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Message of Imam Khomeini on Presidential Investiture of Hojjat-ul-Islam Khamene’i (9.10.1981)

Following is the official statement conferring the responsibilities of the office of the Presidency upon Hojjat-ul-Islam Khamene’i. This message of Imam Khomeini was read by his son Ahmad during the investiture ceremony at Jamaran Masjid, October 9, 1981. In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate Even though the hands of criminals and hypocrites have deprived the struggling people of Iran of a committed and faithful President and martyred one of our sincere servants and deprived the Iranian nation of his services, from him serving this nation and the y thought by assassinating personalities they could set back the rising nation of Iran and frustrate their determination for serving Islam and consequently, the way for the return of the plundering world powers would be paved, the overwhelming participation of the people changed the hope of the ill-wishers into disappointment and cut the greed of the greedy. The United States and the terrorists who are attached to and dependent upon her are portraying the noble Iranian nation and its Armed Forces which are loyal to Islam as deviating from their great Islamic aim. The western media, especially that of the U.S. and Zionism built castles of sand in anticipation of a very low turn-out in the past presidential election, hoping they could attack this land of lion-hearted men and women, wiping out Islam and bringing to power a monarchial regime or perhaps a 'People's Democratic Republic' and thereby make it possible for the power-mongers and especially the United States to plunder this country eternally in the future. The overwhelming turn-out in the presidential elections, as well as the continuous victories of our Armed Forces in the South and West and the people's continual presence on the scene on one side, and the putting down of the outlaws and traitors within the country and behind the fronts and the isolating of the U.S.-inspired nationalists eventually caused the collapse of their palaces. The Supreme Lord indeed favored us by guiding the people's votes for electing a committed and militant President who is treading the Straight Path of Islam and a scholar in religion and politics. It is hoped that by good management and with the help of the three branches of the government and the support of this great nation, our problems will be eliminated one after another and that the sacred canons of Islam will be implemented throughout the country in an ideal manner. Now in fulfillment of -the will of this great nation and based on my knowledge about the stature and dignity of our respectable scholar, Hojjat-ul-Islam Seyyid Ali Khamene’i, may the Supreme Lord aid him, I do hereby approbate the votes of the nation and do hereby endorse his Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The votes of our committed Muslims and this confirmation will remain valid on the condition that the President remains loyal to Islam and to his commitment to be a servant of the. nation and of the oppressed masses, and to the Qur’anic canon ... Oh believers be strong against the unbelievers and be compassionate within yourselves, and that he does not deviate from the right path of humanity and Islam as he has not done and God willing, he will not. At this grave point, where the ill-wishers both in and outside the country and the loudspeakers of the superpowers, especially the criminal U.S. are trying to exploit every possible means in order to make accusations against the nation and the government and the Majlis, and our courts of Justice, and in their corrupt wishful thinking they hope to lessen the stability of the various administrative organizations of the Islamic Republic, it is expected of the President to utilize the services of all organizations of the Islamic Republic and to coordinate all administrative organizations in an Islamic manner, in order to take away the excuses of the ill-wishers, even though many of them do not really agree with the Islamic canons and criteria of chastisement. Mr. President, as well as other statesmen of the Islamic Republic of Iran should remember that they are indebted to this noble nation because this self-sacrificing people attained victory upon shedding the blood of her youth and undertaking onerous toil, and this nation liberated all our people from prisons, and from exile and banishment and seized power from the hands of the tyrants and gave it to our statesmen. It is this same nation which has remained on the scene from the dawn of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution and has continuously supported this country, as well as the Armed Forces, and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and the rest of our Armed Forces as well as our government and the Majlis and the High judiciary Council and the courts of justice. This same people subdued our internal and our external enemies and established the "Hizbullah" [Party of God] in the place of all satanic parties and groups. It is the same nation which with great enthusiasm cast more than 16 million votes in favor of Mr. President which brought him to the office of the presidency. It is the same people, who by God's will are capable of safeguarding the country and rescuing it from the evil of the demons, and they are the people to whom we are indebted and to whom we should repay our debts. We should with all our heart and strength serve this nation, especially the oppressed masses who have carried the greater burden of this Islamic Republic, and who, without the least expectation, are in the service of Islam. As long as you and all of us are serving the,' people, no damage will be inflicted on-this Islamic Republic, and our great and vigilant nation, ever present on the scene, will rebut the insinuators and the oppressors. 1 implore the Supreme Lord for the triumph of Islam and Muslims. Praise be upon the righteous servants of God.


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