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Palestinians recent success gained by Jihad against Zionists 13.12.2005
Ummah able to settle Palestine issue in favor of Palestinian people 10.12.2005
Commemoration ceremony held for plane crash martyrs 10.12.2005
Leader: Hajj pilgrimage, sea of morality, supplication to God 7.12.2005
Supreme Leader expresses condolence over death of mediamen 7.12.2005
Leader receives President Ahmadinejad ahead of Saudi visit 6.12.2005
Supreme Leader: Iran proud of Iraq's progress, national sovereignty 22.11.2005
Supreme Leader receives female mountaineers conquering Everest 21.11.2005
Calls for putting into practice 20-Year Strategy for Development 14.11.2005
Leader stresses on Muslim unity 4.11.2005
Supreme Leader urges wise confrontation of enemy plots 31.10.2005
Supreme leader receives statesmen 31.10.2005
Supreme leader receives disabled war veterans 26.10.2005
Leader shed light on Qadr nights 21.10.2005
Leader: Iran will not give in to US bullying on nuclear issue 21.10.2005
Supreme leader receives group of poets and men of letters 19.10.2005
Leader urges university students to focus on Iran's unique position 17.10.2005
Leader urges university students to focus on Iran's unique position 17.10.2005
Supreme Leader condoles Pakistan 10.10.2005
Supreme Leader urges authorities to work to win public satisfaction 10.10.2005
Leader urges appreciating war disabled/martyrs families as a duty 29.9.2005
Ayatollah Khamenei visits military academy 29.9.2005
Leader AppointsNew Army Commanders 26.9.2005
Supreme Leader: Islamic Revolution helped boost national capacity 25.9.2005
Supreme Leader appoints new prosecutor for special court of clergy 25.9.2005
Supreme Leader hails Ahmadinejad for raising Iran's stances at UN 20.9.2005
Supreme Leader: IPO, symbol of intellectualism in Qom seminary 19.9.2005
Supreme Leader meets IRGC officials 14.9.2005
Leader joins fest of affection 14.9.2005
Supreme Leader receives Ahmadinejad 13.9.2005
Leader names new army commander 11.9.2005
Leader urges supporting new gov't 8.9.2005
Leader grants amnesty, reduced prison terms to 7,780 prisoners 4.9.2005
Continuation of resistance only way to confront Zionist enemy 3.9.2005
Supreme Leader consoles Iraq tragedy 1.9.2005
Supreme Leader grieve at "heart-rending" tragedy of Kadhimiya 1.9.2005
Supreme Leader: Entire nation should benefit from public 30.8.2005
Supreme Leader: Basij, symbol of Iranian nation's awareness, faith 24.8.2005
Participants in Conference on Week of Venerating Mosques meet  Leader 21.8.2005
Supreme Leader appoints new commander for IRGC ground forces 20.8.2005
Leader Says Iran not after A-Bomb, Blasts US "Deception" 19.8.2005
Leader: Terrorist operating under US eyes in Iraq 19.8.2005
Leader Says Gaza withdrawal "very important" 19.8.2005
Leader praises SNSC performance 15.8.2005
Leaderís Fatwa Forbids Nukes 10.8.2005
Supreme Leader: Justice, a fundamental principle of Islam 3.8.2005
President Khatami and his cabinet meet Supreme Leader 2.8.2005
Women's Day best opportunity to examine their status 27.7.2005
Imam Khamenei, Ibrahim al-Jaafari talk 18.7.2005
S.L. attends ceremony marking Hazrat Fatemeh (SA) martyrdom 10.7.2005
Supreme leader appoints the new commander of disciplinary force 9.7.2005
Supreme Leader: Expansion of cooperation with Africa a priority 29.6.2005
Judiciary Officials Meet the Leader 28.6.2005
Supreme Leader: Nation is thirsty for justice, truth 28.6.2005
Supreme Leader receives President-elect Ahmadinejad 26.6.2005
Supreme Leader thanks Iranians for strong presence in elections 25.6.2005
Supreme Leader calls on people to create yet "another epic" 24.6.2005
Lebanon security depends upon national unity: Supreme Leader 20.6.2005
Supreme Leader hails people's massive turnout in presidential polls 18.6.2005
People to inject fresh blood into veins of Islamic Republic on Friday 15.6.2005
Leader sends congratulation message on national side's victory 8.6.2005
Imam's role in weakening US status 4.6.2005
Leader arrives in Imam mausoleum 4.6.2005
Leader receives parliamentarians 29.5.2005
Leader urges high elections turnout 27.5.2005
Thousands of Basiji Students Meet the Leader 26.5.2005
Leader grants amnesty to prisoners 25.5.2005
Leader message on Khorramshahr day 24.5.2005
Leader orders GC to review decision on Moin, Mehralizadeh 23.5.2005
Leader urges principle 44 enactment 23.5.2005
Leader urges Kerman problems removal 16.5.2005
Leader calls OIC for further action 12.5.2005
Leader receives Malaysian PM 12.5.2005
Supreme Leader speaks to students 10.5.2005
West example doomed to fail: Leader 9.5.2005
Leader highly welcomed in Rafsanjan 8.5.2005
Leader calls for public turn out in elections 7.5.2005
Supreme Leader arrives in Jiroft 7.5.2005
Supreme Leader reviews army parade 6.5.2005
Supreme Leader eulogizes elites 5.5.2005
Supreme Leader visits Zarand city 5.5.2005
Leader continues southeast tour 4.5.2005
Leader urges Bam reconstruction 3.5.2005
Leader pay tribute to martyrs in Bam 3.5.2005
Supreme Leader met seminary figures 2.5.2005
Supreme Leader on 10-day visit to Kerman 1.5.2005
Supreme Leader grants amnesty 28.4.2005
Leader stresses on Muslim unity 26.4.2005
Young inventors meet Supreme Leader 19.4.2005
Supreme Leader visits aviation academy 18.4.2005
Leader receives members of MDO 15.4.2005
Supreme Leader addresses students 15.4.2005
Leader: Muslim population can become a determining factor 6.4.2005
Leader accepts Qalibaf's resignation 6.4.2005
Supreme Leader predicts brighter future 22.3.2005
Leader Addresses Large Gathering in Mashhad 21.3.2005
Leader meet Experts Assembly members 18.3.2005
Leader eulogize services to war vets 13.3.2005
Leader donates cash to the needy 9.3.2005
Leader praises IRGC capabilities 9.3.2005
Leader receives LEF commanders 6.3.2005
Leader lauds scientific breakthrough 4.3.2005
Supreme Leader meets engineers 24.2.2005
Supreme Leader receives Pak prime minister 23.2.2005
Supreme Leader marks Ashura ceremony 21.2.2005
Supreme Leader in Moharram mournings 17.2.2005
Leader grieved by Tehran mosque fire 16.2.2005
Supreme Leader appreciates nation 13.2.2005
AF personnel, examples of resistance 7.2.2005
Leader meets university students 4.2.2005
Leader pay tribute to Imam Khomeini 1.2.2005
Leader shrugs off US intimidation 29.1.2005
Leader Receives Afghan President 26.1.2005
President of Azerbaijan Republic Meets the Leader 25.1.2005
Leader: Tehran-Baku ties promising 25.1.2005
Residents of Holy City of Qom Call on the Leader 8.1.2005
Message to the Hajj pilgrims from the whole world 18.1.2005
Leader pays tribute to martyrs 8.1.2005
Leader stresses national solidarity 8.1.2005
Enemies plan demoting martyrdom 5.1.2005
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