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US Defeats in the Region would Continue


Supreme Leader of revolution Ayatullah Khamenei said on 1st day of Iranian New Year of Solar Hijri, 1390 Monday after naming the year as Economic Jihad Year, “US defeats in region would continue.,,

Ayatollah Khameneie then elaborated on the popular movements in the region in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya.

His eminence said that these movements are very important and signs of a fundamental development in the Arabic-Islamic region and the Islamic awareness of the Ummah (nation), adding, “Two major elements in these movements are the presence of the people at the scene and their religious attitude.”

The leader of the Islamic Revolution said that the main reason why the human conscience and the dignity of the region’s nations is hurt is the improper conduct of their despotic rulers, reiterating, “For instance, the conduct of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and committing the most criminal acts on behalf of the Zionist regime, particularly regarding Gaza, and the conduct of Qazzafi on Libya, like delivering the nuclear facilities of that country to the Americans in confrontation with the baseless threats and minute promises of the west, were among the moves that hurt the pride of the peoples.”

Ayatollah Khameneie further elaborating in the same respect said, “The western threats and pressure, led by the United States did exist against Iran, too, and they still exist, but the Islamic Republic officials have not only not backed up in confrontation with them, but increased their nuclear facilities each year, as well.”

His eminence elaborated on the conduct and the sands of the Americans regarding the regional developments, adding, “The Americans were at the beginning amazed and devoid of analyses on the regional developments, which was why their respective stands were contradictory.”

The leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized, “Supporting the dictators is the fixed policy of the Americans and they defended Husni Mubark, too, to the very end, but when they noticed that the continuation of his presence is not possible they threw him out like a handkerchief, which should be a lesson for the independent leaders.”

Ayatollah Khameneie said that the fall of the Egyptian dictator was a severe blow against the US Middle East policies, adding, “When the united States lost hope in preserving Ben Ali and Husni Mubarak, it began a notorious and nasty, but of course simple effort aimed at preserving the structures of their dictatorships in Tunisia and in Egypt, but that effort, too, was defeated with the continuation of the popular movements in those countries.”

His eminence reiterated, “After facing defeat in those two plots, the Americans resorted to opportunism and assimilation in their strategies, trying to confiscate the revolutions, in which they also faced defeat.”

The leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the US efforts aimed at assimilation of the regional developments in Iran, adding, “Resorting to wretched figures who were under the reign of their temptations to create a funny caricature of those movements in Iran, but the Iranian nation hit a punch on their mouths and this plot, too, faced defeat.”

Ayatollah Khameneie referred to the conduct of the United States regarding the popular movements in the region and their claim on supporting the will of the nations, arguing that it is hypocritical, and referring to the US president’s claim regarding his support for the Iranian nation, said, “We do not know whether the current US president knows what he says, or he is ignorant and dizzy? He says the people at Tehran’s Azadi Square are the same as the people at (Egypt’s) Tahrir Square, while the people every year gather at Azadi Square and their main mottos is ‘Death to USA’.”

His eminence emphasized that the US claims on supporting the nations, too, have always been lies, as they not only have no mercy for the regional nations, but also have no mercy for their own nation, because the current US president under such conditions that his country is going through the most critical economic conditions of that country has sent billions of dollars of the American people’s money to the pockets of weapon builder factories and the oil cartels and is still doing so.”

The leader of the Islamic Revolution further elaborating the ongoing regional movements, referred to the situation in Libya, adding, “The Islamic republic of Iran, too, condemns the behavior of the Libyan government and the massacre of the people there, but we also condemn the US and western attacks cent per cent.”

Ayatollah Khameneie totally ruled out the truthfulness of the Americans and the west that their move is aimed at supporting the Libyan people, emphasizing, “If they are truly the supporters of the Libyan people why did they remain sitting idle watching the massacre of the people?”

His eminence reiterated, “The United Sates and the west are merely after the Libyan oil and strengthening their footholds in that country so that they would be able to monitor the behavior of the future governments in Tunisia and in Egypt.”

The leader of the Islamic Revolution considered the UN behavior regarding Libya, too, a blot against the reputation of that intentional organization, adding, “Instead of being at the service of the nations, the UN has become a tool at the disposal of the United States and the west.”

Ayatollah Khameneie then referred to the recent developments in Bahrain, emphasizing, “The nature of the movement of the people of Bahrain is quite the same as the movements in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen, because the people of Bahrain, too, want the right to vote freely in elections, which is not demanding too much.”

His eminence said that talking about the Shi’a-Sunni issue in Bahrain developments by the United States and the west is merely a pretext aimed at blocking the path for supports for the movement of the Bahraini nation.”

The leader of the Islamic Revolution expressed sorrow that some people have fall preys in that trap of the Americans, emphasizing that stressing over the Shi’a-Sunni issue in Bahrain issue is serving the Americans and the enemies of the Islamic Ummah.

Ayatollah Khameneie referring to the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the Palestinian nation, and particularly the 22 Day Gaza War, reiterated, “The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the Palestinian nation, as well as the recent regional movements in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, while they are not Shi’a Muslims, because in such issues there is no place for the Shi’a-Sunni discussions and therefore, regarding the Bahrain issue, too, it is not possible to remain silent merely because the people are Shi’as.”

Regarding the interference of the Saudi government in Bahrain developments, his eminence added, “The peak of the Americans and their mercenaries’ impudence is where they do not consider the presence of Saudi tanks as interference in the internal affairs of Bahrain, but the objections of the sources of jurisprudence and the well wishers of the Bahraini people as Iran’s interference!”

The leader of the Islamic Revolution said that the military interference of the Saudi government in Bahrain is a grave mistake, emphasizing that this move would lead to the hatred of the regional people against the Saudi regime and would definitely have grave aftermaths for Saudi Arabia.”

Summing up the regional developments, Ayatollah Khameneie reiterated, “The new movement that has started in the region is the movement of the Islamic Ummah with Islamic objectives and orientation, and this movement would as God promised be victorious with a chain of US defeats in the region.”

His eminence emphasized, “The stand of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the regional developments is defending the nations and the nations’ rights and opposing the dictators and the oppressor regimes.”

Leader declares 'Year of Econ. Jihad'

Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:11AM Press TV

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has congratulated the nation on the occasion of Nowruz and named the new Iranian calendar year as "The Year of Economic Jihad."

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei extends his congratulatory message in the early hours of the Persian calendar year of 1390.

"I felicitate this auspicious celebration especially to the families of the martyrs and war disabled veterans," the Leader said.

The Leader lauded the country's accomplishments during the previous year and wished all the Iranians around the globe a year of health and prosperity.

Ayatollah Khamenei also called for all-out jihad-like efforts by the Iranian nation and officials in order to pave the grounds for a decade of economic growth.

The Leader touched upon the tragic incidents in Bahrain, Yemen and Libya, and expressed sympathy with their nations, saying that the Islamic awakening in the Muslim world is the harbinger of justice in the region.

The Leader also praised the government's subsidy reform plan and regarded it as the country's most important achievement in the previous year, noting that the plan expedited Iran's economic development.

Nowruz is an ancestral festivity marking the first day of spring and the renewal of nature. It promotes values of peace and solidarity between generations and within families as well as reconciliation and neighborliness, thus contributing to cultural diversity and friendship among people and different communities.


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