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Supreme Leader labels Zionist regime "imperialist ruse" 27.12.2000
Iran's Supreme Leader reaffirms support for Palestinian intifadha 27.12.2000
Leader: Independence of country indebted to martyrs 23.12.2000
President, Cabinet members meet Supreme Leader 20.12.2000
Leader: Intifada heralds great developments in Palestine 19.12.2000
One day in solitary confinement equal to 10 days in jail 17.12.2000
Supreme leader stresses massively holding Qods Int'l Day 15.12.2000
Leader stresses the role of culture in destiny of nations 13.12.2000
Leader receives a group of Iranian poets 13.12.2000
Leader: Enemies try to torpedo Iran's march to scientific progress 10.12.2000
Leader visits senior cleric at hospital 10.12.2000
Supreme Leader addresses members of HCCR 7.12.2000
Ayatollah Khamenei warns of enemies plots against universities 8.12.2000
Officials meet Supreme Leader of Revolution 2.12.2000
Ayatollah Khamenei extols physicians of Iraqi war 30.11.2000
Leader stresses the importance of learning and reciting Quran 28.11.2000
Leader: Armed forces, symbol of national dignity 26.11.2000
Leader: Basij, effective body in safeguarding Islamic Republic 25.11.2000
Leader expresses sorrow over death of Experts Assembly member 23.11.2000
Leader: Supporting Intifada, historical duty of all Muslim states 23.11.2000
Supreme Leader: Islamic countries should punish Israel 22.11.2000
Leader: meeting people's needs, a must in popular religious system 20.11.2000
Martyrs, war veterans, released PoWs Iran's most precious asset 18.11.2000
Leader: Islamic Republic has embarked on developing democracy 18.11.2000
Leader: Serving people, worship of the highest order 18.11.2000
Central Province experts, representatives meet Leader 17.11.2000
Leader of Revolution meets people in Tafresh 17.11.2000
Ayatollah Khamenei warns youths of cultural traps of U.S. 16.11.2000
Leader: Officials are working to provide people with welfare 16.11.2000
Leader: Palestinian uprising a blessing of Islamic Revolution 16.11.2000
Leader: America's power proven inefficient vis-a-vis Palestinians' will 16.11.2000
Leader: Top duty of clerics to keep solid foundation of Islamic system 16.11.2000
Supreme Leader receives visitors on religious ccasion 12.11.2000
Leader inspects exhibition of Central Province capabilities 15.11.2000
Leader Concerned About Cultural Situation, Mohajerani Must Act 15.11.2000
Responsibility to safeguard national and religious culture 14.11.2000
Leader: Iran has stood up to world arrogant powers 14.11.2000
Supreme leader arrives in Arak 14.11.2000
Arak residents preparing to enthusiastically welcome leader 14.11.2000
Ayatollah Khamenei pardons 932 prisoners 12.11.2000
Leader calls for plans to present Imam Ali's lofty personality 8.11.2000
Leader urges removal of problems facing Sistan-Baluchestan Prov. 6.11.2000
Leader congratulates paralympic athletes on success 2.11.2000
Leader underlines sanctity of medical profession 1.11.2000
Leader: Anti-U.S. event, celebration of freedom, national dignity 1.11.2000
Leader receives President before his departure to Japan 30.10.2000
Leader: Islamic Ummah obliged to help liberate Palestine 30.10.2000
Leader seeks Islamic countris support for Palestine 25.10.2000
Leader says US is not a true representative of the West 22.10.2000
Supreme Leader addresses 110,000 basijis in Tehran 20.10.2000
Ayat. Khamenei warns of hidden traps set to universities 18.10.2000
Leader calls for public awareness on Islamic sciences 10.10.2000
Leader: Muslim Ummah urges Muslim states to cut ties with Zionists 9.10.2000
Visit to the holy shrine of Hazrat Masoomeh (AS) 6.10.2000
Leader cautions against repeated, parallel research at seminaries 6.10.2000
Leader urges officials to observe law, Constitution 6.10.2000
Leader warns infiltration of enemy in absence of independence 6.10.2000
Leader says western civilization is deteriorating 5.10.2000
Supreme Leader condemns massacre of Palestinians 4.10.2000
Leader: Freedom in Islam different from Western concept 2.10.2000
Leader assures hamass envoy of eventual triumph of intifadha 1.10.2000
Leader: Cultural activists expected to convey message of defense 27.9.2000
Supreme Leader pays tribute to martyrs 21.9.2000
Leader: Iranian women should rely on their own Islamic identity 20.9.2000
Arts should be relied on for Islamic teaching 19.9.2000
Supreme Leader grants amnesty to minor convicts 18.9.2000
Leader addressing the 13th National Congress of IRGC 17.9.2000
Appoints new Head of Intelligence Data Authority of Law Enforcement 17.9.2000
Leader urged Iranian students residing in Europe... 16.9.2000
Leader's message enjoins performance of Islamic rituals 12.9.2000
Leader expresses sorrow over death of Experts Assembly member 12.9.2000
Leader calls on seminaries to counter distortion of religion 10.9.2000
Leader: World in dire need of morality 9.9.2000
Leader sends message to UN summit of religious, spiritual leaders 30.8.2000
Supreme Leader stresses need for peace based on justice 30.8.2000
Leader: Islamic Republic has become powerful in every respect 30.8.2000
Leader Says All Religions Seek Man's Salvation, Prosperity 30.8.2000
Supreme Leader praises government's efforts 29.8.2000
U.S. not competent to lead the world, Supreme Leader 15.8.2000
Leader appoints new army official 15.8.2000
Leader pays homage to martyrs Tehran 15.8.2000
Leader's office stresses need for national unity in statement 10.8.2000
Leader's condolences on Shirazi's passing away 7.8.2000
Decision to withdraw motion on press law amendment 6.8.2000
Leader: Islamic Revolution, a worldwide cultural event 6.8.2000
Leader: Zionists' defeat in South Lebanon "unforgettable" 3.8.2000
Heads of three powers discuss reforms with Leader 3.8.2000
Leader: Cultural institutions should counter cultural inroad 2.8.2000
Leader Addresses Directors, Executive Officials of Ardabil Province 28.7.2000
Supreme Leader meets Sabalan nomads 28.7.2000
Leader stresses settlement of problems by country's officials 26.7.2000
Leader: Revival of spirit of unity, amity main task of clerics Ardebil 26.7.2000
Leader: Iran's armed forces prepared to defend national borders 25.7.2000
Supreme Leader Holds Talks with Families of Martyrs in Ardabil 24.7.2000
Leader calls for optimal utilization of natural resources 24.7.2000
Iran's Supreme Leader felicitates new Syrian president 24.7.2000
Supreme Leader arrives in Ardebil Ardebil 24.7.2000
Leader receives Palestine Islamic Jihad Secretary-General 22.7.2000
Supreme Leader-Guardian Council (GC) 18.7.2000
Iran-Qatar-Leader 18.7.2000
Leader gives guidelines to Tehran City Council 17.7.2000
Leader receives army personnel 12.7.2000
Leader: world arrogance hiding behind facade of good wishes for Iran 9.7.2000
Ayatollah Khamenei stresses Iran's support for Hezbollah 4.7.2000
Runoffs-Leader Leader casts vote in runoff elections 30.6.2000
Leader-Appointment Leader appoints Lotfian to new post 29.6.2000
Leader appoints new LEF commander 28.6.2000
Leader: Every individual has equally Constitutional Rights 27.6.2000
Advisor to Commander-In-Chief of Armed Forces named 25.6.2000
On the occasion of the birth anniversaries of the Prophet 21.6.2000
Leader: Majlis symbol of country's dignity 18.6.2000
Leader: Iran always seeks peace, but a just one - meeting with Annan 18.6.2000
Leader tells Wahid: US interference in other states is main affliction 15.6.2000
Leader stresses prevention of unbridled expansion of cities 14.6.2000
Leader condoles with Syrian nation on President Assad's demise 11.6.2000
ECO Presidents Meet Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution 10.6.2000
Leader: Palestine belongs to all Palestinians 8.6.2000
Leader underlines power of faith, will in giant historical events 3.6.2000
Leader of Revolution Pays Tribute to Abutorabi 1.6.2000
Leban. hezbollah dep. congratulate leader on south Lebanon freedom 30.5.2000
Leader appoints Shahbazi head of military advisors body 29.5.2000
Leader Appoints Ex-majlis Speaker Member of Expediency Council 28.5.2000
Supreme Leader Congratulates Islamic Resistance on Lebanon Victory 25.5.2000
Leader Confers Medals of Honor on Veteran Army, IRGC Commanders 22.5.2000
Imam's Commemoration, Appreciation of Islam's Modern Thoughts 20.5.2000
Majlis Election Results for Tehran Constituency Upheld in Part 18.5.2000
Leader Stresses Qualitative Promotion of Seminaries' Management 14.5.2000
Leader Hails Instructors Forum As Deep Rooted, Valuable Center 14.5.2000
Leader says he will not condone trample on religious elements 12.5.2000
Address to Teachers: Generation Gap Should Be Narrowed Down 4.5.2000
leader: spiritual poverty in west cause of problems there 2.5.2000
leader voices support for government 26.4.2000
Islamic Iran youth meet with the leader 20.4.2000
Leader: press should respect constitution, islamic values 20.4.2000
Leader-saleh-meeting 19.4.2000
Leader condoles Indian, ulema on demise of his envoy to India 19.4.2000
Leader Praises Services of Armed Forces 17.4.2000
Leader says americans are against religion-based reformation in iran 14.4.2000
Leader defends "violence within the law" 14.4.2000
Leader reiterates need for national unity 14.4.2000
Leader calls for overcoming housing problem of the needy 9.4.2000
iran's supreme leader addresses artists 9.4.2000
leader: safeguarding islamic republic, a religious necessity 4.4.2000
leader: hajj a proper chance to echo iran's will to follow islam 29.3.2000
leader: albright's remarks deceitful, belated confessions 25.3.2000
imam reza shrine washed with rose water in presence of leader 21.3.2000
leader urges president to speed up inquiry into recent terrorist act 20.3.2000
leader offers his best wishes to iranian nation on new year 20.3.2000
supreme leader's message on attempt against hajjarian 15.3.2000
leader: u.s. better stop thinking of iran returning to its fold arafat desert 15.3.2000
leader calls for intensive relief for the poor 4.3.2000
leader honors memory of martyrs in impromptu visit 2.3.2000
people's enthusiastic turnout in election show loyalty to islamic republic 1.3.2000
leader stresses religious training for youth 26.2.2000
leader receives king fahd's special envoy 19.2.2000
leader thanks people for large turnout in nationwide election 19.2.2000
grand leader casts vote at sixth majlis elections 18.2.2000
leader: people's massive turnout in election sign of system's power 15.2.2000

congratulation message on the occasion of marriage of 1000 couples

leader: armed force have successfully passed examinations 8.2.2000
leader to receive air force personnel 7.2.2000
leader pays glowing tribute to martyrs of islamic revolution 3.2.2000
leader:people's massive turnout in parliamentary elections, a must 2.2.2000
supreme leader pays tribute to imam khomeini 1.2.2000
leader: spirit of devotion should be kept alive in society 29.1.2000
global power centers aim at cultural domination, leader 26.1.2000
leader calls for youth's active participation in ten-day dawn celebrations 26.1.2000
leader-martyrs-funeral 17.1.2000
leader calls on gov't to meet students' material, moral needs 12.1.2000
leader commemorates popular uprising in holy qom 9.1.2000
unjustifiable u.s. intervention in the middle east peace talks 8.1.2000
eid-al fitr prayers in tehran led by ayatollah khamenei 8.1.2000
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