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Leader assigns interior minister as dy commander-in-chief of Armed Forces 29.12.08
IR Leader declares day of mourning 28.12.08
Warns against efforts to create discord between Shia, Sunni Muslims 17.12.08
Students play vital role in society 15.12.08
Iran Will Not Give Up Its Rights 7.12.08
Mideast, Asia, Africa witnessing victories: Leader 7.12.08
Iran a Regional Power 26.11.08
The Islamic Republic Will not Abandon Lebanese People 25.11.08
Emphasizes Role of Prayers 19.11.08
Supreme Leader criticizes irresponsible remarks against government 5.11.08
Leader Urges Iran Military Breakthrough 2.11.08
America could not stop Iranians from track of honor 29.10.08
US must apologize to Iranians 29.10.08
Armed Forces, solid fence of nation 19.10.08
Campaign for justice should turn into main motto 14.10.08
Islamic Revolution Leader: Dialog, insufficient to resolve global problems 14.10.08
Perseverance, key to survival of Iranian nation 13.10.08
Rule of money in West over 13.10.08
Remarks on the Collapse of Liberal Democracy 13.10.08
Muslim world unity to foil enemies' offensives 1.10.08
Supreme Leader Leads Eid al-Fitr Prayers 1.10.08
Muslims' Future Horizon Brighter than Ever 1.10.08
Supreme Leader calls for justice, progress 29.9.08
IR Leader visits Quran Int'l Exhibition 27.9.08
Supreme Leader stresses Need for Research 24.9.08
Supreme Leader invites public, officials, elite to unity 19.9.08
Supreme Leader urges public to take part massively in Qods Day rallies 19.9.08
Call on poets to focus on message of justice and spirituality 16.8.08
Nation follows Islam wholeheartedly 9.9.08
Hegemonic powers don't like awareness of Latin American nations 1.9.08
Supreme Leader appoints Air Force commander 31.8.08
Experts Assembly, confidence point for Islamic System 28.8.08
Supreme Leader Meets with Officials of Executive branch 23.8.08
Imam of Age will reappear to rescue human community 17.8.08
Feeling of strength, key to solving problems 12.8.08
Ambassadors required to mirror IRI's grandeur 9.8.08
Leader's Remarks on the Prophet's Mab'ath 6.8.08
The Supreme Leader Receives the Syrian President 3.8.08
Iran Supports the Oppressed Palestinians 31.7.08
Supreme Leader Urged Muslims to Spread the Message of Mab'ath 30.7.08
Supreme Leader Emphasizes on Suppression of Invaders 23.7.08
Supreme Leader: Justice should be given priority in all affairs 16.7.08
Judiciary should remain a safe haven for the oppressed people 29.6.08
Islamic Revolution Outstanding Event in History of Mankind 29.6.08
Supreme Leader Meets with Officials of Judiciary Branch 25.6.08
Ceremony of the occasion of birthday anniversary of Hazrat Zahra (SA) 24.6.08
Visiting Comoros President, Ahmad Abdullah Muhammad Sambi 17.6.08
Supreme Leader: Self-Reform Key to Success 12.6.08
Elected lawmakers of the eighth Iranian parliament 10.6.08
Meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki 9.6.08
Islamic Revolution belongs to all now and then generations 3.6.08
Leader: Israel a 'fake regime' 3.6.08
Islamic Revolution cut hands of arrogance 3.6.08
US officials must think rationally 3.6.08
Supreme Leader's Remarks at Late Imam Holy Shrine 3.6.08
Resistance and faith, sole way to free Palestine 27.5.08
IR Leader issues message on eighth Majlis 27.5.08
To committee to commemorate the 19th anniversary of Imam Khomeini 21.5.08
Arrogance club has climbed down 20.5.08
IR Leader inspects Tehran Book Fair 11.5.08
Speech to tens of thousands of faithful revolutionary people of Larestan 8.5.08
Fars province, home to a wealth of privileges 7.5.08
Supreme Leader Receives Fars Province Elites 7.5.08
Iranian nation will revive Islamic civilization 6.5.08
Ayatollah Khamenei inspects research expo in Fars province 6.5.08
Supreme Leader's Remarks in the Fars provincial city of Kazeronin 5.5.08
Iranian nation can withstand embargos 4.5.08
Iranian Nation Remains Unflinching in Face of Enemy Conspiracies 4.5.08
Supreme Leader's Remarks at University 4.5.08
The Supreme Leader's Remarks to Families of Martyrs in Shiraz 4.5.08
Supreme Leader: Enemy Not Blatant Enough to Attack 4.5.08
The Supreme Leader Calls for Changes in Education and Teaching 4.5.08
Policies of domineering powers is the main cause of war 4.5.08
Remarks in Shiraz 4.5.08
Imam Khamenei described Basij 3.5.08
Ceaseless endeavor essential to materialize revolutionary goals 3.5.08
Future belongs to great Iranian nation 2.5.08
Enemies would not dare attack great Iranian nation 2.5.08
Nation Will Resist 2.5.08
Education is equal to grant life to individuals and society 1.5.08
Security take place under sovereignty and spirituality 30.4.08
Supreme Leader: Iranian nation resists all threats, sanctions 30.4.08
Supreme Leader invites Iranians to take part in elections Tehran 25.4.08
Supreme Leader Meets with Iranian Army Commanders 16.4.08
Supreme Leader Issues a Condolatory Message Over Shiraz Explosion 14.4.08
Supreme Leaders remarks in the holy city of Mashhad 21.3.08
Supreme Leader calls New Year as year of innovation, prosperity 20.3.08
Supreme Leader thanks nation for high turnout Tehran 15.3.08
Islamic umma must generate waves of wrath 2.3.08
Stronger OIC agenda would better serve Muslims 28.2.08
Nuclear achievements great and noteworthy 26.2.08
Supreme Leader's Meets Members of the Assembly of Experts 26.2.08
National Day of Immunity against Earthquake 26.2.08
Supreme Leaderís Remarks on the Birth Anniversary of Imam Hadi (PBUH) 26.2.08
Resistance against US, Only Way for Progress 19.2.08
Leader Praises Martyr Imad Mugniyah 19.2.08
Vote and Make Your Voice Heard Print 17.2.08
Mughniyeh's blood would double the resistance 14.2.08
Iran found new identity after revolution 8.2.08
Supreme Leader pays tribute to late Imam Khomeini 31.1.08
Hajj ceremonies, a rewarding opportunity to present Islam 15.1.08
Leader: 'Iran's N-case tough test for IAEA' 13.1.08
Nation expected to go to polls with insight 9.1.08
Supreme Leader addresses Yazd elites 6.1.08
Authorities must cherish top citizens 5.1.08
Global conspirators frustrated by lively Iranian youths 5.1.08
Supreme Leader hails government services 5.1.08
Yazd province, a rewarding zone for investment 4.1.08
Peace-loving Iranian nation will put any aggressor in its place 4.1.08
Supreme Leader: Martyrs are source of pride for Iran, mankind 4.1.08
Resurrection of Islam is indebtted to Iranian martyrs 3.1.08
No benefit in US ties for now 3.1.08
Alims must move abreast of time 2.1.08
Next ballot, a paramount test 2.1.08
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