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leader pardons 1428 convicts (19.1.1999)

tehran, jan. 19, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei in a decree issued tuesday, ordered that 1,428 prisoners be pardoned. the decree was issued upon a request by the judiciary chief ayatollah mohammad yazdi and on the occasion of eid-ul fitr marking the end of the holy fasting month of ramadhan. the convicts were from islamic revolutionary, public and military courts.

meeting with thousands on the occasion of the eid-ol-fitr (18.1.1999)

tehran, jan. 18, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei on monday in a meeting with thousands of people from all walks of life on the occasion of the eid-ol-fitr emphasized the cardinal importance in islam of the individual responsibility to struggle against tyranny and oppression. he said the charges of government-sponsored terrorism and abuse of the human rights which are every now and then levelled against this or that country is one which would more justly be brought home against the zionist regime and certain officials of western governments.

in another part of his address to the visiting group on the occasion, ayatollah khamenei said in part: "the charges of advocacy of terrorism and abuse of the human rights would more justly be levelled against the people who have brought those charges against iran. the oppressive international arrogance and partisans of zionism and supporters of the zionist regime are themselves the best examples of violators of the human rights and of subscribers to the international terrorism. which government, do you know today, which is more terrorist than the zionist regime? whoever can you find today who is more oppressive and tyrannical and more tresspassing than the lords of arrogant western governments? who is to blame for the backwardness of asian and african nations? which government is it that has subjugated nations under threat of the swords of imperialism and colonialism, and deprived them of progress and prosperity? "doubtless, the arrogant world powers as well as arrogant governments which pretend their partisanship of the principles of the human rights are now the biggest threat to the humanity. "the people of iran have proudly picked up and hoisted the banner of islam in the present day world and prompted by their industry, by their struggle and by a solid determination had as though lifted up islam in the minds and hearts of the world muslims like a radiant sun. they have also rescued iran from the claws of the world arrogance which considered it an accessible summit. therefore, the negative propaganda against iran by the arrogant world powers as well as their conspiracy and their humiliating reference to our culture, economy, and national security is not now anything out of the ordinary."

elsewhere, in his address to the visiting people, the leader of the islamic republic also reminded the philosophy of the fasting month of ramadhan, saying that in terms of the islamic faith every act to be undertaken as a religious duty is divinely ordained with the ultimate goal of taking under full control one's inner urge for satisfying animalistic desires, and with the idea of gradually reviving lofty humanistic qualities in man. he said historically humans have suffered as the result "of the blazes, welling up into the sky, of the capricous desires of a group of unruly humans, which blaze has burned down and destroyed everything around them." "today, too," he said, "the world is witness to the bitter fact that a number of governments and arrogant entities in the world are trying to keep nations under their subjugating control and lead them away from the right path and into the path of seeking to satisfy the animal desires so that those governments would be able to attain their irreligious ambitions to the prejudice of those nations ..."

unity of expression (16.1.1999)

tehran, jan. 16, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei monday repeated his appeal to the nation to maintain their unity of expression and noted: "some people are trying to harm the unity of the nation by writing and saying futile things." the leader, however, stressed that the prominent members of the establishment will continue to preserve their unity, adding: "those who for their short term interests, want to create a wave in the pacific ocean of the iranian nation and disturb the people, should know that they will get nothing out of their attempt." addressing a large group of worshippers at the tehran university campus and its nearby streets on the occasion of eid-ul fitr, marking the end of the holy fasting month of ramadhan, the leader further stated that peace was a must in the country in order to solve the economic problems of the people. "the muslim and revolutionary people of iran respect all the manifestations of unity and believe whatever that harms unity comes from the devil. therefore, it is essential that all gatherings throughout the country be held peacefully and honorably." in the early hours of monday morning, the leader's office announced that eid-ul fitr falls on monday instead of earlier forecasts that it would be celebrated in iran on tuesday. eid-ul fitr prayers are ususally held at the open air prayers site of tehran (mosalla) every year and arrangements had been made to that effect for tuesday. however, the sudden eid announcement and the unsuitable weather condition prompted the organizers to shift the site of the prayers to the tehran university where weekly friday prayers are held.

the leader, in his remarks, also regretted the outbreak of tension in the course of friday prayers in certain cities over the past year. "friday prayer is a symbol of congregation, unity and closeness of hearts not a place to raise differences. you should all know that the enemy will be pleased to see friday prayer turn into a symbol of division," cautioned the supreme leader. the leader was apparently referring to last friday's violence in isfahan where a group of assailants disrupted the prayers and did not allow the leader of the prayers ayatollah taheri to deliver his sermons. the measure sparked condemnation and criticism from many officials, media and other quarters in the country. urging leaders of friday prayers throughout the country to refrain from raising issues which may result in division and discord, ayatollah khamenei noted: "despite the wish of the enemies, the great unity that - thanks be to god - exists in the country, will be maintained and the nation will continue its path for the cause of allah."

"the political and propaganda engineers of the arrogant powers will not benefit from their vicious attempts against the islamic republic of iran as they have not over the past two decades," stated the leader. "in islamic iran," said ayatollah khamenei, "there exists only one front and that is the front of the revolution and islam. even if there are differences of tastes, the principles stay firm and thanks god, the state officials are unitedly and unanimously committed to these principles." the leader said despite the enemies' propaganda efforts to contaminate the living environment of the iranian nation, "our people, the youth in particular, are vigilant and will not be deceived by the enemy schemes, and the world will see that this nation will overcome the difficulties one after the other, thanks to the devotion and steadfastness of its pioneers." elsewhere in his remarks, the supreme leader thanked the iranian people for their massive turnout in the international qods day rallies. the occasion, he said, is an honor for the iranian nation and world muslims. the international qods day, initiated by the late founder of the islamic republic imam khomeini, is held each year on the last friday of the holy month of ramadhan. ayatollah khamenei termed as "very tragic" the recent massacre of fasting shias in pakistan by a group of fanatic assailants, as well as the martyrdom of a number of lebanese muslims in israeli bombings. "muslims have suffered greats agonies in many parts of the world, but thanks to their unity of expression and thanks to their islamic vigilance, they will overcome these difficulties," said the leader. ayatollah khamenei concluded by saying that it was an honor for muslims to fight for the cause of god and for unity of expression.

monotheism is prime and foremost pillar of sovereign islamic state (12.1.1999)

tehran, jan. 12, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei here tuesday elucidating the ideological concept of governance said that monotheism is the prime and the foremost pillar of the sovereign islamic state. speaking to high ranking executive state officials he said that the islamic republic was born with and governed by this concept which means that all the believers submit to the divine injunctions of almighty allah.

''all the officials of the islamic republic of iran are striving towards the materialization of divine government and held dear and respected as well as recognized for their services.'' the supreme religious jurisprudent said. he went on to say that all the officials were sincere, faithful and dedicated to the islamic sovereign state. ''i thank god that the president of the islamic republic is a wise, highly educated, culturally-oriented, devoted, pious, philantropist, persevering and trustworthy personality.'' observed ayatollah khamenei. he said the same goes for the heads of the legislative and judicial branches, respectable majlis deputies, cabinet members and the commanders of the armed forces of the islamic republic of iran. the leader of the islamic revolution said the spiritual bliss and tranquility of the soul can only be achieved through the belief of the world of the hereafter and infinite trust in almighty allah.

''no community can be ruled without collective thoughts which needed to be transparent, forceful and undevious.'' said the leader. ''another pillar of governance is that all individual stand equal in the eyes of law and the islamic republic of iran gives prerogative to the implementation of law, proper use of potentialities and facilities, observance of individual and social rights within the bounds prescribed by divine code.''

''no one has a preference over the other in view of his position, family status, fame and prominence and therefore on this basis, the leader, government officials, the heads of different agencies and organs and all the common people stand equal before the law,'' the grand ayatollah khamenei said.

''the observance of the law by all under the prescribed circumstances is a basis that would bring tranquility and nurture confidence amongst the ummah,'' the leader said. ''man needs to foster hope in his heart and if he does so almighty Allah will come to his assistance so that he make use of all the potentialities and possibilities that have been created for him in the universe. the paramount leader went on to say the observance of the canon law was one of the important basis of the islamic sovereign state. in fact such an obeisance would be interpreted as following the injunctions and orders of the prophet (sawa) and imamate (as), he pointed out.

the grand ayatollah khamenei described the iranian nation as fervent, devoted and self sacrificing being at the service of the islamic sovereign state and the government of the islamic republic of iran. ''the people had shown their magnanimity through their unwavering support behind the father of the islamic revolution and the father of the islamic republic of iran the late imam khomeini in the materialization of the islamic revolution and the establishment of the islamic republic of iran in 1979,'' deduced the leader. ''therefore it is the duty of all officials to be humble and modest towards the general public,''concluded the leader. at the end of the ceremony, the leader of the islamic revolution led the evening and night prayers. the officials were the guests of the leader for iftar.

visit to convalescing hojatoleslam razini (09.01.1999)

tehran, jan. 9, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution on saturday paid a courtesy visit to head of tehran justice department hojatoleslam razini who is now convalescing at a tehran hospital in the wake of an abortive attempt against his life earlier this week. the leader also hoped that the unahappy incident would not adversely affect his service to islam. hojatoleslam razini was injured in an explosion in central tehran on tuesday after two assailants riding motorcycles managed to attach explosives to his car as they whisked by the vehicle. a passer-by was killed in the accident and four others were wounded.

anniversary of the uprising of the people of qom 1978 (09.01.1999)

tehran, jan. 9, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei, in a communique saturday recalled the anniversary of the uprising of the people of qom on january 9, 1978 and commemorated the martyrs of the bloody incident. he also hoped that the people of qom would continue to tread the same path that had been led by the pioneers of the islamic revolution. on saturday a ceremony was held in qom in memory of the martyrs of the january 9 uprising which satarted with the reading of the message of the leader of the islamic revolution. members of the ulema, theologians local officials and majlis deputy from qom hojatoleslam taha hashemi were present at the anniversary ceremony in commemoration of the day.

recent killigns could not have been "without a foreign scenario" - friday prayer (8.1.1999)

tehran, 8. jan. irna the leader of the tehran friday prayers ayatollah seyed ali khamenei stated today that the recent political killings in iran "could not have been without a foreign scenario." "i don't think the issue is over. this seems to be a long story. i cannot accept that these murders took place without a foreign scenario behind them. this is impossible. these killings were to the detriment of the people, the government and the system." addressing a large group of fasting worshippers at the tehran university and its nearby streets, the leader further praised the information ministry's "brave" move in disclosing the recent killlings.

the information ministry on tuesday revealed that a number of its secret police agents were involved in the recent serial killings of at least five dissidents and opposition figures. dariush forouhar (leader of the iran nation party) and his wife, parvaneh were stabbed to death in their tehran house in november. three secular writers also disappeared and were later found dead under mysterious circumstances. the persian daily zan wrote on thursday that based on unofficial reports, another iranian writer, pirooz davani has probably been killed. davani has been missing since august.

the leader said what had occurred was "unprecedented" and once again condemned the killings as "ugly and hateful" acts. "nothing like this had happened to us. this incident, like many other events, made our enemies happy and provided them with another chance to harm the system from propaganda point of view, of course; to raise their propaganda loudspeakers against the system and repeat the same old accusations against us." he accused the foreign media, including western radio services, of always trying to undermine the islamic regime in iran. he said that over the past two decades, these media had taken advantage of every sweet or bitter event in iran to harm the islamic system. "i am not surprised at the propaganda ballyhoo of the foreign media. but i am surpised at what some of our own media, including the press, are doing. they are acting exactly like our enemies. they are like a stupid child who would make fun of his father when he is at adds with someone else."

the leader said the spate of the recent murders had forced the system and the government to spend a lot of time and energy on something "unnecessary." "the government is already facing a lot of problems. we are having our own economic difficulties, the problems of oil, foreign trade, non-oil exports, (shoratge of) money and foreign exchange, and foreign policy issues. "amidst all these problems and as the officials are endeavoring to cope with them, we suddenly see such an evil phenomenon emerging and exacerbate our problems." however, the leader praised the information ministry, the person of the minister and his personnel, as well as the president and the committee he had appointed to investigate the incident, for their "hard work." "they left behind a very difficult experience. it is not a joke for them to feel a weak point within and raise the matter with the people honestly," he said.

the leader said cases even more acute than what had happened in iran, were rampant with the intelligence services of other countries and cited as a few examples the cia, the mossad and the intelligence service. "you will be shocked to learn about the scope of the crimes, assassinations, bombings, intimidations, etc. committed by these intelligence services," he said, adding that they would never openly admit their crimes.

ayatollah khamenei said the information ministry had some enemies and with the recent exposures, they intended to take revenge of the ministry. "because of the crime committed by several persons, some people want to take revenge of the information ministry. but i tell you dear ones, do not lose your morale, maintain the stronghold and (continue to) protect the nation. the enemy is after a propaganda war in order to rekindle the wave of terror and intimidation," noted the leader. he said were it not for the hard work and devotion of the information ministry staff in the early years after the 1979 islamic revolution, "the revolution would not have survived." he added that the committed and efficient managers of the information ministry had managed to halt the wave of political assassinations in the country during the past years.

elsewhere in his remarks, the leader noted: "an internal group (within the information ministry), no matter how fanatic they may be, could not have done this (the killings). tho victims were not the type to pose a threat to the system. they could not be the information ministry targets - a person like forouhar, for instance. "forouhar was our friend before the revolution; our colleague after the revolution; and our harmless enemy after the wave of plots against the revolution started. he was not popular nor had he any influence. to be fair, he was not a wicked guy, particularly his wife. those who kill a person like forouhar cannot be friends of the system. "as for the writers, i had not even heard the names of some of them. it is impossible for me not to know a well-known domestic writer or intellectual. but these people were not really that known inside the country.

"how is it possible to accept that those behind the killings were not foreigners? i believe it is an orchestrated scenario. the root cause must be discovered. i have asked the information ministry and emphasized this to the president as well, that they should go after the issue and find the clues. they must be vigilant. there could be some sold-out agents (within the ministry who did this). we should not take the matter so simply as it seems," the leader concluded.

int'l gods day, decisive and importanct occasion (8.1.1999)

tehran, jan. 8, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatolllah ali khamenei said at tehran's friday prayers gathering that the international qods day, annually celebrated on the last friday of the fasting month of ramadhan, is an important and decisive celebration which works like an arrow aimed at the heart of the zionists. ayatollah khamenei said that the qods day is a movement for undoing the dirty conspiracy of the international arogance and zionism to put aside the proposition of palestine. the leader added that the muslim nation commemorates the day and so too will the people of the islamic iran.

the leader also referred to the upcoming nationwide rural and urban councils elections reminding that the idea is stipulated in the constitution and that the present administration has been able to prepare grounds for its implementation. ayatollah khamenei said that the people should take the idea seriously and cast their ballot at the boxes and thereby materialize "the divine and revolutionary goals that are comprised in the constitution for the formation of the councils and for solidifying the foundations of the islamic revolution." elsewhere in his second sermon, the leader of the islamic revolution deplored the few recent assassinations in iran which, he said, had offered the enemies of the islamic republic material for hostile propaganda against iran. he said the few assassinations were criminal and heinous perpetrations worthy of condemnation, and had been committed at a time the islamic republic was involved with more basic propositions such the issue of oil, foreign trade, non-oil exports, foreign policy and dwindling foreign eschange which situation, he said, had further added to the ugliness of those incidents.

About cultural revolution (5.1.1999)

tehran, jan. 5, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei here tuesday termed the supreme cultural revolution council as a manifestation of cooperation between the seminaries and universities and stressed that it was a necessary organ to cope with the cultural issues of the country. he said cooperation between seminaries and unviversities was a great achievement of the islamic revolution despite great efforts to keep the two sectors divided. stressing the `great responsibility' shouldered by the supreme cultural revolution council, the leader underlined the need for cultural management to counter cultural chaos in the society with the scrc at its core. "anarchy in all vital sectors of society, including the cultural sector is determental and unacceptable," stressed the leader. "today, islamic iran is not the only country which takes the issue of cultural onslaught seriously. all non-european and non-american countries and even europeans, are raising their voices against the offensive american culture and over the question of movies and other artistic products. "therefore, when we have accepted that the enemies are using economic, as well as military, propaganda and political weapons to counter the islamic revolution, we should presume that they are also employing cultural means to bring the islamic revolution to its knees."

the leader also noted that the enemies were attacking the people's faith and beliefs under various pretexts and called for `people of thought and ideas' to vigilantly counter the enemy's `factual' cultural assault. "i am a cultural person and do not fear opposing ideas. i am also not in the least concerned to see an absolutely wrong idea raised in the society," said the supreme leader.

ayatollah khamenei then termed the concoction of political lines of thinking and blunders in wrongly identifying the cultural attitudes is regarded as one of the `greatest dangers' that enamates cultural conflicts.

in another part of his speech, the leader attached great importance to the role of press in the dissemination of essential news, however he said that the western press like that of the united states which claim to have freedom of press and thought, slightingly present news which are in the interest of certain groups like the zionist being considered as something very sacred. ''therefore, press which is considered as a pillar of freedom and people's rights cannot present whatever comes to its mind, which could be contrary to the religious beliefs of people that would endanger their cultural values,'' added the leader. supreme leader highly appreciated president khatami's presence as the head of the supreme cultural revolution council and as the most distinguished academic personality, seminary scholar and cultural figure.

in a brief speech president khatami stressed the importance of the supreme council's role in formulating policies in the cultural, educational and academic areas.

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