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Fight aganist disunity great lesson of Ghadir 29.12.07
Enemies of Islam, organizers of hegemonic centers 18.12.07
Track to national milestones runs through culture 8.12.07
Islamic law capable of attending to modern day demands 5.12.07
Supreme Leader Urges Reforms at Seminaries 30.11.07
Freedom-lovers stand by Palestinian people 27.11.07
Auspicious Basij will live for ever 26.11.07
Islamic solidarity, paramount feature of Hajj pilgrimage 14.11.07
Leader Promises Bright Future 31.10.07
IR Leader condoles demise of Amin-pour 31.10.07
Anti-hegemony struggle is not over 31.10.07
Armed forces, the solid arm of nation 24.10.07
Iranians have a fine image from Russians in mind 16.10.07
Caspian states can strengthen position by further cooperation 16.10.07
Azerbaijan keeps solid towards provocations 16.10.07
Kazakhstan, a great land with diversified resources 15.10.07
Day of joy will be when Muslims leave differences behind 13.10.07
Qods Day march heartened Palestinian nation 13.10.07
Leader leads Eid-ul-Fitr prayers 13.10.07
Leader pardons over 2,000 prisoners 13.10.07
Great causes never materialize in the short run 9.10.07
Noble moral traits are solidifying in society 8.10.07
President's speech at UN brought honor to nation 1.10.07
Iranian nation will hold out 22.9.07
Perseverance of Iranian nation pushed arrogant front to failure 14.9.07
Iranian nation made US project to weaken revolution face defeat 14.9.07
Supreme Leader: Quranic culture should dominate society 13.9.07
IRGC safeguards dignity of Islamic Revolution 9.9.07
Leadership Assembly of Experts stands essential beacon of the system 6.9.07
Prayer, the miraculous remedy 6.9.07
Iranians deserve to ebb in science 3.9.07
IR Leader appoints new IRGC commander 2.9.07
Ninth Administration has bred hope in heart of nations 26.8.07
IR Leader receives IRI diplomatic corps 22.8.07
Foreign Policy Based On Natíl Interest 21.8.07
IR Leader appoints new navy chief 21.8.07
Force of right will eventually win 19.8.07
Humanity in dire need of Islamic teachings 11.8.07
IR Leader expresses condolences on Meshkini demise 31.7.07
Imam Ali, never-setting sun of human history 28.7.07
IR Leader visits Royan Research Center 16.7.07
IR Leader reappoints 3 GC members 15.7.07
Constitutional Guardian Council must act without preservations 11.7.07
Fatemeh Zahra, the great miracle of Islam 5.7.07
Being woman a merit originally 4.7.07
America losing its dreadful face 1.7.07
Ninth Administration refreshed revolutionary platform 30.6.07
Presence of occupiers, the main problem facing Iraq 27.6.07
Let us put on attire of service 25.6.07
Leader expresses condolence on Grand Ayatollah Lankarani's departure 16.6.07
Zionists, occupiers behind Samarra crime, says Leader 14.6.07
Unfair int'l relations on verge of collapse 10.6.07
Supreme Leader: Iran will never implore bullies on N-program 4.6.07
7th Majlis mirrors public interest in Islamic and revolutionary values 29.5.07
IR Leader visits hospitalized Hakim 26.5.07
IR Leader praises defensive progress 24.5.07
Supreme Leader advises students to develop Basij spirit 21.5.07
Supreme Leader receives president 21.5.07
IRI will keep solid towards America 16.5.07
Supreme Leader's Remarks Regarding Iran-US Negotiations over Iraq 16.5.07
Younger Iranian generation will enjoy a marvelous world 9.5.07
Tajikistan, inseparable part of Iranian culture 8.5.07
Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei Wednesday praised teaching occupation 2.5.07
Supreme Leader honors Iranian teachers on National Teachers Day 2.5.07
Supreme Leader: SFRC's policy devising efforts are helpful 1.5.07
Workers community called on to foster production 30.4.07
Ayatollah Khamenei honors Islamic councils 29.4.07
Islamic scholars expected to work out charter of Islamic unity 7.4.07
IR Leader calls new year, the year of national unity and Islamic harmony 21.3.07
IR Leader attends Imam's son demise anniversary 10.3.07
Leader condoles over filmmaker death 8.3.07
Ayatollah Khamenei marks Tree Plantation Day 7.3.07
IR Leader helps needy people 7.3.07
Ayatollah Khamenei instructs authorities in charge of Article 44 drive 19.2.07
Nation's bravery emanates from religious faith 17.2.07
IRI standing more powerful than ever 8.2.07
IR Leader pays tribute to late Imam 1.2.07
IR Leader condoles Taheri's demise 22.1.07
IR Leader condoles Marefat's demise 22.1.07
Supreme Leader asks Hajj officials to launch broader cultural publicity 16.1.07
Qadir, day of Divine appointment 9.1.07
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