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Supreme Leader Meets with Members of Health Care Charity Association 31.12.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with Participants of International Conference on Islamic Awakening 11.12.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with Navy Commanders 27.11.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with Basijis 21.11.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with Hajj Officials 19.11.2012
Leader: 'Ultimate objective of Iran's Islamic Revolution is progress' 11.10.2012
Leaderís remarks to the Iranian bright youth 3.10.2012
Supreme Leader Meets Hajj Officials 24.9.2012
Supreme Leader Urges Action Against Anti-Islam Film 17.9.2012
Supreme Leaderís Message Condemning Anti-Islam Film 13.9.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with Chairman and Members of Assembly of Experts 6.9.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with Chairman of North Korean Assembly 1.9.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with President of Guinea Bissau 1.9.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with President of Mongolia 1.9.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with Algerian Parliament Speaker 31.8.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with President of Sudan 31.8.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with President of Pakistan 31.8.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with President of Benin 31.8.2012
Supreme Leader Meets with Sri Lankan President 31.8.2012
Leader: Main aim of NAM founders, forming an influential movement 31.8.2012
Leader calls for growing cooperation among Islamic countries 31.8.2012
Leaderís Remarks in Meeting with Prime Minister of Syria 31.8.2012
Leader: NAM should take initiative, end current situation in Syria 31.8.2012
Leader cautions Muslim states against plots to fan ethnic conflicts 31.8.2012
Ayatollah Khamenei underlines nations' will, progress 30.8.2012
Leader, Tajik president stress consolidation of ties 30.8.2012
Leaderís Remarks in Meeting with President of Turkmenistan 30.8.2012
Leaderís Remarks in Meeting with Lebanese President 30.8.2012
Supreme Leaderís Inaugural Speech at the 16th Non-Aligned Summit 30.8.2012
Leaderís Remarks in Meeting with Ban Ki Moon 30.8.2012
Leaderís Remarks in Meeting with Indian Prime Minister 30.8.2012
Supreme Leader Meets Executive Officials 23.8.2012
Supreme Leader Urges Vigilance Against Enemy Plots 19.8.2012
Supreme Leader Leads Eid ul-Fitr Prayers in Tehran 19.8.2012
Supreme Leader condoles survivors of East Azarbaijan's quakes 13.8.2012
Leader congratulates Iranian athletes, nation for victory in London 13.8.2012
Supreme Leaderís Speech to Professors 12.8.2012
Leader emphasizes on justice oriented outlook to Iranís economy 6.8.2012
Leader: Iranians not to yield to pressure 29.7.2012
Supreme Leader Meets Government Officials 24.7.2012
Leader's remarks in meeting with reciters and memorizers of holy Quran 21.7.2012
Leader emphasizes women's role in Islamic Awakening 11.7.2012
Leader calls for harmony among 3 branches of government 27.6.2012
Iran Hoisting Flag of Islamic Rule in Materialistic World 24.6.2012
Hegemony's undue expectations go nowhere 18.6.2012
Leader receives members of parliament 13.6.2012
Imam Khomeini, father of Islamic Awakening 3.6.2012
Leader: Dignity of Iranians stem from resistance 23.5.2012
Leader: The path of Revolution will continue 18.5.2012
Supreme Leader: Hijab Brings About Dignity for Women 12.5.2012
Ayatollah Khamenei inspects 25th TIBF event 6.5.2012
Leader urges people to take part in Majlis run-off elections 4.5.2012
Nation to display foresight in polls day 2.5.2012
Iranian Nation to Display Insightfulness by High Turnout in Run-Off Votes 2.5.2012
IR Leader inspects medicine factory 29.4.2012
IRI Army, key part of Islamic Awakening process 22.4.2012
Leader: Satisfying people, satisfies God 15.4.2012
Leader: Expediency Council in charge of key issues 8.4.2012
IRI military power, a thorny issue for enemies 4.4.2012
Leader emphasizes national production 3.4.2012
Iran opposes any foreign intervention in Syria 30.3.2012
Leader: IRI to respond in kind to any attack 20.3.2012
IR Leader: 1391, year of National Production 20.3.2012
Visit to research center of Oil Industry 12.3.2012
Iranians show trust in Islamic system in polls 8.3.2012
Elections play key role in IRI's security 2.3.2012
Nation will deal a heavy blow to global hegemony 29.2.2012
Iran to break authority of powers that rely on nukes 22.2.2012
Islamic movement will bring about global change 15.2.2012
IRI will stand by Palestinian resistance, people 12.2.2012
Islamic Ummah in dire need of unity 10.2.2012
Meeting with the Iranian Air Force personnel on the anniversary of brave action of the Air Force 8.2.2012
Muslim poets meet Islamic Revolution Leader 7.2.2012
Friday prayers sermons in Tehran 3.2.2012
US confronting Syria over resistance 31.1.2012
Meeting with young Muslims from 73 countries 30.1.2012
IR Leader meets relatives of martyr scientists 20.1.2012
IRI progress, not dependent on individuals 13.1.2012
Leader: Massive elections turnout crushes enemies 9.1.2012
Islamic views on women issue must be theorized 5.1.2012
IR Leader: students have dual assignments 1.1.2012
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