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Supreme Leader: Judiciary can gain public trust by reinforcing law

Tehran, June 28, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that the justice system should fulfill its obligation of reinforcing law in order to gain public trust. In a meeting with the judicial officials and the bereaved families of the martyrs of the terrorist bombing by Mujahedeen Khalq Organization (MKO), the Supreme Leader said that the judiciary should show a tangible progress in the campaign against injustice something which can draw public confidence in the body. "The people will pin hope on the Judiciary when they see that the body is upholding justice in all of its branches," the Supreme Leader said in reference to the necessity to fight corruption within the body itself. "Even a single case of violation of law within the Judiciary should not be overlooked," the Supreme Leader said. The Supreme Leader advised the judicial officials to uphold rule of law in the courts of justice through which the body will be strengthened. Upon taking office, the Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi unveiled a plan to restructure the body. The plan is making a slow headway with the positive step of restoring the office of the prosecutor. The public welcomed restoration of the prosecutor's office which had led the matter of judgment to an outdated methodology. Public grievances at the Judiciary currently focuses on corruption within the body citing example of collaborations between certain judges and those who earn a windfall overnight without any background in the field of business or other distinguished crafts. Elsewhere in his speech, the Supreme Leader recalled the memory of former Chief of the Supreme Court Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti and 72 top officials who fell victim to the terrorist bombing in 1981 on the same day. Prior to the Supreme Leader's speech, the Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Shahroudi paid tribute to his predecessor Ayatollah Beheshti who sacrificed his life for the cause of the Islamic Revolution in 1981. He said that Ayatollah Beheshti, the former chief justice was an example of a faithful judge for the justice system. SS/AH/RR End


Supreme Leader: Industrial development, a national agenda

Tehran, June 23, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Monday called for encouraging the private sector to step in and administer the industry and the manufacturing sector. In a meeting with industrialists and entrepreneurs, the Supreme Leader said that the industrial development is a national agenda and called for the government's serious efforts to help the industry sector. The Supreme Leader, however, underscored the need to encourage national and foreign investment in the industry and mines sectors. The Supreme Leader said that national industrial output serves to create jobs and bring about social justice. The Leader dismissed the idea that a boost in the role of the private sector may weaken social justice adding that the class divide emerges when the businessmen are involved in non-manufacturing sectors and some people get windfall wealth. The Supreme Leader said that working in the industrial and mines sector has financial risks for the investors adding that the government is expected to support the investments made in those fields. Ayatollah Khamenei said in the meantime that the industrial plans should boost national outputs in parallel with contribution to social justice as well. On the importance of foreign investment, the Supreme Leader called for the government's external lobbying to attract foreign investment in coordination with the Ministry of Industries and Mines and Foreign Ministry. The Leader said that consuming national output should be regarded as a "value" adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) should encourage people to use their national outputs. The Leader said that the industrialists should focus on the international competition and the outputs should be cost-effective. The Supreme Leader said that the government should reduce the taxes and dues being levied on national outputs to help the industrialists compete with foreign manufacturers. The Leader expressed satisfaction with the progress in the field of industry and mines and appreciated services of Minister of Industry nd Mines Is'haq Jahangiri. Prior to the Supreme Leader's remarks, Jahangiri presented a report on a 11.3 percent growth in the industry and mines sector and said that his ministry has drawn up a strategic plan for industrial development in the next 20 years. He said that the industry sector has created 440,000 jobs in the past three years. SS/RR


Supreme leader says an stable Afghanistan contributes to Islam

Tehran, June 18, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said here Wednesday an stable Afghanistan would contribute to interests of the Islamic Republic and Muslim World. The leader made the remark in a meeting with the visiting Afghan President Hamid Karzai who is in Iran to discuss a plan to build a road from the land-locked Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan via Afghanistan to southern Iran. Ayatollah Khamenei expressed pleasure with the breakthroughs achieved by Afghanistan to restore stability and peace after more than two decades of civil unrests. Despite many efforts to keep Afghanistan backward, the country can find its way toward unification and prosperity due to the strong religious faith of the Afghan nation and its rich human investment, the leader said. He said the superpowers have tried to deal blows to Afghanistan's cultural identity adding that these superpowers are against the emergence of Islamic culture. By trying to replace the Afghan Islamic culture with the Western culture, the superpowers are after providing the grounds for the prolonged domination over Afghanistan, he noted. The Afghan people, Ayatollah Khamenei said, have to get vigilant to be able to neutralize the subversive schemes of the big powers on the war-ruined country. The leader praised the unity between the Shia and Sunni people in Afghanistan and said this unity would contribute to the prosperity of the country. He said the multilateral agreements signed earlier in the day in Tehran would prove fruitful and advised Karzai to opt for proper measures to tackle the illicit drug production in Afghanistan. In the meeting which was attended also by the Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, Karzai thanked Iran for the assistance it had provided for the Afghan nation in various periods. He said the Afghan people would never forget the aid provided for them by the Iranians over years of unrests in Afghanistan. He said the Afghan government is following up seriously the fight against the illicit drugs adding that the country is moving toward prosperity in general. He said the constitution that would be written down for Afghanistan would be based on the Islamic principles. He said the unity and solidarity among the shia and Sunni have contributed tremendously to the restoration of the peace and stability to Afghanistan. Iran, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan signed earlier Wednesday a memorandum of understanding on an international transport route among the three countries. Afghan President Hamid Karzai, heading a 41-member high-ranking delegation, arrived in Tehran on Wednesday morning to attend a joint meeting of presidents of Iran, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan and a similar meeting with Tajikistan. HB/JB


Supreme leader stresses Islamic unity in meeting Tajik president

Tehran, June 16, IRNA -- Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here

Monday stressed Islamic unity among the Muslim nations in meeting with visiting Tajik President Imomali Rakhmonov. The Supreme Leader referred to the historical, cultural and religious commonalities between the two nations. "Islam and the Persian language are the two common and outstanding principles between Iran and Tajikistan which should be promoted to further the ties between the two nations," he added. The leader said that Islam and the Persian language are also part of the national identity of Tajikistan and Afghanistan, adding "Moslem countries should, by identifying their common traits, forge a united front." Ayatollah Khamenei also expressed satisfaction over the agreement roads and powerplant inked between Tehran and Dushanbe. "Progress in Tajikistan is to Iran's benefit," the supreme leader stated. He also said the threats by the US are merely "hollow hue and cry" and referred to the numerous problems facing the US in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. "The US is treading a downward path and is like a huge melting ice-cube" Ayatollah Khamenei underlined. He said the US instead of being an honest broker in the Palestinian issue "has become an enemy to the Palestinians and is supporting the Zionist regime. Therefore, any obstacle facing Israel will also grip the US." Rakhmonov lauded Iran's efforts in settlement of peace in Tajikistan and said with the many cultural, religious and historical commonalities the two nations should strengthen their ties in various areas. He said the agreements signed between the two countries on construction of roads and powerplants will go a long way in mitigating many problems of Tajikistan. President Mohammad Khatami was also present in the meeting. Rakhmonov, heading a high-ranking delegation, arrived here on Monday morning on an official visit to review the latest regional developments and bilateral ties. Upon arrival at the airport, he was welcomed by Agriculture Minister Mahmoud Hojjati and Deputy Foreign Minister Mohsen Aminzadeh. The Tajik president is expected to attend a joint meeting of presidents of Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. In the meeting of the four regional countries a number of important documents on political, economic and cultural cooperation will be signed. The four sides will discuss plans for constructing roads and establishing links on the ground between Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and sign an agreement in this regard. Iran and Tajikistan, which enjoy common cultural and historical bonds, have forged close ties since the former Soviet state declared independent on September 9, 1991.


US pipe dreams for Iran would fail

11:17:16 AM Tehran, June 12 - If Americans could afford to destroy the Islamic System, they would have not spared even one single day, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution told a huge crowd of people in Varamin, a neighbourhood of capital Tehran Thursday.

His comments were followed by slogans in support of him.

"The Iranian nation would hit hard at any invaders, so US would not raise an invasion", he said. "US approach is other than invasion which is stirring unrest in the society and sowing the seeds of discord".

The Supreme Leader called for the statesmen to keep vigilance regarding recent unrests in the society which he declared as led by America.

The Leader advised faithful youths not to meddle such unrests, so as not the ambience becoming confused.

Official have no right to favour the henchmen of enemies, he said, calling for the government to wipe out the way from these foreign-made hurdles which he described as sign of US feebleness.

Today the Iranian nation is in dire need of hard-working, he said.

The Supreme Leader slammed those who attempt to make people frustrated through overlooking positive grounds.

He also called for curbing the increasing inflation through blocking the way for price-mounting, some organs pursue through legal ways.

He stressed the fact that the administration is not pleased with the recent mounting in prices. Pointing to US arrogant moves in Iraq, he predicted US failure in the near future.

bulletExcerpt from the address

Leader says US behind unrest in Iran

6:53:50 PM IRNA

Tehran, June 12 - Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Thursday that Washington was behind riots in the Islamic Republic and urged the nation and state officials to remain vigilant.

"The enemies bluntly support those adventurers who can become their mercenaries by perturbing people's security. Thus, the whole nation, the youth and and officials in particular, must remain vigilant," the Supreme Leader told a gathering of jubilant people in Varamin, south of Tehran.

US plans to stir up unrest and tensions in the Islamic Republic reveal the enemy's weakness since Washington has confessed it is unable to directly confront Iranians, Ayatollah Khamenei said.

"If Americans had been able to eliminate the Islamic establishment, they would not have hesitated even for a day; but the enemy has realized that it cannot do anything against the valiant Iranian nation, especially the brave youth. Thus, it (US) frankly declares that 'our strategy in confronting Iran is not a war and we have to create unrest in Iran'," Ayatollah Khamenei added.

The Supreme Leader also advised the country's "faithful and hezbollahi youth to avoid the scenes which the trouble makers have prepared".

"It must not be allowed that the atmosphere becomes tense and a handful of individuals contaminate the society and universities by creating insecurity.

"However, if the Iranian nation decides to deal with rioters, they will act like in July 2, 1999," he said in reference to a mass show of support for the establishment following days of violent unrest, in which police, students and vigilantes clashed at the Tehran University campus and neighboring streets.

Ayatollah Khamenei's statements came as press reported on "illegal gatherings" held at a Tehran University hostel - the hotbed of 1999 riots - Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

According to the press, Tuesday unrest followed a peaceful gathering of students in protest to proposed privatization of universities.

The gathering turned ugly after a group of "non-students" joined the rally and started chanting political slogans, the press said, adding anti-riot police had to intervene to put an end to the mayhem.

Traffic near the Amirabad student dormitory came to a standstillas the protesters, numbering several hundred, took their rally to nearby streets, media said.

Officials were quick to condemn the unrest and speculate that foreign hands were involved to incite the protests.

Intelligence Minister Ali Younessi said security officials had arrested 80 people during overnight clashes between police and protesters.

Government spokesman Abdollah Ramezanzadeh added voice to the speculation, saying that "the government believes foreign hands could be at work to stir up riots".

Interior Minister Abdolvahed Moussavi Lari vowed that relevant institutions would deal with "hooliganism and illegal gatherings".

US making trouble, Ayatollah Khamenei said the US aim in stoking up the unrest was to impede Iran's efforts to reconstruct the country and tackle existing problems, thus lead to disgruntlement among the public.

"There is no reason for the Iranian people to become disappointed since we have a great nation, a rich country which enjoys a very good position, and a young population," the Supreme Leader added.

The Supreme Leader also lashed out at "those who portray the country's situation in a way that the US likes".

"This act either indicates negligence or constitutes treason and those who speak from the public podium must be very mindful of their statements so that they do not willingly or unwillingly fall in line behind the enemy's objectives," Ayatollah Khamenei said.

Tehran is wary of certain voices in the US administration to provoke unrest in Iran, including through supporting opposition.

The Islamic Republic condemned a reportedly ceasefire agreement between the US military in Iraq and the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) following the ouster of Saddam Hussein.

Supreme Leader stresses prevention of environment destruction

Tehran, June 11, IRNA -- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here on Wednesday underscored the importance of maintaining a healthy and sound environment and of preventing destruction of natural resources. In his message to the first environmental rights seminar in Iran, the Supreme Leader stressed that there exists a strong national resolve to maintaing a healthy environment. Calling on the Iranian people to heighten their awareness for environmental issues, Ayatollah Khamenei said that the administration should strive to create an atmosphere within the system that would encourage observance of public duty and enhance the people's motivation to preserve the environment. The Supreme Leader called on concerned institutions to monitor proper implementation of laws and to deal with perpetrators decisively. He also called on the Judiciary to investigate environmental violations by creating the proper procedural system. On the issue of destruction of the environment and natural resources by industrialized countries, the Supreme Leader regretted the fact that a small group of rich countries is enjoying all natural blessings while the majority of the world's people are doomed to live in unhealthy and polluted conditions and, therefore, are exposed to all kinds of diseases and adverse effects. Industrial countries have inflicted the most severe damage on nature and the environment, the Supreme Leader said, adding that developed states have violated the rights of other countries and have caused poverty, illness and destruction to the majority of the world's people through their policies. The Supreme Leader's message was read out for him by the head of the Leader's Office, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani. It laid emphasis on the importance Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran's constitution which attach stress protection of the environment and the world's natural resources.


Supreme Leader: US makes every effort to block Iran's economic development

Tehran, June 8, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Sunday that the United States makes every effort to block Iran's economic development and progress. In reaction to the US hue and cry over Iranian nuclear facilities to generate electricity for modernizing social life, the Supreme Leader said that Iran has never violated the international commitments and will never back down on the Islamic criteria and ethical requirements. In a meeting with several thousand university students and teachers membering the Basij (volunteer forces), the Supreme Leader said that Iran insists on its own distinct rights in the international community and proceeds with its scientific progress. "The United States has designs for every class of Iranian society especially for the academics who, thank God, have made great strides in the field of science and technology. By making accusation against Iran, the US wants to play down the social progress the Iranian nation has achieved in the past 24 years," the Supreme Leader said. Referring to the US threats to attack Iran, the Supreme Leader said that the US threats is not something new. The US has embarked on systematic threats against Iran from the morrow of victory of the Islamic Revolution, said the Supreme Leader. "The Iranian nation will defend its dignity and achievements and the Basij (volunteer forces) is the well-organized grassroot defense structure present both in the academic centers and the battlefield," the Supreme Leader said. The Supreme Leader ruled out the US threats against Iran and said that the threats are rooted in animosity emanating from the overthrow of the US-backed puppet regime from Iran and putting an end to the two-century record of colonialism in the country by the Islamic Revolution.


Supreme leader: Any attack on Iran would prove suicidal

Tehran, June 4, IRNA -- Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here Wednesday reiterated that Iran did not seek to wage a war against any country, but warned that a military attack on the Islamic Republic would prove suicidal since Iranian youth would strongly repel it. "The Iranian nation and officials are not after a war and they would not drag the country to the precipice of a military showdown, but all must know that attacking Iran would mean suicide for the aggressor," he said at the 14th demise anniversary of late Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic. The statements drew the thunderous "Death to America" chants of close to a million of mourners, many coming from remote corners of the 65-million country, who had crammed Imam Khomeini's mausoleum and its surroundings in the southern outskirts of Tehran. "Iranians from all walks of life, especially the enthusiastic and prepared youth, will strongly and stiffly confront any attacker," the supreme leader said. Washington has revved up its Iran-bashing rhetoric and threats in recent weeks, accusing Tehran of pursuing an aggressive nuclear program and sheltering suspected terrorist al-Qaeda group, charges which the Islamic Republic has repeatedly rejected. Ayatollah Khamenei assured that the threats were not anything new and that any American attack on Iran would cost the American government very dearly. "They also have realized this. Thus, they seek to terrorize Iranian people and officials by speculating on a military attack or other threats so that they achieve their wishes upon the retreat of (Iranian) officials and their betrayal of the nation. "But, among the state officials in the three branches of power, no one has the right to entertain the slightest willingness for a retreat and if anyone takes a step for the submission of the nation ... the nation in ultimate ruthlessness will shun him," the supreme leader said. Ayatollah Khamenei also warned that "the enemy's propaganda instruments and their branches inside are intending to insinuate conflicts and differences among Iranian officials". "But, the enemies of the nation will take to hell their wish of division among the pillars of the establishment and presence of anti-Imam elements in the ranks of the country's chief officials," he added. "Though they might have managed to infiltrate some elements into certain apparatus or attracted certain weak elements, this would not solve their problem, since the main officials of the country as well as the nation are united over the principles of Imam (Khomeini) and strong pillars of the establishment," Ayatollah Khamenei said.


The supreme leader also denounced as "shameless lies" US accusations that Iran backed terrorists. "While totally supporting the biggest terrorists of the world, including the Zionist (Israeli) regime, Americans are brazenly accusing the great Iranian nation of backing terrorism. "But all know that Iran, unlike America, has never supported terrorism and has never sheltered any terrorist," Ayatollah Khamenei said. US officials, who had once accused Tehran of giving refuge to al-Qaeda elements, have recently claimed that the suspected group operated from havens inside Iran. The supreme leader turned the tables on Washington, saying it was US which raised anti-Iranian perverted groups, such as Taliban which provided haven to al-Qaeda, in order to "strike a blow on Iran". "But this treacherous plot did not work and they (Americans) are now choking on the same mouthful they took once," he said. Ayatollah Khamenei also warned the "neo-conservative" American leaders that "it is impossible to conquer the Islamic world by wars and military attacks which will have no consequence than deepening anti-American sentiments". "You cannot call millions of people, whose hearts are filled with hatred and spite against oppressors and occupiers, terrorists just as you, with all your efforts, cannot call Palestinian combatants and the oppressed Palestinian nation and brave Lebanese youth who have risen against the occupation of their countries, as terrorists." "Terrorists are those who have risen to confront nations through occupying their countries and like Saddam (Hussein), by using dictatorship and despotism, do not let the Iraqi nation bring to power their own choice of government," he said in cutting reference to Americans. Ayatollah Khamenei also slammed Washington for accusing the Islamic Republic of being despotic and totalitarian. "The American accusations that the Islamic Republic of Iran is inattentive to democracy is among the biggest jokes at this juncture. This shows that the enemy is upset to see the banner of religion and democracy flying in the Islamic Iran. "That is why they accuse the ruling democratic establishment in Iran of being despotic and dictatorial," the supreme leader said. BH/JB

The following is an excerpt:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

. . . The principles governing Imam Khomeini's work were rooted in Islam and people. Our exalted Imam's reliance on people stemmed from Islam. It is Islam that stresses the right of nations and the importance of people's votes and the effects of nations' jihad and their presence on the scene. Therefore, the exalted Imam considered the pivot of his work to be Islam and people. The greatness of Islam is tantamount to the greatness of people. The authority of Islam means the authority of people. The invincibility of Islam is linked to the invincibility of people. The Imam's work was based on these two factors.

The most important work that our exalted Imam did in the world of Islam was that he revived the political and social dimensions of Islam. From the day that colonialism set foot in Islamic countries, all efforts of colonialists and hegemonists were directed at removing the political and social dimensions of Islam and justice-seeking aspect of Islam and its quest for freedom and independence. In order to deepen their domination over Islamic nations and their resources, the hegemonists had no choice but to separate the political dimension of Islam from Islam. They interpreted Islam as a religion surrendering to events, giving in to occupiers and submitting to powerful tyrants.

Imam Khomeini revived the forgotten truth about Islam. The Imam held up the banner of the justice-seeking aspect of Islam. Imam exposed Islam's enmity towards discrimination, class differences and nobility. From the beginning to the last days of his life, the exalted Imam relied on the meek, the oppressed and the deprived. On many occasions, at the early stage of the establishment of Islamic system in Iran and for 10 years afterwards as the leader of the Islamic Republic, he told us and all officials that we must look after the deprived. He said that you are indebted to the meek.

My dears, whenever we took account of this advice from the Imam, whether in our planning or law-making or in execution of affairs or appointment or dismissal, we were victorious. Islam is in favor of people's prosperity, Islam is against corruption, oppression and discrimination. Islam is for the welfare and the spirituality of people. The Imam said all this on many occasions right from the beginning of his struggle until the establishment of the Islamic system and then up to the end of his life. Our exalted Imam showed this in the world of Islam that Islamic jurisprudence - that is the regulations for managing people affairs along with philosophy of Islam, profound and deep thinking based on reasoning as well as gnosticism of Islam, asceticism and separation, and rejecting carnal desire - can bring about great miracles. The Imam practically showed that political Islam is same as spiritual Islam.

During the era of colonialism, enemies of Islam and those against the awakening of Muslim nations publicized the idea that spiritual Islam and ethical Islam are separate from political Islam. Today, they are doing the same. Today, the propaganda machinery of enemies, the anti-Islamic front, with all sorts of propaganda machinery are trying to portray political Islam, justice-seeking Islam and social Islam as something crude. The enemies want to direct the people to sedentary Islam, to a kind of Islam that bows to submission and shows no reaction to tyrants and bullies. The Imam rejected this erroneous thinking. He propounded the pure Muhammadan Islam which is against ossified, superstitious and eclectic Islam, and also the kind Islam that has lost its vitality in the face of foreign schools of thoughts.

In the past and during the years of struggle when in the course of establishing the Islamic system and even now, the anti-Islamic front is focusing on this point, i.e., separation of politics from spirituality. It means that if someone wants to be a Muslim, then he must sit quietly in a corner. He must not interfere with the actions of occupiers, enemies and aggressors. Today they propagate this.

The Imam propounded the opposite of this in the world of Islam and today the same world is benefiting from this great idea. Wherever you go, you will see a dynamic Islam among experts, young people, academics, scientists, ulema and enlightened people. It is a kind Islam that can protect Muslim nations against aggressors, bullies and occupiers in the world. It does not allow enemies to dominate Muslim nations. This is the pure Muhammadan Islam.

As regards to people, the most important thing that the Imam did was that he completely rejected the meaning of democracy as put forward by Western proponents of democracy and their agents and the way they wanted to demonstrate it. They were trying to induce the idea that democracy is not in agreement with religious devotion. The Imam rejected this erroneous meaning and propounded religious democracy in the world, i.e., the Islamic Republic. He did not just say it. Neither did he just analyzed it. He showed it in practice. Today, the Islamic Republic system, which is a religious system and its principles and essence of values are predicated upon religion, is a democracy in every sense. And democracy in this form that exist in Iran cannot be seen in any Islamic countries.

Of course, this is a bitter truth for enemies. They are not ready to see that the flag of religion and democracy to be hoisted onto one pole. They are trying to engender a gap between democracy and religion Therefore, the reality of the Islamic Republic troubles them.

In order to be able to divert world public opinion from this brilliant truth, they address the people of Iran through their propaganda machinery, inviting them to embrace democracy. This is one of the greatest ironies of our times and of this juncture in history. Those same people who accepted and approved of the satanic regime of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the despotic regime of the Pahlavi era, and who accept military coup d'etat and regimes that know nothing about democracy or recognize it - those same people come and invite the Islamic Republic of Iran's system to embrace democracy and the sovereignty of the people.

This is whilst, since its foundation 24 years ago, the Islamic Republic of Iran's system has staged more than 20 elections - the leadership, the president, the Majlis deputies and all other officials - are directly or indirectly elected by the people. The people chose and elect them and vote for them. This democracy that exists in our country, this desire of the people to take part in electing the officials, such a democracy does not exist in America, where, our enemies use their propaganda machines to address us with their idle talk. The current president of America took office by contravening that country's democratic laws - everyone knows this. The Americans compromise with regimes that have come to power through coup d'etats, because these regimes submit to them but they criticize the Islamic system, which believes in independence and reliance on its own values and because it is not prepared to accept American hegemony. They accuse us of despotism and dictatorship, which really applies to themselves.

Today, all the efforts of the anti-Islamic front are concentrated on eliminating the Islamic awakening in the world, which relies on Iran and its nation because the Iranian national gave birth to a model. The Iranian people - with their thoughts, the new concepts they presented to the world, the passionate jihad struggle of the nation, the courage displayed by Iranian men, women and youth in the course of the life of the revolution in the past 25 year - were able to draw the attention of Muslim nations to themselves and to create the wave of Islamic awakening in Islamic countries. Thus, Americans are more hostile than ever before to this focal point of Islam's awakening. They demonstrate this hostility through their bias, dirty tricks, propaganda lies and aggressive behavior. Their aim is to scare the Iranian nation and the officials and to use their unsuccessful experiences - which are the cause of their pride - to force this great nation and this strong revolution and system to retreat before them.

They accuse Islamic Iran, in their world propaganda, of supporting terrorism or giving refuge to terrorists. This is a disgraceful lie; it is a very ugly lie. If a terrorist means a person who targets innocent people to advance his own objectives, then the biggest terrorists are active today under the aegis of America. Today, The Zionist regime is the total manifestation of terrorism. Everyday that passes; the Zionist regime's terrorist agents are attacking people, who are living in their own homes and their own territory.

Our people have not forgotten how, a few years ago, American dollars and those affiliated to America created a group of fanatical terrorists, in our neighboring country, in order to inflict blows on the Islamic Republic. They were unable to use their treacherous plan and today, that thorn is stuck in their own throat. By spreading prejudice against Iran and the Islamic system, they provoked, forced a group of extremely fanatical people to engage in terrorist activities, and today, they themselves have become their captives. Yet, they accuse Iran of terrorism.

Iran is not in favor of terrorists and does not and has not given sanctuary to any terrorists. But the Islamic Republic believes there are millions of young people, millions of enlightened people, who resent and are fed up with American tyrants and occupiers. You cannot call these people terrorists. You cannot label millions of people in Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, North Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, as terrorists. There are millions of people who saw the tyranny inflicted by American forces on Afghanistan yesterday and who are seeing the same tyranny inflicted on the oppressed country of Iraq, today. Are these people terrorists? The Palestinian fighters, who are defending their territory, are they terrorists? The oppressed people of Palestine, who are confronting the tanks and heavy artillery of the Zionists every day and are defending themselves - are they terrorists? The devout Lebanese youth - who stood steadfast in the face of relentless Israeli attacks and sacrificed their lives in order to push back the Zionists from Lebanon, and whose presence today means that Israel does not dare attack Lebanon - are they terrorists?

If it was not for the devout, militant, Lebanese youth, Israel would not have thought it would encounter any obstacles to its advance to Beirut and we saw that it did invade - they occupied southern Lebanon for years - they advanced until Beirut and committed so many tragedies, which are impossible for anyone to forget. The devout Lebanese youth strove hard, responded to the awakedness brought to the world of Islam by Imam Khomeini and they stood steadfast. Today, Israel does not dare attack Lebanon because of the presence of these young people. Are they terrorists? Terrorists are those who confront nations inside their own homes.

Today, Islamic world is full of sorrow at Iraq's military occupation. Why did you occupy Iraq? Why don't you allow the Iraqi people to determine their government's and their own destinies. What is the difference between you and Saddam Husayn? Saddam was a despot and a dictator and you, too, are a despot and dictator. Saddam practiced one kind of dictatorship and you practice another.

American officials, these neo-conservatives who believe they can conquer the world of Islam by war - you cannot confront Islam. You cannot confront the Islamic ummah. You became arrogant by whatever happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is the weakness of your analysis which demonstrates that you cannot understand events very well. You were not confronted by the Afghans in Afghanistan. In Iraq, you were not confronted by the Iraqi people - they did not want to and did not defend Saddam's regime - just as the Afghans did not want to and did not defend the Taleban. But with your bullying entry into Iraq, you did something which means that today, you are pushing the Iraqi people step by step towards a serious confrontation with yourselves.

These pressures which they are bringing to bear on Iraq - the noble, intrepid people of Iraq. They are insulting the Iraqi nation - a nation that has its elite, experts, learned people, a rich culture, brave tribes - there are so many brave tribes in Iraq and many cultured and learned people. This is the way you insult that nation. Then they say that a group of Iraqis should act as advisor to the American ruler. What's the purpose of the American ruler in Iraq? This is what the Iraqis are saying. Your enemy in Iraq is the Iraqi nation. Why are you accusing the Islamic Republic? They come with their idle talk, saying: We are concerned about Iran's influence in Iraq. Well, we are concerned about your presence in Iraq.

What right have America and Britain to have their military forces in Iraq? What right have they to appoint military governors in Iraqi cities? The false claims made about democracy and support for human rights - and the Americans claim to be the standard-bearers of these - were proven by the arenas in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is evident that they are lying. They do not believe in the people, the nations, the rights of people. The only thing they believe in is to fill the purses and the pockets of companies that are effective behind the scene of government.

Those oil companies, those arms industries, those huge monetary and financial organizations that are really administering the American government and other governments, behind the scenes. The only thing they care about is to fill the purses of these companies. They do not believe in anything else.

America's threat is not today's, it is nothing new. From the beginning of the revolution, they have threatened us. The enmity of the front of America and its allies against the Islamic Republic's system is nothing new. They know themselves that a military attack on Iran, on this great nation, on this nation that has this many young, combatant, lively and ready people - a military attack on such a nation is suicide for the aggressor.

The Iranian nation knows, perhaps the enemies of the Iranian nation should also know: The country's officials, the officials of the Islamic Republic will not take the country into the abyss of war with anyone. We will not expose our nation and country to war. We do not welcome war. But both the nation and the officials and the government and every single individual in this country who possesses honor and courage - while not going towards war - if anyone chooses war with them, they will deal with them very powerfully and severely.

Of course they know that war with Iran would be very costly. They know that war with Iran is not a war against a regime or against a military government or a government that has come to power through a coup d' etat. War with Iran would be a war against a nation. They know this and so, they themselves do not welcome war but, by mentioning war and the threat of war, they want to frighten the people and in the first instance, the officials. They want to force the latter to surrender to them, secure their interests and commit treason against their own nation. They should know that among the country's officials, in the three branches of power, no-one could have the slightest motive and wish to surrender the nation of Iran and the interests of this nation to the enemy. And should anyone move towards surrendering Iran's national interests and nation to the enemy, the people would unsympathetically push them aside.

The country's officials are united in their words over defending the rights of this nation and safeguarding the independence of this country. Everyone should know this and of course, the people know this. The enemy's propaganda machine which, unfortunately, finds certain branches inside the country sometimes, want to promote the idea that there are disputes and differences among the officials and in this way, they want to give themselves and their friends grounds for hope that this difference would make them neglect the enemy.

Let me tell you, the nation, the country's officials in the three branches of power, share the same thoughts, stance and promises in their confrontation with Islam's enemies and in their defense of the fundamentals of Islam.

Enemies of Islam will carry with them to the grave the idea of finding some effective people within the Islamic system who are ready to fight against the Imam's principles and the clear path of the revolution. Three or four years ago at gathering on the occasion of 14 Khordad [4 June] here, I said that the enemy is bent to infiltrate foreign elements into the state structure. The enemy might be able, or has been able, to infiltrate elements into government organizations. Or the enemy might be able to lure some weak and feeble elements towards it. But, this will be of no use to the enemy because the principles of the Imam and the revolution and the strong foundation of the revolution are accepted by officials, the three branches of power and all administrators of this country, and the people are solidly behind them. Anyone who deviates from this path has paved the way for his own downfall.

We are thankful to God for keeping alive the name and the memory of Imam among our people. With the passing of every day, the value of our exalted Imam's principles for the protection of this country's prestige and honor becomes clearer to vigilant and alert people. We thank God that the officials of the country are devotees of the Imam and followers of his line. We thank God that our nation is an alert nation.

Of course, I have told all officials on many occasions, and today I repeat it in this public gathering: the best way to confront America is to serve the people. Anyone who wishes to seriously fight against America must serve these people. Anyone who wishes to effectively and practically fight enemies of this nation must fight against corruption. The tools of enemies inside our country and in our system are corruption, discrimination and class differences. We must fight against them. This is the duty of the government, the Majlis, the Judiciary and all institutions of the country. They must serve the people and they should not tolerate corrupt people. They should neither accept nor tolerate the existence of corruption in any government organization.

This is the biggest service. On the long road before us, we must correct any deviation that we may come across. We must correct ourselves. We must correct our plans in keeping with solid principles of the revolution that the exalted Imam drew from Islam and taught our nation. This is the real reform. The real reform means fight against poverty and discrimination. Justice-seeking must be an aim of all officials. Serving the people must be a duty and religious feelings should be deeply imbedded in all officials. This is the true path of the Imam. . .

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