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Supreme Leader urges wise confrontation of enemy plots

Tehran, Oct 31, IRNA - Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei here Sunday evening called for precise identification of enemies and wise confrontation of their conspiracies, and emphasized the great need to defend the national identity and interests of the nation against the numerous plots of enemies. Addressing senior officials of the country at an Iftar gathering, the Ayatollah made another stinging reminder of the grand attempts of the enemy to saw discord and create divisions among the country's officials. "Fortunately, some officials have been vigilant and have crashed such conspiracies," the Supreme Leader said.

He said officials, whether in the government or Majlis, had the burden of materializing the slogans for which they were elected to office and these included "implementation of social justice, serving the people and eradicating corruption." Pointing to the strategic importance of the Middle East, Persian Gulf and North Africa in the US master plan to impose its hegemonic policies and eventually establish a global empire, the Supreme Leader said Washington's major objective is to install so-called popular and democratic governments that will obey its commands.

"There are existing obedient regimes that still do not meet Washington's favor since they do not meet its standards of democracy. This is true in the case of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and their governments should know that the US has problems not only with Lebanon and Syria but with all regional states as well." There is a huge gap between Washington's objectives and the realities in the region, the Supreme Leader noted, quoting experienced analysts of US affairs as saying measures of the kind now taken by Washington will serve only to bring more damage to the country. As to the negative views of hegemonic powers on Iran's Islamic system of government, he said, "Iran's domestic and political power, its location in a very sensitive region, the unity displayed by its officials and its young and talented population entitles its government to wield tremendous power in the region and the entire world as well, something which is admitted by western analysts."

Pointing to the recent ballyhoo created from the remarks of the Iranian president, the Supreme Leader expressed regret that countries that made a lot of fuss over them are clearly under the influence of the Zionist regime. As to the unfortunate statements made by certain Western media and world leaders that linked Ahmadinejad's remarks to Iran's nuclear activities, Ayatollah Khamenei said: "These ignorant people do not realize that nuclear weapons are no good for toppling regimes or governments. It is the nation's resistance and will that can destroy corrupt regimes."

Before the Supreme Leader spoke, President Ahmadinejad briefed the audience on the performance of the new government in the past two months.

Supreme leader receives statesmen

Tehran, Oct 31 IRIB - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution warned Iranian officials about any sense of ignorance in the face of discords and called on them to beware of selfishness in its broadest term. He also warned them about shirking their duties in serving people and also ignoring the enemy's plots and what is detrimental to national solidarity.

Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei made the remarks during an iftar ceremony hosting the country's top officials Sunday. Ayatollah Khamenei then invoked some verses of the Holy Quran and also some of Ahadith (traditions) to attach significance to 'repentance' and said that turning a blind eye to oppressions is a great sin of nations which will end up in the God's social and general punishments.

"The escape lies in changing nation's general approach, as the grand Iranian nation broke silence in the face of the oppressor regime of Shah (ex-dictator of Iran) and as a result the God under the auspices of His bounties helped it in the way to its aspirations". Reminding the Holy Quran's stress on repentance and necessity of correction side by side, the leader said "including among the sins for which officials must do penance is showing indifference about discords."

"Discords some times take shape following the stirring of sectarian, religious and political sentiments and some times following the fanning of intellectual differences into beguiling conflicts." He called on the audience to avoid such situations and prevent them from being made public.

"Intellectual differences are not problematic. I believe in freedom of expression in its true and broad term. But if topics which are special to expert and professional circles beguilingly leak to public circles, it is no longer freedom of expression." The Supreme Leader lauded the country's officials for stepping in a single line and deemed it a precious opportunity to resolve national problems and help promote country. "Despite certain uproars, the harmony of officials which are elected by people's vote will provide the ground for solving problems," he said, asserting that the three country's powers must avoid any argument which may weaken the ambience of cooperation.

He also called on the audience to compensate for duties which have already been shirked in this regard. Referring to public welcome to slogans of social justice, campaign against corruption and serving people, the supreme leader urged officials who are elected upon those slogans not to forget their duties even for a wink. In the final part of his speech, the Supreme Leader discussed the vitality of the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and the northern Africa in the United States' map of action 'to set up a world emperorship and hold dominance over the globe.'

"The United States has put it top on its Middle East agenda to bring to force regimes which are superficially popular and democratic, but fully play role of puppets", the Supreme Leader said. "For that reason, it (the U.S.) is not satisfied even with the current submissive states, since they put it more into trouble as they lack a democratic appearance," Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei added. He urged governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other countries in the region to note the fact and realize that the United States feels uneasy at some other countries beyond just Lebanon and Syria. He touched upon a 'huge distance' between America's goals and the realities of the region.

"US officials, as American seasoned analysts themselves believe, is drawing their country to the abyss of relegation," he noted, describing the situation as the possible vengeance of the God. Quoting the late Founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (PBUH), the Supreme Leader said that the enemies of the Iranian nation have been engaged in a relentless plotting and creating uproar against it, owing to the significance of the nation and the might of the Islamic System.

"Iran's national and political might, its existence in an extraordinarily sensitive region, intimacy among the country's officials, and enjoying a talented and young nation have granted the Islamic Republic a particular power in the region and the world to which even Western analysts are confessing." Concerning certain countries' recent hue and cry over President Ahmadinejad's anti-Zionism speech, the Supreme Leader asserted that any one shall truly feel ashamed of humanity witnessing those countries under that much Zionists' influence.

Pointing to certain westerners' attempts to tie the speech to the Iranian nuclear activities, he said: "these negligent people don't realize that atomic weapon is of no use to destroy regimes and governments. Rather, these are the resistance and will of nations which may destroy corrupt regimes". "Taking the fact into account, the ongoing resistance in Palestine will undoubtedly result in the ouster of the Zionist regime," he said.

Prior to the Supreme Leader's speech, President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad briefed on part of his administration's decisions adopted since he took office almost two months ago. He also thanked the Iranian nation for its massive turnout in the rallies of World Qods Day. He condemned the conduct of the Zionist regime and lamented that certain European countries and certain officials of the international organizations throw support behind such a regime which adheres to none of human rights conventions and stands as true incarnation of state terrorism.

He also stressed that the only logical solution to the Palestinian issue is holding free elections in which the original population of the occupied territories of Palestine, residing home or abroad, cast vote, no matter of which religion. He denounced recent hue and cry of western media as attempts to overshadow massive participation of Muslims in the rallies of World Qods Day. "I, as the elected president and scion of the Iranian nation call on the United Nations and its Secretary General for one to table the issue of forming a legitimate and democratic government in the Palestine". At the end of the meeting, the Supreme leader led congregational prayers and then the audience broke fast.


Supreme leader receives disabled war veterans

Tehran, Oct 26, IRNA

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei received a number of disabled war veterans and their families here on Wednesday evening.

In the meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei said the ceremony is held to honour all disabled war veterans and their families and is to emphasize that this is a permanent norm in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He said, "I appreciate the works of disabled war veterans' wives, who have voluntarily shared the sufferings and hard times of their spouses.

Ayatollah Khamenei also told the disabled war veterans' children that they should be proud of their fathers who sacrificed their health and youth for the revolution.

Leader shed light on Qadr nights

Tehran, Oct 21 - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei led this week Friday Prayers with thousands of devout Tehrani people thronging the Tehran University campus for the politico-religious ceremony. In his first sermon, the Supreme Leader urged people for further cherishing the Qadr Nights (the night in which the fate of all human bodies is determined). He lauded 'prayer to God' as the best of rituals of the nights to come and added 'prayers, as the gist and spirit of worshipping, will keep God's remembrance alive in hearts and remove negligence which is the root of all deviations, while boosting belief in man's heart'.

He also exalted worshipping as the source of inspiring the spirit of sincerity and hope, self-purification and growth of ethical virtues, love of God the Almighty, and satisfaction of needs, noting 'accepting of prayers is tied to some conditions, including a fresh and pure heart for which the youth are more possible to see their prayers satisfied'. The Supreme Leader reckoned that prayers will be closer to be accepted if coming along cognizance of God, high aspiration, and humble heart.

In his second sermon, Ayatollah Khamenei praised President Mahmoud Ahmadienjad administration for its serious and firm resolve in fulfilling its legal duties. 'The administration is serious in serving people', he asserted, urging for not pressing it by making untimely demands. 'We should help the administration provide the ground for the materialization of its slogans', he underscored. 'People and Majlis (the parliament) must trust the administration so that it succeeds in tackling the country's affairs with firm resolve and prudence', he said. 'However, if some affair is shirked, I will be the first to hold the administration accountable', he warned.

In other parts of his sermon, Ayatollah Khamenei admired the acquisition of nuclear knowledge and technology by the grand, talented and civilized Iranian nation, saying 'global dominance-seekers are putting hurdles to the Iranian nation and preventing it from putting the great scientific breakthrough into practical use, but the nation's say is that no body is allowed to treat international conventions with bias and deprive some nations from acquiring nuclear knowledge'.

He termed the American government the prime opponent of the Iranian nation in its nuclear case and added 'world nations recognize the Iranian nation's right of peaceful use of nuclear technology, but US radical government, besides certain European states, which have developed close relations with Washington, are opposing with this inalienable right of the Iranian people'. 'Nevertheless, the Iranian nation's treatment of the British government is not related to its current-time policies, but an old issue also turning back to records of the previous London governments in Iran', he said, denouncing London's present time stances towards the Iranian nation as worst.

Touching upon baseless charges of American officials and their followers which accuse Iran of seeking to build atomic weapons, he said 'these remarks, like US officials' claims about human rights, are all unfounded lies, as world public opinion itself has been made clear over their baseless claims of human rights in Guantanamo (base detention camp) and Abu Ghraib prison and in their discriminatory treatment of black victims of the Katrina storm, as also in other events'.

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that Iran's nuclear activities are completely irrelevant to nuclear arms, denying any deviation from that scientifically inspired move. 'The hopeful, young, revolutionist and firm nation of Iran will not abandon its rights of using nuclear technology under such pressures and will not give in to US and non-US blackmail'. He outlined 'the need of the US government to divert American people's mind from internal problems to external issues' and 'the country's attempts to claim dominance over the world' as two primary causes of the extremist government's tension-raising and war-mongering.

'The IRI's open opposition to US hegemony in the sensitive and source-rich region of Middle East stands as the original cause of US enmity with Iran'. Ayatollah Khamenei described 'World Qods Day' as the day in which Muslim nations are tested, adding 'this year, the Qods Day enjoys double significance. I hope it would be marked more enthusiastically than ever before'. Expounding on the significance of the day, he touched on the defeat of the Zionist regime and its retreat from the Gaza Strip, adding 'US and Zionists, eying to compensate this great defeat, have kicked a dirty plot to normalize Islamic countries' ties with the Zionist regime and for that reason public turnout has turned more important this year.'

In the last part of his second sermon, he spoke about the Iraqi issue and said 'the constitutional polls was a great and blessed issue, in stark contrast with the occupiers' desires'. 'What is of much importance today is the future elections of the Iraqi parliament for which the occupiers are planning', he noted, alerting the Iraqi people and groups to keep vigilance in this regard.

Ayatollah Khamenei called 'Shia-Sunni discord' a principle plan of occupiers in the country. He strongly condemned the attacks by 'an extremist group which is unaware of Islam' against Iraqi Shiite people. 'The group, which acts like Saddam and follows up the occupiers' goal in creating discord among Shias and Sunnis, is in fact neither Sunni nor Shiite, but an enemy of them and Islam'. He lauded Iraqi Shiite official's urge for self-restraint in the face of such attacks and called for all Iraqi groups to condemn these acts, so that the occupiers see their dream ended up in failure.


Leader: Iran will not give in to US bullying on nuclear issue

Tehran, Oct 21, IRNA

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei Friday reiterated Iran's inalienable right to have access to peaceful nuclear energy and said Iranian people will under no circumstances surrender to US bullying and arrogance. Addressing a huge crowd of Muslim worshipers at the University of Tehran campus, Ayatollah Khamenei stated that Iran will not allow others to decide whether it can make scientific and technological progress or not. He blasted the United States for its selective approach towards Iran's nuclear activities. "As far as the question of nuclear energy is concerned, we never aim to make nuclear weapons or deviate our scientific move to development of atomic bombs," stressed the Supreme Leader.

He added, "Our nation will not give up its absolute right (to use nuclear technology peacefully) under any circumstances." Ayatollah Khamenei said the main adversary in Iran's nuclear case is the US Administration. "The American statesmen, who claim that Iran is after nuclear weapons, are lying and those, who applaud them are also liars. "Even when they talk about human rights, they all know that they are lying. The only things that are not important to them are human rights and democracy. Their goal -- domination -- is clear to them. They pay no heed to human rights."

The Supreme Leader said one of the main goals of the US Administration is to create crises at the four corners of the world. It is a tactical work to divert the public attention from their domestic problems. He added that the present US Administration is an extremist and belligerent government, which has targeted not only the Middle East but the whole world.


Supreme leader receives group of poets and men of letters

Tehran, Oct 19, IRNA

On the occasion of anniversary of Imam Hassan (PBUH) birthday, a group of poets and men of letters read their writings before Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei here Wednesday. Ayatollah Khamenei, in the meeting, expressed satisfaction over the emergence of young talented people in the field of literature, especially after the revolution. At the end of the meeting, supreme leader expressed hope that the poets and men of letters would be successful in strengthening Iran's literature and culture.


Supreme Leader urges university students to focus on Iran's unique position

Tehran, Oct 17, IRNA

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei urged all students in Iranian universities to pay special attention to the country's historical and geo-political position in global affairs. The Supreme Leader was speaking at a meeting attended by a large crowd of university students here Sunday which started with representatives of a number of student groups outlining their views on different issues confronting current Iranian society as well as the problems faced by the student community. He described today's Iran as the axis of a collective international force armed with religious faith and challenging as well as resisting global arrogance. He further referred to the global Muslim community as the real asset of the Islamic system and a buffer for Iran, and noted that the country has survived and progressed considerably through all these years despite the threats and pressures of enemies. The ayatollah also pointed to the role played by global arrogance in fomenting and spreading poverty, wars, violence and many other crises due to their economic power, and reminded that it takes wisdom, knowledge and tremendous capability to challenge their power and dominance.


Supreme Leader condoles Pakistan

Tehran, Oct 10 - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei consoled Pak nation and government over the deadly quake in the country which took the lives of thousands popele. "The government and nation of Iran share the woes of their Pak brethern and know it their task to bid any help which may lower their miseries", he said in a message issued Monday. He expressed hope the task would not be shirked and offered prayers to God for the victims of the quake and their bereaved families.

Supreme Leader urges authorities to work to win public satisfaction

Tehran, Oct 10, IRNA

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei urged authorities to work hard to win the satisfaction of people and to ignore the demands of special interest groups. His remarks were made during an Iftar (fast-breaking dinner) reception on the occasion of the fasting month of Ramadan which was also attended by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his cabinet members here Sunday.

In his talk, the Supreme Leader stressed upon the officials the need to always feel indebted to the people, and urged them to focus on the economic and social conditions that underlie problems when trying to find solutions. He also referred to the principles laid down by the First Shiite Imam Ali (AS) who said that in appointing people to senior posts the most reliable and resourceful should be given priority.

"To avoid any digression and infidelity," the Supreme Leader added, "the performance of officials and authorities should constantly be monitored and their misdeeds should be treated in a very serious manner."

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