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leader praises efforts of irib managers (27.9.1994)

tehran, sept. 27, irna -- supreme leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei, here tuesday emphasized the leading role of the islamic republic of iran"s broadcasting (irib) and lauded irib"s officials for their attempts to introduce changes in irib programs. the leader also underlined the importance of observing the principles of guiding and unceasing struggle against enemies campaign as well as cultural richness of irib programs. the supreme leader who was addressing the irib"s managing director, advisors and deputies further added that irib as an influential medium which could have an impact on behaviour, political outlook, religious beliefs and general culture of the people, must lead the society on the right direction. citing main responsibilities of irib on better dissemination of values of the islamic revolution, the leader said one of the main duties of the irib is a continous campaign against massive propaganda of enemy mass media against the islamic republic of iran. the leader added that in light of sincere and wise efforts of irib officials a tangible change has started in organization"s programs both in terms of quality and quantity. the supreme leader of the islamic republic also stressed on utilizing facilities of the irib in the best possible manner with full assistance of the government. irib"s managing director ali larijani reported to the leader on the process of irib"s activities and current move in irib to upgrade the programs qualitatively and quantitatively.

leader receives irgc commanders (20.9.1994)

tehran, sept. 20, irna -- on the eve of "sacred defense week" a large number of commanders and officials of the islamic revolution's guards corp (irgc) here today met with the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei. "utilizing science, discovering of the first-class realities in the physical universe and employment of the thoughts and talents and with its massive scientific activities, the islamic civilization was ayatollah khamenei referred to the medieval age as the age of "the result of pure aph bsuy lefforts in the way of god is the spiritual enlightenemnt and material prestige and thetcs

leader calls for confrontation with materialistic powers (17.9.1994)

tehran, sept. 17, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei on saturday urged followers of divine religions worlwide to confront the offensive of the world's materialistic powers. the supreme leader made the remark in his message to the third international symposium on islam and christian orthodoxy which opened here today. "dialogue between muslim and christian scholars and thinkers is good and if this leads them to take common stance on the most vital issues faced by men today it will be helpful and full of blessings," the message said. the leader's message, read by minister of culture and islamic guidance mostafa mirsalim, said that over the past one or two decades, spirituality had emerged in an unprecedent manner in the life of human beings, making its presence felt to the dismay of materialistic people. this has sparked the animosity of the rich and powerful people, it added. father george metallinos, who is representing the greek church at the symposium, read a message from archbishop seraphim of greece in which he reiterated that the dialogue between islam and christian orthodoxy did never intend to ignore differences or jurisprudential principles. the message said the symposium should otherwise attempt to remove misunderstandings and rivalry which existed between the two religions in the past on the basis of untrue historical learnings.

addressing the gathering, the culture and islamic guidance minister termed the dialogue between religions as a dialogue between cultures and ideologies. mirsalim added that at a time when religious faith and spirituality is facing harshest attacks from materialistic powes, religions should try to preserve and promote faith in human beings and guide man who is fed up with consumption and luxuries. he expressed hope that muslim and christian personalities participating in the symposium would rach understanding and take long strides towards bringing islam and christianity closer. besides iranian scholars, some 12 greek thinkers, clergymen and university professors are attending the three day symposium. the previous two symposiums were held in athens.

leader calls on prayer leaders to beware enemy's culturalassault (12.9.1994)

tehran, sept. 12, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution on monday said that iranian officials, particularly friday prayer leaders should be on alert against new schemes of the enemies of islam in their cultural assault on islamic iran. "in their confrontation with the islamic system, enemies ofislam have launched all-out efforts using sophisticated devices and spending huge amounts of money," the supreme leader said in his address to the 10th nationwide seminar of friday prayers leaders which opened here monday. however, ayatollah khamenei felt confident that as stated by the holy quran, the enemies will gain nothing but frustration in their confrontation with justice.

elaborating the goals of the enemies in their cultural assault against iran, the supreme leader said undermining the faith of the young generation and tarnishing the revolutionary cultureprevailing well-calculated cultural onslaught on the muslim people of iran. in their offensive, the enemies have resorted to propaganda,arts, books and films, ayatollah khamenei said, adding that the best wayto confront the offensive is to utilize the same devices prperly andin a calculated manner. the leader of the islamic revolution said that fridaycongregation prayers were among the best and most efficient means for keeping people informed about the enemies' cultural inroads. he also underlined the importance of participating in friday prayers forthe iranian people. prior to the leader's speech, hojatoleslam rasuli mahallati, chairman of the policy making council of friday prayer leaders, briefed ayaatollah khamenei on the activities of the council overthe past year.

leader receives pakistani president (11.9.1994)

tehran, sept. 11, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei saying close ties between iran and pakistan were certainly in the interest of the two nations warned here sunday that subversive elements should not be allowed to mar tehran-islamabad ties for their own sinister goals. "islam is the major factor behind the bortherly relations between the two countries, and the pakistani people, both shia and sunni, are brothers of the iranian people," the leader told visiting pakistani president sardar farooq ahmad khan leghari and his entourage. ayatollah khamenei also cautioned against attempts of extremist groups in pakistan, which he said are directed by foreigners, to hurt the unity and brotherly relations between the two nations. "the pakistani people have a strong link with islam and the relationship between pakistani officials and islam is good. based on the past experiences, the success of any government in that country depends on the degrees of its commitment to islam and its respect for islamic rules," the supreme leader said. ayatollah khamenei said the issue of kashmir is an islamic and humanitarian matter for the islamic republic of iran because kashmiri muslims have been openly subjected to oppression. "we have always expressed, and will continue to express, our disgust against what is happening to kashmiri muslims by the indian government in various circles," the leader of the islamic revolution said. the supreme leader also lashed out at the u.s. and those circles claiming to be advocates of human rights for overlooking the fact that the rights of muslims in kashmir, bosnia-herzegovina, palestine and karabakh were being trampled upon. he said all islamic countries particularly iran and pakistan are duty bound to disclose the brutal acts being committed against the innocent people of kashmir.

muslim countries should actively deal with the plight of palestinian people, ayatollah khamenei said, adding that the stance taken by certain islamic states in remotest parts of the world and in asia on the issue of palestine was much better than those of arab countries. the pakistani president, in turn outlined his country's viewpoints on the problems of the muslim world particularly the plight of muslims in kashmir, afghanistan and tajikistan.

terming tehran-islamabad relaitons as "brotherly and very close" president leghari said better coordination between the two countries could enable iran and pakistan to play more effective role in dealing with international issues. the pakistani president said the islamabad government was trying to correspond all laws in that country with sharia (islamic laws) and has so far taken strides towards the islamization of the country. heading a top level delegation, the pakistani president arrived here saturday on a three day official visit.

leader calls for inclusion of modern day debates at theologicalcentres (11.9.1994)

tehran, sep. 11, irna -- leader of the islamic republic of iran, ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei, on the occasion of the commencement of the 'kharij' level of islamic studies at the theological schools in iran on sunday sen a messge to students recommending debate on modern day topics alongisde traditional topics. he also emphasized the personal fight with material urges in man and stressed that theological students should endeavour to become morally solid in order to be able to discharge their missionary role in its its proper manner. the 'kharij' studies is the highest professional level of islamic studies within the discipline of islamic jurisprudence.

leader: revolution advancing despite threats (7.9.1994)

tehran, sept. 7, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei said today that the revolutionary government and nation of iran re bravely resisting all pressure and threats of the u.s. and its allies and are treading their path independently and proudly. "today, the islamic government of iran takes independent positions on international issues and iranian officials make decisions in compliance with the wishes and in the interest of th noble people of iran," the leader told a visiting group of people. referring to the pressure and threats of the u.s. and its european allies against iran, ayatollah khamenei said that the u.s. president, unable to solve problems at home, is pressing for a compromise between arabs and israel in a bid to convince the american public. considering iran the main obstacle in the way of such a disgraceful compromise, the u.s. and its allies are exerting pressure on and threatening the islamic republic, the supreme leader said. "despite all these threats, islamic iran is still sticking to its righteous stance and will continue to insist that israel should be annihilated," he said. the leader of the islamic revolution said that it was natural for the american, british and zionist mass media to launch poisonous propaganda against the islamic republic. "the enemies of islam and the powers which have been dealt a blow by the islamic revolution, are expected to do nothing but to level such accusations as human rights abuses and lack of democracy "but fair people of the world have admitted the fact that in no place in the middle east there is a government as popular as the islamic republic of iran," ayatollah khamene concluded.

leader emphasises importance of prayers (3.9.1994)

tehran, spet. 3, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei in a message to the annual prayers gathering underlined the need for further attention to the issue of prayers in text books as well as in television and radio programs. the leader's message, read by hojatoleslam rasouli mahallati, opened the gathering in shiraz saturday morning. the leader urged religious scholars and researchers to write articles and conduct works on the issue of prayers, adding that the subject matter should be repeatedly discussed at all levels of the society. in radio and television, the message read, the issue of prayers should be regarded as a matter which needs constant teaching to all. he appreciated efforts made in the past few years for the proper attention paid to the issue of prayers, adding that there were hopes that in the near future the issue would find its real status in the society. the leader also udnerscored the importance of congregational prayers and said in his message that it would lay the foundation for cooperation and unanimity among the members of the society.

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