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judiciary branch is one of efficient organs


tehran, june 28, irna -- "the judiciary branch is one of the efficient organs of the government, the basis of national order and discipline, guarantor of security and justice and the enforcer of law," the leader of the islamic revolution and supreme religious jurisprudent, grand ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i said here sunday. the leader further stressed, "consequently, it is not permitted to weaken the judiciary branch as the responsibility assigned to that power is vital and sensitive in nature." "as decisions made by the judicial power leave subsequent effects in the rest of the government institutions, it is necessary that those who have responsibilities in the judiciary system, act in accordance to the norms of sincerity, trustworthiness, chasteness, preciseness judiciousness and dispense their judgment in firmness," ayatollah Khamene’i stated.

warning the political factions and the press, the supreme religious jurisprudent stressed, "one of the ways to create mistrust and suspicion in the hearts of people against the judiciary system is to spread rumors and to issue baseless irresponsible statements against that sovereign legal institution." "justice and fair handedness are the two most important criteria in the islamic community and that the social order is based on justice," the leader of the islamic revolution elucidated.

the grand ayatollah further pointed out, "injustice breeds swindlers, embezzlers and profiteers." "consequently, the judiciary branch with the help of the executive branch are instructed to look for those who have accumulated wealth illegitimately," the leader recommended. ayatollah Khamene’i then advised the judiciary branch to stand firm against the criminals as the honor, dignity and respect of the that system is based on dispensation of precise justice in the community. the leader of the islamic revolution was speaking to the top judiciary officials and the families of the martyrs of the seventh of tir when seventy two of the best and the brightest iranian officials attained martyrdom in an explosion at the islamic republic party headquarters on june 28, 1981.


Monday 22 June 1998

Tehran - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei in a message released minutes after the victory of Iranian football team over U.S. in the World Cup 98 in France congratulated the Iranian team and the nation. The leader in his message told the Iranian players that their courageous and fair play which brought victory over the U.S. team was a beautiful image of Iranian nation's endeavours in every field of their revolutionary life. The leader added that such a sincere effort imbued with intelligence and power, echoed the unique endeavours of the nation during the Islamic Revolution as well as in the imposed war. The leader noted that tonight once again the arrogant enemy suffered the bitter taste of defeat. The leader wished joy and happiness for the victorious players who brought mirth and gladness to

the Iranian people.


leader sends message on ayatollah gharavi's martyrdom


tehran, june 21, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah Ali Khamene’i sent a message of condolences over the assassination of grand ayatollah sheikh mirza ali gharavi tabrizi. sinful hands in iraq once again committed a heinous crime and martyred ayatollah mirza ali gharavi tabrizi, one of the grand jurisprudents and religious authorities, in holy najaf, read the message. it said that enemies of islam have now turned to the esteemed seminary in najaf, which is the grand and everlasting patronage of jurisprudence, and attempt in vain to deal a blow on these exalted virtues. martyrdom of the grand ayatollah who had spent his blessed life in purifying principles of sharia, soon after the martyrdom of ayatollah boroujerdi, indicates to the vicious plot against guardians of the shi'ite sanctuary, read the leader's message. but, it stressed, this is not something to which the noble iranian nation and muslims throughout the shi'ite world would remain indifferent.

the martyred ayatollah was an asset of najaf seminary as well as one of the prominent ulema of all the seminaries, read the message, adding that he was among grand religious authorities. ''i seriously request the iraqi government to realize its responsibility towards such a tragic incident and undertake its islamic, humanitarian and international duties in dealing with two incidents and relieve iranian nation, the shi'ites and all muslims concerned about flag bearers of islamic sharia from anxiety,'' the message said.

the leader expressed his deep condolences over the martyrdom of the grand ayatollah and a number of his relatives and prayed for the consolidation and strength of najaf seminary. meanwhile, in a statement on the same occasion, the leader's office announced that on behalf of the leader a special mourning ceremony will be held at a'zam mosque in qom this evening.


leader: unity, following islamic guidance vital for revolution


amol, mazandaran prov., june 11, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i said on thursday that unity and following the guidance of islam and holy quran are the two principles for the progressive process of the islamic revolution. addressing tens of thousands of mazandarani people who had gathered to welcome the leader, ayatollah Khamene’i said the city of amol is a stronghold of islam and shi'ites thanks to the services of two renowned religious scholars, ayatollah hassan-zadeh amoli and ayatollah javadi amoli. the two ayatollahs, born in amol, are instructors of the theological school of qom.

the supreme leader recalled the bright record of amoli people during the islamic revolution and eight years of sacred defense (1980s) and said the amoli people stood against the counter-revolutionaries and turned the city into a bastion of islam and revolution. in 1981 a group of armed counter-revolutionaries attempted to capture the city's public buildings and create chaos in the city. the

people took up arms and managed to capture the terrorists. some civilians were martyred in the clashes. the supreme leader said the islamic administration in iran is a blessing from the almighty thanks to the aspiration of the sacred personality of the late imam Khomeini.

elsewhere in his address, ayatollah Khamene’i said the enemies of the revolution are trying in vain to make the nation forget the main enemies and sow discord among them. the leader said an independent and free nation is one that is capable of standing on its own feet and tread the right path with unity. the iranian nation has done so in the past 19 years (since the establishment of the islamic republic) and has made great achievements despite the harmful plots of the world arrogance, ayatollah Khamene’i said. the leader recommended the youth to meditate on the will of the late imam, calling on the nation to resort to islam and solidarity and not to neglect the enemy, as the two major points mentioned in late imam's will. the enemy does not always penetrate through geographical borders, sometimes it may infiltrate through the cultural borders, something which requires more care on the part of the people to deal with it the supreme leader said.

the leader arrived in amol at 9:50 hours local times (5:00 gmt) and was accorded warm welcome by the mazandarani people. the crowd of people lining up the stree four kilometers to greet the leader caused the leader's motorcade to stop several time on its way to shahid chamran stadium, the venue for the meeting. the young population and revolutionary mazandarani citizens encircled the car carrying ayatollah Khamene’i.


leader's illness not serious

tehran, june 6, irna -1998- the office of the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei, on.saturday issued a statement reporting on the health condition of the leader.

the Statement stressed that the leader's illness is not serious, and thanked the people as well as religious and political personalities for their concern. 1'we would like to report that the illness is not serious and per the doctors' opinion, thanks god there is no cause for concern and with reduced activity and enough rest, recovery is definitely in order.''

following the leader's speech at imam khomeini' s mausoleura last thursday, where he seemed somewhat weak and delivered a rather short speech, calls had poured into the leader's office by well-wishers inquiring about his health.


leader: iranian nation loyal to imam's ideals


tehran, june 4, irna - the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei, here on thursday said that the iranian nation has whole-heartedly maintained its loyalty to the ideals of the founder of the islamic republic, the late imam khomeini. addressing the huge crowd at imam's mausoleum on the occasion of his ninth departure anniversary, the leader said that nine years after imam's departure, his thoughts go on living and the iranian nation has remained loyal to his ideals. the leader said that the 1979 islamic revolution became victorious

due to the many sacrifices by the poor and the youth, adding ''the iranian youth was responsible for making iran victorious in the long imposed war.'' if there is another threat against the revolution, the faithful and revolutionary youth would enter the scene, thus there can't be any doubts about the youth's devotion to islam, the leader added. ayatollah khamenei referred to the late imam's will as a valuable document for the iranian nation, adding ''all people should learn imam's words and ponder them so not to go astray in understanding imam's ideals.''

''today the hearts of the government and the nation including the president, the majlis deputies, the judiciary officials, other high ranking officials of the country and the people in universities and seminaries, beat for islam. the masses are all supportive of the islamic revolution and all this has brought the islamic republic a special respect and status in the eyes of the world.'' the leader further stressed the important role of islam in bringing about the revolution, in the successful defense of the country against the aggressors and also during the construction era, adding ''the iranian nation will not relinquish islam and the

country's officials are also devoted to the faith. ''without a doubt, islam will display its effectiveness in economic and cultural fields.'' the country, with the huge popular support, would continue on its sacred path, and as long as islam and the unity is prevalent, the u.s., zionists and the defeated enemies would not be able to harm this nation, the leader stressed.


leader observes mourning ceremony in memory of imam khomeini

tehran, 1998 june 2, irna — the office of the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei, said in a press release here today that the leader would observe a mourning ceremony in memory of imam khomeini on the ninth anniversary of his departure wednesday. the communiqué also paid tribute to imam khomeini and hoped that the people would renew their covenant with the lofty aspirations of imam khomeini on the ninth anniversary of his departure.


mps on leader's guidelines

tehran, 1998 june 1, irna •— six majlis deputies gave their views on the recent guidelines of the supreme leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei, to majlis deputies. deputy from qom and member of the presiding board of the majlis, seyed taha hashemi, said there currently exist a movement in the country which aims to sow seeds of discord among the revolution loyalists. being on top of the issues of muslim world, the leader well recognized these mysterious hands, he added. the leader, in his guidelines, called on all political factions and committed forces to minimize their differences of views and concentrate on solving people's problems, hashemi said. deputy from qarchak and varamin, mohammad qomi said the leader called for unity amongst all groups and further urged them to refrain from aggrevating disputes and to help each other to safeguard the achievements of the revolution.

qomi who is member of the presiding board of the majma-e hezbollah (hezbollah assembly) of the majlis said majlis deputies and all government officials should now focus on defending values of the islamic revolution.

another parliamentarian hosseinali qassemzadeh, from babol in northerh iran, said that ayatollah khamenei stressed in his statements that deputies should pay Special attention to problems in the society. stressing that all forces believe in the values and principles of islam and. the islamic revolution, he said the leader underscored the need for more sincere relations between the legislative and executive branches in order to advance the goals of the islamic republic and the revolution.

deputy from tehran, mohsen mojtahed shabestari said as explained by the leader, the issue of right or left wing is not important at present. what is important is Stands towards values and this should be considered as a yardstick. seyyed ali akbar musavi hosseini, deputy from tehran, said the leader drew attention of the deputies to the real purpose of their Jobs which is satisfying allah, the almighty and serving the people. morteza nabavi, another deputy from tehran, said the supreme leader stressed the importance of safeguarding the values and that at this juneture, stance vis-a-vis the islamic values should be the sole criterion for any divisions.


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