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Speech to families of the martyrs of the armed forces (27.09.1998)

Tehran, Sept. 27, 1998 irna - the leader of the Islamic revolution, ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, here on Sunday termed martyrs and their families as ''the bright lights of history and the Islamic system,'' adding ''based on religious principles, there is no value loftier for a human being than to wilfully sacrifice his life and existence for sublime divine ideals.''

addressing an audience of families of the martyrs of the armed forces and the construction jihad corps, the leader further highlighted the impact of martyrdom on the progress of nations, and stated ''any nation which learns the art of martyrdom is forever proud, not ever being overcome by any power.

''this is because any nation which can bring its youth, men and women to come to terms with dying in the path of god, will never be affected by threats, seductions, propaganda and military campaigns by the enemies, and thus will never submit to the powerful.''

stating that the martyrs are responsible for the Iranian nation's resistance to pressures by the world arrogance, ayatollah Khamene’i added ''the arrogance has failed and will fail in all its assaults on the Islamic Iran.

''various plots of satanic powers including economic sanctions, propaganda campaigns, baseless accusations, efforts to create discord in the nation and encroachment on people's faith would be frustrated and this is all owed to the blood of martyrs.''

the leader further referred to those attached to material attractions of life as the source of adversity for nations and governments, adding ''it's religion that secures the life and afterlife of the people, and saves a nation from its enemies.''

leader honours martyrs of islamic revolution, imposed war

tehran, sept, 24 1998 irna leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on thursday honoured the memory of the martyrs of the islamic revolution and the iraqi-imposed war. issuing a statement on the occasion of the sacred defence week, the leader said, "the event has fallen on martyrdom anniversary of fatimeh-e-zahra (sa) and that our martyrs have attained martyrdom at the same illuminating path as the first lady of islam." in the early days of islam, when hazrat-e-fatimeh (sa) was martyred, every means of propaganda machinery of that era was exhausted to overshadow the right, ayatollah khamenei said. "the elapse of time didn't allow the true personality of faimeh-e-zahra (sa) to remain latent under the thickly covered doubt," the leader said. "today, her name has transcended the latent boundaries to illume the mankind," the leader said. the leader said the name and memory of the beloved martyrs (of the islamic revolution and imposed war) will radiantly be honoured along the history in the same way as the first lady of islam fatimeh-e-zahra (sa).


leader receives duma chairman

tehran, sept. 23, 1998 irna leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei received the chairman of russian State duma, Gennady seleznov, here wednesday. majlis Speaker hojatoleslam nateq nouri was also present in the meeting. the leader stressed the existing grounds for cooperation in different areas between the two countries and underlined the need for firm determination of the two countries for understanding and Joint cooperation over the caspian sea issue. the supreme leader said that instability in russia is a cause of concern for the region and expressed the hope that russian officials will be able to solve the Problems with prudence without resorting to western formulas. seleznov briefed the leader on the latest political developments in his country. he added that underlying causes of the present economic and political crises in russia go back to 1991 when after independence russia followed patters of other countries. he said policy of privatization in russia was not a right

policy, adding that it led to increased discontent and economic difficulties.

Leader attends funeral procession of diplomats (18.09.1998)

tehran, sept 18, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i on friday attended the funeral procession held in tehran for the iranian martyrs massacred by taliban in afghanistan. six diplomats and irna journalist were laid to rest today. the people chanted for Khamene’is jihad decree to deal with taliban.

''we are waiting for the leader to decree the jihad to deal with taliban, the world armies cannot stand before us,'' the people. ''these are our petal-strewed flowers dedicated to the leader,'' was another slogan chanted by the people.

Message on readiness against Taliban (15.09.1998)

tehran, sept. 15, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei, here today called for full readiness on part of the military personnel regarding the taliban sedition in afghanistan, and also issued warning regarding the creeping cultural assault facing the nation. addressing the top brass of the islamic revolution's guards corps (irgc), the leader called on all cultural and judicial bodies to deal with the group of the press which are abusing the freedoms to unleash an assault on the people's faith. speaking of the creeping cultural assault initiated by the enemies some six years ago, the leader said that what saved the nation from oppression and tyranny was ''nothing but its faith in the illuminating truth.'' recognizing that, ayatollah khamenei said, the enemy has now embarked on an assualt on people's faith and unfortunately certain misguided groups are aiding and abeting the enemy with that goal. those who did not have an active presence in the sacred defense (1980-88) are now pursuing some dangerous cultural agenda to wipe out the memory of the sacred defense hn the country, said the supreme leader. the leader added that efforts should be continued to keep alive the memories of the sacred defense and that this epic should be reflected by writers and artists.

turning to political preferences, the supreme leader said that those who believe in islam, the revolution, the late imam, treading on path of god, piety and sacrifice can surely resolve such differences. ayatollah khamenei added that the problem arised when a group of people opposed to islam, imam and the system hid behind another group and started targetting people's faith. ''i see that a group of the press in the country is gripped with such crisis and they should salvage themselves.'' the leader of the islamic revolution referring to freedom as the gift of the islamic revolution and the late imam, stressed that freedom is not an absolute concept and has its own boundaries according to the teachings of islam. the leader further warned the group of the press which misuses freedoms and said stopping their moves is not anything difficult. however, he added, ''i keep waiting to see what the responsible bodies will do.'' the culture and islamic guidance ministry, judicial and security bodies should identify those who have targetted the people's faith, and have desecrated the revolution, the leader added. ''this is the second time i am warning in this regard and i am making it clear for the officials that they should take measures and find out which paper is going beyond the boundaries of freedom,'' ayatollah khamenei said. brushing aside the statements made by certain papers as well as world circles about measures against those who misuse the freedom, the leader recalled that the western media and certain world organizations never acknowledged the outstanding characteristics of the late imam khomeini and instead presented a distorted image of him. the same media now try to promote the taliban, ayatollah khamenei said, adding, therefor, ''we will never wait for international organizations permission on how to run the country.''

underlining the need to distinguish between proper exercise of freedoms and conspiracies, the leader asked ''how can one allow those looking towards the west and specially the u.s. to, after 20 years of opposition with the islamic revolution and the late imam khomeini, raise questions about the glorious past of the nation.'' the leader further underlined the necessity for preservation of the system's integrity and respect for the officials and called for preventing any offenses carried out under the pretext of defending velayat and religion. ''we have rules and regulations and officials and the system should be respected,'' he added.

turning to the current situation in afghanistan and the taliban's crimes against the oppressed people of afghanistan, the leader stressed that all the bodies and the armed forces should be on alert to speedily implement any decision that top officials make. the leader who is also the commander-in-chief of the armed forces underlined the importance of afghanistan issue from human, religious, political and national aspects and said that the iraninan nation blames the global arrogance for what is going on in afghanistan. troubles created by the cruel taliban in afghanistan necessitate alertness on the part of all officials and those in charge, including irgc, the army, security `pparatus, news `nd publicity organizations to take swift, decisive and timely action to implement decisions made by political and security officials. ''seditions of bruel froup nf taliban has put the afghan muslim nation in big trouble. the iranian nation considers the current situation in afghanistan as among the major crimes of world arrogance and is deeply moved by what the oppressed afghan nation is going through.'' ayatollah khamenei touched on the aims and objectives of western gas and oil companies, those of the u.s. in particular, in supporting the criminal taliban group.

the commanders welcomed the supreme leader's remarks by chanting slogans in his support pledging their full obedience to the orders of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. prior to the leader's speech, hojjatoleslam movahedi kermani and the irgc commander major general rahim safavi voiced the irgc's readiness to implement the leader's commands.

leader expresses deep shock over massacre in bamian province (14.09.1998)

tehran, sept. 14, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah Ali Khamene’i on monday expressed deep shock over the massacre in hazarajat, central afghan province of bamian, by taliban militia. in his message the supreme leader said the criminal actions already carried out by taliban in mazar-i sharif with massacre of civilians and the iranian diplomats and journalist, obligated the muslim nations around the world to take a decisive action against the savage group which has no knowledge of the illuminating teachings of islam and the international law. reports from hazarajat, bamian province, are more horrible than the cruelties committed by taliban in the earlier occasions, the leader said. those who now are exposed to massacre by taliban are the same people who bravely defended their dignity and prestige during the soviet occupation of afghanistan and gave numerous martyrs for freedom of afghanistan, the supreme leader said.

the leader further referred to the reports that the taliban leaders have said that the blood of hazaras can be shed and thus have given orders for killing of any boy over the age of seven. the leader of the islamic revolution also touched on reports of involvement of pakistani army planes in destruction and massacres in bamian province, asking for the reasons behind this savagery and massacres. are the people of hazarajat being punished for their long struggle for the independence of afghanistan, or for not surrendering to the well-calculated plots of the u.s. oil and gas companies, carried out by certain segments of pakistani army through taliban? asked the supreme leader. is massacre of hazaras a reprisal for their faith in prophet mohammad (pbuh), or a religious or ethnic prejudice? the leader further asked. the iranian nation grieving over the tragedy of massacre of its own diplomats and journalist in mazar-i sharif, is impatiently awaiting the decisions of the officials in this respect, the supreme leader said. the leader called on the religious leaders of the muslim world to help the oppressed people of hazarajat as well other afghan ethnic groups.

''i call upon the muslim people of pakistan, certain segment of whose army is at the service of oil companies, to help the defenseless men, women and children in bamian province. don't let the millions-strong afghan people to fall victims to the taliban atrocity,'' the leader said. addressing his remarks on people of pakistan, the leader said: ''don't let the religious war initiated by the backwarded

taliban militia in afghanistan to engulf other muslim-populated areas. don't let certain segment of the pakistani army sow the seeds of unrest in the region and go on with its war-mongering schemes. don't let the u.s. oil companies reach their ominous interests in afghanistan and central asia at the cost of tens of thousand muslim lives.'' the leader of the islamic revolution stressed, ''till now i have prevented escalation of war in the region which would not be easily extinguished. but, all should know that the threat is to the extent that it would not come to an end until the pakistani army is forced to stop interference in afghanistan and until the taliban are forced to surrender to logic and abandon their criminal and make up for their past errors.''

the leader said in conclusion, ''i extend my heartfelt sympathy with tearful eyes to the young fighters of hazarajat. i understand your grief and i'm carefully following up the events in the province.'' the leader called on the hazaras to bravely resist the brutality of taliban and prayed to god for their imminent victory and bringing the criminal taliban to their knees.

Leader announces a three-day mourning in honor of martyrs (11.9.1998)

tehran, sept. 11, irna -- the office of the leader of the islamic revolution and the supreme religious jurisprudent ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i here thursday night issued a message of condolence over the martyrdom of the iranian diplomats at the hand of afghan taliban group in mazar-i sharif.

the message said that the news of martyrdom of the innocent iran's diplomats and irna's correspondent in mazar-i sharif at the dirty hands and unislamic taliban criminals has caused sorrows and remorse among the officials in charge and the brave iranian nation.

it added that the leader of the islamic revolution condoling the martyrdom of the dear iranian diplomats to the 12th infallible imam of the prophet's (sawa) household (may the almighty Allah hasten his reappearance), the honorable iranian nation and the families of the deceased, announced a 3-day mourning period starting saturday september 12 throughout the country.

freedom advocated by islam, most comprehensive (03.09.1998)

tehran, sept. 3, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i, here thursday elaborated on different aspects of freedom as a divine and islamic concept, and further called on the educated youth to try to make up for the backwardness imposed on the nation during past era of tyrannical regimes. paying a surprise visit to a gathering of students at the tarbiat-e modarres university, the leader said the raising of the issue of freedom in the country's press is something ''auspicious'' helping to deepen the culture of the revolution. while focusing on the issue of freedom, one should safeguard the independence which is another motto of the islamic revolution, the leader said.

cautioning against copying other's models of freedom, the leader said that if the western line of thinking becomes the model, ''we should expect bitter results.'' ayatollah Khamene’i highlighted the common denominator of the western influenced and those with reservations about freedoms both intending to separate freedom from sphere of islamic principles. ''one group keeps quoting philosophers of the last few centuries to portray freedom as a gift of the west,'' the leader said, adding that the other group includes those who equate freedom with abandoning religion. this is despite the fact that ''proper and rational freedom'' is the most important gift of the religion to the society, because it is the freedom that spurs growth of thoughts and the blossoming of talents which undermine tyranny, the leader added.

the leader said that the islamic concept of freedom is far superior to that promoted by the west, adding that in islam, freedom is the most precious of human rights, and it's considered to be on the same level as the right to life. therefore, the leader said, ''in islamic iran, we should think independently and rely on our islamic sources.'' regrettably, this fact is neglected by media think-tanks, he added. the leader went on to say that in islam freedom brings responsibility while in western outlook freedom and responsibility are diverging concepts. the leader stressed that freedom should not be misused, further rejecting the notion that press freedom is something attained recently. ''the press has had freedom over the past years as well, being able to even opine about the revolution's principles,'' ayatollah Khamene’i added.

referring to the 7th presidential elections last year, the leader said that ''some with stained past records'' have tried to portray the 30-million turnout as something other than a manifestation of people's support for the system. continuing on the issue of freedom, ayatollah Khamene’i called as wrong the reservations by some that extended exercise of freedoms harms the freedom itself, adding that it is most desirable to fully exercise this divine right. the leader also referred to the upcoming election for the experts assembly, slated for october 23, and said that the elections is an important event in the islamic iran.

calling on the people and especially the youth to take part in the election, the leader said that the event can become ''a national maneuver vis-a-vis foreign enemies.''

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