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IR Leader condoles with Ayatollah Montazeri's demise 20.12.2009
We stand firm in the Palestinian issue 15.12.2009
Ghadir marks true path of the Islamic Ummah 6.12.2009
The Supreme Leader's Hajj Message 26.11.2009
Leader urges measures to counter enemy's soft war 25.11.2009
Regional states must thwart enemy plots 5.11.2009
Islamic Republic, more profound than US think 3.11.2009
Supreme Leader Receives Turkish Premier 29.10.2009
Leader: Foreign agents behind regional terror attacks 26.10.2009
Supreme Leader: Islamic Unity an Urgent Need 26.10.2009
Leader warns of foreign post-vote plots 7.10.2009
IRI would not climb back in face of aggression 20.9.2009
Leader hails massive anti-Zionism rallies 20.9.2009
Leader says Iran tolerates constructive criticism 11.9.2009
Leader: 85% turnout proves Iran a republic in nature 7.9.2009
Leader: Repeated US failures show new world order 6.9.2009
Leader hails handling of post-vote events 30.8.2009
Supreme Leader's Message of Condolence on the Demise of Abdul Aziz al-Hakim 27.8.2009
Supreme Leader Meets with Students 26.8.2009
Spiritual Quranic Recital meeting Held In Husseiniyeh of Imam Khomeini 22.8.2009
Supreme Leader Meets with Bashar al-Assad 19.8.2009
Security leads other issues in Persian Gulf 4.8.2009
Supreme Leaderís Speech at Endorsement Ceremony 3.8.2009
Leader Urges Solidarity, Brotherly Cooperation to Improve Iran 25.7.2009
In Iran, Leader wants political voices to reflect caution 20.7.2009
Supreme Leader Pardons Tens of Prisoners 20.7.2009
IR Leader appoints Army's politico-religious head 19.7.2009
Vigilance Pays 7.7.2009
Islamic world is in dire need of unity 6.7.2009
Leader warns West, says Iran sees solution in law 28.6.2009
Leader: Iran not to give in to pressure 24.6.2009
Massive turnout hit the enemy like an earthquake 19.6.2009
Nation's turnout rattled enemies 19.6.2009
Vandals not related to candidates 16.6.2009
Supreme Leader Receives Mir Hossein Mousavi 15.6.2009
Supreme Leader's Remarks 14.6.2009
Leader hails record turnout in presidential vote 13.6.2009
Nation faces another major test 12.6.2009
Leader Calls for Massive Election Turnout 12.6.2009
Remarks on Imam Khomeini's Passing Away Anniversary 4.6.2009
Imam Khomeini was symbol of Islam 1.6.2009
Supreme Leader receives Afghan, Pakistani presidents 30.5.2009
Supreme Leader's Message of Condolence 30.5.2009
Leader Blasts Enemy Efforts to Sow Discord among Muslims 19.5.2009
Speech to university students of the Kurdistan 18.5.2009
Supreme Leader: Toeing line of US, others not a sign of development 17.5.2009
Leader Emphasizes National Dignity 17.5.2009
Leader Emphasizes Better Conditions for Kurdistan Province 17.5.2009
Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei in Marivan 16.5.2009
Meeting with the province's officials including governor and representatives 15.5.2009
Epic of nomad border guard remains in memory 14.5.2009
Military ceremony of armed forces in Kordestan 14.5.2009
Kurdish Elites Meet and Confer with Supreme Leader 14.5.2009
Attends gathering of Kurdistan regionís martyred commandersí families 14.5.2009
Religious scholars must keep abreast of time 13.5.2009
IR Leader urges enthusiastic presence in polls 12.5.2009
Leader's Memorable Speech in Sanandaj 12.5.2009
Youth's Vibrancy Vital for Confronting Enemies 11.5.2009
Meeting a huge gathering of nurses, teachers and workers 29.4.2009
Message on the Terrorist Attack on Iranian Pilgrims in Iraq 24.4.2009
Venezuela at Latam Forefront 5.4.2009
Leader: Deceiving, Intimidating Iranians Impossible 22.3.2009
Supreme Leader's Remarks at Imam Reza (PBUH) Shrine in Mashhad 22.3.2009
Leads prayers for deceased wife of Late Imam Khomeini 22.3.2009
Supreme Leader Congratulates Nowrouz, the New Iranian Year 21.3.2009
Supreme Leader calls new year, year of consumption pattern reforms 20.3.2009
ECO should turn into a more dynamic, stronger body 12.3.2009
OIC should forge unity among world Muslims 11.3.2009
No sign of change in US wrong policies 11.3.2009
Remarks in Palestine's international conference 4.3.2009
Supreme Leader Grants Audience to Iraqi President 1.3.2009
Culture of endowment must be promoted 17.2.2009
Supreme Leader Meets People of East Azarbaijan 16.2.2009
Gaza war helped distinguish between truth and falsehood 11.2.2009
Gaza people conferred honor on all of us 2.2.2009
Message to Ismail Haniya 16.1.2009
Leader Outlines Policies of 5th Development Plan 11.1.2009
Iran will do whatever needed to help Gaza 8.1.2009
Supreme Leader Meets with Iraqi Prime Minister 4.1.2009
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