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Meeting with members of Association to defend Palestinian nation 31.12.2001
Leader called on parliament and judiciary to end 'futile disputes'  30.12.2001
Universities should take steps to bring about progress 29.12.2001
Leader: Cooperation among regional states serve peace in Caucasus 26.12.2001
Message of condolence for demise of Ayatollah Shirazi 17.12.2001
Leader says solidarity, coordination pressing need of Muslim world 16.12.2001
Leader: Mischievous gov'ts can't be arbitrators in Palestine 16.12.2001
Supreme Leader leads Eid-ul-Fitr prayers 16.12.2001
Leader calls for unity among officials 13.12.2001
Supreme Leader underlines importance of CRHC 10.12.2001
Leader urges OIC, Arab League to hold a summit on Palestine 7.12.200
Leader receives top university students 29.11.2001
Leader lauds achievements of Army Academy 24.11.2001
Leader appoints new head to Army's intelligence organization 19.11.2001
Leader calls on Basij to launch cultural programs for youth 12.11.2001
Leader: Martyrs sacrificed their lives for justice 11.11.2001
Leader underlines need to promote religious democracy 11.11.2001
Leader calls for speedy implementation of projects 5.11.2001
Supreme leader addresses martyrs' families, IRGC forces 5.11.2001
Leader: People's cooperation, a prerequisite for development 5.11.2001
Leader inspects major industrial plants in Isfahan 4.11.2001
Leader receives students, elaborates on process of democracy 3.11.2001
Supreme Leader receives distinguished figures in Isfahan 2.11.2001
Leader: people, officials should follow martyrs' path 1.11.2001
Leader arrives in Najafabad, accorded warm welcome 1.11.2001
Leader: Iran will not help U.S. gain illegitimate interests in Afghanistan 30.10.2001
Leader says western brand of free speech cannot go so far as to heart capitalists 30.10.2001
Supreme leader arrives in Isfahan 30.10.2001
Leader calls on officials to strive for self-purification 20.10.2001
Leader says Holy Quran offers remedy to all human afflictions 18.10.2001
Leader: mankind in need of peace and justice today 15.10.2001
Ayatollah Khamenei Strongly Condemns US Air Strikes on Afghanistan 8.10.2001
Imam Khamene'i met group of female Parliamentarians 6.10.2001
Imam Khamene'i: Young generation is country's hopes on future 4.10.2001
Supreme Leader meets with Guardian Coucil 3.10.2001
Leader sends message marking "Martyr Day" 27.9.2001
Leader calls for serious campaign against terrorism 26.9.2001
Irans Supreme Leader called the fight against terrorism as necessary and an act of Jihad 26.9.2001
Leader urges young reciters of Quran to get ready to guide society in future 19.9.2001
Leader condemns massacre of defenseless people 17.9.2001
Leader: Muslim, non-Muslim intellectuals interested in religious government 10.9.2001
Leader felicitates nation at Hazrat Fatema Zahra (SA)'s birthday 9.9.2001
Leader's message underlines performance of prayers 8.9.2001
Leader pardons prisoners below 18-year, above 50-year 8.9.2001
Ayat. Khamenei calls for solidarity against anti-state campaigns 7.9.2001
Leader calls for political enlightenment against enemy onslaught 2.9.2001
Leader lauds late prime minister Bahonar's services 29.8.2001
Leader calls on new cabinet to administer justice, eradicate poverty 27.8.2001
Leader calls on student movement to stand against U.S. followers 25.8.2001
Iran leader grieves MP's death 20.8.2001
Leader confirms Expediency Council's decision on selection of GC lawyers 7.8.2001
Leader assigns EC to offer proposals to end row over electing GC lawyers 5.8.2001
Supreme Leader orders Parliament not to hold swear-in ceremony tomorrow 4.8.2001
Supreme Leader to endorse Khatami's mandate Thursday 1.8.2001
Leader stresses promotion of scientific research 18.7.2001
Ayatollah Khamenei okays consultation between clerics and GC 13.7.2001
Leader lauds disabled war veterans's commitment to country 11.7.2001
Leader receives his national identification card 8.7.2001
Leader authorizes EC to amend its by-law on supervising organs 7.7.2001
Leader hails ability to make headway in economic development 1.7.2001
Ayatollah Khamenei condoles on Iraqi cleric's death 1.7.2001
Leader: Judiciary expected to strongly defend justice 28.6.2001
Leader: Understanding Holy Quran, an invaluable heritage for mankind 25.6.2001
Leader: Iran opposed to U.S. interference in Balkans 20.6.2001
Leader holds big powers responsible for environment degradation 19.6.2001
Leader: Surveying into performance of IRIB to its own benefit 19.6.2001
Leader hails election for "religious democracy" 10.6.2001
Ayatollah Khamenei lauds Iran's presidential polls 10.6.2001
Leader: Help the next president to overcome the problems 8.6.2001
Leader casts vote, urges high public turnout 8.6.2001
Supreme Leader: Qom Seminary, a great asset of country 7.6.2001
Leader lauds late Imam Khomeini's great personality 4.6.2001
Leader calls for massive turnout in elections 4.6.2001
Leader: late Imam Khomeini symbol of Islam, people 2.6.2001
Leader calls for world peace and justice 31.5.2001
Leader praises noble status of Majlis 28.5.2001
Leader praises Iran's resistance against dictatorship 21.5.2001
Leader attends Arba'ein rituals 14.5.2001
Leader appreciates authors of `Iran Book' 12.5.2001
Cuban President Fidel Castro met with the Supreme Leader 10.5.2001
Ayatollah Khamenei, Fidel Castro Meet 9.5.2001
Leader hits out at U.S. for its hostile polices against Iran 6.5.2001
Supreme Leader addresses gathering of Gilan officials 6.5.2001
Leader: Creating jobs should be state priority 5.5.2001
Supreme Leader addresses gathering of Gilan officials 5.5.2001
Caspian Sea should remain non-military: Supreme Leader 3.5.2001
Leader reaffirms Tehran's opposition to any bilateral deal on Caspian 3.5.2001
Leader calls on clergymen to clearly identify targets 3.5.2001
Leader calls on youth to ensure bright future for country 2.5.2001
Islamic Republic has paved the way for nations to challenge global arrogance 1.5.2001
Leader says corruption will negate national achievements 1.5.2001
Leader arrives in Gilan Province 1.5.2000
Leader issues 8-point mandate to eradicate crime, corruption 1.5.2001
Leader: Islamic Nations should extend assistance to Palestinians 26.4.2001
Muslims can no more remain indifferent towards suppressions of Palestinians 24.4.2001
Leader says Tunisia, cradle of Islam in Africa 22.4.2001
Leader hails Hizbullah's outstanding role in Islamic world 21.4.2001
Leader: Army's young personnel indebted to revolutionary veterans 17.4.2001
Leader stresses close bonds between officials, people 14.4.2001
Leader calls for enhanced cooperation among eastern countries 12.4.2001
Mourning ceremonies held in presence of Leader 6.3.2001
Supreme Leader - Mourning 4.3.2001
Leader urges officials to strive for national strength 20.3.2001
Leader receives members of Imam's household 18.3.2001
Ayatollah Khamenei addresses Iranian Hajj pilgrims caretakers 17.3.2001
Imam Khamene'i led the last Friday Prayer in Iranian Calender Year 16.3.2001
Ayatollah Khamenei warns of rift among Iranian officials 16.3.2001
Ayatollah Khamenei to lead last Friday Prayers of Tehran 14.3.2001
Leader felicitates Muslims on Eid al-Qadir 14.3.2001
Leader receives President prior to Moscow trip 11.3.2001
Leader lauds efforts to locate dead bodies of MiAs 10.3.2001
Leader outlines state policies in economic fields 10.3.2001
Leader: Islamic world passing through a critical phase 4.3.2001
Leader's Hajj Message 3.3.2001
Leader repeats warnings of ideological lapse 27.2.2001
Leader: Iranian youth shoulder heavy responsibility 26.2.2001
Leader: Majlis is expected to convey spirit of tranquility to country 24.2.2001
Leader;Injustice, great cause of miseries throughout history 21.2.2000
Leader warns of enemy attempts to undermine national culture 17.2.2001
Leader calls for calm as presidential polls approach 15.2.2001
Leader calls for speedy, firm actions to guarantee public security 13.2.2001
Leader appreciates students support for Islamic Republic 12.2.2001
Leader receives Air Force personnel 7.2.2001
Leader: Country owes its prestige, independence to martyrs 1.2.2001
Leader pays tribute to Imam Khomeini 31.1.2001
Leader: Hajj, manifestation of Islam's universal policies 29.1.2001
Leader: Iran, a strategic ally of Syria 25.1.2001
Leader's message opens int'l congress on Ayatollah Sadr 18.1.2001
Leader receives Moroccan PM 18.1.2001
Leader says Iran seeks elimination of Israel from region 15.1.2001
Lebanese premier meets with Supreme Leader 14.1.2001
Leader calls for clear-cut distinction between friends, enemy 10.1.2001
Iran's Supreme Leader urges unity among world Muslims 9.1.2001
Leader says national solidarity is necessity of time in Iran 8.1.2001
Leader: Islamic world in dire need of proximity, convergence 8.1.2001

Ayatollah Khamenei calls on students to watch out for opportunists

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