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leader honors memory of martyrs

tehran, sept. 25, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed ali khamenei on thursday honored the memory of the martyrs of the islamic revolution and the iraqi-imposed war. issuing a statement on the occasion of the sacred defence week, the supreme leader paid a glowing tribute to the martyrs of the eight years of the sacred defence. ''the great men who dedicated their worthiest assets to islam and holy quran brought the tyrants of the time on their knees,'' said a part of the statement read by head of martyrs foundation hojatoleslam rahimian at a special ceremony marking the martyrs' day at behesht-e-zahra cemetery in southern tehran. the supreme leader said the iranian nation will keep alive the memory of the martyrs of the islamic revolution and the sacred defence forever.

leader underlines importance of theological seminaries

tehran, sept. 21, irna —leader of the islamic revolution here on saturday underlined the necessity of strengthening the management at the theological center as well as compilation of its long-term programs. speaking to the supreme Council of the qom theological semitiary, ayatollah khamenei lauded the Performance of the center's present management adding that it should give due attention to long term administrative plahning of the center. the theological center? are expected to train jurispruderits, researchers and philosophers capable of addressing the cultural and religious problems of the people all over the world, added the leader. ayatollah khamenei also called for updating the curriculums of the theological centers and employing young scholars to promote the goals of the centers.

the leader further stated that realization of Potentials of the theological centers would serve to guarantee the future of the the islamic republic as well as the muslim world. prior tö the leader's speech, secretary of the center's supreme Council, ayatollah nasser makarem shirazi, gave a report on the activities to update the expert studies and revise the curriculums at the theological center.

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