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attacks against afghanistan, sudan, example of state terrorism


tehran, aug. 24, irna - on the first day of the government week here monday, the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed-ali Khamene’i, gave audience to president khatami and his cabinet. in his talks to the visiting group he paid tribute to martyrs rajaee and bahonar, and elsewhere also condemned the u.s. attacks against afghanistan and sudan as an example of state terrorism. he said the u.s. missiling of the two countries is violation of the territories of the two countries, and added that the islamic republic condemns the act on the strength of established international conventions. he said what has taken place in sudan and afghanistan is by no way accepted by independent and free-loving people in the world, adding that it is not acceptable that a government relying on its military might attack another country and kill its innocent people. he noted that independent nations of the world would never accept such wrongdoing and the muslim and valiant nation of iran has always bravely condemned such actions.

terming the american attacks against sudan and afghanistan as a criminal act, the leader said: i do not know osama bin laden and i do not condone killing local and civilian people in tanzania and kenya, but the military action of the u.s. against sudan and afghanistan is as much condemnable as killing civilians in kenya and tanzania. the leader also said as far as the islamic iran is concerned the u.s. attacks against sudan and afghanistan is as much condemnable as is the killing of civilians by the taliban in mazar-i-sharif of afghanistan.

ayatollah Khamene’i also paid a personal tribute to martyrs rajaee and bahonar, and to martyr lajevardi as sincere people committed to the islamic revolution. the leader of the islamic revolution said if a government system should be able to bring the people close to an optimum level in terms of their spiritual and material needs within divine values it has then taken a stride forward towards god.

ayatollah Khamene’i appreciated the gravity of the tasks undertaken by president khatami's administration and said the administration must inform the people of what it has fulfilled. he said the enemies of the islamic republic always aggrandize every possible weak point which situation, he said, makes it incumbent on all government administrators to publicize the national achievements as a means to neutralize those insinuations. he said the enemies of the islamic republic also wish to corrupt the iranian youth, and commented that sadly there are elements in the country that do things for the purpose of shattering the faith of the youth in the system. he said the natural expectations from the government is to neutralize all those vicious efforts of the enemies of the islamic revolution.

the leader of the islamic revolution also assured the cabinet that the people appreciate the real worth of the administration and of government administrators. he said the popular support for the administration is a divine asset that could be for ever safeguarded by sincere and well-intentioned efforts.

condolences to the family martyr assadollah lajevardi


tehran, aug. 24, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Khamene’i on monday offered his condolences to the family of ex-chief of evin prison of tehran martyr assadollah lajevardi and to the nation on the occasion of his assassination by agents of the terrorist monafeqin khalq organization (mko) in iran. in his message to the nation, ayatollah Khamene’i also paid tribute to martyr lajevardi as a mujahed and for his patience, and for the sincerity of his intentions.

leader issues warning to taliban to release iranian nationals


tehran, aug. 18, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, here on tuesday expressed regret about the bloodshed in afghanistan and the mischiefs by the taliban militia. ''the taliban must make up for the ugly act of seizing the iranian citizens and very respectfully return them home,'' the leader said.

speaking on the occasion of the anniversary of return of the former pows to the islamic motherland, ayatollah Khamene’i referred to the taliban as a group of ignorant and immature people, adding ''the iranian nation, government and armed forces do not tolerate the mischiefs by the u.s., let alone those of this bunch of lowly people.'' it's a pity that the fate of the muslim nation of the noble country of afghanistan to fall in the hands of a bunch of ignorant people who don't know their own interest, don't understand islam and politics and have little understanding of foreign conspiracies, ayatollah Khamene’i added.

expressing sorrow about the afghan situation, the leader wished that by the grace of Allah the people of the war-torn country duplicate its victories over the soviet army, this time against the ignorant and immature elements. touching on foreign interference in afghanistan, the esteemed leader stated ''past experience shows that a government and country which interferes in this kind of affairs and renders assistance to aggressive and criminal elements would be the first and biggest loser. on the return of the pows, held captive by the iraqi regime during the iraqi-imposed war, the leader said that their return marked a memorable and historic day for the iranian nation. resistance and perseverance of the pows was a source of honor for the iranian nation, and their return was made possible only by the will of Allah the almighty, ayatollah Khamene’i added.

stressing the importance of ''timely resistance'' to safeguard the country's independence, the leader said that the best of the nation's children are those who persevere and sacrifice during the hard times to defend the country's honor and independence and their national identity. ''the likes of these people are our young people who by resisting the enemy brought the nation honor,'' the esteemed leader added.

ayatollah Khamene’i referred to the basij (volunteer forces), armed forces, islamic revolution's guards corps (irgc) and other religious faithfuls as the real source of the country's power, adding ''a country and a nation which possesses such youth, will enjoy great honor because no world power can impose its might on it or can control its fate.'' therefore, the leader stated, ''the iranian nation should always be grateful and express its gratitude to these devoted elements.''

blasting those inspired or fascinated by the west, the leader said that ''the group who still reminisces the former corrupt regime and seeks friendly relations with the u.s. are the same people who scorn the irgc, army, war-disabled, former pows, martyrs and their families, the basij and hezbollah forces. ''these are self-centered people who seek only their own interest and haven’t thought of anything but their own interest throughout their lives. ''they are absent when there is danger and war and are the most vocal at the peace time.''

the leader further praised the faithful youth and the basij as real guardians of the islamic motherland, adding ''those willing to defend against dangers and threats and to safeguard the revolution, its values and the good name of the late imam, are the same people who have a spirit of faith and devotion.

''thanks god, the people faithful to the religion, revolution and the imam, and opposing the u.s. are today the absolute majority throughout the country.'' stating that the enemies are ''as usual gripped with an illusion,'' the leader added that the nation's enemies who do not see the devotion of the people including the youth to islam and the late imam, are sure facing defeat and disappointment. ''i call on the beloved and faithful youth to maintain its presence at the scences,'' ayatollah Khamene’i said.

the leader further referred to the people as the source of the government's power, adding that the three branches of the government all belong to the people. this is what has brought greatness to the iranian nation which is taking full advantage of its resources to reduce the country's reliance on sources outside of its borders, ayatollah Khamene’i concluded. prior to the leader's speech, his representative for former pows affairs hojatoleslam abu-torabi commemorated the victorious return of the pows to the islamic motherland. abu-torabi, himself a former pow, said that the prisoners' perseverance during their captivity in the iraqi prisons is a source of honor for the iranian nation. the thousand's-strong audience hearing the leader's speech included families of the martyrs and war veterans from all regions of the country.

student organization thanks leader


tebriz, e. azarbaijan, aug. 3, irna -- the islamic association of tabriz university students has issued a statement thanking the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah Ali Khamene’i for his enlightening message to the national gathering of the islamic associations. the students pledge to the leader that their organization would continue to safeguard the values and the accomplishments of the islamic revolution. the statement recalled that the guidance offered by ayatollah Khamene’i and other friends of the islamic government helped to put an end to tensions gripping the country's universities following the victory of the 1979 islamic revolution. ''we are certain that your enlightening message would once again breathe a new life in this ensemble and would serve as an inspiration to the islamic societies for all its activities,'' it added. the students further emphasized that their organization would resist any cultural assault on the values of the revolution and islam. the sixth national conference of the islamic associations of university students (office to foster unity) opened in tabriz on saturday.


leader confirms President's plan for economic recovery

03 Aug 1998

tehran, aug. 3, irna leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei has confirmed policies outlined by President mohammad khatami for the rehabilitation of the country's economy. in reply to a letter by the President, the leader said that all the points raised in the letter were sound and that he approves all of them.

the leader in his reply dated august 1, wished success for khatami and his administration in managing the country's economy and removing its bottlenecks no doubt, stressed the leader, public cooperation with the government is of prime importance. khatami in his letter to the leader requested him to comment and offer guidelines on his economic plan in order to boost confidence in the society and set direction for the officials.


Leader appoints mousavi lari his deputy for law enforcement forces

tehran, august 2, irna -- Commander-in-Chief of the.armed forces of the islamic republic of iran ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on sunday appointed interior minister abdolvahed mouisavi lari as his deputy for the law enforcement forces. the appointment was made in reply to a request made by mousavi lari tO'this effect to give free hand to the new intrior minister to coordinate the executive body with the security officials. in his letter to the leader, the interior minister said that the mandate would enable him to carry out his responsibility for providing public security and putting into practice the security programs by, the law enforcement forces.


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