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Parliamentexpected to focus on dealing with economic issues - Leader 31.12.2002
Leader: Iranian nation proud of its Air Force 25.12.2002
Leader says arts are blossoming out by young talents 24.12.2002
Leader urges three branches to cooperate 22.12.2002
Leader lauds performance of High Council for Cultural Revolution 17.12.2002
Supreme Leader stresses generating jobs, fighting poverty 7.12.2002
Leader: US attack on any Islamic state will harm Islam 6.12.2002
Leader gives straightforward guidelines to cabinet ministers 1.12.2002
Leader says arrogance displeased with Muslim intellectual students 29.11.2002
Leader says Iranian Navy successful in its self-sufficiency drive 29.11.2002
Disabled war veterans call on Supreme Leader 23.11.2002
Supreme Leader warns of US ploys 23.11.2002
Leader warns of ill performances 7.11.2002
Supreme Leader - Qur'an 7.11.2002
Supreme Leader led debut prayers 6.11.2002
Leader urges campaign against economic corruption 4.11.2002
Supreme leader grants amnesty to ex-interior minister 4.11.2002
Leader's office conveys condolence to Majlis on MPs death 3.11.2002
Leader stresses importance of justice 29.10.2002
Supreme Leader attends cadet graduation ceremony 29.10.2002
Elite students offer Olympiad medals to Supreme Leader 26.10.2002
Leader says Iranians will repel any threat 22.10.2002
Leader receives Vietnamese president 21.10.2002
Leader pardons, commutes prison terms of 742 inmates 20.10.2002
Leader expresses condolence on death of Lebanese scholar 20.10.2002
Leader advises armed forces to strengthen their faith 16.10.2002
Leader calls on youth to read Holy Quran on regular basis 8.10.2002
Leader: Friday prayers, opportunity to explain social issues 7.10.2002
Leader: Ethical security, foundation of social security, order 6.10.2002
Leader hits out at US bullyings 5.10.2002
Leader: Martyrs' memory will remain in hearts forever 26.9.2002
Leader: Elite students should be honored 25.9.2002
Leader advises officials to follow Imam Ali's government pattern  21.9.2002
Leader urges youth to preserve religious, cultural identity 17.9.2002
Leader addresses youngsters 17.9.2002
The Supreme Leader calls on iranian students to take role in country's future 15.9.2002
Leader's remarks on 11/9 published 14.9.2002
The Leader recieves EA members 10.9.2002
Leader meets security officials 10.9.2002
Leader's message underlines importance of prayer 7.9.2002
Leader congratulates Iranian nation on big victory of wrestlers 7.9.2002
Leader invites nations to independence, dignity 7.9.2002
Leader felicitates Fatemeh Zahra's (AS) birth anniversary 29.8.2002
Leader appreciates governments' tremendous efforts, asks for more 27.8.2002
Leader commends mountain camping of 150,000 Basij members 26.8.2002
Leader underlines commemoration of martyred statesmen 19.8.2002
Leader rebuffs suggested Iran-US ties as "humiliating, degrading" 19.8.2002
Leader warns Iranian youth of American 'cultural plunder' 19.8.2002
Leader calls for 'proper Islamic stance' as attack on Iraq looms 18.9.2002
Leader encourages students to acquire science, technology 10.8.2002
Leader: Youth expected to reinforce Islamic Revolution 8.8.2002
Leader: US against real reforms in Iran 27.7.2002
Leader sends message to Azad university students  23.7.2002
Leader thanks Iranian nation for "magnificent" rally 20.7.2002
Leader: US president's statements repetition of past mistakes 17.7.2002
Imam Khamenei: Irans Response to Bush is "A Slap In the Face"  17.7.2002
Imam Khameneis Letter to Ay. Taheri 11.7.2002
Supreme Leader warns officials of making remarks benefiting enemies  12.7.2002
Leader gives firm guidelines to fight economic corruption  8.7.2002
Leader deplores prevailing injustice in Intl. community  26.6.2002
Leader urges prompt rescue operation for quake-hit areas 23.6.2002
Leader expresses grief at death of Ayatollah Hakim 16.6.2002
Leader says Iranians standing firm against enemy 4.6.2002
Leader's message to int'l conference on `Imam Khomeini and Support for Palestine' 2.6.2002
Leader calls on Muslim world to support Palestinians 30.5.2002
Destiny of Palestine is the Destiny of Us All 30.5.2002
Leader pardons 376 convicts 29.5.2002
Palestinian praises Iran's supreme leader for key stances 29.5.2002
Leader felicitates nation on Prophet's birth anniversary 28.5.2002
Supreme Leader critical of talks on resumption of ties with U.S. 22.5.2002
Leader grants amnesty package 22.5.2002
Leader stresses unity for zealous forces in universities 22.5.2002
Leader presides over meeting of 'state council for employment' 21.5.2002
Leader calls for Tehran-Baku cooperation on Caspian 19.5.2002
Leader hails endowment as a golden opportunity 8.5.2002
Leader: U.S. seeking to impose Intl. dictatorship on nations 1.5.2002
Chinese president leaves Tehran 22.4.2002
Khatami meets leader before heading for Ashkhabad 22.4.2002
Leader talks with Chinese president, lambasts U.S. policies  21.4.2002
Supreme leader sends condolence message on Dr. Sahabi's demise  14.4.2002
Leader appreciates performance of Expediency Council  6.4.2002
U.S. Complicit in Zionist Crimes: Leader 5.4.2002
Leader calls for Islamic oil embargo against Israel and its allies 5.4.2002
Leader warns against extremism in campaign against financial corruption 29.3.2002
Supreme leader attends mourning ceremonies for Imam Hossein (AS) 24.3.2002
Leader attends mourning ceremonies for Hazrat Hossein Ibn Ali 23.3.2002
Leader urges serious anti-corruption campaign in Norouz message 20.3.2002
Leader outlines Gov't responsibility vis-a-vis US threats  17.3.2002
Supreme leader appoints EC new members 16.3.2002
Ayatollah Khamenei: Intifada, the only way to save Palestinians 12.3.2002
Leader urges presentation of Islamic ideology to Muslims at Hajj 5.3.2002
Leader warns of threats, slams US war-mongering 3.3.2002
Leader: Youth expected to move ahead with prosperity, progress 27.2.2002
Leader urges national police officials to practice piety 27.2.2002
Leader lauds programs to keep memories of Iraqi-imposed war alive 26.2.2002
Leader grants package of amnesty for prisoners 26.2.2002
Leader: seeking Independence, a real treasure for Afghanistan 25.2.2002
Leader: Islamic Iran Firmly Holds Up Flag of Noble Islam 20.2.2002
Leader Calls For Serious Probe Into Tupolev Crash 16.2.2002
Supreme Leader slams US President George W Bush 12.2.2002
People's massive turnout in Monday's rally will be powerful reply to enemies: Leader 10.2.2002
Leader calls for "full preparedness" of armed forces, nation 7.2.2002
Leader: Martyrs are symbol of national bravery, dignity 7.2.2002
Leader pays tribute to late Imam Khomein (news) (complete speech) 31.1.2002
Ayatollah Khamenei says US itself is `the greatest evil' 31.1.2002
Leader calls on UN to fight against oppression and injustice 26.1.2002
Leader: Islamic Revolution helped get rid of despotism, foreign dominance 23.1.2002
Leader accepts Judiciary Chief's request to pardon MP 15.1.2002
Supreme Leader visits graves of unknown martyrs  12.1.2002
Leader calls for all-out campaign against economic corruption 9.1.2002
Unity and solidarity is the only way to progress  2.1.2002
Leader Lauds Iran-Saudi ties 2.1.2002
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