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Leader grants aid for Bam rebuilding 30.12.2003
Leader appreciates relief operations 30.12.2003
We Will Build a Flourishing, Stable, and Better City Out of the Ruins of Bam: Leader 29.12.2003
Supreme Leader attends meeting of executive officials in Bam 29.12.2003
Supreme Leader: Hearts of all Iranians are full of grief 29.12.2003
Supreme Leader in Bam to inspect quake-hit city 29.12.2003
Supreme Leader receive Haj officials 27.12.2003
Leader Offers Condolences to Bereaved Families Over Deadly Quake 26.12.2003
Islamic Armies View Martyrdom as Honor 26.12.2003
Supreme Leader attends Army Academy graduation ceremony 25.12.2003
We Will Never Back Down in Our Opposition to Foreign Interference 23.12.2003
Nation Should Defend Lofty Goals of Martyrs 21.12.2003
Islamic Countries Should Strive towards Advancement of Muslim Ummah 21.12.2003
Nation Should Defend Lofty Goals of Martyrs 21.12.2003
Participation in Majlis Elections, Religious and Logical Duty 17.12.2003
Today's Humiliation of Saddam, Ultimate Fate of Imperialists and Tyrants 16.12.2003
Leader stresses turnout in elections 16.12.2003
Supreme Leader arrives in Qazvin 16.12.2003
Leader urges to solve difficulties 8.12.2003
Leader stresses inoculation campaign 4.12.2003
Supreme Leader calls for Muslims unity to tackle enemies 3.12.2003
Leader outlines eco, social plans 3.12.2003
Leader grieved by Sammara massacre 2.12.2003
Leader felicitates Basij week 30.11.2003
Leader grants amnesty to inmates 27.11.2003
Leader blasts US democratic claims 26.11.2003
Leader receives senior officials 26.11.2003
Martyrs sacrificed lives when country needed brave 24.11.2003
Iran enjoys a living nation: Leader 24.11.2003
Leader hails Iran encyclopedia bid 23.11.2003
US old tricks will not work anymore 14.11.2003
Leader to lead Friday Prayers 11.11.2003
Supreme Leader meets academicians 7.11.2003
Supreme Leader lays out macro plans 5.11.2003
Leader receives released filmmakers 5.11.2003
Leader backs additional protocol 3.11.2003
Leader opposes nuke weapon access 25.10.2003
Supreme Leader receives Pakistani PM 23.10.2003
Leader urges Islamic states unity 20.10.2003
Supreme Leader exalts armed forces 16.10.2003
Leader urges to appreciate elites 15.10.2003
Supreme Leader: We want to remain free 14.10.2003
Supreme Leader arrives in Zanjan 13.10.2003
Supreme Leader receives President 13.10.2003
Supreme Leader stresses importance of Islamic morale, identity 9.10.2003
Supreme Leader stresses unity among Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis 7.10.2003
Leader hails Tehran-Damascus ties 30.9.2003
Supreme Leader: Human being needs to develop amity with Holy Quran 28.9.2003
Leader pays tribute to martyrs 26.9.2003
Supreme Leader : Great Iranian nation to proceed on path towards prosperity, well being at full strength 24.9.2003
Supreme Leader gives amnesty to prisoners 24.9.2003
Leader praises Revolutionary guards 21.9.2003
Supreme Leader hails youth's role 17.9.2003
Leader stresses IRGC's role in Iran 16.9.2003
Leader calls for efforts to maintain independence, promote justice 10.9.2003
Unity helps solve Islamic World problems 3.9.2003
Iran achieves stem cells technology 3.9.2003
Leader condoles Hakim's martyrdom 30.8.2003
Supreme Leader lauds services of government 27.8.2003
Supreme Leader condemns assassination attempt on Ayat Hakim 25.8.2003
Supreme Leader: Iran not to compromise over fundamental values 19.8.2003
Supreme Leader extends felicitations on Fatemeh Zahra`s (SA) birth anniversary 19.8.2003
Supreme Leader pardons, commutes prison terms of women, teens 19.8.2003
Supreme Leader: Iran is standard bearer of religious democracy 6.8.2003
Judiciary should show more leniency 5.8.2003
Officials should appreciate national resolve to defend country 30.7.2003
Supreme Leader: Young generation, God-given national asset 21.7.2003
Supreme Leader: Islamic Revolution will never retreat from lofty aspirations of great nation 20.7.2003
Supreme Leader: Young talents herald bright prospects for Iran 16.7.2003
Supreme Leader: Judiciary can gain public trust by reinforcing law 28.6.2003
Supreme Leader: Industrial development, a national agenda 23.6.2003
Supreme leader says an stable Afghanistan contributes to Islam 18.6.2003
Supreme leader stresses Islamic unity in meeting Tajik president 16.6.2003
US pipe dreams for Iran would fail 12.6.2003
Leader says US behind unrest in Iran 12.6.2003
Supreme Leader stresses prevention of environment destruction 12.6.2003
Supreme Leader: US makes every effort to block Iran's economic development 8.6.2003
Supreme leader: Any attack on Iran would prove suicidal 4.6.2003
Supreme Leader calls for OIC's active encouragement of resistance movements 31.5.2003
Supreme Leader urges solidarity to fend off US pressures 28.5.2003
Supreme Leader: Spirit of courage necessary for safeguarding 24.5.2003
Supreme leader pardons more Iranian prisoners 24.5.2003
Supreme leader pardons or commutes sentences of 279 prisoners 21.5.2003
The Supreme Leader's address 19.5.2003
Leader laudes Khatami's achievments 18.5.2003
Leader visits Martyr Beheshti Universitiy 12.5.2003
Supreme Leader calls on students to strengthen scientific capability 12.5.2003
Supreme Leader condoles demise of Iraqi clerics in Najaf 5.5.2003
Situation in Iraq betrays true nature of American democracy 30.4.2003
Supreme Leader calls on city, village councils to serve people 26.4.2003
Supreme Leader appreciates SIO performance 21.4.2003
IRIB should work in line with public demand 19.4.2003
Iranian Army viewed as one of the most formidable 15.4.2003
Message to the people of Iraq 13.4.2003
Supreme leader says Iran happy about ouster of Saddam 11.4.2003
Leader offers condolences over death of CBI governor 23.3.2003
Supreme leader, top officials meeting 23.3.2003
Supreme Leader denounces US-led war on Iraq 22.3.2003
Leader denounces "satanic" US-led attack on Iraq 21.3.2003
Supreme Leader gives advice to top officials 19.3.2003
Supreme Leader calls for international efforts to head off Iraq war 17.3.2003
Supreme Leader rallies IRGC navy 12.3.2003
Leader receives Turkmen president 11.3.2003
Supreme Leader: US will become entangled in quagmire if wages war 11.3.2003
Leader addresses Tehran councilors 11.3.2003
Leader urges to uproot deprivation 10.3.2003
One billion Muslims will follow Iran if it sets good model of religious democracy 4.3.2003
Leader wraps up tour of Sistan-Baluchestan province 3.3.2003
Photos of Zahedan Trip
Leader: Enemies using every plot to mar Iran's progress 3.3.2003
Supreme Leader: People's faith, loyalty have definite message 3.3.2003
Supreme Leader inspects Hirmand River 3.3.2003
Leader: The youth should be provided with scientific facilities 1.3.2003
Leader pays a visit to Iranshahr 1.3.2003
Supreme Leader calls for massive turnout in municipal elections 28.2.2003
Leader: Social justice to be materialized by generating wealth, progress 27.2.2003
Leader: All sectors of government should serve people 26.2.2003
Leader praises unity among different tribes 26.2.2003
Leader says is proud of Iranian youth's sense of responsibility 25.2.2003
Leader calls for settlement of problems 25.2.2003
Leader warns of "complicated plots" to widen religious divides 24.2.2003
Leader pays tribute to Sistan-Baluchestan martyrs 24.2.2003
Leader: Imposing war on Persian Gulf will have backlash on US 23.2.2003
Leader offers condolences to plane crash victims' families 23.2.2003
Supreme Leader arrives in Zahedan 23.2.2003
Leader underlines administration of justice in society 20.2.2003
Leader consoles IRGC chief 20.2.2003
Leader: Martyrdom an element of national strength 18.2.2003
Leader receives Azerbaijani people 17.2.2003
Leader pardons a group of prisoners 13.2.2003
Leader's message to this year's Haj pilgrims 9.2.2003
Iranian nation to respond to Bush's insult on Bahman 22 9.2.2003
Supreme leader marks revolution 9.2.2003
Leader receives Air Force Staff 8.2.2003
Leader's message on Martyr day 6.2.2003
Supreme Leader responds theologians 6.2.2003
Leader: Freedom of expression necessary for promotion of thought 5.2.2003
Leader addresses IRIB officials 4.2.2003
Leader attends Imam's mausoleum 1.2.2003
Leader calls on men of pen to promote 'free thinking' 28.1.2003
Leader: sports help physical health and spiritual well-being 20.1.2003
Leader instructs intelligence officials to neutralize enemy plots 19.1.2003
Leader: Hajj ritual brings hearts of Muslims closer together 15.1.2003
Supreme Leader criticizes US Mideast and Persian Gulf policy 11.1.2003
Leader: Iranian nation will protect independence, freedom 9.1.2003
Supreme Leader receives cleric MPs 1.1.2003
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