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leader declared `eid-ul fitr'


tehran, jan. 28, irna -- the office of the leader of islamic revolution and supreme religious jurisprudent, grand ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i released a communique here wednesday night saying that "thursday is declared `eid-ul fitr' the first day of shawal (the lunar month) with the sighting of the new moon in the different regions of the islamic republic of iran."

the statement further read, "we pray for the acceptance of the prayers and fasting of the committed muslim brothers and sisters in the world and those of iran and that we extend our felicitations on this auspicious occasion to the muslims around the world specially and to our dear iranians as well." on the auspicious occasion of `eid-ul fitr' irna also expresses its best wishes to all iranians and muslims around the world.

grand ayatollah khamenei receives members of sccr


tehran, jan. 24, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution and supreme religious jurisprudent, grand ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei here saturday addressing members of the supreme council of the cultural revolution (sccr) stated that the solution of the cultural problems was of vital importance and that all governmental and non-governmental agencies have the responsibilities to enforce all decisions made by the supreme cultural council. the grand ayatollah further stated that a wise and scientific study of cultural problems and finding their panaceas were of top priority and that no other agency was deemed capable of replacing the sccr.

the leader added that this cultural council Gould fill up the big vacuum in the cultural matters instilling political, social and cultural behaviours and attitudes. ayatollah khamanei then pointed out that islamic culture is the most comprehensive culture and that all the positive aspects existing in other cultures are complemented by the islamic culture; however, "we see that different cultures stand opposed to each other and are contradictory in value." trat times due to colonialistic policies, calculated measures are adopted by world arrogance to impose their own cultural values over other cultures in the regions of their influence," said the leader. referring to conflicts in cultures around the world, the leader of the islamic revolution stated "the world arrogance has ignited the war of culture to preserve their interests for they are fully aware of this fact the cultural values of the islamic revolution are extolled and have inflicted injuries to their interests." supreme religious jurisprudent said that since the world arrogance very well knows that they have been harmed by the islamic revolution cultural influence, they try to impose their divious cultural values an the iranians specifically the young generation.

the leader pointed out that "we should be fully prepared and completely armed and not be oblivious in our fight against the cultural encroachment that has been very delicately and intricately designed to surreptitiously penetrate through the masses thereby leaving its deadly and ruinous influence." the grand ayatollah elucidated his points by saying that "the enemies try to encroach our religion, freedom and even our national and non-religious values through making movies, fabricating news report and dissemination of propaganda." president hojjatoleslam seyyed mohammad khatami had initially delivered a brief Speech thanking ayatollah akbar hashemi rafsanjani for having rendered valuable Services during his tenure as sccr head, adding that "we have tried to approach the matter of our responsibilities and objectives through new and fresh outlooks


grand ayatollah khamenei condemns pogrom in algeria

tehran, jan. 16, irna -- the leader of the islamic republic of iran ayatollah sellred ali khamenei referring t.o the recent bloody massacre of shiite muslims in pakistan, stated that. "pakistani offi-cials had promised us to seri-ous1y pursue the case."

the supreme religious juristprudent and friday prayer leader pointed ouL, "we are also willing to continue putting our trust and hope that islamabad government. would decisively deal with the murderers by pursuing the crime seriously and once more try to restabl-ish its authority. " also, referring to bloody pogrom of the algerian defenseless and innocent children, women and men, grand ayatollah khamenei expressed sorrow saying that it was one of the most bitter and tragic occurance in the muslim world.

the grand ayatollah added Lhe coolness of the world community and the claimers of human rights in relation to the carnage in algeria is shockingly astounding. "we severely condemn the massacre of innocent people and the show ofindifference and keeping mum of international community, " stressed the leader of the islamic revolut-on. with approach of 'qods day' held on the last friday of the holy fasting month of ramadhan, the 1eader stated "iran has been the pioneer of commemorating qods day, therefore, the ummah should set a model for the muslim nations in particular and europe in general to follow suit. " the friday prayer leader then said that the iranian nation should continue carrying the banner of this auspicious day as a symbol of their belief in support for the liberation of the holy qods.

referring to the establishment of relation with the united states, ayatollah khamenei in another part of his sermon to the congregated worshippers at tehran university campus and its vicinity said that the global u.s Propaganda machinery in particular and their lackeys around the world in general are trying in vain to present the issue of establishment of diplomatic relations as a reality. "it is unfortunate to observe some of the domestic press media are following the same line of policy as the sworn enemies of the islamic revolution," the leader drew the attention of the nation to this fact.

The friday prayers leader pointed out, Claims made by some of the u.s media that the islamic republic of iran is reviewing the possibility of its normalization of relations with the united states is totally unfounded and basically senseless. the leader highlighted, "the united states and its lackeys have dangerous ulterior motives against iran and that the iranian nation should be fully alert to objectives and designs of the enemies and not allow the enemy to do whatever it wants in the area of Propaganda against the islamic republic of, iran." the grand ayatollah then elucided on the u.s satanic Propaganda machinery, saying the american administration is after the policy of creating a division among the united iranian nation and by doing so, they intend to create differences among the ummah. "the ummah have stood united up to now against a common enemy (the u.s and its lackeys), which the iranian people are fully aware of," ayatollah khamenei deduced.

the supreme religious jurisprudent then propounded that "becoming bold-faced and indifferent to matters of negotiation and relation with the united states and breaking of the taboo is the target which the u.s Propaganda machinery dearly intends to attain".. "once the arab governments considered negotiation and relations with the zionist entity as a taboo. however, the arrogant Propaganda machinery relentlessly work to disorient the mentalities of the arabs and gradually succeeded in breaking the norm which they considered as corrupt and immoral," the leader of the islamic revolution said.

"now we see that the countries, which do not share the borders with the zionist entity and their facing no danger and härm from israel, are also talking about entering into negotiation with the zionist regime," ayatollah khamenei adduced. "the iranian nation: based on its strong rationality and logical reasoning considers the government of the united states as its enemy rand that all the nations around the world admire the islamic republic of iran for having such stance," stressed the leader.

grand ayatollah khamenei stated that the u.s Propaganda machinery is working hard to see that this attained prestige and honour is destroyed through iran's breaking this taboo by establishing relation and negotiation with the united states.

this taboo of relation and negotiation with the united states the leader of the islamic revolution stated."the principle of negotiation between the islamic republic of iran and the united states of america as a superpower is of a vital importance, saying the u s is seriously after becoming a Singular global pole and it wants to establish itself as the only imperial power in the world, the matter which the u.s political analysts and think tanks openly discuss." "the united states is fully aware of this fact that there is a country in the world which does not either value it or give it creditability and that such an attitude of the islamic repüblic of iran is looked at as intolerable element by the united states " highlighted the leader.

the friday prayer leader then pointed out the sovereignty of islamic republic of iran and iranian nation are the destroyers of the fearful profile of the united states and that all the superpowers feign their authority/ command and power on the basis of instilling fear in nations of the world.

the leader pointed out, "iran is not a place where it could impose such a practice of instilling its fear as a super global power. ayatollah khamenei argued that if iran were to enter into negotiation, it would mean that it is surrendering due to the fear of rthe united states and as a consequence of this, the u.s would emerge as a singular global superpower.

in the other part of his sermon, the leader continued that the islamic revolution movement initiated by the iranian nation has been the cause for the awakening of the muslims around the world and due to this very reason, muslim nations and communities in the name of islam started their political movement and reformation and they regard iran as the pole and centre of such movements. "if we are to establish relations and initiate negotiation with the united states, the u.s would have a peace of mind over the fact that the islamic movement would become dormant," the leader pointed out.

grand ayatollah khamenei then went on elucidating his point on negotiating with the united states, the governments who have surrended to the u.s have come to realize that the islamic republic of iran, which does "not give any creditability to the united states and which does not listen to it, has not received any serious härm therefore these nations hold, "what reason is there to fear the united states?". "all the officials, intellectuals and political analysts of the third world are of the same belief that there exists no fear for the united states as a global power," said the friday prayers leader.

"it is such an attitude which the united states administration thinks it to be very dangerous and makes it very difficult for the united states to implement its global policies," supreme religious jurisprudent pointed out. its global policies," supreme religious jurisprudent pointed out. äyatollah khamenei stated, "iran's principled stance is based on a rationality, its policies are also based on logic and our motto is also founded on sound reasoning."

"all the rational thinking originate from the holy qur'an and that all the decisions are based on national interest of the country," stated the leader. the grand ayatollah went on to say that it was based on such thinking, attitudes and beliefs that the iranian nation rose to fight for its cause. many feil martyrs and many more became war disabled just for the sake of preserving the values and ideals of the islamic revolution.

the leader pointed out that severing of diplomatic relation between iran and the united states is a natural outcome of american conduct and measure as an arrogant power on one hand, and the iranian nation being under oppreösion on the other. "consequently, either negotiation or normalization of relation with the united states will bear no benefit for iranian nation and that the its consequences would be injurious to iran," highlighted äyatollah khamenei.

the leader of the islamic revolution then stated that america first set its foot in iran in 1320 (1941) and it slowly replaced the british influence in iran. during these years prior to the triumph of the islamic revolution, america had a füll grip of iran and it not only persistantly humiliated the iranian nation, but continued practising its oppressive policies as an arrogant power against the innocent people of iran.

the united states continued plundering iran's natural resources in addition to fully supporting the despotic regime of pahlavi. in 1953 the u.s through cia designs toppled the legitimate national government to reinstall its puppet, said the leader. äyatollah khamenei then pointed out that if the american atrocities against the iranian nation are to be compiled it would a thick volume.

the friday prayer leader stated that the severing of diplomatic relation with the united states after the triumph of the islamic revolution is regarded as a great victory for the oppressed people of iran. "after the triumph of the islamic revolution the united states disregarding and disrespecting the great iranian nation, transformed its embassy in tehran into a center for conspiring against the islamic republic of iran. in addition it initiated ugly measures against iran inside the united states," supreme religious jurisprudent stated. "the result of the u.s conspiracies led the students of followers of the line of the late imam, to take over the spy den and to take the members of the embassy as hostages and this is regarded a real punishment against american administration," added the leader.

punishment against american administration," added the leader. the supreme religious leader of the islamic revolution then focused on an all-out backing of the united states for the baathist regime during the eight-year iraqi imposed war against iran (1980-1988).

"iran has been one of the most oppressed nation in the world in face of the united states oppressive policies," ayatollah khamenei stated, adding that during the past two decades, iran has been the most highly spirited and active nation in the world although suffering from the oppressive measures of the great satan. the leader went on to say that iran should not be conipared with any government or country. the iranian nation resists and strongly repels any country practising oppressive policies, criminality and arrogance. iran is bound to cut off relations with such kind of countries. it is determined to adopt a stance against a country trying to impose unrighteous policies.

dwelling on u.s support for the usurping zionist entity, the leader of the islamic revolution stated "the zionist entity is the worst political entity in the world for the fact that it drives away the rightful and legitimate peoples from their lands and those, peoples who continue to reside on their own lawful homeland are maltreated besides practicing the act of kidnappings in the rural areas of lebanon." "it is for this reason the zionists are the expression of terrorism in the world and that the united states support for the zionist is regarded as one of the biggest crimes and that it is also for this very reason that the great nation of iran condemns the united states and openly announces that xthe islamic republic of iran has nothing whatsoever to do with the united states'," ayatollah khamenei underlined.

the supreme religious jurisprudent stated, "it would be wrong to assume that if we are to initiate negotiation and establish relation with the united states, the iranian nation would bear such benefits as the annulment of d'amato intra-territorial law meant for extra territorial implementation and the abrogation of economic sanction against the islamic republic of iran." "the iran government has been successful in attaining major developments during the past ninteen years after the victory of. the islamic revolution, whic.h, in fact, has beeri against the will and wishes of the united states," said the leader. the friday prayers leader pointed out that the united states will never succeed in its efforts to impose its satanic wishes over the islamic republic of iran.

referring to President hojjatoleslam seyyed mphainmad khatami's, interview with the cnn, the leader pf the islamic revolution said that "President khatami had rationally and realistically presented an excellent talk and as a leader, i have the responsibility to disclose what is true to the nation."

"this not the first time that the scandal of such an enormity isbeing spread by media and even the press media. in the time after the demise of imam khomeini the normalization of relation with.the united states was brought up by even by newspapers and a number of articles were printed in that direction," the leader highlighted. "however, no sooner such a scandal was initiated the nation slapped on their ears and the chapter was closed," added ayatollah khamenei.

the friday prayers leader then pointed out that the scandal this time is far wider and of a different nature. President khatami's interview was used as an. excuse for the triggering of scandal of such immens ity. referring to iran,1 s stand in the affairs of relations .with both the united states and the ziönist regime, the leader stressed "Iran has clearly announced its principled policy." "i personally clpsely folj-owed the interview and i'm fully aware what had to be said was precisely put foreward by then president," said ayatollah khamenei.

"i prayed for the President, foreign minister and other officials for having adopted righteous stance against the israeli regime and a correct stand for the palestinian struggles and other domestic issues," added the leader. the leader of the islamic revolution stated that such scandals are •certainly not meant to be in the behefit of the islamic republic of iran or the iranian nation. the friday prayers leader concluded that today,'the islamic republic of iran is the rotating President of the organization of islamic conference (oic) and it has been admitted as a respectible member in many international agencies and that many countries, nations and governments respect, honour and admire iran. however, if we look into the u.s diplomacy and its foreign policies we see that it stands very weak.


ayatollah khamenei sends message on anniversary of qom's bloody risin

tehran, , jan. 8, 1998 irna -•- the leader of the islamic revolution grand ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei sent a message on the anniversary commemorating the bloody rising of qom (january 9, 1979) during the atrocious rule of the shah.the leader's message was read by the head of the leader's office hojjatoleslam mohammadi golpayegani, here thursday. in his message ayatollah khamenei initially thanked the ummah for their valiance and stated that 9th of day' is regarded as one of the most important day in history of the islamic revolution and will ever remain alive in the minds of the nation, the grand ayatollah added that this day clearly defined the role of the people in general and that of the people of qom in particular.

the leader stated that it was on this day that the people for the first time rose against the corrupt and puppet regime which was hostile toward religion, adding that the nation stood behind the late imam, father of the islamic revolution and founder of the Islamic republic of iran ayatollah rohollah khomeini and as a result of their resistance, the best of the youths fell martyrs.

ayatollah khamenei termed this rising as None of the greatest national movements'. "after 20 years since the triumph of the islamic revolution, the nation is witness to the rise of great islamic republic of iran which has brought honour for islam and dignity and respect for the Iranian nation in the world and the world history," the leader pointed out. ayatollah khamenei then stated that the enemies of Islam are full of rancour against the sovereign islamic republic of iran due to the extolled values for which the martyrs had fought and sacrificed their lives. '

referring to the continuous satanic conspiracies of the arrogant powers, the zionists and the domestic subservient lackeys, the leader of the islamic revolution said with the help of almighty allah and the twelfth immaculate imam, hadhrat mahdi (may allah hasten his

reappearance) and the due to the alertness, bravery and timely discovery of the plots, the nation succeeded in neutralizing all the enemies' devilish designs, thus pushing them all behind. ayatollah khamenei finally stated that people will continue doing so to make all the enemies of the islamic republic of iran despondent of their diabolic plots.



Friday-prayer: nation is fully aware of the history


tehran, jan. 2, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, supreme religious jurisprudent and the friday prayer leader, grand ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i stated that "arrogant power count on their highly systematized propaganda machine to counter islamic sovereign state." in his address to a great number of worshippers congregated at tehran university campus and the vicinity on the first friday of the holy fasting month of ramadhan, the friday prayer leader went on to say that "the arrogant powers had vital role in transforming and destroying marxist doctrine in east europe through its enormous and strange propaganda machine." "basing the experience attained in the east european communist countries, the arrogant powers are of the belief that they can apply the same kind of guileful propaganda tricks against the islamic republic of iran," highlighted ayatollah Khamene’i.

the leader then drew the attention of the nation that "the arrogant powers are fully mistaken in comparing the islamic republic of iran with european communist countries and the iranian nation with east european peoples as being the same." referring to the united states' and united kingdom's propaganda against the islamic republic of iran during the eight-year iraqi imposed war as a clear example of the sly nature of their propaganda, the supreme religious jurisprudent underlined that "the iranian people have not forgotten their guileful propaganda in presenting the war observely in the benefit of the enemy of iran." ayatollah Khamene’i elucidated that "the nation is fully aware of the history of the negative and hostile propaganda against the islamic revolution carried out by the notorious arrogant power and that such insidious acts would not have any effect over the nation."

the friday prayer leader further propounded that "it would be in their interest to see iran being unstable and insecure, and if they can, they would like to bring about instability and insecurity in the nation. the grand ayatollah then deduced that "when they see no way of injecting their satanic conspiracies, the arrogant powers try to show iran as an unstable and insecure country." "if they could achieve a minimum of spreading rumors to destabilize the rational mentality of some people, create doubt in their minds, and plant fear in their hearts and create suspicion in the minds of the foreign friends of the islamic republic of iran, they consider it a great success in their wily propaganda," said the friday prayer leader.

then referring to the old tricks of the arrogant powers, the leader of the islamic revolution stated "they want to show that there exists differences among the iranian officials." "however, iran's clear cut policies during the eighth oic summit in tehran, has baffled all political analysts in the world and they had come to the realization of this fact and a firm conclusion that `the officials of the islamic republic of iran are united and of same consensus in matters of the policies of the nation'," highlighted the leader.

the leader of the islamic revolution dismissed `any rumors of any high ranking official, people or faction being inclined towards the west'. "the arrogant power seeing the islamic republic of iran having adopted a wise and rational policy, the west and the united states are, in their insidious propaganda, trying to instill the notion that there exists differences among the officials of iran," pointed out

ayatollah Khamene’i. "in another ploy of western satanic propaganda conspiracy, the west is trying to depict the iranian young generation being indifferent to the affairs of the religion," adduced the leader. "at the time when the young generation in the world are becoming more and more corrupt, our iranian youths show depth of adherence to their religious rituals, a clear demonstration of their pious nature and innate traits," the ayatollah added. leader of the islamic revolution finally drew the attention of the ummah, "bbc, the voice of america and the zionist radio are spending in billions of dollars trying to drive their satanic ploys which might possibly work in their interests; however they should clearly comprehend this reality that no one in the islamic republic of iran would buy them."

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