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Leader urges speedy Bam rebuilding 30.12.2004
Leader highlights role of HCCR 28.12.2004
Knowledge is key to power: Leader 22.12.2004
Colonialists Creating Sectarian Strife 20.12.2004
Leader: US, Israel behind Iraq blast 20.12.2004
Supreme Leader hosts academians 17.12.2004
Leader visits great Karkhe dam 9.12.2004
Leader inspects war game zone 8.12.2004
Leader urges social infrastructure 29.11.2004
Supreme Leader receives Hugo Chavez 29.11.2004
Leader receives Sri Lankan President 25.11.2004
Supreme Leader pardons 1,053 inmates 21.11.2004
Leader blasts US slaughter in Iraq 18.11.2004
Ayatollah Khamenei Leads Eid-al-Fitr Prayers 14.11.2004
Leader meets cabinet members 11.11.2004
Leader hails Palestinian resistence 9.11.2004
Ayatollah Khamenei led Friday prayer 5.11.2004
Leader : US intrigues against Iran's nuclear projects irrational 5.11.2004
Supreme Leader hosts students 1.11.2004
Leader urges Persian language promotion 30.10.2004
Leader donates rls 100 million 30.10.2004
Supreme leader receives country`s senior officials 28.10.2004
Supreme Leader met martyr's families 25.10.2004
Holy Qur'an reciters meet the Leader 17.10.2004
Leader deems equipped eye allowed 14.10.2004
Leader felicitates Police Day 6.10.2004
Leader regrets world silence on Iraq 6.10.2004
Leader receives 2004 olympians 5.10.2004
Leader pardons prison terms of some inmates 1.10.2004
Leader receives scientific elites 26.9.2004
Leader issues message on martyr day 24.9.2004
Leader stresses officials efficiency 21.9.2004
Leader outlines IRGC's true identity 19.9.2004
Leader observed Basij, IRGC wargame 19.9.2004
Leader monitors troop movements at Ashura 5 war games 18.9.2004
Leader plans Islamic block formation 15.9.2004
Leader felicitates holy Prophet appointment 13.9.2004
Leader stresses importance of deepening scholarly research and meeting society's needs 6.9.2004
Leader stresses key role of prayer in society 1.9.2004
Youths called to follow Imam Ali(AS) 30.8.2004
Supreme Leader appreciates cabinet 26.8.2004
Supreme Leader thanks Rezazadeh for precious victory 26.8.2004
Leader calls performance of government positive 25.8.2004
Supreme Leader voices grief over bloodshed in holy Najaf 25.8.2004
Leader higlights Iran foreign policy 16.8.2004
Statement on U.S. Crimes in Najaf 12.8.2004
Iraqis will respond to atrocities 12.8.2004
Leader prayed for Sistani's health 12.8.2004
Supreme Leader prays for health of Ayatollah al-Sistani 12.8.2004
Leader pays tribute to Hazrat Zahra 7.8.2004
Supreme Leader Deplores Bloodshed 7.8.2004
Leader's message to Quranic contest 2.8.2004
Leader urges youth to promote affinity with the Holy Quran 20.7.2004
Education Most Important Job In Country 19.7.2004
Leader urges intl war on terrorism 13.7.2004
Iran seek peace, tranquility: Leader 9.7.2004
Leader meet Hamedan martyrs families 7.7.2004
Iranians Relying on Wisdom and Experience to Create Model Country 6.7.2004
Leader on proper teaching of Islam 6.7.2004
Iran Will Cut Off Hands Of Those Who Wish To Attack Our Technological Interests 5.7.2004
Leader recommends structural reforms 5.7.2004
Supreme Leader arrives in Hamedan 5.7.2004
Leader receives Syrian president 5.7.2004
Leader meets a group of students 29.6.2004
Leader stresses people's rights 27.6.2004
Leader hails nurses' role in society 23.6.2004
Access to Nuclear Technology Is A National Will 21.6.2004
Leader urged MP's to make the most out of their tenure 16.6.2004
No Iraqi Official Should Be Appointed by Occupying Forces 3.6.2004
Leader saddened by governor's death 1.6.2004
Leader urges MPs to serve people 27.5.2004
Leader announces Friday public mourning day for world Muslims 26.5.2004
Supreme Leader pardons prisoners 24.5.2004
Imam Khomeini's Political Ideology Should Be Conveyed 19.5.2004
Supreme-Leader praises Imam Khomeini`s political thoughts 19.5.2004
Supreme Leader Visits IRIB Broadcast Center 17.5.2004
Will Not Remain Silent About Holy Sites Sacrilege by U.S. Troops 16.5.2004
Leader condemns holy sites sacrilege 16.5.2004
Leader Meets With Chairman of Bosnian Presidential Council 12.5.2004
Leader visits Tehran intl book fair 11.5.2004
Leader names envoy to new foundation 9.5.2004
Leader calls for unity of Muslims 7.5.2004
Leader: Occupiers of Iraq Are Like a Wolf Caught in a Trap 1.5.2004
Leader: Iraqis will finally triumph 1.5.2004
Supreme Leader condoles with demise of humorist 1.5.2004
Need to Continue Motahhariís Jihad Against Foreign Ideas 25.4.2004
Army, hope and strength of nation 18.4.2004
Leader likens US policy to iron fist 14.4.2004
Leader urges Bam reconstruction 12.4.2004
Leader, students join mourners 11.4.2004
Leader saddened by poet's death 29.3.2004
Supreme leader condemns Sheikh Yassin`s assassination 22.3.2004
Supreme Leader: enemy efforts against Iran will be thwarted 22.3.2004
The Supreme Leader's address 22.3.2004
Leader stresses Martyrs role in Islam 13.3.2004
Supreme Leader Extols Intelligence Ministry Personnel 12.3.2004
Supreme Leader issues message on demise of poet 11.3.2004
Supreme Leader terms foundations of Islamic system as solid 9.3.2004
Leader honors Motahari as proponent of Islamic intellectualism 9.3.2004
Occupation Forces Responsible for Deadly Attacks in Iraq 3.3.2004
Leader expresses outrage at death of innocent pilgrims 3.3.2004
Leader appreciates presence of Iranian pilgrims in Hajj ritual 24.2.2004
Imam Khamenei congratulates for free elections 21.2.2004
Leader praises Iranians for enthusiastic turnout in elections 21.2.2004
Leader stresses need to probe cause of Neishabour train 21.2.2004
Supreme Leader Says No Power Can Stop People From Voting 20.2.2004
7th Majlis / Supreme Leader : It is a great day for nation 20.2.2004
High Election Turnout Will Thwart Enemiesí Plots: Leader 13.2.2004
Supreme leaderís remarks at Friday prayers 13.2.2004
Urges academicians, researchers to contribute to sciences 10.2.2004
"Iran is Determined to Remain Independent" 10.2.2004
Response to President and Parliament Speaker's Letter 10.2.2004
Supreme Leader's Remarks 10.2.2004
Leader Grants Amnesty to a Group of Convicted Prisoners 10.2.2ŖŖ4
Islamic Revolution Indebted to Martyrs: Leader 6.2.2004
Election Is People's Right, There Will Be No Postponement 4.2.2004
7th Majlis Supreme Leader: Election to be held without delay 4.2.2004
Conflict between executive, supervisory boards not new 4.2.2004
Supreme Leaderís Message to Haj Congregation 30.1.2004
Supreme Leader Felicitates Freedom of Lebanese Combatants 30.1.2004
Current Issues in Iran Moving on Legal Course: Leader 26.1.2004
Supreme Leader stresses serious attention to people of Bam 26.1.2004
Supreme Leader: Sound Justice system makes community safer 21.1.2004
Khatami meets Supreme Leader 19.1.2004
Ayatollah Khamenei Orders Guardian Council to Revise Blacklist 18.1.2004
Leader pays 2nd snap visit to Bam 16.1.2004
Need to Observe Law in All Stages of Electoral Process 14.1.2004
Need to Adopt Wise and Islamic Outlook Toward Culture 13.1.2004
Supreme Leader meets Cabinet 12.1.2004
Leader calls for legal channels to resolve qualification dispute 12.1.2004
Sincerity and Loyalty Enhance Journalism: Leader 11.1.2004
Supreme Leader stresses importance of news dissemination 11.1.2004
No Sign of U.S. Animosity Toward Iran Decreasing 8.1.2004
Leader: US policy on Iran unchanged 8.1.2004
Religious Minorities Enjoy Constitutional Rights 6.1.2004
Leader meets farmers, officials 4.1.2004
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