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bulletleader paid tribute to imam musa sadr (30.5.1999)
bulletFather of Lebanese Shuhada expresses his love to the Leader (26.5.1999)
bulletMarriage of Imam Khamene’is son (25.5.1999)
bulletImam Khamene'i gives no money for his pictures, no sugar at home (19.5.1999)
bulletAfghan shia, sunni clerics laud revolution leader (24.2.1999)
bulletLebanese groups felicitate leader on islamic revolution anniversary  (4.2.1999)
bulletSeyyid Hassan Nasrullahs Interview (8.1.1999)
bulletA Day in the Life of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution (6.1.1999)


bulletExcerpts from the Friday prayer, Ayatollah Meshkini-Qomi (23.03.1998)
bulletThe Imam Khomeini education and research Institute (1.3.1998)


bulletHizbullah fighting under the Leadership of Imam Khamene'i (20.10.1997)
bulletAyatollah Hashemi’s Course On Wilayat al-Faqih


bulletAnniversaary of takeover of US Spy den (3.11.1995)
bulletMahjubah Meets Mrs. Khamene'i, The Leader's wife of the Islamic Republic of Iran (1.9.1995)


bulletStrong Support In Marja'iat (18.12.1994)
bullet pakistani shias praise leader's views on marja'iyat (15.12.1994)
bulletFrand Ayatollah Khamenei Highest Marja' of Shias Worldwide, Yazdi Says (6.12.1994)
bullet mps appreciate introduction of leader as qualified marja' taqlid (4.12.1994)
bullet shi'ite community of india favour ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei, as marja (2.12.1994)
bulletAyatollah seyyed ja'far encourged to follow (taqlid) Ayatollah Khamene’i (30.11.1994)
bullet Shamseddin backs leader's stance on banning self-slashing (14.6.1994)


bullet Interview with Mrs. Khamenei (September 1992)
bulletShahid Seyyid Abbas Musawi


bullet Adress to the foundation of the Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences (C.R.C.I.S), Qom
bulletLeader's Speech in Mashhad: Some Print Media Are Saying Things the CIA Is Disseminating (30.5.1988)



Address of Imam Khomeini on Presidential Investiture (9.10.1981)

bullet Message of Imam Khomeini on Presidential Investiture of Hojjat-ul-Islam Khamene’i (9.10.1981)
bulletImam Khomeini’s message on the Occasion of the Attempted Assassination of Hojjat-ul-Islam Khamene’i (28.06.1981)
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