of monotheism and unity, spirituality and purity, and determined to struggle against satans with a strengthened resolution to dominate one's self, in order to spread the perfumed scent of pilgrimage throughout the world.

In the noble wisdom of Islam, this amazing, meaningful and significant experience is so arranged as to enable, even by this one of the Islamic obligations, to ensure the unity, union and the inseparability of the great body of the Umma, despite the great spreading of Islam in the world, and disregarding the passage of centuries ... all in one place and always at a fixed period ... whether it was yesterday when it took the lovers of pilgrimage, from certain parts of the world almost a year to reach Ka'ba, or today when the enemies of the Islamic Umma do not require more than an hour to give coverage to their venomous propagations, always, then and now, the members of the great, wide spread body, have felt the need for this center of unity and strength, which fortifies their purity, brotherhood, spirituality and monotheism and also serves as a center for exchanging knowledge and information ... were Islam devoid of pilgrimage, it would surely lack a principal fundament and a substantial component.

Pilgrimage in its essence, contains two basic elements: Proximity to God in thought and action, and distancing from taquts and satans, with all one's heart soul ... all the performances and inhibition of hajj, are meant to ensure the provision and the realization of these two elements; in fact it is also a summation of Islam and all other divine calls:

"For We assuredly sent amongst every people a messenger (with the command), to serve Allah, and eschew evil." (16:36)

And certain other Quranic verses about pilgrimage also relate to these two important elements:

"Being true in faith to Allah, and never assigning partners to Him... But your God is one God; Submit then your wills to Him (in Islam). (22:34)

"So when ye have accomplished your rites, celebrate the praises of Allah as ye used to celebrate the praises of your father, yea, with far more heart and soul." (2:200)

Nearness to God, does require remembrance of God, prayers, submission, ehraam, contemplation on self on God, and performing Sa 'y between Safa' and Marwa', which leads to final virtuosity of the pilgrim:

"And take a provision with you for the journey, but the best of provisions is right conduct, so fear Me, o ye that are wise." (2:200)

And distancing oneself from, and avoidance of Satan and taaqut requires the abandoning of debasing passions and canal desires, exploiting one's patience and will, and the great powers of the Islamic Umma, and that is realized through the congregational movement of the pilgrims, their oneness of hearts, tongues and steps in Tawaaf and Sa 'y, in Woquf at Arafaat, and at Mash'ar and Mina, the en-mass aiming of Jamaraat at Satan, and the stoning from every where, and the collective absolution from it; and all this is finalized in the joining of the hands, hearts and wills of the Muslims from different parts of the Umma, the common feeling of strengthened security in the light of unity:

"Remember We made the house a place of assembly for men and a place of safety." (2:125)

If Hajj as enjoined by the Holy Quran and as recommended and practiced by the Prophet (pbuh), is performed, and as he said: "Take from me your practices," that is, the rituals to be performed according to his practice, it will undoubtedly ensure the individual perfection and the Umma 's glory. Anyone opposing such pilgrimage and wishing a pilgrimage divorced from its fundamental lines and signs, he is, in fact, opposing the movement of Muslims toward perfection and the greatness of the Islamic Umma. Today world arrogance, headed by the United States of America, and assisted by designs of Zionism, is engaged in an open confrontation with Islam and Muslims; this is certainly a continuation of old animosities towards Islam but through new methods, new motives and new means and devices. But then, the Islamic Umma possesses this unique center of resistance, power and unity; is it fair and proper for Muslims not to tale advantage of the pilgrimage vis-a-vis the conspiring, belligerent and divisive enemies? Should they face their enemies defenselessly?

A true, perfect pilgrimage, shall, by bringing the hearts of Muslims closer to one another, by exchanging information and by revealing conspiracies, neutralize the most dangerous plots against Islam and Muslims. Today the leaders of world arrogance and Zionism have set it as their most important task to fight, by sowing differences among Muslims and by deafening publicity and propagation, any country, government or people who does speak of Islamic Awakening, the sovereignty of the Holy Quran or call for the dignity and power of the Islamic Umma. They are certain that once they succeed in separating the lively, active, struggling parts from the rest of the Islamic Umma, then they shall be in a trouble-free position, not being faced with a great united Umma, to carry out their evil schemes against the Umma of Islam. The people of the world today witness how extensively and vehemently the trumpets of world arrogance have been sounding against the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is the very policy that has, by the grace of God, been so far left unfulfilled, yet it is still being vigorously pursued by world arrogance.

The most significant reason for enmity with the Islamic Republic since the days of the late Imam, is the fact that in this country all policies whether they are approved or rejected, are measured by Islamic criteria, and all political stands and positions are formed on the basis of Islamic injunctions. Governmental compromise with Zionism is rejected because it involves the permanent wandering of the Palestinian nation and the permanent occupation of Palestine by the enemy.

The people of Palestine, Bosnia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, Azarbaijan, Algeria and other oppressed nations are supported because the Holy Quran categorically enjoins us to support the oppressed Mostaazafeen'.

"And why should ye not in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak are ill-fated and oppressed, men, women and children, whose cry is: 'Out lord, rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors, and raise for us from Thee one who will protect, and raise for us from Thee one who will help!" (4:75)

And the domination and the influence of the United States in the Islamic and other oppressed countries are opposed, because the Holy Quran says:

"Take not My enemies and yours as friends (protectors), offering them your love." (60:1)

And in the Islamic Republic all laws emanate from Islamic injunctions, as it is believed that the strength and dignity, independence and welfare, and the material and spiritual perfection of a nation is only to be realized through the implementation of the laws of Islam.

These are the causes that make the leaders of world arrogance, helped by the brokerage and evil insinuations of the Zionist conspirators, consider Islamic Iran as their leading enemy and show hostility to it as much as they can.

Yet it is remarkable that today, throughout the Umma, enthusiasm for these aims and policies is daily increasing everywhere, in many an Islamic country, the youth and the elite and of the purest and most outstanding elements from amongst the clergy, university professor and learned men of science, artists, poets, writers, and even many civil servants and others belonging to the middle classes, are already devoting their hearts, their tongues and their pens to these goals: They oppose the Israeli-Arab compromise, and they oppose the indifference of their government regarding Islamic issues in Europe, Asia and Africa ... and world arrogance believes that these developments are consequences of the victory of Islam in Iran and the increasing strength of the Islamic Republic and therefore, they bear a sort of rabid grudge and insane enmity towards the Islamic Republic. This is also one of the important motivations for those who oppose the meaningful, purposeful, Abrahamite pilgrimage, because contemplation on "Hajj is a miraculous factor the dissemination and deepening of the idea among all Muslims, apart from being a great assembly for exchanging of information among people that come from the four comers of the world. l do humbly recommend, to all Muslim brothers and sisters who have got together in the great congregation of "Hajj that they ought to deeply ponder over the question of the " 'pilgrimage', and try to ensure for themselves the principal points already mentioned: Giving your heart and soul to God only, trying to approach the presence of the Holiest, in thought and action by true, pure worship on one hand, and distancing yourselves from Satan and the enemies of the path of God on the other, thereby enabling yourselves to return your home with spirits armed with virtue, hearts full of trust in God, souls delighted with renewed hope for the future of the Islamic Umma, and an iron will to pursue the goals of Islam for the sovereignty of Islamic teachings, laws and culture over Islamic communities.

The empty, vainglorious power of the enemies should not dazzle the eyes. They are only exploiting differences among Muslims and weaknesses in their determination to make a false demonstration of their power in the eyes simple-minded people. But the arrogant powers have, whenever Muslims truly resisted their oppression, repeatedly been defeated, or failed to achieve their ends. A glimpse at Islamic Iran shall verify our claim: Iran has, by the grave and power of the Almighty, overcome the greatest volume of animosity by the United States and its co.-conspirators for some 16 years, yet it has now emerged as a more powerful, more successful and more high-spiritedly hopeful country. And today the United States of America, the flag-bearer of world arrogance against the reawakened Islamic movement, has not only been frustrated and disgraced in its unequal fight, but is itself, facing many unsurmountable, economic, political and security problems.

The United State, in the course of its attempt as a superpower (which according to the false supposition of its inept but boastful leaders, must have some super-rights over others!) has often experienced the bitter taste of defeat and, God willing, shall suffer more defeats in the future, Glimpses at: the situation in Palestine and the unrealized sweet dreams of 'solving the Palestinian problem', which has only become a more difficult knot to open; East Africa and disgraceful withdrawal of American forces from Somalia: Europe and the neutral, ineffective role of the United States in the Balkans, the useless begging of the United States all over the world for stopping trade relations with Iran; the disgusting ploys of the United States to involve Iran in the ugly bombing incident In Argentina, which ended in their disgrace when truth come to light; and many other similar attempts are undeniable proofs that the claim of supporting human rights, are absolute lies. If Muslims are going to be determined, ready to resist and equipped with awareness and knowledge, they shall prove to be stronger than world arrogance. The forces of arrogance are suffering from extreme, incurable. social ills and, therefore, no government or community with determination and clear thinking need fear them, let alone a great community as the Islamic Umma.

At the end, I call all Muslims to ponder over performance and ritual in the course of the pilgrimage, and invite them only to seek assistance from the eternal power of God, and to hold to it firmly. I do hope that those whose hearts are bent on seeking divine light at the pilgrimage, shall be blessed by divine grace and succour. I pray for their benefiting from the pious prayers of Hazrat Baghiat-Allah-al-a 'zam (may our souls be given up for his sake, and may God expedite his appearance), and for their return, after an accepted pilgrimage, with their prayers being answered, together with a treasure house of spiritual gains.

Wassalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah

14th Dhu al-Hajjah al-Haram 1415

Ali al-Hussayni al-Khamenei

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