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Enemies of islam have attempted to use the occupying regime of qods as weapon (31.8.1999)

(incomplete news from irna).. referring to the enemy efforts to divide muslims ayatollah khamenei said that the enemies of islam have attempted to use the occupying regime of qods as a weapon with which to dominate the world of islam. ''many problems of muslims originate from presence of the zionists at the heart of the muslim world and we can not easily overlook the issue. we are required to defend the rights and the entirety of the muslim world and on this very basis, the islamic republic of iran like any other zealous muslim will defend the issue of palestine believing that despite many, who speak in its name, the palestinian nation will not cede even an acre of its territory to the zionists' the islamic government has been successful over the past 20 years to make good on the backwardness and destructions and tread many paths left untrodden, said the leader, adding that by the almighty's grace it would continue treading such an honorable path to enhance he standard of life for the people financially and spiritually. the leader advised the public to fulfill the grave duty of safe-guarding islam and the quranic rules. unfortunately, there are some in the muslim world deceived by the enemy, but the shia and sunni muslims in iran should be vigilant in identifying plots of enemies and further close their ranks. underlining the importance of cooperation among people and officials, ayatollah khamenei, said that iranian nation has opened the road to freedom, independence, dignity and elevation, and by reliance on the almighty it would lead the country to progress and prosperity in every aspect.:irna 31/08/99 20:47

leader says sunni-shi'ite solidarity in iran is exemplary (31.8.1999)

torbat-e jam, khorasan prov., aug. 31, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei, said here tuesday that the co-existence of shia and sunni communities in iran is of the type that offers the muslim world a model for unity in diversity. he said the closeness between the two groups is of the character in which the islamic republic truly takes pride. ayatollah khamenei who was addressing an assembly of thousands of well-wishers in the city he said that over the past two centuries many intellectual muslim scholars throughout the world had sporadically tried to disengage islam from the physical bounds of mosques and houses, and involve it in the everyday life of the people. he said they also tried to establish the rule of the faith, and shape the various elements of the life of the people consistent with islam whereas, he observed, in another part of the world the "intellectual architects of colonialism, seeing the islamic canon laws as a mountain-high impediment to their domination over muslim states and to their access to their resources gradually propagandized the proposition that islam has nothing to do with politics or with the administration of the affairs of the state and government." he said inequity, poverty, tyranny, and selfish confrontations have been the age-old traumas of the humanity, and added that muslim nations always need to rely on the sovereignty of islam, because, he observed, the divine religion can, by its sovereignty, heal the traumas that the almighty powers have inflicted on the world peoples.
the leader of the revolution said that once the laws of islam have been complied with the humanity would have done away with injustice, inequality, and poverty, and that the intellectual capacity of muslims would then develop and bear fruit. he said that the islamic government aspires to institute all elements of a human social system on the basis of islam, and that the islamic republic is marching on a way that leads to a fully islamic society.
ayatollah khamenei also said that of the many peculiarities of an islamic state is that when it comes to defending the rights of another muslim nation, it will not be checked by political considerations that may run counter to islamic principles. he cited, for example, the soviet occupation of afghanistan in 1979 which, he said, the islamic republic had strongly condemned despite the soviet union having been a top military power of the world. :irna 31/08/99 20:05

leader arrives in torbat-e jam, northeastern iran (31.8.1999)

torbat-e jam, khorasan prov., aug. 31, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei arrived in the deprived border city of torbat-e jam, in this northeastern province, tuesday morning to an enthusiastic welcome accorded him by a huge crowd of local sunni and shia people. tens of thousands of people from different parts of the province have arrived in the city to welcome their supreme leader. the shops have been closed and farmers have left their works. the leader is to address the local people later today. the 8,500-square km torbat-e jam, is located in eastern part of khorasan province. ayatollah khamenei arrived in khorasan province on saturday on a five-day tour. a high ranking delegation comprising senior military and civilian officials as well as provincial officials are accompanying the leader in the visit. :irna 31/08/99 11:35

Photos about leader’s visit (31.8.1999)

leader-qa'enat, aug. 31 - photo shows supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei addressing the bereaved families of martyrs, war disabled and former prisoners of war in northeastern city of qa'en in khorasan province on monday:irna 31/08/99 19:57

qa'en (khorasan prov.), aug. 31 -- photo shows supreme leader of islamic revolution responding to sentiments of people in provincial city of qa'enat. :irna 31/08/99 19:58

birjand, aug. 3 - photo shows supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei visiting tomb of martyrs in birjand (khorasan province) on his last day of visiting the border city. :irna 31/08/99 20:01

Birjand, aug. 31 -- photo shows one of the military forces honoring the supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei in birjand (khorasan province). :irna 31/08/99 20:01

leader: nation's dignity indebted to martyrs of war, revolution (30.8.1999)

qa'en, khorasan prov., aug. 30, irna -- supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei said here on monday that the basic motive of the enemies has been to estrange the people's attitude towards islam, islamic sovereign state and officials of the country. addressing tens of thousand local people, the supreme leader called on related cultural and propaganda organs to set immediate plans to defuse enemy efforts. the leader said that god's path is way of man's elevation in material and spiritual dimensions. the religion of islam has always been insisting on foundation of a solid base to attain material and spiritual gains. the spiritual dimension can not be met without accomplishment of material aspect of life and such a vital state of affairs can not be realized through man's isolation and solitary life. "the goal of the islamic sovereign state is to make proper use of resources, develop agriculture, promote public walfare, appropriately cultivate talents and perfect thoughts and ideas," said the leader. "the aim is to foster security, justice and good social relations in the nation," highlighted the supreme religious jurisprudent. the leader of islamic revolution outright dismissing the rumours of power struggle in the islamic sovereign state, stated, "those treading in the path of allah do not fight for power, rather their attention is focused on attaining other worldly station." "therefore, the faithful and pious iranians, who are committed to religion, will certainly follow the path of god and abide by their religious duties in accordance with the teachings of islam based upon islamic beliefs," said ayatollah khamenei. stressing the importance of piety among people from various walks of life, especially the youth, the supreme leader said, "the youth, strengthening their commitment to religion, would be capable of performing their role in the islamic sovereign state but the youth, being captive of his passion, addiction and hallucinations and impious thoughts, can not play a role in the lively and jubilant community of iran."
"the nation's population being young is a propitious sign. it is but obvious for the enemies of islam to be vigilant of the iranian youths as the enemies had once been slapped on the face by the youth - once bitten twice shy -," deduced ayatollah khamenei. "therefore, once the majority of population is made up of youth who are dedicated and devoted to defending the interests of the nation tooth and nail, the enemy would encounter a serious problem in their ploy to take over the control of the nation's resources and harm its interests," further adduced the leader of islamic revolutions. "the enemy fears the iranian youth," underlined ayatollah khamenei. "if iranian youth shows his determination to defend religion and religious values, no power would be capable of challenging such a will," pointed out the supreme religious jurisprudent. "it is based on such a conclusion that the enemy has concentrated its policies and incessantly taken the propaganda machinery to task in the hope that it would one day succeed in diverting iranian youths from the path of god," said the leader. "this had been one of the major motives of enemy's propaganda and political ploy against islamic sovereign state," stressed ayatollah khamenei. "enticing the youth into addiction, alluring then into lustful acts and engaging them in hallucinations, have been among techniques that the enemy has fully exploited to deal a blow to the glorious movement of iranian nation," ennumerated the leader. "in my opinion and experience of iranian nation, the enemy, would, despite all its planing and the cost it endures, be defeated," believed the supreme religoius jurisprudent. "thanks to the deep rooted faith of the youth, unity of nation and powerful divine hand, which has always been supporting this nation," said the paramount leader of islamic revolution. "cultural, propagation, economic and political organs should set plans to defuse enemy efforts targeting on the faith and beliefs of people, especially the youth," advised ayatollah khamenei. "these organization need to protect the iranian young generation and act as protective shields to immunize the perils of poisonous arrows of the enemy," added the supreme religious jurisprudent. "as a sensitive responsibility, it is an urgent, obligatory and a vital task that should be shouldered by various organs, specially the cultural organs," affirmed the leader. the leader drew attention of the political officials and organs to national unity. "iranian nation would in light of unity, consensus and solidarity be able to overcome problems, including the problem of countering aliens, solving day to day issues, resolving political and economic difficulties," ayatollah khamenei stressed. the leader cautioned on efforts to breed discord among people and stir political differences. the leader said raising such issues to portray contrast between the left and right are among vain and harmful issues targeting iranian nation. "it should be observed that enmity and dissension is one of the cherished wishes of the enemy who want to see it materialized in the iranian nation," concluded the leader of islamic revolution. :irna 30/08/99 23:27

leader: nation's dignity indebted to martyrs of war, revolution (30.8.1999)

tehran, aug. 30, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei said here on monday that timely response by the martyrs of the islamic revolution and iraqi imposed war to the calls of the quran, the late imam and revolution brought dignity for the iranian nation and hoisted the banner of islam. addressing the bereaved families of martyrs, disabled war veterans and former prisoners of war, the leader said children of this great nation rushed to the help of islam and independence of country under one of the most crucial conditions in iran's history and stood firm on the scene to defend the country's territorial integrity and islam. stressing the muslim world's need for the path and slogans of the iranian nation, the leader underlined the need for people to get ready to remove the obstacles created by the enemies and foil their plots to threaten the islamic system and make the country insecure.:irna 30/08/99 16:22

nahbandan (khorasan prov.): photos of the leader’s visit (30.8.1999)

photo shows supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei speaking to bereaved families of martyrs on sunday.

photo shows supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei in this northeastern iranian provincial city on sunday. a girl offers flower to his imminence.

photo shows supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei visiting tomb of a martyr in this northeastern city on sunday.

photo shows supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei addressing local people on sunday.

leader arrives in qaen in khorasan prov. (30.8.1999)

qaen, khorasan prov., august 30, irna -- supreme leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei arrived in the town of qaen on the third day of his tour of southern khorasan cities. he attended the gathering of the town's families of martyrs, the disabled, former pows and war veterans and responded to their enthusiastic welcome. the leader is to address the gathering of the town's people later.

qaen is located 380 kms south of provincial capital of mashhad and has a population of 140,000. :irna 30/08/99 10:29

leader pays homage to martyrs (29.8.1999)

birjand, khorassan prov., aug. 29, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei, here sunday visited the tombs of martyred soldiers of the city and paid tribute to them and also blessed their souls. he also visited the tomb of iranian diplomat mohammad-nasser nasseri who died a martyr in the hands of the taliban in mazar-i sharif of afghanistan last year. he also spoke with relatives and the father of the martyred diplomat who were on hand for informal talks with the leader.
meanwhile, the leader of the islamic revolution here sunday visited a military training headquarters and also inspected a number of military divisions deployed in the eastern part of iran. ayatollah khamenei appreciated the contribution of the armed forces to national security in the eastern parts of iran, and expressed hope that in the future, too, they would be able to carry out their responsibility as brilliantly as they did in the past. he also reminded the army officers of the friendly feelings of the rank and file of the iranian society and told them that the ranking authorities of the government, too, take pride in them. :irna 29/08/99 21:28

leader: islamic republic looks upon every individual equally (29.8.1999)

nahbandan, khorasan prov., aug. 29, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei said here on sunday that the islamic republic feels duty bound to have an equal look at all people from various walks of life. addressing local citizens in this northeastern city, the supreme leader said that he is visiting the deprived city of nahbandan to draw officials' attention to remote areas of the country in order to concentrate their efforts on development of remote areas whose deprivation dated back to before the triumph of the 1979 islamic revolution. touching on measures adopted by the islamic system of government to remove deprivation from deprived parts of the country, the leader said that during the pre-revolution era people in deprived areas were suffering from deprivation. these people were so deprived that if 10 times the services rendered to them over the past 20 years had been offered, this would not have been able to compensate their deprivation, ayatollah khamenei said. therefore, the leader said, officials should expedite implementation of development projects to remove deprivation from remote areas in iran. referring to huge potential of southern parts of northeastern province of khorasan, ayatollah khamenei said the province should stand on its own feet financially and spiritually and meet its own needs. to this end, the leader added, people, especially the talented youth in the region, are required to cooperate with the government and officials.
stressing the ''significant'' presence of active basij (volunteer forces) in nahbandan in view of the big problem of drug-trafficking via the region, ayatollah khamenei said that drug traffickers attempting to mislead the iranian youth have placed border regions in bad conditions. therefore, the leader added, local people from all walks of life, especially the youth, are expected to display their awareness, resistance, vigilance and struggle against drug trafficking in the best possible manner. the supreme leader said the iranian nation has pivotal role in safeguarding the islamic republic, adding, "i and others like me are like a drop of water in the giant ocean of the iranian nation and the only difference as servants of people, is the heavy responsibilities we are shouldering." in the islamic republic of iran, the dignity of officials emanate from the people and their faith and sentiments, the leader of the islamic revolution said.
the supreme leader said if the arrogant powers, like the u.s., managed to separate the officials of a country from its nation, then they could intimidate the officials, but, in the islamic iran, the nation is the main protector of the system and for this reason the islamic republic is invulnerable and arrogant powers cannot intimidate iran. the enemy has targeted the religious faith of people, the source of power in the islamic system, and no doubt their efforts would be as futile as the 50-year-long attempt of the defunct pahlavi regime, ayatollah khamenei said.:irna 29/08/99 18:07

Leader meets with martyrs' families in khorasan's nahbandan (29.8.99)

nahbandan, khorasan prov., august 29, irna -- supreme leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei participated in the gathering of families of martyrs of nahbandan in northeastern province of khorasan upon his arrival in the city sunday morning. the leader praised the resistance and patience of the martyrs' families and responded to their warm greetings. the martyrs' families, who had been waiting for the leader's arrival in the city for hours, welcomed ayatollah khamenei to the city with enthusiastic slogans. the leader also called on the family of ahmad atash dast who had been close to the supreme leader at the time of his exile in iranshahr, in his home. ayatollah khamenei then addressed the people of nahbandan in their gathering.

leader arrives in border city of nahbandan (29.8.1999)

nahbandan, khorasan prov., aug. 29, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei arrived in the border city of nahbandan, in this northeastern province, sunday morning. the leader is to address the local people of this deprived region later today. ayatollah khamenei also met with family members of a muslim combatant martyred in the course of the 1980-88 iraqi imposed war. the leader arrived in the provincial city of birjand saturday on a five-day tour of the eastern parts of the country in which he is also scheduled to visit the deprived cities of qayenat and torbat-e jam. a high ranking delegation comprising senior military, civilian as well as provincial officials are accompanying the leader in the visit.
:irna 29/08/99 10:11

leader speaking in birjand (28.8.1999)

tehran, aug. 28, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei saturday said that any nation willing to achieve a status of honor and dignity should be able to demonstrate a wise, courageous and thoughtful guidance. addressing the families of martyrs, war disabled and the self-sacrificers in birjand, khorasan province, he stated that the praise for the martyrs and their families was based on a strong ratiocination. he said that in the corrupt international order, the powerful by relying on their highly sophisticated armaments try to subjucate other countries through overlooking the voice of reason to impose their own decadent will upon other nations. ''how can a nation can stand up to defend its own vital rights, speak out legitimately and convincingly to achieve a valid status for itself?'' queried the supreme religious jurisprudent. ''could the countries, which are governed by corrupt rulers who have surrendered their authorities to foreigners and who exhibit weakness and subservience, ever manage to guard their independence and freedom?'' asked the leader. ''the wealth of the nations are plundered, their religion and culture insulted and their status and identity ignored. this is all because they lack the necessary determination to guard their astuteness and dignity in order to move towards more lofty objectives with intrepidity in the face of dangers and threats,'' adduced the paramount leader.
''if it had not been for the valiance, self sacrifice and manliness of the martyrs, disabled, prisoners of war, today the great nation of iran with its historical and valuable cultural background as well as its huge subterranean natural resources would not have been any more than a pawn and a rubber stamp for the global oppressors. this is exactly what has happened to so many countries today,'' the leader underscored. ''our worthy martyrs have demonstrated that the iranian nation is dynamic and vivacious, has the power to defend itself and will not surrender to bullying and humiliation,'' ayatollah khamenei asserted. ''it is only through the courage of great men that a nation can attain lofty status in the international order, progress in all dimensions and display its talents. had it been otherwise, the aggressors would have used whatever means to exploit a nation which was incapable of defending itself. consequently, it would not have been possible to build itself up materialistically and spiritually,'' said the leader.
the leader said that those who try to disregard the high status of the martyrs are enemies of the nation and added, ''the spirit of self sacrifice is strongly embedded in this country and the enemies have not yet succeeded in overcoming this. therefore the flag of self sacrifice and selflessness should remain ever hoisted on this land.'' ''as long as the martyrs are respected and honored in this country no power will be capable of defeating this nation.'' concluded the leader.

leader: islam attaches importance to human rights (28.8.1999)

tehran, august 28, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei in birjand on saturday appreciated the birjand people for their commitment to islam and religious values. addressing a large number of people who extended enthusiastic welcome to their beloved leader, ayatollah khamenei honored the memory of late ayatollah seyed hassan tahami and late ayatollah mohammad hassan zia-e-ayati both from birjand as well as senior theologian sheikh javad arefi, now living in the city. the leader said under the rule of the deposed shah, the people of birjand backed the voice of islam and the holy quran and echoed the call for the sovereignty of religion. the leader said people from birjand and the southern area of khorasan province have a brilliant record of offering brave fighters and commanders for the (iraqi-imposed) war as well as martyrs and war veterans.
the supreme leader recalled the former regime's humiliation of religious leaders and said, "today, under sovereignty of islam, the province enjoys high human resources as well as fertile lands and natural resources, the means needed for progress and enhancing the standard of living." ayatollah khamenei called on the respective officials to revive the capabilities of the province to upgrade the living standard of provincial people. on the importance given to human rights in islam, the leader said the struggle for sovereignty of islam started in 1962 and despite torture and prisons run by israeli specialists in iran, the religious sentiment of the people could finally topple the former regime supported by the united states, establish the islamic republic and hoist the flag of holy quran in support of human rights.
the leader said the hostility of the corrupt powers around the world towards the islamic revolution is the main characteristic of the popular movement of the iranian nation and the united states is the example of such hostility to the iranian nation. the u.s. is not the only enemy of the islamic iran, but there are other enemies for the islamic revolution among the arrogant, corrupt and malevolent powers of the world. all the satanic elements around the globe have done all within their power to date to damage the islamic revolution, but, thanks to the almighty's will they have failed and will fail in the future too, the leader said. ayatollah khamenei said the islamic revolution has been trying to promote human capabilities, called on the youth to reinforce their religious commitment, because this is the only way for them to serve the progress and prosperity of the country. ayatollah khamenei appreciated the efforts made by the youth over the past 20 years to advance the goals of the islamic republic and said the young generation has worked hard to safeguard the islamic iran to go ahead independent from the arrogant powers. a strong nation which observes unity and has faith could not be damaged by enemies, and even its dealing with the enemies could bring progress and breakthrough for the nation, the leader said.
prior to the leader's address, the leader's representative to the province and superintendent of the holy shrine of imam reza (as) hojatoleslam vaez tabasi thanked the leader for visiting the province. :irna 28/08/99 17:26

supreme leader arrives in birjand, khorasan province birjand (28.8.1999)

khorasan prov., aug. 28, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei arrived in the city of birjand, in this northeastern province, saturday morning to an enthusiastic welcome accorded to him by a huge crowd of local people. hundreds of thousands of people from birjand and other parts of the province have converged in the city to greet the supreme leader. the visit to birjand is the first stage of the leader's five-day tour of the eastern parts of the country in which ayatollah khamenei is scheduled to visit the deprived cities of nahbandan, qayenat and torbat-e jam. a high ranking delegation comprising senior military and civilian officials as well as provincial officials are accompanying the leader in the visit. :irna 28/08/99 11:41

leader recommends government to focus on economic issues (24.8.1999)

tehran, aug. 24, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei here on tuesday recommended the government to focus on the economic issue, which he said was the main problem facing the country now. in a meeting with president mohammad khatami and the cabinet ministers on the first day of the government week (august 24-30), the leader appreciated the hard working of the chief executive and his cabinet. the leader recalled the aspirations of the late imam khomeini in relation to serving the masses of people and called on officials to tread the same path with strength, might, hope in future and confidence in god's help. referring to the martyrdom anniversary of the ex-president mohammad-ali rajaie and his prime minister mohammad-javad bahonar, marking the government week, the leader of the islamic revolution said ''the meaning of the government week is that our path and that of iranian officials is the same as that of martyrs rajaie and bahonar, who are symbols of faith, honesty, endeavor and bravery in the face of problems.''

ayatollah khamenei stressed the need to inform the public about government's abundant and helpful activities and services and stressed virtue as a way of rescuing man and communities. the governments serving the masses render abundant services in various periods and now too the government can, by relying on its spiritual assets, i.e. trust in god and reliance on the faithful and revolutionary people, offer more services, said the leader. underlining the need for cohesion and coordination in the cabinet, the leader stressed that president khatami shoulders a pivotal role in all administrative affairs. he said that president mohammad khatami had necessary capability and qualification to shoulder such a grave responsibility and all sectors of government should be active and move under command of the president.
ayatollah khamenei said that giving adequate preferences in planning and carrying out projects would serve to remove many difficulties. although oil price slump last year hampered, to a great degree, the implementation of programs but it was in fact a salvage route for the country (to attain self-sufficiency), said ayatollah khamenei. the leader of the islamic revolution said that at times peripheral issues are imposed on the community and main issues, including people's problems, are maginalized. looking at people's life even with an ordinary outlook, one would undoubtedly find out that the most important problem of the country is economy, the supreme leader pointed out. touching on the government's efforts and endeavors in compiling the economic recovery plan, the leader said such a big and helpful project, which created hopes among people, should be followed up seriously so that the programs adopted by the government to remove economic problems become evident. elsewhere in his remarks, the leader called for paying attention to status of villagers in view of such disasters as drought, quake and flood. visit to deprived regions and talking to people can be highly effective in getting acquainted with realities, said the leader. ayatollah khamenei voiced his constant support for the government and termed as necessary principled criticism and review of the government's function. appreciating ministers for their efforts to work out the third five-year development plan (2000-2004), the leader said it is necessary to take the predetermined policies fully into consideration in planning and insure that the programs conform with the policies in real sense of the word. division and partitioning of the system at higher levels is only to the benefit of enemies and ongoing unity among masses will remain intact only when unity and cohesion strengthened at all levels.
prior to the leader's remarks, president mohammad khatami thanked ayatollah khamenei for supporting his government ...... after the meeting, president khatami and his cabinet performed their noon and afternoon prayers under the leadership of the supreme

leader. :irna 24/08/99 19:50

leader to visit towns in southern khorasan birjand (24.8.1999)

khorasan prov., aug. 24, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei, will pay a visit to khorasan province next week. during the visit which will start on saturday the leader will visit birjand, nahbandan, qayen and torbat-e jam in this northeastern province. friday prayer leader of birjand, issued a statement tuesday calling on local people to accord a warm welcome to the leader of the islamic revolution. in the statement, a copy of which was made available to irna, birjand friday prayer leader said that it is a blessing to see the leader in deprived cities of southern khorasan especially in the year which is named after the late founder of the islamic republic of iran. :irna 24/08/99 16:58

commander-in-chief appoints 3 top military commanders (18.8.1999)

tehran aug 18, irna -- commander-in-chief of the armed forces and the supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei here tuesday in three different decrees appointed major general qolamali rashid, brigadier general hossein hassani sadi, and brigadier general behrouz solimanjah respectively deputy commander of the joint staff of the armed forces, deputy commander for coordination affairs of the joint staff of the armed forces, and deputy commander for information and operations of the joint staff of the armed forces. :irna 18/08/99 01:42

dialogue among civilizations' were two important issues (16.8.1999)

ayatollah seyed ali khamenei yesterday said that `detente' and `dialogue among civilizations' were two important issues in iran's foreign policy and diplomacy. "detente is one of the declared policies of the islamic republic of iran but not with the zionist regime which we do not recognize as an entity...the zionist regime is our open enemy and we will not show any leniency toward the enemy," the supreme leader said in an address to iran's diplomats abroad. "our problem with the united states is not the question of detente. economic progress in iran is to the detriment of the u.s. and if the islamic model in iran succeeds it would encourage other countries to follow suit. therefore, the arrogant policy of the united states is based on creating trouble in the way of the islamic republic of iran and check our economic progress. on that basis, as long as iran - as an independent and islamic state and a government dependent on its faithful nation - maintains its presence in the world political arena, the united states will continue its opposition and animosity with this nation and system," the leader said. "the islamic state of iran, in its kind of relations with america, in its position takings on the middle east talks, in its relationship with the whole of europe, and in its behavior towards the islamic states, has strong and rational arguments, and particularly insists on the policy of detente and closer ties with the neighboring countries," the supreme leader stressed.
"what the u.s. is stressing upon in its known policies against the islamic republic of iran today are exactly the strong points of our system and our diplomacy. the americans want to weaken these (points) and take the control out of the hands of the system. that is why it is impossible to come to terms (with the u.s.) and show leniency towards it."
elsewhere in his remarks, the leader recalled the recent disturbances in the country, and said: "these incidents were a plan to encounter the system which could not have taken place without the backing of the policy-making centers which gave confidence to the rioters. vicious hands opposed to the system were behind this incident which was coupled with the ugliest form of violence. but the islamic state, with a power not witnessed in any country so far, managed to uell it in short period of time." the leader was referring to the riots in tehran and a number of other cities sparked by a demonstration by a group of university students in protest to the closure of the pro-khatami daily salaam and a majlis decision to amend the press law last month. the demonstration turned violent after security forces broke into the tehran university dormitory where the students had ended their demonstration. the leader termed commitment to islam and recognized independence as two major factors in iran's foreign policy. ''political independence should be translated to mean that no power even the singular global power has the capability of exerting influence, imposing its will over the government of the islamic republic of iran and the islamic sovereign state in matters related to economy, politics, beliefs, administration of the country, laws, its domestic and foreign policies and international transactions,'' stated the leader.
''it is due to this fact that the islamic republic of iran is highly respected and that the diplomats must take full advantage of this status,'' highlighted ayatollah khamenei. ''therefore based on this criterion, the iranian ambassadors should try to establish communications which would serve our national interests,'' the ayatollah stated. ''it is necessary for the diplomats to act in full confidence in matters related to domestic affairs and they should be fully aware of the realities in the country,'' the leader observed. ''it should be noted that the islamic revolution is the outcome of centuries of struggle for the revival of islam. the nineteenth century was the period when europe tried to destroy the spiritual pillars. however, today we see that the trend has been reversed and people tend to be attracted towards islam and quite a large number have turned to shiism,'' declared the leader. ''therefore it can be concluded that the islamic revolution has an islamic identity in the islamic world and a spiritual identity across the globe which it has revived and this trend is on the rise,'' stressed the supreme leader.
he described the islamic sovereign state as a powerful, popular and sturdy system which is based on the will of the people and in fact on their belief of islamic ideals and not on their political will. the nation today, he continued, is proud of having a very deep and great civilization called islamic civilization; in addition, this civilization is deeply rooted in its history and possesses excellent legal, philosophical and strong cultural heritage. ''it is for this reason that the islamic republic of iran deserves to be the representative of this civilization and enter into dialogue with other civilizations and their cultural figures and not with the governments and intelligence agents of other countries,'' concluded the leader.

leader appoints yazdi as member of guardians council (15.8.1999)

tehran, aug. 15, irna -- the leader nf the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei in a decree issued on sunday appointed ex-chief of judiciary ayatollah mohammad yazdi as a member of the guardians council. in his decree, the leader lauded yazdi for his ''valuable'' services and experiences during his ten year term in office as head of the judiciary. the supreme leader wished success and prosperity for ayatollah yazdi. :irna 15/08/99 15:49

leader appoints new judiciary head (14.8.1999)

tehran, august 14, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei, in a decree here saturday appointed ayatollah mahmoud hashemi as the new head of the judiciary. the decree said in part that given the termination of the extended term in office of ayatollah mohammad yazdi which was characterized by sympathetic services, ayatollah hashemi who is among prominent scholars is appointed as the new head of the judiciary according to article 157 of the constitution. ''the importance of this sensitive and grave mission lies in the fact that safety, consolidation, strengthening and decisiveness of this organization will guarantee safety of all legislative and executive bodies in the islamic system, promulgate justice and security in the life of the nation and make possible material and moral progress of the country,'' read the leader's decree. stressing that the judiciary is the powerful arm of the islamic system which is commissioned to promulgate justice, defend rights of all strata of people without any discrimination, punish violators of public rights with no negligence and settle disputes, the leader stated that realization of such a great mission will guarantee security and real sustainable tranquility in the society. the supervisory role that the judiciary plays in monitoring performance of other organizations and its mission to prevent crimes as well as hts correctional programs for detention houses are among other aspects which highly underline effectiveness of this basic foundation of the islamic system in the administration of the country, read the decree. highlighting the difficult path that the judiciary has taken so far, especially in recent years, the leader pointed out the great success it has achieved despite the occasionally widespread and deep opposition. however, the leader further stated, promoting the sublime status of the islamic judgment necessitates wise and sincere efforts which can be promised with undertaking of the responsibility by ayatollah hashemi. :irna 14/08/99 15:27

leader of islamic revolution among basiji forces (6.8.1999)

tehran, aug. 6, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei here friday attended the early morning gathering of more than 50,000 basijis (volunteer forces) and led the morning prayers of the basijis.

the leader attended a large gathering of several thousands of basijis in the military camps of fada'iyan-e-imam (soldiers ready to sacrifice their lives for the late imam) before the morning prayers and responded to the overwhelming enthusiasm expressed by the basiji forces. after the prayers, the religious ceremony of ashura commemoration (the historical event of the martyrdom of the third infallible imam of the prophet's household, imam hossein (as) and a small group of his sincere followers) was performed in a spiritual atmosphere.
irna 06/08/99 17:38

leader stresses on promotion of pure islam for solving problems (5.8.1999)

tehran, aug 5, irna -- supreme leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei here thursday said in order to solve present difficulties in the country, and remove faults with scientific and universities infrastructure, and also abolish discrimination, and probable inclinations towards wrongdoings in the society, making use of pure islam should be emphasized. speaking to university students and unviersity jihad members, he added that "if we could establish islamic faith and unity in the universities and administrative system, then country's problems would be solved." leader added that " pure islam is in quran and the prophet's (sawa) tradition. islam is in fact quran and its teachings and in order to understand quran scientifically, special methods should be used. fortunately pure islam in its most fundamental aspect, that is the islamic government, is in fact in operation in islamic iran." the leader said the basic structure of iran's government is islamic and all shortcomings, wrongdoings, and problems arise from weaknesses and malices of individuals. the leader also pointed to the vast support given by the nation to the islamic government as the backbone of iran's powerful presence in international arena and said this element would help resolve most problems of the country.
irna 06/08/99 00:16

leader reappoints rouhani, larijani to snsc (5.8.1999)

tehran, aug. 5, irna -- the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei reappointed here on thursday hojatoleslam hassan rouhani, majlis vice speaker and ali larijani, the head of the islamic republic of iran broadcasting (irib) as members of the supreme national security council(snsc) for another two years.
irna 05/08/99 17:36

leader appoints two new members of the guardians council (3.8.1999)

tehran, aug. 3, irna -- the supreme leader of islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei in separate decrees on tuesday appointed hajj seyed hassan taheri khorramabadi and hajj sheikh reza ostadi as two new members of the guardians council. in his decrees, the leader appreciated the 20-year long services of hajj sheikh abolqasem khazali and hajj sheikh mohammad emami kashani who were replaced by khorramabadi and ostadi. the supreme leader wished success for the new members of the guardians council.

leader enjoins students to capitalize intellectually on dorm incident (01.08.1999)

tehran, aug 1, irna -- in a private meeting with a group of visiting students of tehran university dormitory here last monday night, the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei, enjoined on them to capitalize on the unhappy dorm incident last month intellectually, religiously, and ethically. the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah khamenei, listened to brief and highly sympathetic talks to him by individual visitors and addressing the group, he said in part:
"in my opinion, there are two levels of attitudes and responses to such incidents: one is the immediate response that man naturally shows to unhappy incidents or to a criminal incidents of which category the dorm incident was an example. on such occasions, there are responsibilities on the shoulder of the people. every person may have a different responsibility. perhaps in a single incident one will typically have the responsibility to file a complaint, another, the responsibility to investigate, and a third, the responsibility to offer help and service. in every accidental incident every person may have his own responsibility. to look at that incident with the purpose of finding our individual responsibility in connection with that accident is a way of looking at that incident, and i hope everyone who has been in some way or other involved with that incident has already looked at the incident with that purpose or will do so in the future. after all an incident of that nature certainly has its own causes and reasons and its own perpetrators who will have to be recognized, and get tough with. certainly the incident was bitter for various reasons. to begin with its did not affect one person but a community. to create problems for one person is one thing, and to trouble a community is another...  you know that there are different looks at the incident. some say it was the plot of this or that person or group of persons. others say it was a conspiracy...everyone with a different view to the incident. but there is also another way of looking at unhappy incidents. that is a mode of looking that guarantees some sort of profit to oneself or to the community of which one is a part, so that the same outwardly unhappy incident will have auspicious and happy consequences to him and to his community. our mental and psychological responses to various incidents differ from person to person. say, there is an earthquake at some place. earthquakes are very unwelcome incidents. perhaps you may have previously seen earthquakes at your own places here and there. i have frequently been at places that were hit by earthquakes. those are very bitter and sorrowful incidents. but the same catastrophe can be looked at in two ways: one is to deal with it so as make it a positive, promotive and auspicious incident to the quake victims, and the other is to look at it and deal with it so as to make it a solely destructive incident to its victims. either of the two attitudes can be adopted by the victims of the same quake. naturally, people can look differently at incidents. obviously, if a group of people happen to be illeterate and unlearned people, others will have the responsibility to help them look at that incident from the other angle. but if people happen to be learned and knowledgeable, they will be able to make the better use of that unhappy incident, a use that is intellectually and spiritually to their own good, and which turns the same incident into a blessing for them. let us look, for example, at past eqrthquakes in ferdows, tabass, roudbar and qazvin... in those placess there were people who had the same mentality, that is there were people who realized that they had to work hard and rebuild what had been destroyed... and we have had bitter earthquakes in this country which later on happened to be a cause for progress for its victims...
now, you too, are victims of an unwelcome incident. there are people (among tehran university dorm students) who suffered more and others who suffered less.. but that incident was not a first degree incident in the degree of its bitterness. for me, may be it was more bitter than an earthquake, because it had the element of human damage to it... now how are you going to profit from that incident? what conclusions do yo make that will affect your future?... on the road to learning and to human accomplishments, there may be every unexpected incident. so it is, and even more so on the road of our life. there are always unexpected incidents...
one basic conclusion to make on such incidents is to learn that one should build himself morally, mentally and intellectually. to face with the various incidents in one's life. to do so i tend to think that one will have to build up his religious faith. man should fasten his faith to a sure and certain point. if that point happens to be the point of religious faith, he will never in his life be disappointed, or hopeless...  what ruins man is despair, and hopelessness, which makes the man bogged down at his place...   whatever future each and every one of you have opted for as your careers in your mind, you must strengthen an enlightening faith in you heart... there happens so many incidents in one's life for which one cannot really blame any one person... in the dorm incident, however, the thing is easier for you because there was, or were, persons who were responsible for that incident and who hopefully will be punished for what they did. at any rate on those occasions one always looks for a culprit to point his fingers to... of such incidents there are many in one's life. at times such incidents change the course of the life of the people. sometimes they create doubt and mistrust in the hearts of the people. but if you should want to maintain your good spirits in the course of such incidents, you should strengthen the religious faith that is inside you so that you will be able to maintain your will power and your determination to continue on the path that you have chosen... i feel happy at seeing you here today. my meeting with you will, hopefully, allay that anxiety and the depression that the incident caused in me. and i feel i am appeased at seeing your happy faces. let us keep the good spirit that is now with us. (to a visiting student suffering a serious eye injury in the dorm incident): i frequently heard about the dorm incident and i heard that a college student who had ranked highest in the college entrance examinations had suffered a serious injury. but, they did not tell me that your eye had that serious injury... i hope the almighty Allah will make good on that in the manner he shall choose..."
irna 01/08/99 23:27

leader condoles saudi clerics over fire incident (01.08.1999)

tehran, aug. 1, irna -- the leader's office, in a message to clerics and ulema of saudi arabia, expressed condolences of the supreme leader of the islamic rvolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on death of a number of women and children in a fire accident in the village of qatif in eastern saudi arabia. 44 children and women died at a wedding in the village as a blaze swept through a huge party tent on wednesday night. the fire was triggered by an air conditioning unit which exploded, sending the burning tent crashing down on the wedding party. according to local residents, the bride remains in a critical condition. some 130 people were also wounded in the fire, out of more than 300 women and children who were in the tent. the leader of the islamic revolution was "deeply moved" at the news of the tragic incident, the message read. "ayatollah khamenei prays for the patience of the bereaved families of the victims, recovery of the injured ones and for the souls of those killed in the fire to rest in peace," the message added.
::irna 01/08/99 12:19

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