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leader highlights importance of universities in development (25.02.1998)

tehran, feb. 25, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, here on wednesday highlighted the significant role of universities in the material and spiritual progress of the nation, further calling for a strategic plan for promotion of sciences in the country. iran's islamic society is in need of scientific advances to carry out its affairs and to elevate ethics and spirituality, said the leader.

stressing that universities should be given due attention, the leader stated ''the most important step in this direction is drawing up a macro scientific plan for the country's future in which the scientific state of the country as well as its objectives should be specified.'' execution of the plan should follow a time table consistent with the fast pace of scientific progress in the world, added the leader. rejecting the separation of religion and sciences, ayatollah Khamene’i said that the islamic faith considers science as a source of enlightenment. this by itself signifies the importance of islamization of universities, the leader added. amongst the characteristics of an islamic university, the leader enumerated, are a deep scientific nature, total self-confidence amongst students and educators, steadfastness in principles and an uncompromising stance vis-a-vis enemies.

the supreme leader encouraged political activity in universities, further cautioning against any efforts to promote apathy amongst students towards the major issues of the nation. however, the leader added, the political orientation in

universities should be in agreement with the stance adopted by the masses towards the government. fair and constructive criticism of the government should not be replaced with the antagonistic variety which would bring about major harms, stressed ayatollah Khamene’i.

close cooperation between university administrations and the leadership representatives, addressing the faculties' economic problems and promotion of research were highlighted by the leader as items in need of special attention by the government. prior to the leader's speech, ministers of culture and higher education mostafa mo'in and of health mohammad farhadi presented reports on the ministries' plans to upgrade the educational system in the country.

Leader in Bandar Abbas (21.02.1998)

bandar abbas, feb. 21, irna -- the paramount leader of the islamic revolution and supreme religious jurisprudent, grand ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i thanked the provincial executive and administrative heads for their conscientious services towards resolving the difficulties of the people while stressing the need for putting in sincere effort with deep sense of responsibility towards constructive work. ayatollah Khamene’i applauded the provincial people for the expression of their pious emotions, adoration and steadfastness for the islamic sovereign state and the late imam despite facing insufficiencies and difficulties.

the leader advised the provincial officials to try and resolve their problems, adding that there existed the need for enforcing the forecasted projects in the area of agriculture, conversion and fishing industries and taking protective measures that would undoubtedly shower blessings to the people of hormozgan province. ayatollah Khamene’i stressed that agriculture needed to backed by the government and that it had to be export-oriented project and that the conversion industry was complimentary to the agricultural project. the supreme religious jurisprudent said that the ecstatic active presence of the provincial people would leave a negative impact on the enemies of the islamic revolution as the province was strategically vital geopolitically speaking.

the leader thanked almighty Allah that although the province was located on the sensitive coastal region, the islamic republic of iran felt no threat to the nation from outside and that the satanic powers taking measures of conspiratorial nature were punched on the mouth by valiant iranian youth and specifically the people in the littoral area. ayatollah Khamene’i added that any future hostile measure will be inhibited without delay.

iran seeks brotherly relations with regional states (21.02.1998)

bandar abbas, hormuzgan prov., feb. 21, irna - the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, today stated that the iranian nation, though strong, does not seek war with any other nation. addressing a large group of the residents of persian gulf iranian islands gathered in a coastal site to meet their beloved leader, ayatollah Khamene’i continued ''we feel brotherly towards the nations and countries of the region and insist that they feel and value our brotherhood.''

islamic iran seeks security and exaltation for all muslim states of the region, the leader stressed, adding ''in order to legitimize their presence in the persian gulf, the enemies of islam have always tried to portray the region as insecure or render it as such.'' however, he added, the iranian nation, through its might, has managed to achieve and maintain security for itself and seeks the same for all the regional states. stressing that exaltation of the muslim world is possible only through unity, the supreme leader referred to unity as the secret to the victories of the iranian nation. ''helped by this unity and islamic faith, the iranian nation has managed to realize what the world considered to be a miracle and not to fear the biggest of worldly powers.'' ayatollah Khamene’i emphasized that the iranian nation serves as a model for all muslim nations, further adding ''the iranian nation seeks salvation for all the human beings and been taught by its noble islamic faith neither to oppress nor to allow oppression. armed with this belief, it has resisted repression and aggression by all arrogant and satanic powers.''

the leader referred to the iranian islanders in the sensitive persian gulf region as the country's ''zealous border guards,'' adding ''i here express my deepest respect for the faithful and vigilant people who in this sensitive region are the guardians of our noble country's borders. i further thank all those who have sincerely and genuinely worked to preserve the honor of the iranian nation.'' ayatollah Khamene’i further paid tribute to the many martyrs and war injured of the islands and their families.

prior to the leader's speech, some of the residents welcomed the leader to the southland and stressed their allegiance to the islamic government and the supreme leader. the leader also received the members of golzari family who has reared 10 martyrs for the cause of islam and defending the islamic motherland.

leader receives irgc, basij senior officials (21.02.1999)

bandar abbas, hormuzgan prov., feb. 21, 1998 irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah Ali Khamene’i here friday received a number of senior officials of the provincial armed forces and the islamic revolution's guards corps (irgc). the supreme leader, who arrived here tuesday on a routine visit to this southern province, also separately received some other provincial officials including the governor general of hormuzgan province, the leader's representative and the friday prayers leader of bandar abbas, giving them the necessary guidelines. meanwhile, the leader's representatives on friday toured the deprived regions of the province including hormuz and abu mussa islands, bandar langeh and the city of roudan. during the tour they discussed problems facing inhabitants of the regions.

leader meets with theological students in southern iran (18.02.1998)

bandar abbass, hormozgan prov., feb. 18, -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i, here tuesday told an assembly of religious students that the islamic government at this historical juncture is a token of god's favor upon the iranian nation. he said shi'ite and sunni theological students must seize upon the present opportunities and try to stabilize the islamic statehood in iran. ayatollah Khamene’i said if it had not been for widespread hostile propaganda of the world arrogance, similar revolutions would, by now, have occurred in many other countries of the world. he also called on muslim scholars to maintain their alertness to divisive plots by the international enemies of the islamic faith.

ecstatic fishermen meet their beloved leader (18.02.1998)

bandar abbas, feb. 18, irna -- ecstatic mass of fishermen met the leader of islamic revolution and paramount supreme religious jurisprudent, grand ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i here wednesday in an atmosphere charged with spirituality, affection, fervor and awe. grand ayatollah Khamene’i, praising them for their honorable and valuable work and constructive contribution towards the development of the nation, thanked the fishermen for their toils in furnishing the nation with sea-protein food. the leader advised the local officials to try to triple their catches of shrimps and fishes and called the attention of the government and officials to build piers and provide the most advanced appliances used in the fishing industry and asked the academicians to conduct further research in the area in order to increase the output of the sea-foods. the construction jihad minister mohammad saidi kya them gave the report on the fishing industry, saying that over 20,000 fishermen were engaged in the activity and that over 2,900 vessels big and small were used at sea, annually 60,000 tons of different species of fishes and over 1,500 tons of shrimps were netted and that there were about 50 related industries in operation in the province.

Meeting in Bandar Abbass (18.02.1998)

Bandar Abbass 18.2.1998 (IRIB NEWS), The leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i, here on Tuesday told an assembly of religious students that the Islamic government at this historical juncture is a token of god's favor upon the Iranian nation.

He said Shi’ite and Sunni theological students must seize upon the present opportunities and try to stabilize the Islamic statehood in Iran. Ayatollah Khamene’i said if it had not been for widespread hostile propaganda of the world arrogance, similar revolutions would, by now, have occurred in many other countries of the world.

us intelligence cooperated with baghdad (17.02.1998)

bandar abbass, hormozgan prov., feb. 17, irna - the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i, said here today that us forces continuously watched the movements of iranian troops during the iraq-iran war years and routinely offered intelligence information to iraq in a bid to prevent a military victory for iran. he said in the case of the fav island the american intelligence failed to offer advance warning to iraq but that the americans later on tried to make good on that failure by helping iraq in its vast chemical attacks against the iranians. the leader of the islamic revolution that was recalling an admission by an american official on that topic said the admission of guilt on the part of the americans also proved the courage, and the valor of the iranian martyrs in the war as well as the injustice inflicting on them that proved their righteousness.

he said, had it not been for the religiously enlightened hearts of the martyrs of iran, the islamic republic would have eventually succumbed to the plots of such powers as us, the former soviet union, the former eastern bloc and the wealthy arab governments that consistently offered their generous gifts to saddam to keep the fire of the war burning. the leader of the islamic revolution who was addressing a large group of the families of martyrs, as well as former pows and wounded veterans of hormozgan province of iran also paid a personal homage to them.

he said before closing that lovers of the "noisome western lifestyle" would do better to remember at all times that the iranian nation have opted for the path of islam, for the revolution and for divine values, and would not settle for anything short of that.

Iran responds to any threats with all its might (17.02.1998)

Tehran, feb. 17, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, on tuesday referred to the u.s. military threat against the iraqi nation as ''illegal and despotic,'' further condemning any military assault which leads to the massacre of the defenseless civilians in that country. addressing a huge audience in the southern port city of bandar abbas in hormuzgan province, ayatollah Khamene’i stated that the fleet of foreign warships, especially that of the u.s., constitute a threat against the region. however, he stressed, ''the islamic iran, on the strength of a powerful and stable government, the nation's vigilance and the readiness of its armed forces, does not feel any heat and would further respond to any threats with all its might.''

emphasizing that the american military presence in the persian gulf is irrelevant to the u.n. security council resolutions, the leader added that the u.s. pursues a purely american agenda in its confrontation with the iraqi government. the u.s. bears the responsibility for civilian victims of any military attack on iraq, said the leader. ''the americans consider the world a huge empire and themselves the absolute emperor. nations' freedom and their right to choose is nothing more than a myth to the american rulers.'' referring to the u.s. intentions to test its new weapons on the oppressed iraqi nation as evidence of a ''criminal and strong-arm'' philosophy, the leader said that the american presence in the persian gulf region and its threats against iraq is the main source of instability in the region. ''the u.s. mischievous policy against the muslim nations of the persian gulf hinges on putting the regional states against one another and consolidating the zionist regime.'' while the islamic iran, with reasons acceptable to world public opinion, opposes the american military presence in the perisan gulf and its attack on iraq, this in no way constitutes a support for the policies of the baath regime in iraq, stressed the esteemed leader. elsewhere in his speech, the leader called the u.s. incapable of any aggressions against the iranian nation, adding ''there is no mundane power which can confront and overcome the islamic iran. any confrontation with such a united nation and government is doomed to failure.''

a nation devoted to god and islam, one that uses quran as its guiding torch and appreciates its independence and freedom, would be victorious against all its enemies, ayatollah Khamene’i emphasized. stressing the iranian nation's steadfastness towards its goals, the leader said ''today, by grace of god the almighty, we witness an accelerated drive in the country which heralds the brightest of futures for the nation." however, ayatollah Khamene’i stressed, there is much left to be done to reach the model islamic society, a goal possible only through reliance on divine teachings and maintaining the unity and harmony prevalent in the country. the leader praised the country's officials for their dedication and noble motives, adding ''the revolution would move forward based on the principles defined by islam and quran, without the slightest of deviations.''

speaking of the glorious history of struggles by people of bandar abbas against colonialist powers, the leader noted that the region has been the focus of intense construction efforts by the post revolution governments. however, the leader added, hormuzgan province enjoys huge potential in industry, agriculture, fisheries and tourism which has to be tapped to further guarantee a bright future for its noble people. noting that the youth constitute a major segment of the iranian population, the esteemed leader cautioned the nation about enemies' efforts to direct the iranian youth towards corruption and drug addiction.

prior to the speech by ayatollah Khamene’i, the leadership's representative in the province, hojatoleslam na'im-abadi, welcomed the leader to the southland, further calling the visit a blessing for the people of hormuzgan.

Visit Bandar Abbas (17.02.1998)

Bandar Abbas 17.2.1998 (IRIB NEWS), The supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i arrived this morning at Bandar Abbas the provincial center of Hormozgan province. The people of Bandar Abbas and other localities of the province, gave a very warm welcome to their beloved leader.

The people of the Hormozgan province has been eagerly awaiting to see their leader and have gathered in the Friday prayer compound to hear the speech by the supreme leader.

The Leader's Speech Bandar-Abbas

The supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamene’i warmly welcomed by zealous people here made a very important and timely speech regarding America's military build up in the Persian gulf. Condemning illegitimate military presence of U.S. in the region, the supreme leader remarked that U.S.A military build up in the Persian gulf was under the pretext of Iraqi question but in fact U.S. administration intended to bully regional countries and strengthen Zionist regime. calling the U.S. administration as a great Satan, the supreme leader reiterated on Iran’s resistance against any foreign threat.

a journey on foot to greet leader (16.02.1998)

minab, hormuzgan prov., feb. 16, irna -- a group of 1,000 men and women from the city of minab in hormuzgan province have embarked on a journey on foot to bandar abbas to welcome the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, scheduled to visit the province tomorrow. this is in addition to the 15,000 people who will travel the 100-km distance in the bus caravan of 'adorers of velayat' to welcome their esteemed leader.

following the announcement of the leader's visit to the southern province, an atmosphere of joy and excitement has prevailed in the southland. people of the cities and villages and from all walks of life are decorating their neighborhoods with colorful lights in preparation for the esteemed leader's historic visit.

leader grants amnesty for prisoners (10.02.1998)

tehran, feb. 10, irna -- on the auspicious occasion of victory anniversary of the islamic revolution of iran, leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i granted amnesty for prisoners sentenced to prison terms by the islamic revolution, martial and public courts. the amnesty includes those prisoners having no previous criminal record in the past for the same offense. the amnesty excludes those involved in armed robbery, theft, kidnapping, raping, setting up corruption centers, espionage, smuggling of arms and ammunition and taking bribes worth more than 10 million rials. the prisoners sentenced to two years prison term will be freed if they had passed one-fourth of the prison term until bahman 22, 1376 (feb. 11, 1998). the prisoners who have passed two-third of their prison term will be freed. the male prisoners aged 65 and above and the female prisoners aged 55 and above or those whose husbands have been imprisoned or died and whose minor children have been left without guardians. the amnesty was approved by the leader in response to a proposal made by the head of the judiciary ayatollah mohammad yazdi.

leader offers condolences on sunni leader's demise


sanandaj, kurdestan prov., feb. 1, irna— the leader of the Islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei, here on saturday issued a Statement, expressing condolences on the passing away of the kurdestan province representative in the assembly of experts, ali husseini. the message addressed to the people of kurdestan, the leader's representative in the province as well as sunni clergies reads ''that religious personality over the years following the victory of the

islamic revolution, rendered sincere and valuable Services to islam, mulsims and the sublime goals of the sacred islamic republic System.''

stressing the clergy's loyalty to the revolution, the Statement continues ''i offer rny condolences to the people of kurdestan, especially the religious leaders and the family of the departed and further wish them many god's blessings.''

seyed ali husseini passed away on january 25 at the age of 78. he was born in 'loun-sadat' village of kamyaran and served two terms as majlis deputy from sanandaj and kamyaran.

leader praises air force, its drive towards seif sufficiency

tehran, feb. 8, irna 1998

the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei, here on'sunday praised the iranian air force for its honorable Services to the nation, further calling on the corps to work for seif sufficiency as a necessity for total independence.

addressing a group of visiting air force officers, the leader lauded the force for its heroic pledge of allegiance to the late imam khomeini prior to the victory of the 1979 islamic revolution, adding that the move had a significant impact on the strategy the late imam adopted towards the army.

the Commander in chief of the armed forces stressed the enemies' displeasure with the islamic republic's armed forces, adding that the arrogant powers were frustrated by the fact that the forces placed themeselves at the Service of the revolution thus defyihg the foes of the revolution. ''any justice loving individual who got to know our army, had praise for it. on the contrary, the enemies of god and justice, seized all opportunities to härm the force and show contempt for it,'' said ayatollah khamenei. speaking of the efforts by the enemies of the nation in prerevolution era to build an army totaly dependent on foreign masters, the supreme leader praised the ''revolutionary honor'' displayed by the islamic republic's army, a quality achieved through independence and broadest of efforts to attain seif sufficiency. producing the needed hardware and training pilots and devoted experts are amongst principal responsibilities of the air force, the leader stressed, adding "it is a source of honor to see a nation reject the foreigners and tap on its inexhaustible resources to achieve progress; this is what our nation has accomplished in various arena including the military, a prime example of which is what takes place in the air force.''

prior to the leader's speech, the Gonimander of the army's air force, brigadier general habib baqai, declared the force's full readiness to carry out directives issued by the Commander in chief of the armed forces.

islamic revolution-anniversary (05.02.1998)

tehran, feb. 5, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i on thursday paid a glowing homage to the martyrs of the islamic revolution. in his message on the occasion of the anniversary of victory of the islamic revolution, the leader glorified the islamic values of faith, sacrifice and martyrdom in the way of Allah. the message was read by hojatoleslam rasuli mahalati at behesht-e-zahra cemetry in southern tehran where the martyrs were laid to rest.

''the elect persons who could put their mortal life in the service of the eternal happiness were rewarded by the divine honor of martyrdom and bestowed eternal paradise,'' the leader said in one part of his message. the leader said the islamic republic of iran and the iranian nation are indebted to the great martyrs and their bereaved families who have left a token of precious heritage to the islamic republic.

velayat, cornerstone of islamic system (04.02.1998)

tehran, feb. 4, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, here on wednesday referred to velayat-e-faqih (guardianship of jurisprudence) and rejection of foreign influence as two major pillars of the islamic system of government. the concept of velayat originates from quran and hadidh, therefore, the leader added, people should approach it exactly like any other dictates of sharia (religious laws). stressing the importance of people's loyalty and obedience to the velayat, the leader said that people should be guided towards true devotion to this central figure in the islamic system of government. rejecting the western brand of democracy, ayatollah Khamene’i said that contrary to what is advertised, the people in western states including the u.s., do not have a real role in the political affairs of their countries. in contrast, the leader added, the iranian revolution and subsequently the islamic system were mere products of people's demands and wishes. touching on the significant role played by the late imam Khomeini in the country's history, the leader said that the late imam started a lasting political movement based on a divine inspired school of thought.

the esteemed leader referred to 'neither west nor east', much promoted by the late imam, as the central theme of the islamic republic's policy which has helped the country resist hegemonic influences. the world is divided into an ensemble of powerful states possessing advanced technology and strong economies, and a majority of weak and poor countries which are vulnerable to aggressions, ayatollah Khamene’i said. the powerful states take advantage of their modern technology to gain political dominance over the weak nations, he added. therefore, the appropriate way of resisting the hegemony of the u.s. is imam Khomeinis initiative ''to build a sturdy and high reaching wall before the u.s.'' negotiations with the u.s. is harmful to the iranian nation, the leader said, adding that the islamic government has from the beginning rejected and will reject any such negotiations

leader calls for islamic unity to confront enemies (03.02.1998)

tehran, feb. 3, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, here on tuesday referred to the islamic dignity and steadfastness displayed by the muslim and revolutionary nation of iran as a source of pride for the muslim world. addressing the ahl-ul-beit world assembly, the leader called for unity amongst the devotees of various branches of the islamic faith, which he said would benefit the muslim world as a whole. the leader further stated that the shi'ite school of thought from its advent has confronted distortions to the islamic faith aimed to serve the interests of big powers. this, ayatollah Khamene’i added, explains why the shi'ites have been subject to many injustices over the centuries.

''the school of thought which shaped the islamic revolution and brought the islamic system independence and political stability and the nation islamic dignity can't be popular with the world arrogance,'' stressed the leader. ''the arrogant powers are well aware of the fact that the hearts of the people in many islamic states from northern africa to far east of the asian continent lie with the islamic republic of iran.''

citing the popularity of the islamic iran as a reason for the propaganda campaign by arrogant powers against the shi'ite faith, ayatollah Khamene’i called on the shi'ites to defend the faith and the faithful worldwide. the iranian nation views the agents of arrogant powers as ''insignificant monsters,'' said the leader, adding that the nation, following the dictates of the islamic faith, would never submit to the wishes of the world arrogance headed by the great satan.

leader pays tribute to imam khomeini (01.02.1998)

tehran, feb. 1, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei here sunday morning visited the mausoleum of the founder of the islamic republic, the late imam khomeini, and paid tribute to him. the visit was on the occasion of the anniversary of the late imam's return to iran and the first day of the ten-day dawn ceremonies which mark the 19th anniversary of the victory of the 1979 islamic revolution.

ayatollah khamenei also paid tribute to the late ahmad khomeini, son of imam khomeini. the supreme leader later visited behesht-e zahra cemetery and paid tribute to senior officials of the islamic republic who attained martyrdom in the course of the islamic revolution and the 1980-88 imposed war.

church bells toll to mark ten-day dawn

orumiyeh, w. azarbaijan prov., feb. 1, irna -- churches throughout this north western province tolled their bells on the first day of the ten-day dawn marking the anniversary of the return of late imam khomeini to iran. the armenian minorities who attended the churches in the province, prayed for the long life of the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei and for success of the islamic republic. in a statement issued here sunday, the local armenians congratulated the noble iranian nation on the anniversary of the victory of the islamic revolution. they also renewed allegiance with the leader of the islamic revolution.

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