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Let us learn from the prayer of

Imam Khamenei's faithful follower

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Abbas Musawi's own voice


Translation of the prayer

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And I ask you (oh God), to bestow on me a purifying martyrdom,
which I have chosen myself and which is expiation for my sins,
a martyrdom, which hardly a similar is known,
through which my body is torn (into pieces),
and through which each of my limbs receives that,
what it has deserved as requital and punishment,
and than may You, oh God, let me live without doubt  in Your near
and in the near of those who have devoted themselves to You.

Seyyid Abbas Musawi was hit by an israeli rocket in a car with his wife and his young son on the 12th of February 1992, only a few days after his prayer and he has been teared into pieces and burned so that less of him was left and his prayer was completely fulfilled.

Seyyid Abas Musawi was one of the most faithful supporters of Imam Khamenei and he was one of the first who called him in public with the title "Imam Al-Khamenei" and called him "Seyyid-ul-Qa'id".

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