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Ayatollah Khamenei pays tributes to late Rad 30.12.06
Hajj shows Muslim united identity 29.12.06
Ayatollah Khamenei thanks nation 20.12.06
People will do well in elections 17.12.06
Supreme Leader: God willing Palestine will be liberated 10.12.06
Supreme Leader congratulates Rezazadeh on his victory in Doha 6.12.06
S. Leader urges Muslims to use their potentials to solve their problems 4.12.06
Islamic countries must cherish potentialities 3.12.06
Leader Calls For Empowering OIC 3.12.06
Iraq, not a bite for Americans to swallow 28.11.06
IR Leader hails the military 25.11.06
Leader calls for confronting bullying powers by standing against them 21.11.06
IR Leader office issues statement condoling the demise of Ay. Tabrizi 21.11.06
IR Leader office thanks Semnan people 16.11.06
Lebanon, point of America's defeat 14.11.06
IRI in its most favorable status 12.11.06
Iranian nation, true victor of battle 11.11.06
Human being, victim of self-seekers 11.11.06
Iranian flair makes every dream come true 10.11.06
Elites must run through developments 9.11.06
The nation takes honor in its martyrs 9.11.06
IR Leader praises Semnan scholars 8.11.06
Religious democracy is genuine 8.11.06
Supreme Leader: Iran harbors no animosity with world states 7.11.06
IR Leader receives belarussian President 7.11.06
Supreme leader receives war veterans, military commanders 21.10.06
IR Leader receives top students 18.10.06
Supreme Leader: Resistance the only path to victory 13.10.06
Ayatollah Khamenei praises new era of Persian poetry 9.10.06
Academic elites meet with IR Leader 5.10.06
Leader offers condolence over Yasrebi's demise 2.10.06
IR Leader: We exist to serve people 2.10.06
IR Leader honors martyrs 28.9.06
IR Leader donates to needy prisoners 27.9.06
Students should be prepared as men of science to advance nation's goals 23.9.06
Iran Supreme Leader visits a marine industry exhibition 22.9.06
Leader dismisses claims to peace of some Western states as hypocrisy 21.9.06
IR Leader honors army graduates 20.9.06
IR Leader highlights prayers role 18.9.06
Leader: Shahriar never bowed to the powerful 17.9.06
IR Leader receives young elites 17.9.06
Faith, resolve, jihad, Islam eternal lessons 15.9.06
IR Leader shares benevolent move 13.9.06
IR Leader receives Iraqi Premier 13.9.06
IR Leader receives Djibouti President 5.9.06
IR Leader receives Experts Assembly 31.8.06
Supreme Leader advises government to push for its economic goals 28.8.06
IR Leader honors Messenger's mission 22.8.06
IR Leader highlights Islamic awakening 20.8.06
Supreme Leader: Bush's claims on victory of Israel ridiculous 17.8.06
IR Leader receives academics 15.8.06
Leader commends Iranian researchers 13.8.06
IR Leader lauds Hezbollah resistence 8.8.06
Ayatollah Khamenei condemns Qana tragedy 2.8.06
U.S., Israel unable to understand power of Lebanese nation: Leader 30.7.06
Supreme Leader receives President Chavez 29.7.06
Supreme Leader Condemns Israeli Atrocities in Lebanon 16.7.06
IR Leader approves President's offer 3.7.06
Supreme Leader issues guidelines for privatization drive 2.7.06
IR Leader receives judicial officials 28.6.06
Supreme Leader Receives Visiting Senegalese President 27.6.06
IR Leader receives Hakim 20.6.06
IR Leader expounds Principlism 19.6.06
IAEO Officials and Nuclear Experts Meet the Leader 15.6.06
IR Leader receives cinema directors 14.6.06
IR Leader declares IRI's principle stance 4.6.06
S. Leader's Remarks on the Passing Away Anniversary of Imam Khomeini 3.6.06
Leader's condolence to President 30.5.06
IR Leader receives lawmakers 29.5.06
Supreme Leader receives Afghan president 27.5.06
Supreme Leader calls for honoring thoughts, doctrines of Imam Khomeini 24.5.06
S. Leader criticizes Int'l media networks for ignoring human tragedies 16.5.06
IR Leader inspects Tehran Book Fair 11.5.06
IR Leader honors 'Teachers Day' 2.5.06
Supreme Leader calls for elaborating on tenets of late philosopher 30.4.06
IR Leader receives workers 26.4.06
Supreme Leader: Iran will retaliate US attack two times stronger 26.4.06
Supreme Leader recommends Muslim nations to develop solidarity 25.4.06
Supreme Leader Meets Senior Army Commanders 19.4.06
IR Leader urges promotion of Army 19.4.06
IR Leader receives statesmen 16.4.06
Palestinian issue, at focal point 14.4.06
Iran owe to the sacrifices of martyrs 25.3.06
Supreme Leader: Iranians will safeguard national interests, rights 22.3.06
Supreme Leader calls new year after Holy Prophet of Islam 20.3.06
Leader met foreign ministry officials 13.3.06
Supreme Leader lambasts US hue and cry over Iran's nuke plan 9.3.06
Supreme Leader: Police's satisfactory performance a source of honor 6.3.06
Supreme Leader: US ignites ethnic, sectarian war in Iraq 27.2.06
Leader's message on Sammara tragedy 22.2.06
Supreme Leader terms Hamas election victory as a 'sweet surprise' 20.2.06
Scientific progress the key to all-out development: Leader 15.2.06
Supreme Leader lauds glorious Bahman 22 rallies 12.2.06
Air Force renews allegiance with leader 7.2.06
Supreme Leader pays tribute to late Imam Khomeini 31.1.06
Pilgrimage helps undergo dramatic sentimental and mental change 28.1.06
Urges students to fill scientific gap between Iran, advanced world 19.1.06
S. Leader: Nuclear arms contrary to national interest, Islamic tenets 18.1.06
S. Leader exchanges views with WHO officials on health matters 17.1.06
S. Leader sends condolence message on martyrdom of IRGC commanders 10.1.06
Supreme Leader addresses Qom people 9.1.06
Supreme Leader's message to Hajj pilgrims 9.1.06
Supreme Leader condoles demise of scholar, Kazemi-Ashtiani 5.1.06
Supreme Leader: Iran can turn into exporter of agricultural products 4.1.06
Supreme Leader: Iran should regain ancient status as 'mother of science' 3.1.06
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