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leader: presence of alien forces in persian gulf, provocative (31.10.1999)

tehran, oct. 31, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei said here sunday that presence of alien forces in the persian gulf is provocative, causing tension and insecurity. addressing the graduation ceremony of imam ali military academy, the supreme leader said the great nation of iran needs a calm and secure environment to go ahead with its lofty goals and if the enemies beyond the borders wanted to disrupt the current security in iran, each and every individual particularly members of the armed forces would strongly stand against them. the commander-in-chief of the armed forces said the persian gulf littoral states are in charge of security of the persian gulf and despite the u.s. claim, presence of the foreign forces in the persian gulf does not bring security, but rather it causes insecurity.

the persian gulf is surrounded by the nations with longstanding background which are capable of administering the affairs of the region, the leader said. "the iranian people do not initiating any war, bloodshed, aggression or intervention, but, they have proved that they act very bravely against any treacherous movement of the enemies," ayatollah khamenei said. the leader said iran has no intention of any aggression on the other country, but, the instable states and governments on the eastern and western borders require the iranian nation to preserve their full preparedness. elsewhere in his address, the supreme leader said service within the armed forces is a honor for the personnel and the iranian nation has appreciated the position adopted by the army in different battlefields and periods since the establishment of the islamic
republic. the leader paid tribute to late general ali sayyad shirazi who was martyred by the terrorist mujahedeen khalq organization (mko) in may and to the late former commander of the armed forces general qassem-ali zahirnejad who died last month. the leader said the islamic revolution guards corps (irgc) and the army of the islamic republic are the two brothers. they should reinforce their organizations and boost faith and wisdom. the leader also gave recommendations on educational and academic training of the rank and file of the armed forces. :irna 31/10/99 20:04

U.S. Threats Sign of Washington's Selfish, Oppressive Policies (17.10.1999)

TEHRAN -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here Sunday said there are powers in the contemporary era that consider themselves the main rulers of the globe and interfere in any part of the world when their interests demand so and do not hesitate to commit human massacre or inflict heavy destruction on nations. Speaking in a meeting with the visiting former South African president Nelson Mandela, the Leader stated that Israel and the U.S. are two vivid examples of the hegemonic powers that use any possible means to remove any obstacle on their own way. The Leader pointed to a threat against Iran by a U.S. (State Department) spokesman, terming it as a sign of the selfish and oppressive policies of the U.S. Administration. Underlining the rootlessness of the regime occupying Qods, Ayatollah Khamenei said the Zionists expelled Palestinians from their homeland and have so far committed all possible forms of crimes against them in an attempt to usurp their territories. Stressing that the U.S., Britain and other hegemonic powers have assisted the Zionists in such an attempt, the Leader said the usurper Zionist regime today, however, feels that it has been choked by the Palestinian issue. Because, the Leader remarked, there exists a 10-million strong Palestinian nation with faithful, strong and determined personalities who are bent on continuing their struggle for the restoration of their rights. Reiterating that the issue of Palestinian nation should be separated from that of treacherous Palestinian agents, the Leader said not only the West Bank but the entire occupied territories belong to the Palestinian nation. Ayatollah Khamenei condemned and rejected as unacceptable expulsion of Palestinian people from their homeland and transfer of a group of Jews from the U.S., Europe, Russia and other parts of the world to the occupied Palestine. No doubt, stressed the revolution Leader, nations will move forward towards their goals in the light of their continued struggles, adding that certainly the Palestinian nation will emerge victorious and will regain not only the West Bank but the entire Palestinian territory. Palestine belongs to Palestinians, remarked the Leader and said Palestinian Muslims, Jews and Christians will live together.
The Leader expressed satisfaction with Mandela's success in the short period of his responsibility and said his major accomplishment while serving in the capacity of South African president was his emphasis on moral principles. Ayatollah Khamenei underlined preservation of principles and trust in people as two important lessons taught by Imam Khomeini and said the Imam always trusted people and taught Iranian officials to do so and safeguard principles.
Mandela said he was pleased with his meeting with the Leader and termed the late Imam Khomeini's personality as unique. The South African veteran leader said the late Imam Khomeini not only was leader of the Islamic Republic, but was also the champion of liberation movements across the globe. The campaign the late Imam Khomeini led against the ruler of the time indicated the admirable bravery in his character, Mandela said. He said he is proud of paying tribute to the late Imam Khomeini for the second time.
Mandela appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran's move to cut off relations with the South African apartheid regime immediately after victory of the Islamic Revolution and setting up closer ties with the popular movement in South Africa.
"We are indebted to the Islamic Revolution and express our highest gratitude to the Leader, the Iranian nation and government," the South African veteran freedom fighter said. The South African charismatic leader said the independent nations should exercise solidarity to stand against the big powers. With solidarity the independent states can make good on the injustice done against them by the big powers, Mandela said.
Meanwhile, Mandela Saturday appreciated Iran's support for the struggle of the African people against apartheid and also observed that President Khatami's visit to the Vatican and Saudi Arabia had left a pleasant impact worldwide...... (Source: Tehran Times)

leader sends condolence message on death of former army chief (14.10.1999)

tehran, oct. 14, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei sent a message of condolences wednesday on the occasion of the passing away of the former chief of staff of the army major general qasemali zahirnejad. praising the outstanding services of the late ''brave and zealous'' general in the eight-year sacred defense (1980-88), the leader also highlighted zahirnejad's devotions in other fields. the commander-in-chief of the armed forces expressed condolences over general zahirnejad's death to the armed forces, the army in particular, and his bereaved family. general zahirnejad who passed away tuesday night, was serving as head of the advisory group of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. he was the first army officer who was promoted to the rank of brigadier general after the 1979 islamic revolution and to the rank of major general later on. ns/ks end
:irna 14/10/99 11:59

leader calls for expansion of tehran-athens cooperation (13.10.1999)

tehran, oct 13, irna -- supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei here on wednesday underlined the need for using the positive grounds available for expansion of tehran-athens cooperation. the leader of islamic revolution in a meeting with greek president constantinos stephanopoulos, in which iran's president hojatoleslam mohammad khatami was also present, stressed that there is no negative point in iranian nation's mind about greece. background of greek culture and knowledge in iran's history is highly brilliant and outstanding, and scientific and cultural exchanges and cooperation have always existed widely between iran and greece. the supreme leader referred to great iranian and greek scholars as founders of human beings' civilization and said iranian and greek peoples have shown their talent on issues related to culture and civilization and on this basis can consolidate their friendship bonds. the leader said that necessary tools are at the disposal of nations which possess lofty cultures to complete man's contemporary civilization, adding that iran and greece can cooperate in this respect. stephanopoulos on his part termed sentiments of iranian and greek nations as positive and friendly towards each other. iran and greece are inheritors of rich cultures and on this basis iranian and greek officials feel more responsibility towards present issues of the humanity, he said. underlining importance of cooperation between iran and greece in various fields, the greek president said there are many fertile grounds for expansion of tehran-athens relations.
:irna 13/10/99 21:33

leader stresses continuation of palestinian struggle (12.10.1999)

tehran, oct. 12, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei here tuesday stressed continuation of the struggle with israel until its complete withdrawal from occupied territories. the leader made the remark in a meeting here with the visiting secretary general of the lebanese hizbollah movement and his accompanying delegation. ayatollah khamenei said the widespread propaganda and political activities of the regime occupying palestine and its allies is an attempt to negate the palestinian nation and suppress their resistance. the leader of the islamic revolution stressed the need for continuation of the struggle until full victory. underlining the need for unconditional withdrawal of israel and evacuation of south lebanon, ayatollah khamenei recalled the time when palestinians hesitated until israelis dominated them. ''but,'' the leader stressed, ''a new generation emerged who launched the struggle in the name of islam and thereby palestinian resistance took shape.'' now the israelis attempt to quell the resistance, remarked the revolution leader. pointing to a trivial concession apparently granted to a small group of palestinians, the leader said it is part of the policies of israel to introduce this small group as representative of the great palestinian nation and thus negate palestinian identity in their propaganda. but, the leader said, the palestinian nation exists and aslong as this nation exists struggle with usurper zionist regime will continue as well.
prior to the leader's remarks, nasrollah reported on the activities of lebanese hizbollah.
:irna 12/10/99 14:23

leader underlines need to promote youth's scientific talent (11.10.1999)

tehran, oct. 11, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on monday underlined the need to make necessary planning to promote the youth's scientific talents. in a meeting with a group of top students, the leader said that religious faith is very effective in carrying out hard studies and opening the ways for scientific progress. the paramount leader said science is a necessity to protect dignity and provide welfare and strength on the international scene. science is a prerequisite for prosperity though it is not enough by itself to lead a nation towards happiness, the leader said adding that if a nation could not make progress in scientific field, no doubt it is doomed to remain backward in both economy and public welfare. the leader said the iranians rank top for their high degree of learning skill compared with other world countries, and referred to avicenna, farabi and mohammad zakariya-e razi as the great iranian men of talent who have enlightened humanity in the course of history. the leader said religious faith has been positive point in the scientific progress of the iranian nation. at the end of the 19th century, religion was introduced as obstacle to scientific progress, a claim which is totally unfounded, because scientific progress needs faith and an unbeliever has nothing to do with science. faith in religion helps an individual to proceed with the hard work of research studies, the leader said.
the supreme leader rejected an untrue a western analysis that science is in contradiction with religion and said what happened in the middle age which was an era of ignorance and misery for europe cannot be applied to the entire world. because in the fourth, fifth and sixth centuries of hegira, the islamic states led by iran had made great progress in the islamic civilization, religion cannot be against science. what created obstacle to science in the west was ignorance and superstition attributed to christianity, the leader said adding that in the history of islam, no scientist has been persecuted for acquisition of science, but, in europe, several people were killed for their scientific knowledge. the leader said those having scientific knowledge in iran except in few cases have all believers in god. in this country science has developed in parallel with religious faith and religion has helped in making breakthrough in scientific fields. those iranians who have scored success at international level since establishment of the islamic republic in iran are generally god believers and know the teachings of holy quran. prior to the leader's remarks, dr. haddad-adel introduced the top iranian students who have ranked top in the international olympiads on math, chemistry, physics, biology and computer. :irna 11/10/99 18:26

leader instructs police to reinforce law, order (9.10.1999)

tehran, oct. 9, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on saturday called on the rank and file of the law enforcement forces to make every endeavor to fulfil their duties and avoid being affected by their personal feelings and preferences in the work place. in a meeting with thousands of policemen and their commanders on the occasion of the law enforcement forces (lef) week, the leader felicitated the police force on the occasion and emphasized the importance of police's position in the islamic system owing to their close relationship with people. the law enforcement forces should be a symbol of dignity, strength, and mercy in connection with every individual and not with a specific stratum of society, the leader said. ayatollah khamenei pointed to the reliability of the police as a fundamental necessity to protect the dignity, life, property and intimacy of the people which brings honor and pride to the police force. the leader underlined the role of the law enforcement forces in the security of individual and social life and said those wearing the police uniform are required to appreciate the opportunity given to them as blessing from god and dedicate himself to fulfil the duties he is expected to do. ayatollah khamenei said the police force should carry out their duties by honoring the law adding that obligation of the police is a delicate issue, and therefore the law enforcement forces should strongly prevent any violation of the law and wrongdoing. elsewhere in his address, the supreme leader referred to international issues and said the silence and indifference on part of the so-called advocates of human rights toward bombardment of the civilians in south lebanon by the zionist regime indicated to what extent they give empty promises. the leader also quoted international observers as predicting gloomy future for the materialist systems and those not moving in the direction of god. he said this is contrary to the bright prospects the muslim nations have on the horizon and that's why the great nation of iran is heading for prosperity despite all animosities (of the materialist systems). the commander-in-chief of the armed forces called on the police force to upgrade methods and quality of their services to guarantee security of public life.
prior to the leader's remarks, lef commander brigadier-general lotfian gave a report on the performance of the forces under his command. he outlined the programs being followed by police to fight social corruption and insecurity. :irna 09/10/99 16:47

leader underlines importance of caspian sea region (6.10.1999)

tehran, oct. 6, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei here wednesday underlined the significance of the caspian sea as an important center of gravity in the world. in a meeting with the visiting kazakh president nursultan nazarbayev, also attended by president mohammad khatami, the leader stressed the need for expansion of cooperation and convergence among the countries in this part of the world. underscoring the importance of cooperation among member states in the economic cooperation organization (eco), ayatollah khamenei pointed to the many commonalties which can further link regional countries together and facilitate widespread cooperation on the basis of preservation of mutual interests. therefore, the leader remarked, eco member states, including the caspian sea littoral states, should take greater strides towards more serious cooperation. the leader of the revolution underlined the need for cooperation of the regional countries in security affairs and said regional countries should find a solution to the bitter situation in afghanistan and through their active cooperation put an end to insecurity in the region and thereby curtail the hands of aliens from afghanistan.

welcoming iran-kazakhstan cooperation in the field of oil, the leader expressed the hope that through efforts of presidents of both the countries, the interests of the muslim nations of iran and kazakhstan will be preserved and guaranteed in the light of expanded communications and effective cooperation. during the meeting president nazarbayev reported on the talks between his delegation and officials of the islamic republic of iran and voiced his country's readiness for broader economic and security cooperation with iran. he said those who have entered the caspian sea region from beyond oceans, are only seeking their own profits and do not care for the interests and independence of the regional countries. the kazakh president termed as ''highly important'' bilateral cooperation in the field of oil swap and said iran possesses high potentials in transfer of oil. he called for iran's cooperation in transfer of kazakh oil through the caspian sea and said kazakh people will never forget such a great assistance by iran. :irna 06/10/99 14:01

leader receives zanzibar president; islamic world unity not against any country (5.10.1999)

tehran, oct. 5, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei here tuesday received the visiting zanzibar president dr salmin amor and his high-ranking accompanying delegation.

referring to the historical ties between the two countries, the supreme leader welcomed expansion of iran-zanzibar relations. ayatollah khamenei termed the existing relations between the islamic republic of iran and african countries, particularly with tanzania, based on various common points, as positive and fruitful. the leader further underlined the need for establishment of unity among world muslims and reiterated that today, the world of islam, more than ever, is in need of unity. such unity will not be against any country in the world, but it will be a fundamental and crucial element in maintaining the interests of the muslim nations, the grand leader noted. expressing delight over his visit with the islamic revolution's leader, president amor termed his current visit as very useful for him and his entourage. referring to alleged western propaganda against the islamic republic of iran, he said that they are contrary to the realities in the country. he further praised the key role being played by islamic iran in consolidation of unity among the world of islam and in strengthening the resistance of muslim nations against the enemies. the first vice-president hassan habibi was also present in the meeting.:irna 05/10/99 14:36

leader advises cultural policy-makers to review blueprints for blemishes (1.10.1999)

tehran, oct. 1, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei, on friday addressed thousands of worshipers at the friday congregational prayers at the holy shrine of imam khomeini in southern tehran on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of the founder of the islamic republic and the birth anniversary of hazrat fatemeh zahra (as), prophet mohammad's (pbuh) daughter. in his second sermon to worshipers, he referred to the printing of a play in the student bulletin of amir-kabir university of tehran earlier this month, that was considered outrageous to the religious sentiments of the people towards the 12th imam of shi'ite muslims, hazrat mahdi (as). he reminded that the issue would have to be reinvestigated especially by the cultural policy-makers of the country with a view to ascertaining whether it had been undertaken intentionally and with full knowledge of its every implications as an anti-religious gesture, or whether it had been the work of only one or two individuals without their personal knowledge of its true meaning. the leader of the islamic revolution, also deplored mention in the print media, of the word 'student bulletin' saying that the word 'student' would unjustly imply the involvement of the whole student population of the country in that affair which, he said, would be a grave injustice to college students nationally.
in his second sermon to the worshipers that was also broadcast live on the iranian radio, he also strongly advised the masses against vigilance committee spirit for punishing people whom they might consider responsible for sinful acts, and reminded that at every eventuality it is always the responsibility of the government to investigate into such acts and punish the wrongdoers.
in his second sermon to worshipers at imam khomeini's holy shrine friday, the leader of the revolution said in part: "the incident had various implications, and i would like to discuss only a number of points in relation to that development which was an insult against the 12th imam of shi'ite muslims. "the material that was printed in the student bulletin (two weeks ago) really pained my heart. that was an ugly happening. obviously, everybody among the rank and file of the administration offered some form of reaction to it. "if the members of the ulema as well as the rest of the people had not reacted responsively, it was probable that the trend would go on in the future. under such circumstances many people become restless and their religious sentiments come to the surface. i thank all responsible officials and the individual people who showed some form of reaction to the material printed in the (student) bulletin according to their religious responsibility. i am confident that the people will not allow challenging their religious convictions with the aid of cultural tools. "the second point is that the bulletin was referred to as a 'student' bulletin. why a student bulletin? how many students were involved with the printing of that material in that bulletin? truly speaking, the students at large, should not be associated with the printing of that material... "college students, like the rest of the strata of the society are religious people. "another point that is worth mentioning in relation with the issue is that some people have been trying to ascribe the printing of the material in the bulletin to certain government officials. every government official, the speaker of the majlis, the head of the judiciary and the rest of the government officials are all above such accusations.
"now something happened, and in response to it the ulema and the people reacted as they wanted to. "i would also like to warn the various political factions against exploiting such topics for their own interests. i am thankful to many political officials who, in response to my call for factional solidarity some weeks ago, wrote to me personally and told me that they were ready and willing to contribute to a true national solidarity. now again i call on all leaders of political factions to consider the sincerity and the innocence of the people. i tell them not to do anything that might lead the common people into thinking that the leaders of political factions in the country are quibbling and fighting amongst each other...
"if we were to be concerned about the good of he society, we would never allow such petty issues to pit one group against another... "it is possible that certain groups that have been defeated by the islamic revolution may think otherwise, but i exhort the leaders of all groups to consolidate their ranks and always stand out against the ideologically outsider groups, so that the members of the latter group will be identified. that is my advice to you.

"we await future developments nationally. very soon, we will have the elections for the majlis, there is a lot that we have to do and we must create opportunities for those who want to offer service to this country. "now, i heard few people saying that they would do this or that by way of punishing the people responsible for the printing of that material. this is condemnable. the response to that should be offered by the responsible government administrators. now, the most important part of the task has already been accomplished: that was the angry response shown by the masses. now who should be punished is not really the business of the masses but actually the business of the responsible government officials. "the decision rests with the government authorities. i appreciate the sentiments of the people towards that development but i equally exhort the masses to refrain from doing any irresponsible action by way of taking revenge. "i expect a lot more than that from the cultural administrators of the country. if that was done as the result of mere ignorance, that is one thing... which shows some blemish in our cultural environment. i expect the responsible cultural administrators of the country to review their policies and find out what blemishes there are in their policies... "i also call on all my brothers and sisters in faith to be pious and behave in conformity with the principle of piety in all their undertakings at all times. :irna 01/10/99 14:38

leader regrets politicization of sacrilegious play, hails president as a sincere follower of prophet's household (1.10.1999)

tehran, oct. 1, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei friday deeply regretted the "bitter incident" of insulting the `imam of the age' by an unimportant publication and praised the people, the officials and the ulema for their appropriate reaction. however, ayatollah khamenei also regretted that the matter had been taken into the political field which, he said, had once again pit political factions against one another. the leader rejected the false charges leveled against president mohammad khatami by certain groups, and said the president was a sincere follower of the prophet's household and worked for elevation of islam and the survival of the imam's path wholeheartedly. "this is illogical and unacceptable to raise such issue," the leader stressed, referring to the unfounded accusations levelled against the president. he also cautioned hardline groups against taking any wilful action against those who have committed this "impudent act" or perhaps "negligence". he said it was the task of the judiciary to investigate the matter and decide what ruling must be issued for the perpetrators. "control your feelings and refrain from taking any injudicious act," the leader advised these groups. details of the leader's remarks will follow shortly. :irna 01/10/99 13:22

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