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Qur’an recitation commenced in presence of leader 31.12.1997
leader underlines important role of information ministry 30.12.1997
supreme leader: wednesday is 1st day of fasting month 30.12.1997
leader thanks academics for scientific accomplishments 29.12.1997
leader to governor generals: respect laws, stay close to people 27.12.1997
meeting with officials of education ministry 23.12.1997
leader says enemies of muslims resent their islamic identity 16.12.1997
Promotion of Ties with Africa, Iran's Permanent Policy 13.12.1997
Kuwaiti Emir Calls on Ayatollah Khamenei' 12.12.1997
Ayatollah Khamene'i receives UN secretary-general 11.12.1997
lebanese president, premier call on supreme leader 10.12.1997
OIC - leader: hidden hands at work for keeping muslims apart 09.12.1997
leader praises war disabled as model for young iranians 06.12.1997

mab'as, greatest development in history

Velayat-e Faqih, Backbone of Islamic System of Goverment 27.11.1997

Velayat-e faqih, backbone of islamic system of government

leader approves release of iraqi pows 26.11.1997
Ayatollah Khamenei was the Imam's choice 24.11.1997
Meeting with the heads representing the vali-e faqih at universities 08.10.1997

leader honors memory of martyrs

leader underlines importance of theological seminaries 21.09.1997

leader offers guidelines to new government

power of iranian nation indebted to the youth 20.08.1997

Leader Confirms Khatami's Presidency

meeting with rafsanjani and his cabinet ministers 31.07.1997
Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran 23.07.1997

muslims must be able to distinguish friends from foes

Majies deputies meeting with leader 28.05.1997
leader receives president-elect 25.05.1997
IRI Leader rules out rigging in the polls 21.051997
People Not to Vote for Candidate Showing Leniency Toward U.S. 08.05.1997
Imam Khamene'i: Iran does not need Europe 30.04.1997
Leader: Hajj, Manifestation of Divine Support for Islamic Republic 30.04.1997

leader: mykonos trial, a u.s.-arranged puppet show

leader stresses importance of exigencies Council 09.04.1997
Leader Designates New Members of Assembly of Expediency 23.03.1997
Woman's rights 18.03.1997
Ayat. khamenei says fitr prayes sermons 09.02.1997
leader: mosque, bastion of religion, wisdom and national resistance 08.02.1997
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