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meeting with hojatoleslam akbar hashemi rafsanjani and his cabinet ministers

tehran, july 31, irna leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed all khamenei here on thursday appreciated the eight years Performance of the outgoing President rafsanjani's government. in a meeting with hojatoleslam akbar hashemi rafsanjani and his cabinet ministers., the supreme leader honoured the Services of the outgoing government in the past eight years addihg that the outgoing cabinet is handing oyer the responsibility to a new government with an honourable record of service to the people. lauding the achievements of President rafsanjani's government in reconstruction and the economic development of the islamic republic of iran, the leader said, "what has happened in the country in the wake of the (iraqi-imposed) war is beyond the expectations. the reconstruction requifed strong might and intensively hard working and the outgoing government managed to carry out the hard task of reconstruction program.''

the supreme leader said other great, works should also be done by the next government adding, "certain great works including issues concerning social justice that we, the revolutionaries wish to establishyet to be fulfilled and the next government is expected to do a lot in this respect, but, what the outgoing government was assigned to do in the field of reconstruction is perfectly done thanks to the blessing of the almighty.'' ayatollah khamenei praised the strong personality of hojatoleslam akbar hashemi rafsanjani-, his initiatives and innovative spirit as having direct impact on the success of the outgoing government in perfect management of the reconstruction program. the leader recommended the outgoing cabinet ministers to offer their Services to the next government too.

before the leader's address, hojatoleslam hashemi rafsanjani thanked the leader's support for his government and termed it as a decisive factor behind the achievements of the government. leader awarded hojatoleslam' rafsanjani and the cabinet members with a copy of holy quran.


Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The following is the text of an announcer-read Version of Ayatollah Khamene'i's speech as reported by Iranian TV on 23rd July:

His Eminence Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamene'i, the exalted leader of the Islamic revolution today met foreign scholars and thinkers attending the International Islamic Unity Conference.

In an address, he said that bringing about Islamic unity and countering, the enemies' endeavors to advocate the doctrine of Separation of religion from politics were two of the most important issues in the contemporary Islamic world. He underlined the important role of Muslim scholars and intellectuals in realizing these objectives. Referring; to the historical efforts by the world of arrogance and colonialism to promote the Separation of religion from politics and confine religion to merely personal and spiritual issues, the eminent leader cited, clear Koranic Statements which stressed that the divine religions had been sent down in order to manage the affairs of human societies and regulate all aspects of human life.

He said: No religion can match Islam in its ability to rule and manage human societies. For this very reason, global arrogance has been making, ceaseless efforts to advocate the doctrine of Separation of religion from politics in Islamic societies. His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i referred to the heartfelt enthusiasm of all Muslims towards the Establishment of a divine and just Islamic political System. He talked about the ever-deepening faith of all Muslims, in particular the youth, in all Islamic communities. He said: Despite all the enemies efforts, today the Islamic faith of the nations is intertwined - albeit to a limited extent with the right kind of awareness in the issues of the world. Furthermore, inclination towards an Islamic lifestyle is constantly increasing among all Islamic nations. The global arrogance, for its part, is trying to offer new ideas, proposals and philosophies in a bid to postpone the uprising of the Muslim ummah.

The exalted leader of the Islamic revolution denied the Charge that the sanctity of religion would be marred and tarnished if it were to enter the arena of politics. He said: Religion helps cleanse and purify political Systems. If political rule is accompanied by justice and the rulers live like the ordinary people, then the act of government can become the most splendid phenomenon in the entire gamut of human life. The eminent leader said the political System ruling Islamic Iran that is to say a System Based on velayat-e faqih [the guardianship '

of the jurisconsult], was the most progressive political System in the world. He added: A just System of velayat-e faqih means rule by someone who knows about Islam and is familiar with the methods of government. Furthermore, he is the recipient of help from the power of piety and this will ensure that he is not going to deviate from the right path. Undoubtedly, this is the most progressive political entity which can be offered to human societies.

His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i then said that the Western political Systems were based on false democracies and deceitful Propaganda. He added: Contrary to the Western political Systems, in the Islamic political structure - that is to say rule, by a just and pious faqih the presence of people and all the Spiritual and human values, as well as the constant predominance of piety are all real and tangible facts. In such a System of political rule, the sanctity of religion is further enhanced and bolstered. The eminent leader of the Islamic revolution called on the Muslim scholars and intellectuals to make ceaseless' endeavors to advocate the doctrine of fusion of religion and politics. He added: Why should we witness that a certain entity in an Islamic country is forced to relinquish power merely because of its interest in religion and Islam and its Opposition to secularism? This is the height of decline and denigration for an Islamic country. The eminent leader then underlined the importance of Islamic unity and said that the ideological lines of this issue and the practical methods needed for its achievement had to be clarified. He said: The Islamic System does not view Islamic unity as a ceremonial issue. Rather, it considers the issue as an absolute necessity, hence its emphasis on efforts to bring various Islamic sects closer to each other.

The eminent leader referred to the deep hostility of global arrogance headed by America against Islam. He stressed: Islamic scholars and thinkers should fulfill their duties courageously. In particular, they should focus on informing the Muslim masses, so that the different Islamic denominations may be able to stand united against the world

of arrogance while at the same time maintaining and preserving their specific religious beliefs. Referring to God's blessings and the continuous progress of Islamic Iran in various fields, His Eminence Ayatollah Khamene'i spoke about the extensive and magnificent participation of people in the recent presidential election. He termed this election as the referendum of the Iranian nation and an act of reiteration the people's loyalty to Islam, the clergy and the religious System of government. The eminent leader added: Even in the world's so-called democracies, such an event can never take place in such a splendid fashion. Of course, the enemies, who were caught unaware by such a resolute popular presence, tried in vain to offer meaningless interpretations so as to deceive public opinion. However, reality eventually overcame these deceptions.

At this audience, before the speech by the eminent leader, Hojjat-ol-Eslam val Moslemin Va'ezzadeh-Khorasani, the secretary-general of the Assembly for Affinity Among Islamic Denominations, presented a report about the 10th International Conference on Islamic Unity.


muslims must be able to distinguish friends from foes (23.7.1997)

tehran, july 23, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei told a group of international guests here wednesday that the unity of muslim world is the key to solving the problems that are plaguing muslim nations. ayatollah khamenei who was addressing a large audience of visitors who are in tehran on the occasion of the 10th. islamic unity conference said that historically, the enemies of muslims had always feared the unity of world muslims, and added that as the result of the triumph of the islamic revolution in iran, the world enemies of muslims had launched out a campaign for dividing muslim sects here and there in the world. he said the uprising of muslim people in iran inspired the muslim people of the world with a sense of pride and dignity while, he said, the international enemies of muslims have wrongly accused iran of state terorrism and human rights abuses with a view to destroying the good relations between the iranian government and the rest of the muslim world, and thereby prevent world muslims forming a true judgement about iran and prevent their espousal of the international islamic movement.

the leader of the islamic revolution reminded the visiting foreign guests that the world muslims must exploit their geographical and their other god-given resources for their religious goals in their march to progress and in their fight with international arrogance and zionism. he said shi'ites as well as sunni muslims must have a realistic view of the current international situation and be able to distinguish friends from foes lest they might confuse their friends with their foes and attack their home front rather than the enemy front. he also said that muslim men of letters, poets, and public speakers, too, must be able to identify true enemies of muslims in the world and keep watchful eyes on them lest they might pose themselves as their brethren in faith and infiltrate the very bastions that are meant to be fortresses and platforms from which to fight the enemies of muslims. ayatollah khamenei said the idea of the separation of religion from the state as a general principle applicable also to muslim states is an ideological device of the enemies of muslims for preventing them the use of their potential resources and appreciation of their unique status. he said it is time the muslim world woke up to the realities of the day and opted for islam as the only straight path shown to man by God and march on that same path with resolute steps, with firm will and with unity.

"in their march on that path", he said at the conclusion of his address, "the bulk of the responsibility lies on the elite personalities of the muslim world. a responsibility that they must fulfill."

the meeting of the international guests with the leader of the islamic revolution was also on the occasion of the birth anniversary of prophet mohammad (pbuh) that is celebrated in iran over a period of seven days designated 'the unity week'

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