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Qur’an recitation commenced in presence of leader (31.12.1997)

tehran, dec. 31, irna -- on the first day of the holy fasting month of ramadhan, a two-hour special ceremony on recitation of the holy qur'an was commemorated here today in the presence of the leader of islamic revolution and supreme religious jurisprudence, grand ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i. the leader praised the top reciters of the holy qur'an and stated that he expected to see that they would be able to establish themselves as the best in the world as far as proper recitation was concerned. ayatollah Khamene’i also advised them to recite the holy qur'an in the best possible voice so as to captivate and influence the listeners and also derive blessings from almighty Allah for their recitation.

the leader of islamic revolution also thanked the officials islamic republic of iran broadcasting (irib) for having set up a twenty-four hour special radio program for the recitation of the holy qur'an. according to the same report the twenty-four hour radio program started it broadcasting simultaneously with the qur'an recitation program.

leader underlines important role of information ministry (30.12.1997)

tehran, dec. 30, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i here on tuesday underlined the important role of the information ministry in helping other state institutions perform their functions. in a meeting with the officials of the information ministry, the leader said the personnel of the information ministry are the unknown soldiers serving the cause of the islamic republic of iran and preparing the ground for the government's success at the national and international level.

the leader appreciated the efforts made by the information ministry to cut off the hands of the elements serving the enemy and not to allow them to sabotage the every day life of the people. the information ministry has managed to foil various conspiracies of the enemy, the supreme leader pointed out. the leader said a competent personality has undertaken the post of the information minister and hoped that the ministry would enjoy the capability of the minister, ghorban-ali dorri najaf-abadi in running the office. the supreme leader gave recommendations for the personnel of the ministry including observing discipline and programming. before the leader's remarks, dorri-najaf-abadi offered a report on the performance of his ministry.


supreme leader: wednesday is 1st day of fasting month (30.12.1997)

tehran, dec. 30, irna -- the office of the supreme leader of islamic revolution ayatollah Ali Khamene’i announced on tuesday evening that since the crescent of the moon has been sighted in iran this evening, wednesday, december 31, will be the first day of the fasting month of ramadhan. the office in a statement issued here tuesday said the announcement is based on the supreme leader's personal observation of the crescent.

leader-governor generals

leader thanks academics for scientific accomplishments (29.12.1997)

tehran, dec. 29, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i here on monday praised academicians for enhancing the scientific capabilities of the country. in a meeting with the members of the university jihad, the leader highlighted the importance of presence of faithful and revolutionary individuals in the scientific and research fora, figures who help safeguard islamic values. the leader termed as ineffective the enemies' efforts during the early years of the post-revolution era, to deprive the young revolutionary generation of science and technology, adding that the children of the islamic revolution have now proved that they are no less, if indeed not superior, than those working in similar scientific fields at international level. the leader termed the academics as a pillar of the islamic revolution and called on them to uphold the islamic and revolutionary values. the academics should resist destructive temptations and endeavor to overcome obstacles in the way of progress and development. the leader stressed the need to safeguard the foundations of the islamic revolution and called on academicians to channel their efforts towards fundamental goals of the country. prior to the leader's speech, head of the university jihad ali montazeri submitted a report on the activities of the organization and voiced the academics' allegiance to the goals of the islamic revolution.

leader to governor generals: respect laws, stay close to people (27.12.1997)

tehran, dec. 27, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i, here on saturday stated the country's governors-general should meticulously carry out their duties with total respect for the laws and in closest contact with the people. addressing a gathering of the governors general also attended by interior minister abdollah nouri, the leader called on all segments of the government to do their utmost to maintain the trend of the revolution in the country. the prestige of the governors general emanates from the constitution, said the leader, adding that they should not allow personal motives and sentiments to get in the way of executing the duties mandated by the constitution. consolidating people's faith in the religion, islamic system and revolution is amongst major duties of governors general, this, the leader said, requires them to stay in closest contact with the people.

ayatollah Khamene’i further called on the officials to stay up-to-date on people's difficulties, adding that unannounced inspection of various provincial departments as well as frequent presence in public gatherings including the friday prayers can help keep the governors general current on people's problems. highlighting the importance of respecting the laws of the land by state officials, the supreme leader referred to the highly promoted 'lawful society' as amongst the noblest of the goals announced by the new government. respecting the regulations by government officials would persuade people to have respect for the laws, added the leader.

he further called on the governors general to be a model of financial responsibility, something he said would lead to financial discipline amongst the people. advising the officials against measures which would widen factional differences, ayatollah Khamene’i called on the governors general to always honor and respect the ulema and religious scholars in their provinces.

prior to the leader's speech, the interior minister abdollah nouri presented the agenda of the three-day conference.

meeting with officials of education ministry (23.12.1997)

tehran, dec. 23, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed ali khamenei here on tuesday appreciated the role of the education ministry in promoting education and the religious faith of the young generation. in a meeting with the officials of the education ministry, the supreme leader said, '' education has a higher place and i personally respect all staff of the education ministry, and hope that with due attention of the government, the problem of this great institution (education ministry) will be resolved.''

the leader said iran has many scientists, scholars and highly talented individuals, but, the level of education is generally low in the country. the supreme leader urged the education ministry to work hard to enhance the level of education. the leader said under the 57-year rule of pahlavi, iranian culture suffered heavy blows and that the puppet pahlavai regime worked hard to replace iranian culture with that of the west and undermine the traditions, culture and the religious beliefs of the people.

ayatollah khamenei recommended the education ministry to help the young students reinforce their religious beliefs and their cultural identity. the education ministry should provide the students with opportunity to make use of their own cultural sources to augment their knowledge of the science and the universe.

leader says enemies of muslims resent their islamic identity (16.12.1997)

tehran, dec. 16, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i, told a group of visiting people here today that the international enemies of muslims resent their struggle for asserting their cultural and religious identity. he said the arrogant powers of the world also resent the religious convictions of (shi'ite) muslims and among them their belief in 'mahdavism' that is the eventual advent of hazrat Mahdi (as), the promised savior of mankind from sins and the almighty administrator of universal justice.

he said the international enemies of muslims have been trying every manner of cultural anti-religion schemes for making muslims give up their cultural struggle in despair. he referred, as an example, to the situation in north africa saying that westerners had long noticed that the widespread belief there in the eventual advent of the last savior of mankind on the earth would abort their expansionist schemes. he added there is evidence that the global promoters of colonialism have concluded that the only strategy for maintaining a firm foothold on north africa is to wipe out the belief there in the eventual advent of hazrat Mahdi, now believed to be in occultation.

the leader of the islamic revolution who was addressing a mixed audience of visitors from various parts of iran on the occasion of the annual festivity marking the birth anniversary of the 12th imam of shi'ite muslims, hazrat Mahdi (as), said the shi'ite muslim belief that gives hope for the eventual wiping from the surface of the earth of all sins, vices, mischiefs, tyrannies and unjustified class distinctions is encouraging and directive. he said as the result of belief in islam there are multitudes of young muslims in iran who, he said, have divorced the pleasures of the flesh in preference for vice-free life on earth and salvation in the hereafter.

the leader of the islamic revolution also added that the islamic faith in the muslim women of iran had brought them to the forefront of a healthy and active life on the political and cultural scenes of the country making them also perfect mothers and ideal educators of their offspring at home. ayatollah Khamene’i also referred in retrospect to the eighth oic summit in tehran last week saying that the success of the summit in the iranian capital had been a token of the political pride of the iranian nation for which, he said, the people were indebted to islam.

Promotion of Ties with Africa, Iran's Permanent Policy (13.12.1997)

IRAN NEWS POLITICAL DESK TEHRAN (IRNA) - The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei here yesterday told the President of Guinea-Bissau that expansion of relations with African countries is the focal point of Iran's policy after the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The Supreme Leader also voiced willingness of the Islamic Republic to promote ties with Guinea-Bissau. Ayatollah Khamenei told the visiting President Joao Bernardo Vieira that the Islamic Republic believes in sincere and friendly cooperation among Muslim and oppressed states. Ayatollah Khamenei termed real solidarity among member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) as the best means of addressing most problems of the world of Islam. Ayatollah Khamenei considered the Tehran OIC Summit as a suitable opportunity to settle the problems of the world of Islam. Vieira who is currently here to attend the ongoing OIC Summit praised the Leader's statements at the opening ceremony of the summit. He said the participating heads of state and dignitaries hailed the leader's speech because it stressed on unity and close ties between Islamic countries. The Guinean president voiced his country's willingness to establish closer ties with the Islamic Republic. Vieira requested the Supreme Leader to pray for the success of his government in overcoming and resolving the problems facing his country.

lebanese president, premier call on supreme leader

tehran, dec. L0, irna -- the leader of the isl-amic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei received t.he lebanese president elias hrawi and prime minister rafik harirj- wednesday evening.

expressing pleasure and happiness over the speech made by the leader to Lhe inaugural session of the Bth summit of the organization of the islamic conference (oic), the lebanese president said the speech made many of the members of the oic feel happy at heart because apart from adopting stances, issues of the far and near east were thoroughly discussed.

he described lebanon as an exemplary nation because of the peaceful coexistance of divine religions, and said that although a small country with ancient history, 15 percent of lebanese territory is currently occupied by the zionist regime.

hrawi added that lebanon has now been transformed into an open front exposed to repeated israeli aggression and constant bombing raids. however as long as a single inch of lebanese territory is under enemy occupation, the resisLance will continue.

the leader of the islamic revolution described the peaceful coexistance of divine religions in iran and lebanon as a 'wonderful reality' .

the supreme leader added, it is the right of the people of lebanon to defend themselves in the face of aggression. he said the fact that the lebanese presidenL who is a christian but considers himself a part of this resistance, is a source of extreme joy for the iranians.

the leader of the islamic revolution described the defence of the honor of lebanon and resistance to a humiliating phenomena such as israel as beingr the criteria. he said that lebanon has amply demonstrated its character and real strength to the world. based on this reality, ayatollah khamenei observed, the people of iran do not consider the issues of lebanon to be different from their own. they rejoice over the happiness of the lebanese people and grieve over their distress, the leader remarked.

the leader considered the issues of palestine and lebanon to be among the problems related to humanity as a whole and hoped that the oic will take its own initiative towards solving these issues.

ayatollah khamenei said the reason for israel getting more aggressive is the leniency shown towards its arrogant spirits. he said "anyone who turns a blind eye to the intentions of israel has in fact deceived himself. "


OIC - leader: hidden hands at work for keeping muslims apart (09.12.1997)

tehran, dec. 9, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah Ali Khamene’i appealed to all islamic countries to assume a meritorious role'' in recovering the rights of the palestinian people. the world of islam should move from ''passivity to a state of jolting the initiative,'' the leader said. in his inaugural message to the leaders of the world of islam assembled in tehran for the 8th summit of the organization of the islamic conference (oic), the supreme leader blamed the hidden hands of arrogance for keeping muslims apart. ''temptations, falsehoods and sly publicity have the islamic countries erroneously and unduly intimidated by one another,'' said ayatollah Khamene’i. the leader further told the muslim heads of state gathered at tehran's conference center that for 18 years political designers have been ''breathing their poisonous breath to make our persian gulf neighbors fearful of islamic iran.''

''i declare that iran poses no threat to any islamic country,'' the leader emphasized. iran ''holds the banner of unity and brotherhood,'' and it is today more avid than ever for unity, dignity and the might of the world of islam. ''the brilliant presidential elections this year was an example of this daily-increasing public involvement in affairs,'' contrary to the claims and wishes of our enemies. in his address the leader of the islamic revolution said that contrary to life's colorful and pleasant surface appearance mankind suffers from the same pains and suffering that has beset humanity in the course of history.

the majority of the people in the world are poor and a small number holds most of the earth's wealth and assets, most nations also are deprived of scientific progress while a group use their knowledge as a means to mete out oppression on others. wars flare in nooks and corners of the world while others are constantly in fear of hostilities erupting. all over the world there is discrimination against countries while there are class differences in most states. the supreme leader added that the western materialistic civilization is directing everyone towards materialism while money gluttony and carnal desires are made the greatest aspirations. sincerity, truthfulness, altruism and self-sacrifice have been replaced in many parts of the world by deception, conspiracy avarice and jealousy and other deplorable features.

the supreme leader told the islamic heads of state that they had come together in one of the homelands and strongholds of islam. ''even though officially our president is your host, each and every iranian also considers himself as your host and welcomes you to this land of faith,'' remarked ayatollah Khamene’i. islam, the leader said, has been, and still is a pathway towards the new world, warranting a prosperous life, moral soundness and salvation for mankind. it is determined on eradicating poverty, ignorance, discrimination, war, insecurity and finally man's incarceration in the prison of materialism and captivity by his evil tendencies, said the leader. islam is the religion of ''humanity, moderation, wisdom and submission to the almighty,'' ayatollah Khamene’i said, adding that as such, islam presented non-extravagant remedies to human pains and sufferings in rationally accepted ways. the leader referred to the past in which islam had proven it had the capacity to lead muslim nations toward civil and academic supremacy and political might. faith, struggle, avoidance of discord were the only prerequisites for the fulfillment of this grand objectives, the leader told the oic conference in tehran on the first of its three day agenda.

''today, 27 years have lapsed since a fire broke out in masjid al-aqsa, an event which resulted in the set-up of the oic,'' said the leader, adding, ''we shoulder the duty of sending peace and greetings to the founders of this organization and voicing appreciation to them.'' but, noted the leader, the world's present conditions expose the organization of the islamic conference to more serious expectations as compared with those of the past. this organization can be the symbol of true unity of the muslim countries in the face of events and common interests, the supreme leader further stated. turning to the issue of the middle east peace process, the supreme leader said: ''our opposition to the so-called middle east peace process is because it is unjust, arrogant, contemptuous and finally illogical.'' the imposed principle of ''peace for land'' means that the zionists would return the lands of all neighboring countries, ''provided that we accept that palestine belongs to them,'' ayatollah Khamene’i told the islamic heads of state. the leader questioned if the time was not ripe for the world of islam to respond to the spirit of arrogance shown by the zionist regime and the u.s., then washington can do nothing against the united front of islamic countries. right now, the presence of foreign warships, and more importantly the u.s., were muscle-flexing in the persian gulf, but a powerful organization of islamic conference can use the medium of islamic power and dignity to force the aliens to disperse, the supreme leader said.

a powerful oic could also eliminate pretexts for their improper presence in the region and deploy forces from islamic countries to preserve peace and security, said the leader. muslim minorities, the leader said, were also intensely in pain in some countries due to discrimination, oppression and discriminatory treatment and it was ''incumbent on all muslims to assist them.'' ''let us benefit from the opportunities with the succor the almighty and gain greater proximity, let us strengthen and cement the center that binds us together,'' remarked the supreme

leader. ayatollah Khamene’i said that the oic should be able to follow up its resolutions until full implementation. it should ''moreover, be able to establish the interparliamentary union of islamic countries and translate the idea of the common islamic market from a far-fetched dream to a reality.'' the oic should lay the foundations of the islamic arbitration tribunal and finally, as representatives of more than one billion people and 55 countries, should become a permanent member of the u.n. security council, the leader stated.

elsewhere in his address, the supreme leader blamed the western powers for having reaped the benefit of their academic and technological advancement and of some of their national and indigenous features. ''the west, in its all-rounded invasion, has also targeted our islamic faith and character,'' stated the leader, adding, ''the west intensely and persistently exported to our countries the culture of laxness and disregard for religion and ethics, a culture with which it is gripped.''

the leader further stressed that problems such as those of palestine, afghanistan, lebanon, iraq, kashmir, bosnia-herzegovina, the caucasus offer a long list of divine and human responsibilities to the governments, political dignitaries and leaders of the islamic world. ''we muslim governments should have offered more

serious assistance to the front-line states to rescue and save palestine,'' said the supreme leader. stressing that currently some islamic countries enjoy precious islamic heads of state that they well as academic, industrial and cultural capacities, the leader said that the organization of the islamic conference can seriously intervene in fostering a logical and just exchange of these facilities.

the leader further recommended that the oic can set up special committee to see to the issues of the islamic world and solve the problems effectively in which all members have a share. the supreme leader stressed that muslims are in need of

an islamic inter-nation center, adding that no center ''can be more adequate than the organization of the islamic conference.''

leader praises war disabled as model for young iranians (06.12.1997)

tehran, dec. 6, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamene’i here on saturday praised the war disabled as model for the young iranians inside and outside the country. in a meeting with a group of the war disabled on the auspicious birth anniversary of Abulfazl al-Abbas (as), the brother of imam Hussein (as), the third imam of prophet Mohammed (pbuh) household, the leader said that the efforts made by the war veterans to acquire knowledge at academic level, memorize the holy Qur’an and win victories at athletic competitions were praiseworthy. recalling the success of the disabled war veterans at various international sports events, the supreme leader said, ''don't stop your endeavors to promote yourselves. there is no limitation on man's progress. you should work hard to double your progress.'' the leader also emphasized the need for the spiritual promotion of the war veterans and said that relationship with the almighty is the origin of all successes.

before the leader's remarks, head of the mostazafan and janbazan foundation (mjf) mohsen rafiqdoust who was also present at the meeting gave a report on the progress that the war veterans have made in different academic, sports and theological fields. the leader awarded prizes to the war veterans who have scored success in different educational and sports events.

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