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Leader calls on men of pen to promote 'free thinking'

Tehran, Jan 28, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that cultural development needs 'free thinking' and termed it as a God-given virtue. In a meeting with members of Iranian Association of Pen, the Supreme Leader said that 'free thinking' helps the human being move forward to capture the unknown realms of knowledge and understanding. The Supreme Leader underscored significance of genuine free thinking and made it clear that 'free thinking' does not mean destroying the principles or disrespect for the sanctity. The Leader said that there are two different attitude toward 'free thinking'. Some people reject it because they deem it is against the principles, on the contrary, some others welcome 'free thinking' for possible challenge against the very basis of norms and principles, the Leader said. The Supreme Leader said that dialogue is the means to promote 'free thinking' and advised the Theology Center and the University to propagate respectful and fair dialogue and embark on doing so. The Leader said that the Islamic Revolution prepared the ground for 'free thinking' adding that it is expected to strike a balance in the cultural domain with drawing a line between 'anarchy' and the genuine 'free thinking'. "In the political activities, the community should avoid extremism or anarchy in other words dictatorship," the Leader said. The Leader said that the cultural development is the best way to promote knowledge, science and technology and called for the academic works both at the Theology Center and the University to usher in software movement in the field of science and technology. "There is wide difference between backwardness and fundamentalism. Fundamentalism means acceptance of the logical principles and being committed to them in a dynamic process, but, backwardness means ignorant support for the unreasonable beliefs something which blocks the way for innovation and progress," the Supreme Leader said. Of course backwardness is not limited to the religious issues, the political backwardness causes detriment as the religious backwardness does, he said. The Leader said that the late Imam Khomeini has initiated the cultural development with changing the corrupt Pahlavi regime adding that the men of pen should follow up the process. SS/AR End

Leader: sports help physical health and spiritual well-being

6:46:57 PM Tehran, Jan 20- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei said on Monday that sports help physical health and spiritual well-being and called for promoting sports in the society. In a meeting with a group of champions and the officials of the physical education organization, the Supreme Leader said that the champions are of higher status for the nation and 'in my heart'. The Leader said that honor scored by Iranian sportsmen brings special happiness for the nation. The Supreme Leader said that the Iranian champions are faithful in moral values and they have set a model for the champions for the other Islamic nations to display such a behavior in the sporting events irrespective of what other champions from other cultures do. The Leader said that the young sportsmen should reinforce their moral values and follow the example of the pioneers in sportsmanship including Pourya-e-Vali (contemporary wrestler who deliberately lost a competition to save his rival's honor). The Supreme Leader called for removing the obstacles in the way of promoting sports in the country and said that sports bring health and happiness to the society and help reach social progress. The Leader called on the government to provide necessary funds for sports and educational and scientific programs for enhancing the level of sports in the community. The Supreme Leader appreciated weightlifting champion Hossein Rezazadeh for refusing to be wooed by another to join its national team and said, "I love such an attitude of not accepting money in return for national pride."

Leader instructs intelligence officials to neutralize enemy plots

Tehran, Jan 19, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei here Sunday instructed the state's intelligence apparatus to neutralize enemy plots in all political, economic, social and cultural domains. Ayatollah Khamenei in a meeting with Information Minister Hojatoleslam Ali Younesi and a group of his ministry's staff revealed 'deep rooted and strong' hostility of the enemies of the Islamic Revolution against the Information Ministry and called on different echelons of the ministry's staff to be fully alert, get in close communion with God Almighty and avoid any diversion and corruption to block the enemy's goals. The Leader said Ministry of Information should be active in all the fields the enemy has placed its objectives on although such activities as those in the areas of culture or economy apparently have nothing to do with the mission of the ministry. Ayatollah Khamenei said Ministry of Intelligence should identify and ward off the complicated methods of the enemy in the political, economic, social and cultural arenas. The Supreme Leader said the camp of arrogance has realized pretty well that it cannot deal a deadly blow on the Islamic establishment unless through propagation of its wrong and misleading attitudes. "Unfortunately, certain frightened, diverted and western-oriented factions and elements are following the same line; Ministry of Intelligence should confront the goal of the enemy too vigilantly, accurately, and properly," said the Leader. Ayatollah Khamenei cautioned Ministry of Information not to be affected by political factions and parties. The Leader said all activities of the Ministry of Information should be based on the religious and legal regulations and strongly defend aspirations and causes of the Islamic Revolution. BG/AH End

Leader: Hajj ritual brings hearts of Muslims closer together

Tehran, Jan 15, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah

Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday that the Hajj ritual brings the hearts of Muslims closer together and is a symbol of resorting to the divine blessings. In a meeting with officials in charge of Hajj pilgrimage, the Supreme Leader said that the ritual is the scene of show-down between the Muslims and oppression as exercised by the arrogant powers against world Muslims. Giving example of the anti-Muslim strategy of the arrogant powers, the Supreme Leader said that the Muslims in Palestine are suffering from oppression and the global arrogance is currently cherishing the ominous goals of capturing Iraq and dominating the wealth of Iraq and that of the entire region. In the meantime, Ayatollah Khamenei offered congratulation to the world Muslims on the auspicious birth anniversary of Imam Reza (AS), the eighth Imam of Prophet Mohammad's (PBHU) infallible household. The Leader said that Hajj is unique among the religious rituals thanks to its sacred place and time and its meaningful philosophy. He said that Islam is a school advocating salvation and helps human being reach sublimity adding that Hajj pilgrimage is a treasure from the divine reserve which brings dignity and honor for the Muslims and calls on the Islamic nations to stand against the arrogant and satanic powers. On Iran's status in the international community, the Supreme Leader said that Iranian nation has made hard efforts to establish the Islamic Republic of Iran and that world Muslims regard Iran as the model for the Islamic criteria. The Leader said that Iran will never surrender to the bullying of the big powers adding that those nations which did not safeguard their independence have lost their dignity and are still suffering from financial difficulties. SS/RR End


Supreme Leader criticizes US Mideast and Persian Gulf policy

Tehran, Jan 11, Itar-Tass/ACSNA/IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Thursday sharply criticized US policy in the Middle East and in the Persian Gulf region. Addressing a function marking the anniversary of the first anti-Shah demonstration in the city of Qom on January 9, 1978, the leader stressed that hegemonic forces of the world, led by the United States, are manipulating the usual differences among Iran's domestic forces to fan tension within the country. In that way, he said, they hope to achieve more divisions in the country and make the Iranian people pay for their dedication to Islam. In other words, Khamenei said, the enemies of Iran are waging a psychological war in order to make it appear that the regime of the Islamic Republic is insolvent, but, he added, the Iranian people will not be deceived in believing such propaganda. The United States continues to enforce its economic sanctions on Iran, which, he noted, has been a great obstacle to the country's progress. "The history of US policies in the international arena proves that they are liars. The United States enforced its military presence in the Middle East on the pretext of leading an international struggle against terrorism. However, it is common knowledge that its aim is to establish dominion over the entire region, grab Iraqi oil, and put pressure on Iran in order to weaken its resistance to US policy of strategic support for Israel," he stated. The Supreme Leader said the Americans are making a big mistake of thinking that they can easily subjugate Iraq and seize its oil resources. Muslim nations will never allow such a thing to happen, the Iranian spiritual leader stressed. FM/LS End

Leader: Iranian nation will protect independence, freedom

Tehran, Jan 9, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah

Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Thursday that Iranian nation will protect the Islamic Republic which brought justice, freedom, independence and national dignity. Speaking in a ceremony to celebrate the anniversary of the first anti-Shah demonstration which took place in the holy city of Qom on January 9, 1978 in protest at an article written by the then minister of information Darioush Homayoun in Ettela'at daily against Imam Khomeini living in exile, the Supreme Leader said that the Iranian nation have made great sacrifices to topple the tyrant Shah's regime. The Leader said that the Iranian nation have placed great hope in the Islamic Revolution and have proved determination to defend its achievements from any hostile attempts. The Supreme Leader said that the Islamic Revolution has enemies both inside and outside the country adding that the external enemy is waiting for the domestic elements to help create tension and provide an opportunity for foreign intervention. The Supreme Leader said that the hegemonist powers led by the United States are following up the normal differences among the internal forces in Iran for their own goal of bringing tension and take vengeance on the Iranian nation for their faith in Islam. The Leader said that Islam advocates people's participation in social affairs which takes place through holding elections adding that Islam has the best doctrines for the social and economic and cultural issues of the community. "Wherever there is a difficulty in the economic, cultural and social life, it is due to negligence of the Islamic tents," the Leader said. The Supreme Leader said that the enemy is launching psychological war to say that the Islamic Republic lacks administrative efficiency, but, the Iranian nation will never yield to such propaganda campaign. Referring to the US economic sanctions on Iran, the Supreme Leader said that the United States has blocked the way of national progress of Iran. "The history of the US approach toward the World Community proved that the Americans are telling lie. They have embarked on army build-up in the Middle East under the guise of the international campaign against terrorism. But all know that the United States has targeted to forge dominance over the region, access to Iraqi oil reserves and put pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran in line with its strategy of supporting Israel. Elaborating on the hypocritic nature of the US approach toward the international community, the Supreme leader said that the US thinks that they would easily capture Iraq and its oil wells, but, it is making mistake, because the Islamic nations will not allow such a thing to happen. SS/AR End

Ayatollah Khamenei: Muslims Will Not Let America Devour Mideast Oil

"We need Islam to save us from being humiliated by arrogant powers, from their attempts to humiliate us intellectually, politically and culturally."

The following are excerpts from Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei’s speech on January 9, 2003:

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

. . . Today, world public opinion deems American slogans to be redundant, and regards them with cynicism. They wage wars in the name of fighting terrorism. As for the issue of America's combative readiness to attack Iraq, as you can see for yourselves there is not a nation, popular movement or popular government today that agrees to this oppressive action. They all abhor it. They all consider America's allegations to be lies.

Is America launching an attack against Iraq to fight terrorism? Or is it for Iraq's numerous oil wells; for dominating the region; for defending Israel; for lording it over the Islamic Republic of Iran. Today, these are the secrets of the global arrogance which have been exposed. Everyone knows about them.

Arab nations and governments, too, have totally lost their belief in America's pledges and statements. Yes, it is possible that some may be forced to show some cooperation for the sake of their short-term interests. No-one, however, accepts the statements of American statesmen, and the arrogance in general, any longer. This is the historical experience of Arab nations.

In the First World War, some of the Arab leaders cooperated with the British, who were the arrogance and colonialists of the time. The result was that immediately after the First World War, the grounds were laid for the creation of the Zionist regime. They provided the groundwork. After the Second World War, they usurped Palestine and declared the establishment of the Zionist state and government. Throughout this period, in spite of the support given by and the cooperation of some of the Arab governments to the West - one day to Britain, and the next to America - it has been the Arab side which has constantly been subjected to humiliation and pressure.

Now, aside from the Palestinian nation - this oppressed nation which has been condemned to the role of the victim in global equations - they have humiliated and denigrated the Arab ummah, government and states. In the rivalry between America and the former Soviet Union throughout the years, many Arab countries - or most of them - sided with America. Every day, American pressure on the Arabs grew. When the time came to test and reward loyalty, they did exactly the opposite by adopting a stance against the interests of the Arab nations. The same applies to the recent events, and to the Persian Gulf War of 11 years ago.

Today, Arab countries, nations, intellectuals and many Arab governments understand that even if America smiles at them, there is nothing other than animosity and hatred behind that smiling mask. [Audience chants repeatedly: Death to America.]

And in the same way the entire Islamic world and Islamic nations detest the American presence in the region. The Americans are under the impression that they can come to this region, seize Iraqi oil wells and devour that country easily, and serve their own interests. They are mistaken. They will not be able to do so. It may appear that they have come and deployed their forces, but Islamic nations will not let them get away with it so easily. [Audience interrupts with chants: O Leader of the free, we are ready, we are ready.]

What the Islamic world and Islamic nations expect from us is that we firmly hold on to the banner of Islam, which is banner of Islamic ummah's glory, and which was raised by us. This is what the Islamic world expects of us. The Islamic flag in our country inspires other nations with hope. It revives them. It raises their spirits.

The raising and maintaining of this banner is also greatly conducive to the strengthening of our nation. In fact, it is not we who are safeguarding Islam, but it is Islam that is safeguarding us. Any nation that stands by Islam will become revitalized, glorious and cherished. Islam is dear; Islam has eminence. We need Islam to save us from being humiliated by arrogant powers, from their attempts to humiliate us intellectually, politically and culturally.

Dear people, what you possess today, in other words, the Islamic system, is Islamic nations' greatest wish. Do not look to the enemy propaganda and the dirt spread by their propaganda trumpets. They are compelled to spread such propaganda.

Today, the Islamic system and the Islamic republic, the Iranian nation and youth are stars which illuminate the Islamic world. They are looking to you; they are seeking inspiration from you. Take care of yourselves; maintain your unity and hope in the future. Officials must cherish this nation; the various organs of the Islamic system must perform their tasks properly through solidarity and unity; they must ensure that the people are pleased with their work. And everyone must understand that God is on our side...


Supreme Leader receives cleric MPs

Tehran, Jan 1 - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that the parliament is expected to focus on dealing with economic issues including unemployment, inflation and livelihood of the people. In a meeting with the cleric members of the parliament, the Supreme Leader said that there exists strong relationship between the people and the clerics adding that the parliament should work to lead the country to a bright prospect in terms of the financial affairs. The Supreme Leader said that the current economic bottlenecks can be easily removed in light of the advanced administrative methods. The Leader advised the parliament to seriously focus on legal provisions for the economic issues with a preference to solve the difficulty in the livelihood of the people. Ayatollah Khamenei cautioned against raising political issues in the community and said that the parliament should closely cooperate with the government on major economic plans to make a breakthrough in this regard. The Leader called on the members of parliament to form regular contacts with the Friday prayers leaders in respective cities to exchange views and bring about consensus in preaching the people from the public tribunes. The Leader said that it would be a great sin to magnify the problems and bring under the question mark the Islamic Republic system of government for certain shortcomings. The Leader called for avoidance of undermining the three branches of government (legislature, executive and the judiciary). "All the propaganda campaigns aim to undermine the Islamic Republic. One should never imagine that the enemy may abandon its hostility with the Islamic Republic nor may the enemy distinguish between different political wings or organs," the Leader said.

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