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leader attends celebrations for hazrat fatimah, imam khomeini (30.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 30, irna -- celebrations were held here on thursday in the presence of the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei on the eve of the auspicious birthday of hazrat fatimah (peace be upon her), the noble daughter of prophet mohammad (pbuh) and 100th birth anniversary of the late imam khomeini. participants at the ceremony renewed allegiance with the leader of the islamic revolution and prayed for continuation of islamic revolution and longevity of the leader. :irna 30/09/99 13:44

leader urges students to prevent disturbances at universities (29.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 29, irna -- the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei today called on the university students not to allow anyone under any condition to disturb the trend of scientific and religious activities in the universities. the leader of the revolution also urged the students to preserve the pure, pleasant and lively student environment for rapid scientific progress along with revolutionary efforts, commitment and piety. ayatollah khamenei made the call in his message read at imam khomeini's mausoleum by his representative at universities hojatoleslam mohsen qomi on the occasion of the start of the academic year.
the leader also called on the students to keenly follow up political developments in the world and the country, identify the enemy anywhere and under any guise and recognize hostile objectives and procedures vigilantly.
the leader added, ''today, the enemy is trying to mislead the university into abandoning its direct path of science and religion as well as its revolutionary spirit. ''the gravest responsibility in encountering enemies' conspiracy lies with the dear academicians, both instructors and students,'' ayatollah khamenei said, adding that they will surely carry on their responsibility as they did at certain sensitive junctures in the past. stressing that islamic iran has pinned hope on its youth's efforts in the field of science and wisdom to achieve its great objectives, the leader said that without it, national independence and self-assuredness which has served as a breakthrough for the nation and government at difficult stages will be weakened. ayatollah khamenei added that in the past attempts were made by the enemies of the iranian nation to distance the university environment from religion and piety with the objective of making the educated and intellectual generation lose their interest and sensitivity in their great ideals and become slave to their abject inclinations and personal benefits. praise be to the almighty, universities, like other social atmospheres in the islamic country are adorned with religious signs and revolutionary spirit, said the leader. ''the university has been actively present in all revolutionary scenes during the past two decades and has offerred great marytrs,'' said the leader adding that the students and instructors are the trustees of this effective part of the islamic country today. :irna 29/09/99 13:21

leader says dayton accord in bosnia is far from justice (27.9.1999)

tehran, sept 27, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei, in his meeting with visiting president and chairman of the presidency of bosnia and herzegovina elija izet-begovic here monday hailed the valor of bosnian muslims in what he termed as an unjust war that was imposed by the west on the muslim people of former yugoslavia by the west. he said by imposing an unwarranted war on the muslim people of the former yugoslavia, the western powers intended to adulterate the cultural and religious identity of bosnian muslims. the leader of the islamic revolution said in the judgment of the islamic republic the dayton accord did not and does not do the kind of justice to the muslims of bosnia herzegovina that they truly deserve. he said the agreement had actually been imposed upon them and fell too short of doing the muslim bosnians the justice that they still deserve.
ayatollah khamenei also criticized the western governments, and especially the europe, for begrudging any support to and partiality with muslims in the wars with muslims in bosnia herzegovina and kosovo. he said the self-authorized involvement of nato in military operations in europe with the leadership of the united states was unjustified, and commented that nato's military enterprise in connection with kosovar muslims in europe was planned and undertaken in a manner to introduce and legitimize a new mode of crisis handling behavior that would merely set a precedent as a rule for future contingencies. the leader of the islamic revolution also welcomed izet begovic's request for iran's involvement in reconstruction projects in bosnia herzegovina.
the chairman of the presidency of bosnia herzegovina appreciated iran's assistance to the bosnian people during the war years. he said iran was the only world country that actually supported bosnians without the least interfering in the internal affairs of bosnia herzegovina over those hectic years. izet begovic also presented a brief report to the leader of the islamic revolution on the present state of affairs in b-h and also on econstruction projects undertaken in the country. :irna 27/09/99 21:11

leader calls on late imam khomeini's household (23.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 23, irna -- on the first day of ceremonies to celebrate the late imam khomeini's 100th birth anniversary, leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei called on the household of the late imam on thursday. the late imam's grandson hojatoleslam seyed hassan khomeini welcomed the leader and prayed to the almighty for the prosperity of the islamic republic of iran. the supreme leader honored the memory of the late imam khomeini and wished success for the imam's household in following the path of prosperity and happiness. :irna 23/09/99 16:40

leader's message opens ceremonies marking imam's birth anniversary (22.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 22, irna -- special ceremonies, marking the 100th birthday anniversary of the late imam khomeini, kicked off on wednesday with a message from supreme leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei. the leader said in his message the late imam khomeini was a pious scholar, a man of intellect, a veteran politician, an innovator, a brave gnostic, a fair ruler, a devoted struggler, a philosopher, a teacher of ethics, a literary man and a poet, who sponsored the highest and most intensive teaching courses at seminaries for years. ayatollah khamenei said the late imam khomeini possessed outstanding god-given characteristics mixed with what he had learnt from the holy quran. the late imam khomeini's characteristic was immense, attractive and influential to the effect that the world's outstanding figures in recent decade seemed less attractive, mono dimensional and small compared to him. the job he pursued through faith, prudence and patience was as big, unbelievable and bewildering as his personality, read the message. his outstanding and brilliant personality was amazing and exceptional all over his political life, including at the time when he invited people to fight the dependent and corrupt regime of pahlavi and its american interventionist supporters. elsewhere, the message referred to the late imam khomeini as the one who through his 15-year long fierce and painful battle (against former regime), managed to establish the islamic system and uproot the treacherous and corrupt regime of the shah. ''he knew iran well; on one hand, he was fully aware of the country's sensitive and determining geographical and geo-politicallocation, its abundant natural and human potential and its attactiveness, goals and great aspirations and on the other, he knew well iran's tragic history over the 150 years including domination of foreigners and plunderers over iran, the treasons, corruption and despotism of pahlavi dynasty, the country's scientific, industrial and moral poverty, that were imposed on the country and above all its great, deep-rooted, brave and faithful nation.
"he was fully aware of the conditions of the world, the oppressed nations, the arrogant governments and bewildering young generation, especially the deplorable condition of muslim countries and the muslim ummah, to the effect that the tragic issue of palestine annoyed his great soul.''
the leader said the late imam cared for saving iran from clutches of the corrupt regime, which had imposed the economic, moral and scientific backwardness, and poverty on iran, and recognized the return to islam as the sole way out of the situation, establishment of an islamic political system in the country and formation of a government with divine values, the leader said. ayatollah khamenei said, "by opening the way, the late imam khomeini presented a live pattern to the muslim ummah and brought about a new process whose first blessed product was revival of islamic identity among muslims." he launched campaign in the name of god with help of the masses and did not at all referred to any parties or groups (for help), said the message, adding that he (the late imam khomeini) turned a blind eye at their (the parties' and groups') motives and turned his back to their political dealing. in the 10 years of the auspicious life of the late imam since the emergence of the islamic political system in iran, the late imam revived the islamic identity among the world muslims and hoisted the banner of islam in iran, the leader pointed out. the leader said ''now that the honorable name of the great imam khomeini has adorned the 100th birth anniversary of that unique man of history, it is expected that all, especially officials of the country, would implement the unforgettable lesson of their imam in words and deeds and would follow the path he took. concluding his message, ayatollah khamenei prayed to the god almighty to grant iranian nation, government and all officials of the country the opportunity to fulfill the job (follow the late imam's path). :irna 22/09/99 18:12

Leader meets austrian president klestil (21.9.1999)

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tehran, sept. 21, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei said on tuesday the islamic republic of iran has opted for development of relations with europe. in a meeting with austrian president thomas klestil and his president mohammad khatami, the leader warmly welcomed the president of austria and said iran firmly stands by its relations with world countries, especially those chosen by iran, but, it is normal that any attempt to impose something on iran would be followed by iran's reaction. the leader expressed optimism about the outcome of president klestil's negotiations with iranian officials. ayatollah khamenei said the friendly relations between iran and austria have a 500 year long background and contrary to certain european countries, the iranian nation has no bad memory of austria. in the wake of the victory of the islamic revolution relations between the two countries expanded, therefore iran and austria should work to strike a balance in their trade exchanges. the supreme leader referred to the islamic republic of iran's interest in relations with the european union (eu) and said the united states is bigger and wealthier than the eu, but, iran did not want to have relations with the united states, because bilateral ties should be based on mutual respect and free from non-interference in the domestic affairs of each other.
the supreme leader said in reply to president klestil's statement on the destructive function of the western press that the serious relations and political ties cannot be set up on the basis of what the western press write or the western reporters say. the diplomatic relations should be established on the basis of realities and serious issues, the leader said. ayatollah khamenei said the islamic republic of iran is interested in the humanitarian values and the fundamental issues of human community. the proposal of the iranian president on the dialog amongst civilizations does not refer to defunct and outdated civilizations, rather it refers to fundamental issues of human beings, the leader said. "we welcome researchers and fair personalities of europe visiting iran to see for themselves the realities in the country," the supreme leader pointed out.
the leader said the islamic republic of iran is sensitive toward the espionage and deals severely with spies and for punishment of spies iran does not seek permission from `nyone. ''until now we have done so and we will do so in future,'' the leader made it clear. those spying for israel or for any other country are hated people in our opinion and if they are found guilty by the court no doubt they will be punished. the zionist regime's agents are present around the world and i have information that the zionists are doing destructive work in austria too.''
''in spite of the u.s. insistence on a unipolar world, the world cannot be run in the form of a single empire. every nation has its own objectives and values with the right to exist and if the european union (eu) wants to return to its own identity with self-reliance and independence, it will succeed undoubtedly,'' the leader said adding that in asia too big powers have emerged which do not accept the unipolar world and the u.s. hegemony at all. the leader emphasized the need for protection of ethnic european people including the muslims and said in the past several years the muslims in kosovo and bosnia have been exposed to oppression and hoped that such an event would not happen again.
elsewhere in his remarks, the leader pointed to the drive launched by the islamic republic of iran to attain progress and economic development and said there are ample grounds for cooperation between iran and austria in the course of the third five-year development plan (2000-2005).
on his part, president klestil said his visit to iran would be very useful for bilateral relations between the two countries leading to more cooperation between iran and the european union. the austrian president said the islamic republic of iran has special status in the regional and international relations. austria regards iran as a great country not only protecting the regional peace but also the state with significant role in the international diplomacy, he said. "we attach importance to iran and i hope i will let the leaders of the european union know the positive developments in iran," the austrian president said. president klestil criticized the destructive role of the western press in distorting the image of the islamic republic of iran and said the news about iran is reflected in the west in a way that misportray the events in iran. unfortunately, the press are following controversial issues and usually publish unreal news while ignoring important issues concerning the great civilization of iran, the achievements of the islamic revolution and the infrastructural development underway in iran, he said adding that the western press do not convey these events properly or convey them in opposite direction. :irna 21/09/99 19:01

leader hails students' role in revolution, sacred defense (20.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 20, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei told a group of tabriz university students and professors sunday that there was a "vicious motive" behind last july's disturbances at some universities with an aim to "prevent scientific and research progress in the country." underlining the "important and effective role" played by students in the revolution and during the sacred defense (iraqi war, 1980-1988), the supreme leader said the martyred students are the expressive language of a young generation who rose to defend islam and the revolution against the war-mongering aggressors." pointing to the qualitative and quantitative improvement in higher education in post-revolution years, the leader said the number of university students now is ten times more than before the (1979) islamic revolution. "the scientific level of the universities has improved and there is a good variety of university fields. furthermore, brilliant talents have found an opportunity to emerge in school and university environments. the interests of the youth in science and research and the enthusiasm shown by teachers and professors is also a source of inspiration," said the leader.

ayatollah khamenei said the enemies do not want our universities to be safe for studies and research because they want to see the next generation unable to run their own country with knowledge. therefore all the academics and student groups are responsible for keeping the universities safe for studies and blossoming of talents. "the islamic iran possessing huge natural resources and unknown assets is waiting for a generation to take over administration of the country with strong faith, insight and knowledge," the leader pointed out.
the leader emphasized the need to avoid magnifying the weak points and forgetting foreign enemies and said, "when the enemy has stood in front of us in various forms, we cannot overlook it and ignore the reality. their hostility is clear in their propaganda campaign and decision making, how can we deceive ourselves and ignore their hostile measures?" "admitting the existence of enemy does not mean rejecting the weaknesses on our own part. because, if we don't have any weakness, the enemy cannot do anything against us," the leader said. the leader underlined the need to identify the weak points and work to remove them and said, "we should not ignore our weaknesses, but, when identifying the weaknesses, we should not forget that the enemies will unmanly take advantage of them to deal a blow to the islamic revolution. the leader said the enemy appears in the forms of mass media empires or the semi-zionist media dependent on oil cartels and big capitalists one branch of which is the u.s. administration.
the leader referred to the role of a zionist capitalist in putting the malaysian economy in disarray and said the large financial and economic centers have taken control of the entirety of the world, and any state or government rejecting their interests are exposed to their hostile acts. the world witnessed that a zionist capitalist ruined the malaysian economy all at once, therefore they are following hostile measures against the islamic republic which has driven iran out of their control, the leader said. ayatollah khamenei emphasized the need for decisiveness in dealing with the enemy and said the islamic iran by the grace of god and by relying on the iranian nation will eventually force the enemy to come to terms with the islamic republic in the long run like what happened to the former enemies who have now come to terms with the islamic republic of iran after being met with the resolve of the iranian nation.
elsewhere in his speech, the supreme leader referred to the honorable record of tabriz university in the course of the islamic revolution and said the people of tabriz and the faithful people of azarbaijan have always been a good example of knowledge and faith. ayatollah khamenei called on the academics of tabriz university to observe solidarity and augment students' political understanding. the leader said that students' political knowledge prevents them from falling into trap of those seeking power or being misused by different political groups.:irna 20/09/99 19:23

leader urges seminarians to initiate new studies on islamic ethics (19.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 19, irna -- supreme leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei on sunday called on theological centers to initiate new studies on the islamic ethics. addressing a number of jurisprudents, ayatollah khamenei said today in many parts of the world, muslim countries in particular, the attention of politicians, thinkers and experts on social sciences and of many people has been drawn to noble islam and holy islamic rules. the supreme leader said that growing attention to islam in the world is considered an unexpected phenomenon worldwide is mostly the result of the victory of islam in iran and formation of the islamic system in this part of the world. underlining the similarity between religion and politics from international point of view, ayatollah khamenei said study on religion worldwide is not separate from politics, that religion is not taken into consideration apart from its political influence and that international stances are based on this very fact. moreover, the leader of islamic revolution added, the new generations in the world of islam and in certain parts of the world are inclined towards religion together with its political and social dimensions.

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elsewhere in his remarks, ayatollah khamenei proposed that seminars and specialized meetings be held worldwide to deal with this new phenomenon. the leader said in parallel with the political dimension of islam, the islamic science and jurisprudence have drawn the attention of world scientific and political circles. religious scholars and thinkers should have a new evaluation of the significance of islamic studies in this juncture because today, no one can utter an unfounded word in the name of islam or achieve a goal with no reference to the islamic sciences, nor can one be indifferent towards what are included in religious goals and the jurisprudential or oratorical issues. the leader said scientific zeal and attachment to scientific work are good motive for a new approach towards the islamic sciences and propagation of islam. the center for understanding religion or contemplation into religious issues are seminaries and the seminaries in turn should address needs of people. in this respect, it is necessary for seminaries managerial bodies to set plans and be active in identifying ambiguities and suspicions, that partly have scientific or semi-scientific bases. underlining importance of scientific and technical education of religious teachings in addition to propagation of the religion, ayatollah khamenei said jurisprudence is the spinal column and discourse and philosophy are the fundamentals of the seminaries.
the good and efficient instructors of seminaries are required to teach these three branches of sciences to theological students and seminaries are expected to move dynamically, actively and vigorously, said the leader, adding that but besides the three main techniques, acquaintance with interpretation, tradition and diversity of sciences is also necessary. familiarity with techniques of religious propagation is a must today and officials and masterminds of seminaries should devise plans for their work with an eye to latest in communications sciences and teach the subjects at seminaries. calling as necessary seminaries' acquaintance with intellectual tendencies of the world, the supreme leader said those busy propagating religion should get informed of such tendencies, know their audiences and choose them in order to speak in tune with their mental capacity and understanding. moreover, theological students should be familiar with one or several living languages of the world because knowing a foreign language is essential for students of religious sciences, the leader concluded. :irna 19/09/99 18:32

leader: iran's prosperity depends on following imam's path (18.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 18, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei said here on saturday that the country would be prosperous only when it continues following the path of the late imam khomeini.

addressing members of the headquarters in charge of marking the 100th birthday anniversary of the late imam khomeini, ayatollah khamenei said that keeping alive the ideas of the late imam khomeini is among the most important duties of the headquarters. ayatollah khamenei said that arrangement of ceremonies marking the 100th birthday anniversary of the late imam khomeini is among ways to further introduce the lofty personality and thoughts of the late imam khomeini to his lovers, especially the young generation. the leader of the islamic revolution said that existence of good and sincere link between the late imam khomeini and the youth indicated that the late imam khomeini's thoughts and ideas have been appealing to the youth. ayatollah khamenei called for sound planning to insure that the late imam khomeini's thoughts are aling in the society and among the young generations and main owners of the country in particular. the late imam khomeini's personality had various dimensions as he was a philosopher, jurisprudent, teacher of ethics, big gnostic and outstanding literary figure and at the same time he was a wise politician with deep insight and novel theories, the leader of islamic revolution said, reiterating that the country's prosperity depends on keeping alive the thoughts and ideas of the late imam khomeini. if the country's prosperity is believed to be possible through scientific development or national dignity and identity, or honesty of the system and people or getting rid of backwardness, then all these points would be possible only by keeping alive the path and ideas of the late imam khomeini, the paramount leader added. the one, who gave courage to the country's scientific elite to raise its opinion before the world's science giants was the late imam khomeini, said the leader, adding that country's independence and national identity were gained through the big strides taken by the late imam khomeini. no personality can be found among iranians throughout the history of the country to be like imam khomeini in serving the masses and defending the dignity of the nation, ayatollah khamenei said. elsewhere in his remarks, ayatollah khamenei said that enemies since departure of the late imam khomeini, especially over recent years, have concentrated their efforts on removing the late imam khomeini's ideas in a bid to deprive the society of his spiritual and intellectual presence. on this very basis, the ones, who have been more loyal to the late imam's path than others, are more exposed to enemies' hostilities. concluding his remarks, ayatollah khamenei called on the audience to try to observe simplicity and honor the religious and spiritual ethics in arranging ceremonies marking the 100th birthday anniversary of the late imam khomeini. :irna 18/09/99 17:50

leader sends message to union of muslim students associations in europe (17.9.1999)

london, sept 17, irna -- the union of the associations of muslim students in europe convened for their 34th. assembly here friday which is to continue until saturday. the assembly opened with a message by the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei, who greeted them and called on them to strengthen their faith, and build up themselves intellectually and scientifically. the leader also advised them to keep themselves abreast of the day-to-day developments in iran, and do not lose sight of the great challenges which the iranian nation faces. the leader of the revolution expressed hope that the young muslim people of iran would eventually triumph over the ill-wishers who intend to compromise the independence of the islamic state. :irna 17/09/99 17:37

leader says palestine most important issue of islamic world (15.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 15, irna -- the supreme leader ayatollah seyed ali khamenei said here wednesday that the question of palestine remains to be the most important issue of the islamic world. "the enemies of islam are trying to put the palestinian land and nation into oblivion before the world public opinion. and with deep regret, a humiliated and debased group submits to the usurper zionist government and its main backer, the u.s. in return for winning a false and superficial sovereignty over a very limited part of palestine. but they are all ignorant of the fact that palestine continues to exist in the history and that the palestinian nation, by relying on islam and their brave and wise children, will eventually win sovereignty over their historical land," ayatollah khamenei stated. the leader made the remarks at a meeting with a group of commanders of the islamic revolution's guards corps (irgc) in tehran. underlining the need for muslims, particularly in the arab world, to be vigilant against the schemes of the enemies of palestine, the leader noted: "the enemies intend to deviate the thoughts of the nations and officials in the arab-islamic countries from the question of palestine and draw their attention to false matters."

the supreme leader said despite hostile attempts and propaganda campaign by the enemies, the iranian nation will continue to safeguard the islamic revolution as a god-given blessing and will vigorously proceed in the road to prosperity. pointing to the significance of historical records, the leader of the islamic revolution said the brave nation of iran would not forget the past. on establishment of the islamic revolution guards corps (irgc), the leader recalled the necessities of the time and the obligations to protect the islamic revolution the causes for which the irgc was established. "in the early days of the islamic revolution, different kind of opposition were made to stop formation of the irgc, but, the irgc was established by the young faithfuls with reliance on god. the irgc grew up in line with its objectives by passing through very sensitive periods," ayatollah khamenei said. the leader said the irgc and all the institutions formed to serve the lofty goals of the islamic revolution would continue rendering services to the country. ayatollah khamenei said any hostility to the islamic revolution is in fact standing against the irgc and all the forces and talents who are at the service of islam and the islamic revolution.
the leader also referred to the propaganda aimed at misportraying the concept of revolution and said contrary to certain propaganda, the revolution is not illusive or a matter of subjectivity, rather it is a popular movement which the iranian nation has embarked on to attain progress and prosperity. the iranian nation expects the islamic revolution to bring about development, welfare and dignity morally and materially and put an end to dominance of external forces and their ominous impacts. but, our enemies are following up their plots and are working to gradually misportray the bright identity of the islamic revolution as an ordinary and negative concept, the leader added. ayatollah khamenei said the concept of revolution is something very negative for the domineering powers, but very sacred for the iranian nation as only way for salvation. therefore, the iranian nation will go ahead in the same direction it has taken in the name of god and of course it will reach its goals.
prior to the leader's remarks, representative of the leader at the irgc ayatollah movahedi kermani and irgc commander brigadier-general yahya rahim safavi expressed the irgc's resolve to protect the islamic revolution and the iranian nation. :irna 15/09/99 16:19

leader condoles death of two members of experts assembly (11.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 11, irna -- supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei in separate messages on saturday expressed condolence on passing away of ayatollah seyed ismael hashemi and hojatoleslam alemi damghani, two members of the experts assembly. the leader of the islamic revolution condoled with the noble people of isfahan, prominent religious dignitaries in particular, and the bereaved family of ayatollah hashemi and the members of the experts assembly on his passing away. in his message the leader hailed ayatollah hashemi for rendering valuable services to the islamic revolution and the iranian people. the message prayed to god almighty for spiritual elevation of the alim and patience for his bereaved family. in another message, addressed to interior minister abdolvahed mousavi lari, the leader condoled lari and the bereaved family and survivors of hojatoleslam alemi damghani and the members of the experts assembly on his passing away. the two religious figures were members of the 86-member experts assembly. :irna 11/09/99 19:29

leader's message opens seminar on prayer culture (11.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 11, irna -- the ninth nationwide seminar on 'new generation and culture of prayer' opened here saturday with a message from the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei and an address by president mohammad khatami. the two-day gathering is aimed to encourage the enthusiasm for prayers among the youth, study ways for securing further cooperation of parents in the promulgation of culture of prayer and evaluate individual and social impacts of prayer. a study of the grounds for promulgation of culture of prayer at schools and a review of the annual performance of prayer headquarters are among other objectives of the seminar. the leader's message was read by his representative and head of the prayer headquarters hojatoleslam mohsen qara'ati. the leader said in his message that although the infallible household of prophet mohammad (peace be upon him) as well as religious scholars have made meaningful valuable remarks about prayer, however, the sublime status of such a religious duty has not been fully appreciated yet. therefore, the message stressed, scholars in the islamic community shoulder a heavy responsibility in this connection, adding that all means should be employed for highlighting the status of prayer. prayer is the main passage which leads mankind towards the path that divine religions have placed before them, the message said, adding that by treading the same path man can embrace prosperity in both the material and eternal world. stressing that no other religious means can be effective in relieving man's anxiety and leading him towards progress, the leader stated in his message that prayer should be recognized as one of the important principles for social discipline as it safeguards man against absurdity and carelessness. the message called on the gathering to make efforts to help the youth to become further acquainted with the sublime culture of prayer, prepare suitable prayer halls and grounds in all places where people congregate and remove all the obstacles halting timely performance of prayers. it also called on all prayer leaders to make utmost efforts to set a good example for others in promotion of the status of prayer, both in terms of quality and quantity. :irna 11/09/99 13:19

photos of imam khamenei addressing education ministry (7.9.1999)

Supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei addressing education minister hossein mozaffar and his ministry officials here on tuesday. :irna 07/09/99 19:45

supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei leading noon and afternoon congregation prayers performed by education minister hossein mozaffar and his ministry officials on tuesday :irna 07/09/99 19:45

supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei addressing education minister hossein mozaffar and the ministry officials here on tuesday :irna 07/09/99 19:45

leader: training learned, committed men, most important task of education ministry (6.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 6, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei said here on monday that the most important responsibility of the education ministry is to train learned and educated men according to the pattern advised by islam. addressing minister of education hossein mozaffar and his ministry's officials, ayatollah khamenei said the main duty of the ministry, especially its managers, is to train pious and committed youth. of course, the leader noted, commitment and piety will prove effective on various scenes when they are coupled with insight and awareness. the leader of the islamic revolution underlined the need to observe discipline at educational centers free from any sternness. the prerequisite for pupils to acquire knowledge and science is adoption of a sound and proper educational system and paying sufficient attention to the subjects of text books, the leader added. prior to the leader's remarks, the visitors performed their congregational noon and afternoon prayers under the leadership of ayatollah khamenei. :irna 06/09/99 16:58

youth vanguard of dynamism in society (4.9.1999)

tehran, sept. 4, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution and supreme religious jurisprudent, ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei said here saturday at the congregation of university basijis that the youth played a vital role in transforming the society into a dynamic nation. stressing the significance of thought, action and emotions of the youth in any given society, the leader said, "the blessings of the islamic revolution has fostered pious relations between the faithful and almighty allah, which was due to their pure enlighted hearts. "it is due to this sacred relation that the islamic sovereign state has unique youths as its treasured asset," highlighted the leader. "the eight-year sacred defense (1980-88) helped the youth gain enormous experience," stated ayatollah khamenei. the leader of the islamic revolution warned the western thinkers and intelligentsia of the lingering catastrophe of the dissipation of the youth in the west. "despite the fact that the west is at the zenith of material achievements in the scientific, industrial and economic dimensions, it has failed to handle its youth with proper insight...and today the western societies has begun to comprehend and feel disaster already taking place in their societies," the leader of islamic revolution said. "in the western society most of the youths are drowned in such ominous acts of addiction, murders, sensualities and other forms of corruptions and crimes," stated ayatollah khamenei. "many more have become indifferent to the issues related to the fate of their communities. their lack of interest is seen in their lack of participation in election process of their countries," deduced the leader. "such a sorry state of the youths in the western societies, annuls all the alleged concepts of the zionists and the us political thinkers, who deem themselves to be the masters of the destiny of the nations round the world," the leader further observed.
"the aliens prior to the islamic revolution tried to deviate and corrupt the youth with the ulterior motive of wielding full control and authority over the nation," stated the leader of the islamic revolution. "however, it was the unique cry of imam khomeini, the father of islamic revolution and founder of islamic revolution, which the aliens had never reckoned that shattered all the ploys," highlighted ayatollah khamenei. "islamic revolution is a tremendous phenomenon that even transcends the founding of the islamic republic of iran as a sovereign state. his phenomenon has transformed human history paving a new way for the masses specifically the islamic ummah," adduced supreme religious jurisprudent. "islamic revolution being a remarkably amazing historical event, think-tank zionist political analysts having visualized its irreversible significance, began their long term campaign against the the youths of islamic sovereign state," pointed out the leader. "the zionist great diabolic design is to alienate tomorrow's youths, the builders of the islamic revolution," observed ayatollah khamenei.
"one of the reason why the western world fears the islamic revolution is that they believe that the islamic thought is based on true logical philosophy of the world of creation and the creator, which shows where man stands and in which direction he is supposed to move," further deduced the leader. "in the islamic thoughts, man's this worldly goal is to attain salvation and bliss in this and the next world," stated the supreme religious jurisprudent. "therefore, relying on islamic thoughts, a community can attain social justice and advancement as well as spiritual status besides making a leap forward to reach the pinnacle of material progress," said the leader. "such is the magnificent prospect and extolled objective of islamic thoughts, which, unfortunately, the west is deprived of," noted ayatollah khamenei. :irna 04/09/99 23:18

Leader-dusting ceremony (2.9.1999)

IRIB NEWS Thursday - Mashhad, Khorasan Prov.- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on the last day of his four-day visit to this northeastern province on Thursday took part in a ceremony to dust the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ali Ibn Mousaal-Reza (A.S.), the 8th Imam of Prophet Mohammad's (SAWA) Infallible Household. Verses from the Holy Quran were recited during the two-hour ceremony, which took place in an atmosphere filled with spirituality, as the shrine was washed with pure rose water. The ceremony was also attended by Head of the Experts Assembly and Friday Prayer Leader of Qom Ayatollah Ali Meshkini and the Custodian of the Holy Shrine, the Representative of the Supreme Jurisprudent in Khorasan Province and the Friday Prayer Leader in Mashhad Hojatoleslam Abbas Vaez-e-Tabasi.

Pictures of Leaders visit (2.9.1999)

supreme leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei attended the gathering of the families of the martyrs of the city of torbat-e jam in northeastern country wednesday during which he made important remarks. ::irna 02/09/99

supreme leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei said in the gathering of the families of martyrs in the city of torbat-e jam in khorasan province wednesday that the all reformers of the islamic world in the past one or two centuries have wished something like what has occurred in iran today. ::irna 02/09/99 17:40

talking in the gathering of the martyrs' families in the city of torbat-e jam in khorasan province, the supreme leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei said that relying on common points and refraining from differences would guarantee people's victory. :irna 02/09/99 17:40

supreme leader of the islamic revolution and commander in chief of the armed forces ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei attended a gathering of tens of thousands of basij and islamic revolution guards corps members in the city of mashhad in northeastern province of khorasan wednesday. :irna 02/09/99 17:40

supreme leader of the islamic revolution and the commander in chief of the armed forces ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei attended a gathering of tens of thousands of basij and irgc members in northeastern city of mashhad wednesday. :irna 02/09/99 17:40

supreme leader of the islamic revolution and commander in chief of the armed forces ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei attended the gathering of tens of thousands of irgc and basij forces in the provincial capital of mashhad wednesday during which he made very important remarks.

leader: economic, political security, primary needs of country  (1.9.1999)

mashhad, khorasan prov., sept. 1, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei said here on wednesday that military, economic, political and ideological security was one of the most important issues of the country. addressing tens of thousands of the rank and file of the islamic revolution guards corps (irgc) and basijis (volunteer forces) in this northeastern iranian city, the supreme leader thanked these forces for their great services in establishing and maintaining security in the country. following the victory of the islamic revolution, the iranian nation prepared itself to make good on the past backwardness and reach self-sufficiency in the field of science and industry, and make progress in financial and spiritual affairs, the leader said. at that time the enemy started hurling obstacles on the way of the iranian nation and in its first step it stirred up insecurity, said the leader, adding that the enemy made iranian borders both on the north and the south insecure by provoking ethnic problems and doing mischief but the devoted and young basij forces of iran managed to root out causes of insecurity. the leader said that imposition of a full-fledged eight-year war (1980-88) on the iranian nation was one of the most devastating kind of such insecurities. one of the undeniable realities of the iraqi imposed war was that the u.s., the north atlantic treaty organization (nato) and many arab states put all their facilities at the disposal of (iraqi president) saddam (hussein) including electronic, weaponry, financial and training assistance.
but now, enemies of the islamic revolution have launched drastic and strong political and propaganda campaign to deny and cover up such vivid and undeniable realities, said the leader. the supreme leader termed as ''unwise and treacherous'' the efforts launched by certain individuals to deny the damage inflicted on iranian nation by the united states. the idea that the time is over for instigating insecurity is not right, said the leader, cautioning that the enemies of islam wherever and whenever they can, would impose insecurity on the iranian nation such as what occurred in july, ayatollah khamenei said. they started intimidating and fanning insecurity at streets of tehran under a small pretext. therefore, enemy is not disappointed at stirring up insecurity, the leader said. denial of the existence, necessity and importance of faithful individuals would be an unwise and treacherous act because existence of these forces, who can bring about security for the nation and for any constructive activity is vital like water and weather. elsewhere in his remarks, the leader hailed the basijis as important and strong backbone of country's security and said denial of the basij means denial of the prime necessity and interest of the country.
the iranian nation needs security forever so the need of the country for basiji forces, motivation, mobilization and basij-like love and faith, is a permanent necessity, said ayatollah khamenei, adding that disrespect for basij is an unwise or treacherous act. the leader underlined the need for and importance of economic security in the country and said economic security is required to make any economic efforts and activity possible to the effect that those willing to make investment and doing agricultural, industrial activities based on laws and regulations would be allowed to enter into the scene of economic activities and enjoy full security. ayatollah khamenei voiced support for agreement reached between the judicial and executive branches of government to provide economic security. one should not at all think that establishment of economic security means opening the road for economic opportunists and leech-like individuals or ignoring of the country's sound laws and regulations.
elaborating on political security, the leader said that political security means that political thoughts and sciences should be raised free from ambiguity and double-standard and those responsible for raising political issues and writing and publishing intellectual items should observe honesty, should not lie and deceive the people, should not play any trick or add poison to a food which looks sweet. those fanning political and intellectual insecurity in society can be compared with gangs and bandits, said the leader. ayatollah khamenei said the writers denying the 20-year long efforts and struggles of the iranian nation against bullying and plundering powers, justifying wishes of enemy statesmen and policy makers in pleasant forms to people are really imposing political and intellectual insecurity on the society. therefore, their deeds are as bad as that of the notorious bandits and gangs and might be at times even more dangerous, warned the leader. ayatollah khamenei said that freedom of thought, pen and expression in its sound form is essential for the islamic community.
''i believe that various thoughts, ideas and preferences should be raised in the country. therefore, no one can deny the fact that i am for freedom of thought and expression, freedom of pen and freedom of raising different opinions in the country. but as for the press, i cannot accept some of them trying to divert or mislead public opinion and distort realities by writing false things,'' said the leader. turning certain segment of the press into a mouthpiece for radios of israel and the u.s. is intolerable, said the leader, adding that publication of 200 dailies instead of 20 is not something bad but one cannot accept that some are using public fund and facilities against national interest by writing false and wrong things.
denial of islamic rules is another category which is responsible for instigation of social insecurity, said the leader, adding that anyone, denying religion, including its penal codes, is apostate and the sentence against an apostate in islam is clear. the leader said that everything should take its course according to the iranian nation's will, demand and faith. those thinking that under backing of arrogant propaganda tools and zionist propaganda networks, they can promote their sinister goals in the country, are making a serious mistake and such a thing is impossible. ayatollah khamenei said this country (iran) is a land of islam and the nation stood up for elevation of islam, therefore domination of the will of enemy as well as its intelligence and political lackeys on the iranian nation is impossible.
enemy will never stop its disinformation campaign but the iranian nation from various walks of life should vigilantly continue treading the path of the islamic unity and construction, consolidate the country's independence bases, expedite spiritual purification and tread the path of islam wisely, bravely and prudently, the leader concluded. :irna 01/09/99 18:44

Photos of Imam Khamene’is visit in Khorassan (1.9.1999)

torbat-e jam, khorassan prov., sept. 1, irna -- tens of thousands of shia and sunni muslim residents of torbat-e jam accorded an enthusiastic welcome to the leader of the revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei upon the supreme leader's arrival in the city tuesday

morning. :irna 01/09/99 12:22

torbat-e jam, khorassan prov., sept. 1, irna -- leader of the revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei addressed a mass gathering of people in the city of torbat-e jam on tuesday. :irna 01/09/99 13:38

torbatjam (khorasan prov.), sept. 1 - photo shows supreme leader of islamic revolution visiting tomb of sheikh ahmad jam in torbatjam on tuesday. :irna 01/09/99 20:08

Torbatjam (khorasan prov.), sept. 1 - photo shows people of the order city of torbatjam, welcoming supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei on tuesday. :irna 01/09/99 20:08

torbatjam (khorasan prov.), sept. 1 -- photo shows a girl offering wreath of flower to supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah

ali khamenei in this border city on tuesday. :irna 01/09/99 20:08

Torbatjam (khorasan prov.), sept. 1 -- photo shows supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei responding to sentiments of people on this border city on tuesday. :irna 01/09/99 20:09

torbatjam (khorasan prov.), sept. 1 -- photo shows supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei patting a kid, who offered him wreath of flower, in this border city on tuesday. :irna 01/09/99 20:09

Torbatjam (khorasan prov.), sept. 1 -- photo shows several small girls offering wreaths of flower to supreme leader of islamic revolution

Ayatollah ali khamenei in torbatjam on tuesday. :irna 01/09/99 20:09

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