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leaders views about aristrocracy (29.11.1999)

tehran, nov. 29, irna -- elaborating on the views of the leader ayatollah ali khamenei on the issue of aristocracy, an english daily monday stressed that a proper attitude on the part of the people will, as pointed out by the leader, be highly effective in safeguarding the islamic society from the vice of aristocracy. 'kayhan international' was referring to last week's meeting between the leader and the students of the sharif technical university. responding to a question as to why no specific and definite measures are taken to stop the trend toward aristocracy which is now being materialized in many official quarters of the country, the leader said that such kinds of vices cannot be eliminated by highhandedness. it is up to the people to not only be vigilant, but that they should also make it known that aristocracy and nobility will not be upheld as was the practice in the pre-revolution era. ''people then were impressed and attracted by the pomp displayed by aristocrats. after the culmination of the islamic revolution, such trends were looked down upon and none dared to indulge in such practices. the society showed abomination toward all that was relevant to haughtiness and arrogance - the inherent qualities of aristocracy,'' noted the paper in the viewpoint column of the paper. as for those persons who have suddenly become rich and make attempt to show off their newly acquired affluence by indulging in un-islamic behaviors with their offsprings behaving worse still, the leader stressed that it is here ''the people can play a significant role. the haughty and arrogant should be discouraged. they should be made to understand that their way of life is not looked at in awe but in disgust,'' noted the paper in conclusion.
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leader's answers to questions asked by students (27.11.1999)

tehran, nov. 27, irna -- the following is excerpts of an question-and-answer meeting held at sharif technical university between the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei and the univeristy students.
q- "i had a question about social justice. despite your remarks over the past few years, the issue over overshadowed by political games. isn't it the time to raise the issue and inqure about the assets of individuals and start it from the statesmen and then other
a. "that's a good question. it is easy in words, but, difficult in practice. as soon as you start from statesmen, of course they will complain and protest. i strongly believe that we should raise the issue of social justice. there is no doubt, the judicial system and the government organizations should follow it. a part of the issue should be solved by good legislations, a part by executive organs, and auditory bodies. "some work are being done and i have already asked questions from the judiciary in this respect. the answer was that they are doing some work, but i am not satisfied with the slow process and of course it will not satisfy you," the supreme leader told the students.
q. "what is the practical way out of existing economic difficulties, unemployment and housing shortages. does the doctrine of the slamic economy really work?"
a. "yes, we have the doctrine of the islamic economy. some books have been written on this issue. the state-controlled economy initiated in the early days of the islamic revolution was in accordance with the islamic economy. i think the economic difficultiescan be solved. we have acceptable programs in this respect. president khatami has worked with a group of specialists and provided a program for the economy, envisaged in the third five-year development plan. i am confident that the program will improve the economic situation."
asked about the status of the special clerics court, the leader said "the special clerics court is legal. the clerics like the other people are vulnerable and a court is required to examine the accusations raised against the clerics, because it can well investigate the charge of another cleric, since the judge is well informed of the principles that the clerics should observe. "those who say the special court for the clerics did not exist during the late imam khomeini's time, are mistaken. the late imam himself gave authority to form the special court for the clerics."
q: do you see the performance of clerics court as fair?
a: its performance is legal; i can not really make a judgment about the ruling issued in every single case whether the ruling is 100 percent fair or not; but as far as i have seen there has not been any unfair decision made on the part of the court; if there happens to be any evidence showing the unfair performance of the court, of course it can be followed up.
q: is existence of such a court in accordance with the constitution?
a: yes, and completely; if clerics court has not been in accordance with the constitution during 17 years of its existence, certainly continuation of court would have stopped. q: how long do you plan to remain silent against different political factions destroying unity; of course i know that you do warn them but now that with the grace of all-mighty god president khatami has been able to show the peaceful picture of iran to the world, is it not better to create an atmosphere in the country for the government to do its job; if we are muslims; if the political factions like to do good deed in iran is it not better to strengthen islam instead of weakening each other?
a: i strongly agree with the person asking the question; fortunately about the issue you have raised i have not been silent; i repeatedly have talked to different political factions whether in their own meetings or in joint meetings or else i have talked about it in the friday prayers that let the feelings of people be a driving force for all factions to move towards unity; by unity i do not mean for all factions to exist as one entity but for all factions to cooperate and let things move forward.
q: does your support of government and person of president khatami also mean believing in the policies of government and person of the president?
a: i have supported president khatami and continue to do so; i see it as a commitment; i also support the government as a whole. of course there are individuals in the government with whose policies i do not agree; they know it themselves and the people in charge know it also; the people might not be aware of it or it might not be necessary; but for those who needed to know, they knew it; i have made criticism when i saw necessary; at times that i felt necessary, i reacted accordingly; but as far as i have so far seen from the performance of government there is nothing wrong with it.
q: if there should be some difficulty in policies and performances, should one express it? how? how can one express it without being accused of going against your words in support of the government?
a: i have never prevented criticism; there is nothing wrong with honest and responsible criticism... if we look upon certain people as being able to solve, say the problems of the economy, we ought to support them ... if we do not support them, how can we expect that they will do what we expect them to do? i think it is every one's duty to support the people in
charge of the country. of course, only as long as they move in line with the policies of islam and of the imam. any one who deviates from the path of islam and the imam does not deserve our support; this is same for every one from top to bottom; this also goes for me if god forbid i deviate from the path of islam it will not be necessary for the people to support me; in case of misunderstanding it should not be a reason for people to stop their support for the people in charge of the country. i would like you all to know that the power of this country is due to the fact that people and government are as one; nowhere in the world can you find this unity; even in democratic countries you cannot witness officials... to sit down and have an intimate and sincere talk with the people without people being afraid of the official and without the official having any fear and without his feeling alienated from the people. this, too, we have because of islam and religion. the unity between the government and the people is as the result of the islam. it is the one thing that we should not miss. the inter-relation between the people and government administrators, and the support of the government for the people and of the people for the government as well as the pleasantly affective relations between the two of them is highly valuable..."
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supreme leader offers 100 gold coins to young couples (25.11.1999)

yazd, nov 25, irna -- 100 bahar-e azadi gold coins were offered to 100 young couples, who tied the knot here on thursday, on behalf of the supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei. public relations department of islamic azad university, yazd branch, said that the post, telegraph and telephone (ptt) minister mohammad-reza aref, too offered 100 telephone lines in installment.
:irna 25/11/99 20:35

leader says powers still antagonize revolutionary islam (24.11.1999)

tehran, nov. 24, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei, here wednesday congratulated the iranians on the occasion of the birthday anniversary of the 12th imam of shi'te muslims, hazrat mahdi, (now in occultation) and reminded that the islamic revolution had proved its capacity to rid peoples from the tyranny of arrogant world powers. in his address on the occasion of the day that was carried live on the national radio and television networks wednesday, ayatollah khamenei addressing thousands of basijis and the nation at large at tehran's uptown congregational prayers hall (mossalla) for special
occasions said every free-man throughout the world who is fair and justice-seeking would certainly crave for the global establishment of justice and annihilation of all forms of inequities. he said the purpose of all prophets was to raise the banner of monotheism, justice and equity and let it prevail in the human societies. the leader of the islamic revolution said that the twelfth imam of shi'ite muslims is the fountain of all blessings, knowledge, beauty and goodness for the humanity, and added that every believer believing in the continuing existence of his holiness hazrat mahdi in the world and feeling a spiritual inter-relation with him feels also that he has the greatest assets on earth.

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he said today the humanity is plagued by tyranny and oppression more than it was at any other time of the history, that in light of improved learning of men and of their better intellectual preparation for learning the humanity today is closer to the re-advent of the twelfth imam, and that consequently the humans are steadily looking up to his eventual re-advent. ayatollah khamenei paid a personal tribute to the basijis, saying that their professional designation is truly a high title, but added that every other man and woman with religious faith and a religiously enlightened heart feeling a responsibility for the people and for the banner of islam is to be considered a true basiji. he said over the past two decades the muslim umma had been experiencing new blood in their veins as the result of the words of imam khomeini while the arrogant world powers had felt totally confused at their confrontation with the surging islamic revolution. he said those powers still continue to antagonize a revolutionary islam that is manifesting itself in such national qualities as honor, genuine national identity, power and valor, because, he said, it was the same islam that cut off their hands from iran and that divested them of their hold on the national resources of the country. before his address to the basijis on the occasion of the religious feast of 'milad hazrat mahdi' here wednesday, brigadier general seyed-mohammad hejazi commander of the basij resistance force congratulated the leader on the occasion of the day, and also offered a brief report on recent organizational developments with the basij, and their marking of the day throughout the country.
irna 24/11/99 15:58

leader cautions college students against misuse of student movement (22.11.1999)

tehran, nov. 22, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on monday cautioned university students against possible misuse of the student movement in iran.  addressing the students of sharif technical university at the campus mosque, the supreme leader lauded the brilliant record of the university in the scientific field and its great contribution to to the islamic revolution. "sharif technical university has been an example for its scientific records and religious and revolutionary background. the university has dedicated invaluable martyrs to the islamic revolution and scored great successes in international scientific contests. it has provided a model for conformity of science with religion and showed that how futile is some ideas that science can not conform with religion," the leader said. the leader said the students are sensitive to tyranny and injustice and have rendered great services both before and after the victory of the islamic revolution in iran. the supreme leader recommended that the student movement should remain independent of any partisan conflicts and should go ahead with its own faithful nature which always observed humanitarian values. the political parties have always failed to attract members from the university students, because the students preferred not to be trapped by partisan dictations, the leader said. ayatollah khamenei said one experience of the islamic revolution was that the student movement turned away from the hypocrites, the mujahedin khalq organization (mko) who combined materialism with religious beliefs. the students movement does not follow sentimental feelings, but, rather logic and thought and their enthusiasm for understanding is a distinctive feature of its nature, the leader said.

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during the islamic revolution and in years after victory of the revolution the students devoted themselves to the islamic revolution, they actively took part in defending the country from the iraqi invasion and confronted the eclectic groups among themselves. the supreme leader said the student movement should contribute to reinforcing social and moral freedoms, justice and faith within itself and avoid falling into trap of political games, something which deprives the movement of all blessings it deserves. those power greed political groups which have bad records in years after victory of the islamic revolution have always attempted to misuse the student movement and now they who see the young university students being present on the scene, make every endeavor to link themselves to the students. the leader advised the university students not to allow those notorious groups to approach them. the leader said the student day (falling on december 7 this year) is the day to mark the university student's campaign against the u.s. the u.s. had once domination over iran and it used to have influence on the entire region, but, iran does not want to go toward them. the u.s. is now deprived of having a single emissary in iran, the leader said. ayatollah khamenei said the u.s. now puts pressure on iran to open an interest section office in iran, but, the iranian officials have not let them do so. in fact they want to open an office for intelligence and political activities and forge close relationship with their lackeys in iran. the resistance of the iranian nation to the u.s. interventionism, has made happy the other nations around the world. the islamic revolution of iran has changed the political geography in the region and the nations suffering from the u.s. hegemony are pleased with
establishment of the popular islamic republic in iran, the leader pointed out. ayatollah khamenei said certain people have attempted to mislead the student movement and amke the movement turn away from the goals it fought for by raising pro-u.s. slogans on december 7, the day of anti-u.s. campaign. this is against the lofty goals of the student movement, the leader said.
:irna 22/11/99 19:54

supreme leader talks to sharif university professors (22.11.1999)

tehran, nov. 22, irna -- supreme leader of the revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei here on monday morning attended the industrial university of sharif and held talks with faculty deans, officials and professors of the university. the supreme leader underlined the important role played by the university of sharif in absorbing active scholars and brilliant scientists and noted that grounds should be prepared for new initiatives and creative activities of the youth to promote their level of scientific progress. regretting the efforts made by foreigners to identify and attract brilliant brains of the country, the supreme leader told officials and professors of the university: "all of you should consider yourselves responsible for deepening of the religious belief of the youth and making them more interested in the revolution and the country." the leader emphasized in the absence of strong belief and a deep-rooted sympathy in the hearts of the youth for their home country, all efforts would be useless. otherwise love of the youth for their revolution, culture and the country's history and future would contribute to further progress and prosperity of the country, the leader pointed out. ayatollah khamenei also said that at present grounds are more prepared than the past for the youth to expedite their talents and thus big powers are trying harder to grab these noble elements which would cause a threat to the present and future of the country. the leader also pointed out that based on the current situation in the country, it is essential for officials in charge of the country's higher education to take necessary measures to tackle the potential threats imposed by foreigners to the country in this regard. prior to the speech delivered by the supreme revolution leader, chancellor of the sharif university saeed sohrab-pour in a statement welcomed the presence of ayatollah khamenei at the university and introduced the faculty members and officials of the university. after holding talks with university professors, the leader watched a soccer game played by robots made by students of the university who recently won the first place of the international robocup competitions. ayatollah khamenei was also briefed on various stages leading to the innovation of robocup players. afterwards, the supreme revolution leader met with students of the university of sharif at the campus mosque.
:irna 22/11/99 13:08

leader hails general headquarters of armed forces (20.11.1999)

tehran, nov. 20, irna -- the supreme leader of islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei, told a group of visiting commanders of the general headquarters of the armed forces here saturday that the headquarters is the policy-making center for the armed forces, and that it is the link between the military and civilian agencies in the country.
ayatollah khamenei recommended good programming for optimum exploitation of the resources for that purpose. he said the iranian nation and the government have a heart-felt feeling of security as theresult of the potency of the armed forces. he appreciated the contribution of the ranking personnel of the headquarters, and also paid a personal tribute to the one-time deputy chief of the joint staff of the armed forces of iran, major general ali sayad shirazi, who was gunned down and martyred in front of his home by an agent of the terrorist mujahedin khalq organization (mko) on april 10 who had disguised himself as an innoent municipal garbage collector.
irna 20/11/99 20:05

leader pays glowing tribute to disabled war veterans (17.11.1999)

tehran, nov. 17, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on wednesday received hundreds of war veterans with over 70 percent physical disability. in the meeting, the leader highly lauded the bravery and patience of the disabled war veterans and prayed to god to helping them be steadfast to their principles. ayatollah khamenei said sacrifice for the sake of god almighty is a divine examination leading to perfection. the leader called on the disabled war veterans to reinforce their physical strength, go ahead with educational studies and serve the islamic revolution in the scientific and intellectual fields. ayatollah khamenei said the global arrogance is now unable to strike a blow to the strong foundation of the islamic republic. the global arrogance which is the camp of selfishness and negligence of morality is continuing its hostility towards iran, because the islamic republic of iran has paved the way for revival of islam, ayatollah khamenei said. the leader said, "those who helped iraq in its eight year imposed war on iran, now see iran's power and stood in line to improve their relations with iran. this is the indication of the strength of the islamic republic."

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the supreme leader said the 20 year period since the victory of the islamic revolution is the brightest part of the iranian history. "in the past 1,000 years, the iranian history has recorded numerous victories, but, the victories were scored by the tyrant rulers, whereas, in the past 20 years, the iranian nation succeeded in attaining independence, bravery and material and moral powers and serving religion, justice and ethics," the leader said. "in none of those periods, iran has been exposed to such high degree of hostility as it has been in the past 20 years. nonetheless, the iranian nation has made great achievements," ayatollah khamenei said. the leader said the enemy works hard to force the iranian nation to forget the memory of the past 20 years and by making use of weak and ignorant individuals careless to the values of the iranian nation it tries to humiliate the achievements of the iranian nation and push it towards the u.s. camp. the leader said, "no one forced the iranian nation to do what they did in the past 20 years. the iranian nation endured all hardships and strongly resisted on the battlefields to safeguard its existence, but, certain people who hid themselves during the imposed war have now come to the scene, advocating the nation and government. they cannot have a part in the destiny of the iranian
nation." the leader expressed gratitude to the wives of the disabled war veterans for taking care of their husbands. prior to the leader's remarks, head of mostazafan and janbazan foundation, mohammad fourouzandeh introduced the war veterans who achieved great successes in the higher education studies.
::irna 17/11/99 17:23

leader: irgc, target of global arrogance hostility (13.11.1999)

tehran, nov. 13, irna -- the leader of islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei here on saturday said the islamic revolution guards corps (irgc) is one of the organs to which the world arrogance holds hostile attitude. addressing thousands of the rank and file of the islamic revolution guards corps (irgc) on the occasion of 'pasdar' (irgc) week, the supreme leader said faith, purity and piety are spiritual factors of power adding that the spiritual power will remain forever throughout history. the birthday anniversary of imam hussein ibn ali (a.s.), the third imam of prophet mohammad's (peace be upon him) infallible household
is celebrated in iran as 'pasdar' day. referring to various events occurring in history of human beings, the leader laid emphasis on weakness of material factors of power and eternity of spiritual factors. the power, shaped by such spiritual factors as faith, belief, jihad (holy war) and the divine and religious values, serve as a determining factor in destiny of human beings because this is the same power, which remains eternal in history, and insures the same trend of divine messengers' teachings, the leader added. the leader said that arrogant powers have launched all-out campaign to eliminate the religious sovereignty from mankind's life. religious sovereignty and domination of religious values in this part of the world is a lesson for world nations, said the supreme leader, adding that the world powers have concentrated their efforts on cracking down the religious values, the eternal lessons for the mankind.
the commander in chief of the armed forces said the enemies have given priority to the campaign against thought, aspirations, goals and causes of islamic system more than their campaign against the system's political structure. ayatollah khamenei said the enemies prefer to make supporters of the islamic revolution disappointed and feel disgusted at their causes and ideals. this is what the world arrogance follows in connection with the islamic republic of iran, added the leader. the supreme leader said the ideas, expressed today by some upstarts in the fiels of ideology and politics are the same as those raised by political philosophers in the 19th century on removal of religion by progress in science. however, it is vividly observed that religious motive and interest in spirituality have filled the world and are further growing, the leader added. the goal behind establishment of the irgc has been to incorporate thought, belief and faith, i.e. the islamic revolution guards corps (irgc) has integrated all particles of such a new military structure, said the leader. ayatollah khamenei said the system, which relies on spiritual factors of power, is moving towards prosperity of human beings and their relief from material calamities, injustice, ignorant enmities and selfish desires of power holders. ''but there are some who fail to understand the meaning and concept of such a movement,'' regretted the leader. the leader said: ''you struggled for the sake of a great fact and emerged triumphant and today if you decide and rely on the almighty god, the enemy will not gain any success in its misleading activities.'' ayatollah khamenei said today, the enemies have entered the scene of battle against the islamic system (of iran) with all their military, political, publicity and cultural means. however, one can understand clearly, that enemy has got disappointed of harming this system, the leader added. the supreme leader said that enemy has pinned hope on possible negligence of officials of a system and indulgence in insignificant issues and profit making affairs. this is the biggest calamity of a nation, the leader warned. concluding his remarks, the leader called on the state and military officials to work hard and avoid being engaged in minor
::irna 13/11/99 19:18

leader: promoting holy quran helps reinforce islamic republic (11.11.1999)

tehran, nov. 11, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei said here on thursday that promoting the holy quran in the country would help reinforce the islamic republic so that no power would be able to undermine it either today or in future. addressing the closing ceremony of the 16th contest of recitation, memorization and interpretation of the holy quran, the leader called on people to strengthen their intellectual relationship with the holy quran in parallel with their sympathetic relationship. the leader said that holy quran offers an ideal model of life style for people from all walks of life, communities, nations, governments and politicians. ''the god's book has invited the faithful to justice, good deed, campaign against pagans and guiding people,'' said ayatollah khamenei, adding, ''the policymaking of muslim ummah should focus on those principles.'' the leader said people should familiarize themselves with the text of quran and its sound interpretation which would prevent possible distortion of religion and the quranic facts. the supreme leader called for adequate planning and investment to provide interpretation of the holy quran from a reliable source. concluding his remarks, ayatollah khamenei called on the youth to learn reciting quranic verses with melody, get further acquainted with interpretation and translation of the holy quran and contemplate on the sense and meaning of the rich verses of the holy book. the holy quran competitions started on friday, november 5 on the eve of the auspicious occasion of prophet mohammad's (peace be upon him and his progeny) appointment to prophethood.
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leader pardons 1,870 inmates (9.11.1999)

tehran, nov. 9, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei ordered that 1,870 inmates throughout the country be pardoned or their jail terms be commuted. the leader's decree was in response to a request made by the judiciary chief ayatollah mahmoud hashemi shahroudi on the occasion of mabath (anniversary of assignment of prophet mohammad). the convicts were from the islamic revolutionary, public and military courts. :irna 09/11/99 12:08

leader:abandonment of purely personal motives, prerequisite for divine rule (6.11.1999)

tehran, nov 6, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei, told a group of visiting government officials here sunday that for the global promotion of islam and islamic learning it is necessary to trust in god and abandon all forms of preferences that have their roots in selfishness, or in ethnic or purely political interests. ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei who was addressing a large group of visiting government officials headed by president hoajatoleslam mohammad khatami on the auspicious occasion of the anniversary of 'mab'ath' or the divine appointment of prophet mohammad (pbuh) to the prophethood, advised the officials and the people of the country to arrive at a genuine unity round the axis of the tenets of islam. in his address to the visiting officials, the leader of the
islamic revolution reminded them and the nation at large that to set materials goals for oneself and to pursue those goals is the root of all misfortunes. he said he expects government administrators and muslims at large to not set material and privately personal goals for themselves and instead give priority to intellectual, religious and divine ideals and to a perfection based on those values. the leader of the islamic revolution addressing himself to the visiting officials and the public at large said that since the triumph of the islamic revolution in 1979 where the officials and the people appreciated their religious duties and placed their first preference on their fulfillment of those preferences they were successful, and whenever the motive and the propulsive force behind the acts of officials was their self-interests and their egoism, they and the nation suffered loss. he said today the divine proofs are manifest before the eyes of the people, and the administrators of the state shoulder the responsibility to protect a system in iran the establishment of which had long since been the wish of all reformers in the muslim world. in a brief opening statement at the start of the audience, president hojatoleslam mohammad khatami felicitated the leader of the islamic revolution on the occasion of the annual feast of mab'ath.
president khatami assured the leader in his statement that as long as the muslim people of iran are committed to the goals set forth by prophet mohammad (pbuh), and as long as they continue to utilize natural differences as tools for their intellectual perfection within their broader unity, and that as long as there is trust and respect between the government and the governed, the islamic revolution would continue to march on the proud path of fruition.
:irna 06/11/99 18:26

leader: three events on november 4 betrayed u.s. hegemonic nature (3.11.1999)

tehran, nov. 3, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei said on wednesday that the u.s. administration is symbol of arrogance and that the anti-arrogance campaign is the innate part of the islamic revolution. in a meeting with thousands of students on the eve of the national day of the anti-arrogance campaign (november 4), the supreme leader said the national day marks the anniversary of three events in the iranian history, the imposition of capitulation law by the u.s. in 1964, opening fire on the students' anti-shah rally in 1978 and the activation of the u.s. espionage apparatus after victory of the islamic revolution which led to takeover of the u.s. embassy in tehran in november 4, 1979. the three events indicated the hegemonic and arrogant face of the united states on the one hand and the oppression suffered by the iranian nation on the other, the leader said. the national day of the anti-arrogance campaign is very important, deep-rooted and a subject for contemplation, the supreme leader said adding that the anti-arrogance campaign is a new term in the political dictionary of the world and the students are required to discuss about the word of arrogance and the anti-arrogance campaign. on campaign against the world arrogance, the leader said ''the courage, national identity and sense of honor are the key factors in the campaign against the world arrogance adding that the world arrogance targets national identity, culture, religious belief, independence, government and economy of a nation to gain dominance over a country. this is what that happened to iran before the islamic revolution.'' ayatollah khamenei said the iranian nation opened the way to stand against the world arrogance and now the nations do what they can to safeguard their national identity and existence by opposing the u.s.

the supreme leader said the media empire influenced by the international zionism blocks broadcasting accurate news about the resistance to colonialism and the arrogance across the world. "the radios broadcasting news in different languages are part of the media empire set up by the big capitalists and the zionists to mislead the nations by blocking broadcast of real news. nonetheless, the nations stand against the interference of the world arrogance," ayatollah khamenei said. the leader said, "the iranian nation enjoying the religious faith stood against the corrupt regime backed by the u.s. and that the religious faith had a key part in the victory of the nation." referring to the iran-u.s. relations, the leader said it is a big mistake and illusion to think that through resumption of relations with the u.s., the economic difficulties would come to an end. the difficulties facing the iranian nation now are the results of the time when the u.s. and britain had dominance over iran, the leader said.

the most bitter experience that the iranians have dates back to the period of 1953-1979, the time when the u.s. plundered the iranian assets, the leader said adding that no doubt that relations with a government which has arrogant objectives would bring nothing to the nation. the leader said the americans have already said they are willing to have normal relations with iran, but, they hid the goal of their desire, but, recently a u.s. statesman has said naively that resolving the problem between iran and israel is a precondition for setting up of iran-u.s. relations. this is what the u.s. follows in relation with any country especially with iran which has stood firmly in the campaign against israel.
the supreme leader said the zionists are the directors of the u.s. policymaking and israel is a cancerous tumor whose presence among the muslim nations has brought the greatest misery for the muslims. "the u.s. is not honest in its alleged desire to have relations with iran. they want relations with iran to dictate and impose their policy on iran," the leader said. "the iranian nation and government have announced that they want to live independently with no need for permission from any other power, in order to go ahead with their great goals; therefore, they will defend their goals resolutely and will pay no heed to the desire of the international tyranny," the leader made it clear. the leader said those who had no objection to capitulation, and condemned the student's action in taking over the spy den (u.s. embassy) do not believe in the national identity, and dignity and do not understand the benevolence of national independence and progress of the nation. they are forgettable minority who are working in line with the propaganda of the enemies, the leader pointed out. "today, the u.s. has no plan for iran except its arrogant schemes and no doubt that the iranian nation will oppose the return of the pre-revolution situation," ayatollah khamenei maintained.
the leader called on the youth to look into the goals of the enemy and added that some are working to turn november 4, the national day of anti-arrogance campaign to the day of leniency towards the u.s. if we do not want to say they are commiting treason. of course it is out of naivety and negligence," the leader said. :irna 03/11/99 18:24

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