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Diplomats must publicize IRI new word to int'l dialogue 28.12.2011
Hajj, unique occasion to manifest noble Islam 19.12.2011
Leader lauds public presence, faith in nation's victories 12.12.2011
'Imperialist UK based on crushing nations' 28.11.2011
Islamic Revolution inspired other nations 27.11.2011
Supreme Warns Enemies Against Military Threats 10.11.2011
Leader calls for 'Islamic power bloc' in Hajj message 5.11.2011
US is the principal terrorist in world 2.11.2011
IRI supports an integrated, stable Iraq 30.10.2011
Supreme Leader Urges Government Officials to Resolve Problems of Kermanshah Province 20.10.2011
Enemies fear Iran's leading role in region 19.10.2011
Leader meets with Top local personalities in Kermanshah province 18.10.2011
Leader: IRI never gives in to extortion 17.10.2011
IRI will robustly counter any conspiracy 16.10.2011
Supreme Leader Meets Basijis of Kermanshah Province 14.10.2011
Supreme Leader: “Attacking the Islamic Republic Is Costly” 13.10.2011
Supreme Leader: Spirit of Self-Sacrifice Saves a Nation 13.10.2011
Supreme Leader Meets Clerics of Kermanshah 13.10.2011
Corruption of Capitalism Has Become Clear to People 12.10.2011
Elites hold key to Iran's success, progress 5.10.2011
'Enemy after discord among Muslims' 3.10.2011
Leader urges liberation of Palestinian lands 1.10.2011
Palestine, the primary issue 1.10.2011
Leader meets with war disabled people 28.9.2011
World hegemony seeks to spread insecurity 20.9.2011
'West seeks to defeat Muslim's revolutions' 17.9.2011
Islamic world developments tell of bright future 14.9.2011
Head and members of the Experts of Leadership`s Assembly 8.9.2011
Supreme Leader Calls on Muslims to Return to their Original Islamic Identity 31.8.2011
Leader urges Muslim nations to remain vigilant 31.8.2011
Leader: sanctions cannot last long 28.8.2011
Quds Day, time to shout rightful slogans 24.8.2011
Supreme Leader Meets Economic Experts 17.8.2011
1979 Islamic Revolution awakened the nations 16.8.2011
IR Leader's office urges assisting Somalia 15.8.2011
Supreme Leader Terms Iranian Nation's Resistance Key to Success 11.8.2011
Meeting a large group of Iranian students 10.8.2011
Leader: Islamic Republic can thwart all plots 8.8.2011
'Islamic Revolution, step toward Quran' 2.8.2011
Supreme Leader Gives Financial Aid to Somalia 31.7.2011
Formation of the Supreme Board for Arbitration and Coordination 30.7.2011
Supreme Leader Announces General Employment Policies 29.7.2011
IRI's naval presence inspires other nations 24.7.2011
Navy's robust presence shows national dignity 23.7.2011
IR Leader: Alien fleet detrimental to PG 23.7.2011
Leader urges promotion of book reading 20.7.2011
Leader: US is real enemy of Pakistan 16.7.2011
IR Leader receives Chamber of Commerce members 12.7.2011
IR Leader receives researchers on Mahdism 9.7.2011
Regional uprising proves Koran promises are credible 5.7.2011
IR Leader: All parties refrain from controversy 4.7.2011
Regional movements, anti-US, anti-Zionist in nature 30.6.2011
Leader: Media avoid unfounded accusations 27.6.2011
West in fear about a Libyan Islamic gov't 26.6.2011
Supreme Leader Meets Afghan President 25.6.2011
Supreme Leader Meets Pakistani President 25.6.2011
US presence, source of Iraqi problems 25.6.2011
'Fight against terrorism, unavoidable duty' 25.6.2011
Leader visits exhibition on armed forces' achievements 22.6.2011
IR Leader warns about West's cultural onslaught 13.6.2011
Palestine belongs to Muslims in its entirety 4.6.2011
Islamic Revolution grew hope among nations 24.5.2011
Western attitude towards women must be challenged 22.5.2011
Justice must turn into common discussion 17.5.2011
Leader urges development in book publication 11.5.2011
IR Leader lauds Iran's science, technology achievements 9.5.2011
Vigilance movements to continue to very heart of Europe 4.5.2011
Supreme Leader: Europe to Experience Islamic Awakening Soon 4.5.2011
Islamic awareness will thwart enemies' plots 23.4.2011
Regional uprisings, fruit of 1979 revolution 3.4.2011
US Defeats in the Region would Continue 22.3.2011
Leader declares 'Year of Econ. Jihad' 21.3.2011
Leader has warned against enemy plots to bring another “Pharaoh” to power in Egypt 20.2.2011
Tehran's Friday prayers 4.2.2011
IR Leader urges people to keep vigilance 9.1.2011
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