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Thousands of enthusiastic people from the northern Iranian province of Gilan 29.12.2010
Leader highlights security in Persian Gulf 20.12.2010
Supreme Leader Meets Hajj Officials 6.12.2010
Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress called for 1.12.2010
Lebanon needs resistance as long as Zionist regime exists 29.11.2010
Basij, a bright and exceptional reality 25.11.2010
Leader pardons 649 prisoners 25.11.2010
Anti-Iran sanctions are futile 17.11.2010
Supreme Leader Confident about Bright Future of Muslims 15.11.2010
Leader lauds armed forces' achievements 10.11.2010
Sedition thwarted thanks to presence of youths 3.11.2010
Enemy maintaining a long term project 26.10.2010
Scholars urged to reproduce Islamic teachings 25.10.2010
'Knowledge main pillar of seminaries' 25.10.2010
Enemies lagging behind fast advancing Iran 24.10.2010
Leader acknowledges key role of seminaries 23.10.2010
Seminaries should make Islamic theories available to world 21.10.2010
Supreme Leader Meets Families of Martyrs of Qom Province 20.10.2010
Enemy has targeted public faith, loyalty 19.10.2010
Meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki 18.10.2010
Message to 19th National Prayer Conference 13.10.2010
IRI, Syria should keep their cordial ties 2.10.2010
The Message on the Quran sacrilege in the USA 13.9.2010
Leader urges quick int'l aid for Pakistan 31.8.2010
Leader urges unity among Muslims‎ 9.8.2010
Presence of Foreigners in Afghanistan has only Brought Trouble, Sedition, and Corruption 6.8.2010
Leader Tells IRGC: Prepare for Every Eventuality 15.7.2010
Leader on 'consumption pattern' plan 7.7.2010
Leader orders keeping Azad Univ. status 6.7.2010
Leader's Condolence Message On the Occasion of Passing Away of Allameh Fadlallah 5.7.2010
Leader places high importance on national media 4.7.2010
Leader warns against media propaganda 28.6.2010
Ayatollah Khamenei's Tribute to Imam Khomeini 5.6.2010
Palestine, grave contemporary rights issue 1.6.2010
Leader: West to blame for Gaza aid raid 1.6.2010
Independent states should join hands 16.5.2010
'Iran must become Muslim role model' 5.5.2010
Police should align efficiency with kindness towards people 25.4.2010
Leader: Justice should prevail in govt. 20.4.2010
Only US has committed nuclear offence 17.4.2010
Leader: Nowruz, ideal chance to convey Eastern culture 27.3.2010
In Iran, Leader assails hypocrisy in US approach 21.3.2010
New year, year of Double ambition, Double endeavor 20.3.2010
Leader congratulates nation on Nowruz 20.3.2010
IR Ledaer highlights D8 as model for Muslims 2.3.2010
Meeting with head of Islamic Culture and Communications Organizationas well as IRI cultural representatives 2.3.2010
Anti-hegemony policy only belongs to IRI 28.2.2010
In Iran, Leader sees Palestine independence as 'definite' 27.2.2010
Jamaran Destroyer joins the IRI Navy 20.2.2010
Iranians will stun the arrogance on Feb 11 8.2.2010
Palestine symbol of faith, struggle and dignity 7.2.2010
Leader Calls for Scientific Leap 2.2.2010
Scientific goals in light of faith, key to success 28.1.2010
Leader Calls US, Zionists Iran's Worst Enemies 27.1.2010
Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei: Islamic Revolution of Iran will not budge to enemy 26.1.2010
Zionist regime will disappear one day: Leader 26.1.2010
Leader censures 'domination order' by the powerful 21.1.2010
Dec 30 marches manifested able hand of God 9.1.2010
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