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Strong Support In Marja'iat (18.12.1994)

Iran News

IRAN NEWS NATIONAL DESK TEHRAN - Pakistan's Shia clerics federation in Islamabad Wednesday voiced support for Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as the top Shia authority worldwide.

The Vifaq-e Ulema-e-Shia Pakistan published an advertisement in national daily newspapers announcing that the faithful could emulate the Grand Ayatollah as marja-e-taqlid, the highest source of emulation, IRNA reported.

The major Shia party, Tehrik-e-Jafari, had already announced is backing for Khamenei. Pakistani Shia leader Allama Seyed Sajid Ali Naqvi directed followers toward the Grand Ayatollah. Jamit-ul-Montazir, a religious institution in Lahore, also announced its support.

Naqvi expressed gratitude to Khamenei for the points raised in his Wednesday speech on the status of the marja'iat. In his message to the Leader, Naqvi said the speech "gratified the world of Shias, those interested in the Islamic revolution and in the aspirations of the late Imam Khomeini, and foiled the plots hatched by the enemies of Islam."

Naqvi requested that Khamenei publish his Resaleh (a compendium of codified Islamic decrees).

A request also came from Friday prayer leaders in Orumieh, northwestern Azarbaijan, in a telegram to the Leader.

The message, signed by Friday prayer leaders of Shahindej, Naqadeh, Maku, Khoy, Orumieh, Takab and Miandowab, reiterated their request for the Resaleh. The prayer leaders had participated in a two-day congress of Friday prayers leaders of West Azarbaijan.

pakistani shias praise leader's views on marja'iyat (15.12.1994)

islamabad, dec. 15, irna -- leader of pakistan's shi'ite community, allameh seyyed sajed taqavi expressed gratitude to the leader of the islamic revolution, grand ayatollah seyed ali khamenei for the points raised in his speech delivered on wednesday on the status of marja'iyat of the world shi'ites. in a message to the leader, allameh taqavi said, "your speech about marja'iyat gratified the world of shi'ites, those interested in the islamic revolution and in the aspirations of the late imam khomeini and foiled the plots hatched by the enemies of islam." "i give you hearty approval and express my gratitude for accepting the difficult task of marja'iyat of the shi'ites of the world," allameh taqavi said. the leader of pakistani shi'ite community also requested that the leader publish his resaleh (a compendium of codified islamic decrees).

Grand Ayatollah Khamenei Highest Marja' of Shias Worldwide, Yazdi Says (6.12.1994)

Iran News

IRAN NEWS POLITICAL DESK TEHRAN - Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, in an exclusive interview with IRAN NEWS Sunday, said the initiative from the Society of Teachers of Qom Theological Seminary, i.e., providing the names of senior ulama competent and qualified for marja'iat, had thwarted inimical foreign forces. Yazdi, also a member of the said society, related that after numerous meetings, the last of which was held very late Friday, the society had provided the names of candidates qualified for marja'iat.

These nominees, he said, were Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani, Ayatollah Behjat, Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani, Ayatollah Mirza Javad Aqa Tabrizi, Ayatollah Musa Shubayri Zanjani, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi.

Following the demise of Grand Ayatollah Araki, foreign mass media attempted to give a false image of actual circumstances in Iran, by making inferences to differences over succession to the marja'iat, he said. Yazdi added that the Qom based society of teachers, made up of some twenty mujtahids, made a timely decision, thus barring any mischief or misuse of information by foreign media circles.

"Of course, the final choice of the marja'iat is up to the people and the world Shias will make the ultimate decision," Yazdi said.

The Shias worldwide are aware that among the Shia countries, only in the Islamic Republic of Iran could the marja' taqlid freely express his views about issues and problems related to the Muslims, Yazdi stated.

While having great respect for all ulama of other Islamic countries, the society concluded that compared with other countries, the marja' taqlid in Iran is least likely to be subjected to government pressure.

Asked by IRAN NEWS to express his views on who would have the highest number of "muqallidin" (followers), the judiciary chief said, "Given global developments, Shias now prefer a marja' who is not only a jurisprudent but also well-versed in global politics, economics, and social issues." "Over the past few days many individuals and groups, both at home and abroad, have expressed support for Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, and so he will have the highest number of "muqallidin", he pointed out.

In recent days, he marked, many Shias in Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Lebanon, India, Saudi Arabia and Iraq have accepted Ayatollah Khamenei as the marja' taqlid, so he is the first marja' of the Shia world.

As per the condition of Iran's prisons and prisoners, Yazdi said, "The doors of our prisons are open to all individuals and organizations that wish to gather information about Iran's penal system." Yazdi, however, cited a precondition in this regard. "Only those individuals or groups that are impartial can visit Iranian prisons; otherwise, those who are only after mere political publicity against Iran will not be allowed to inspect the prisons." "We claim that the standards of Iran's judiciary transcend international standards," Yazdi noted, adding that "an impartial delegation can survey and study this claim."

Asked to comment on Pope John Paul II's concern over Iranian Christians, the judiciary chief said, "These statements were surprising to me, as for many centuries, Iranian Christians have full been living in freesom and peace alongside Muslims." As an example, he referred to Archbishop Manukian, leader of the Armenian Christians who comprise the biggest Christian minority in Iran. He said, "Whenever Manukian faces a problem related to the judiciary, he immediately visits me and the issue is surveyed and solved in completely friendly discussions." "The same holds true for the Christian Majlis (Parliament) deputies, who have cordial relations with us and who are constantly in contact with the country's high-ranking officials," he noted. The Christians are completely free in practicing their faith and in matters related to marriage and divorce laws, Yazdi marked, adding that they even have special sports gymnasiums where they engage in sports according to their tastes, even if these are contrary to the existing laws in Iran. He added, "In their sports centers, coed sports exist, while this is contrary to the law as applied to Muslims, but since it does not clash with Christian tenets, they enjoy this freedom. I believe the Pope's concern is baseless."

mps appreciate introduction of leader as qualified marja' taqlid (4.12.1994)

tehran, dec. 4, irna - more than 150 majlis deputies appreciated the recent move by the scholars of qom semianry and members of the association of combatant ulema to introduce the leader of the islamic revolution, grand ayatollah ali khamenei as the marja' taqlid of the world's shia community. the majlis deputies said in a statement that grand ayatollah khamenei is the most knowledgeable expert on affairs of muslims and developments in the islamic world in contemporary era. they said that inspired by the founder of the islamic repubic the late imam khomeini, the assembly of experts had earlier entrusted the leadership of islamic society to such an efficient personality (grand ayatollah khamenei).

shi'ite community of india favour ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei, as marja (2.12.1994)

new delhi, dec. 2, irna -- some of the prominent leaders of the shi'ite community of india favour ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei, the leader of islamic republic of iran, as the next grand ayatollah. two of india's shi'ite scholars, seyyed aqeel al gharavi, principal hauz-e-ilmiya, jamiat-us-saqalain, delhi, and seyyed mohammed askari, the chairman of ahl-ul-bait trust, said in a jointly addressed press release: "ayatollah khamenei is a reliable guarantee for unity strength, security and solidarity of muslim community." the two opined that in choosing ayatollah khamenei as the next grand marja', the union of spiritual authority and political leadership could be effected again. "once chosen as the grand marja', we urge upon the shia community of india to obey his commands and abide by his edicts in all the temporal and ecclesiastical affairs." they read. meanwhile, according to news from kashmir, the ulema of shi'ite majority kargil region also held that ayatollah khamenei could be the personality to succeed as grand marja'. to grieve the departure of ayatollah araki from this mortal world, a three-day mourning is being observed in kargil with black flags hoisted atop all the houses in the region and educational institutions, business establishments reaining closed

Ayatollah seyyed ja'far encourged to follow (taqlid) Ayatollah Khamene’i (30.11.94)

tehran, nov. 30, irna -- ayatollah seyyed ja'far karimi said here today that there is no problem in following (taqlid) in religious matters the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei, and he encourged theological students to do so. he said that in his opinion the most meritorious person in this regard is ayatollah khamenei.

ayatollah karimi offered his condolences to ayatollah khamenei on the death of grand ayatollah sheikh mohammad ali araki.

in related nes, ayatollah morteza banifasl said in reply to the question of a group of ulema of the qom theological school here today that ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei is qualified for becoming the ultimate religious source in iran.

he said since more than 70 leading ulema in iran, many of them just scholars at the highest level, on the departure of imam khomeini declared ayatollah khamenei as being qualified for issuing fatwa on 'ifta' on controversial or complex points of points of religion, therefore, to follow him would be permissible and would help bolster the system of the islamic republic. ayatollah banifasl is member of the experts council, and teacher at qom theological school.

meanwhile, a number of shi'ites in germany, the netherlands and austria have requested for copies of the treatise of ayatollah khamenei.

head of ahl-ul-bait youth assembly in europe and friday prayer leader of berlin's imam reza mosque, in a condolence message cabled to ayatollah khamenei said a number of shi'ites in germany, the netherlands and austria have requested the assembly to provide them with the treatise on religious issues of the leader of the islamic revolution.

shamseddin backs leader's stance on banning self-slashing (14.6.1994)

beirut, june 14, irna -- a prominent lebanese alim has voiced support for the stance of the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei on prohibition of superstitions and heresy in islam. the speaker of lebanon's supreme shiite assembly sheikh mohammad mahdi shamseddin said as stated by ayatollah ali khamenei slashing one's head with swords was against islamic law (sharia). "mourners who shed their blood through this means (slashing their heads with swords) had better donate their blood to the sick people who are in need of blood," he said. shamseddin made the remarks in a mourning ceremony held in commemoration of the martyrdom anniversary of imam hussein (peace be upon him), the third imam of the household of prophet mohammad (pbuh) at a southern suburb of beirut. the lebanese alim called on other ulama and friday prayer leaders to cooperate in this regard.


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