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Leader Felicitates Christians on New Year 28.12.1994
archbishop manoukian thanks supreme leader 27.12.1994

Iran's Islamic Revolution, an Exceptional Historical Event


Leader Donates to Flood Victims

Unity of seminaries and universities bitter for enemies 19.12.1994
Grand Ayatollah Khamene’i - Marja’iat


Leader Praises Sheikh Ansari


Leader Wants a Full Cultural Revolution

leader pays glowing tributes to great 19th century 12.12.1994
leader's office donates rls. 28 mn to purchase books 11.12.1994
leader calls for full-scale cultural revolution 10.12.1994
Leader Condoled on Grand Ayatollah Araki's Departure 01.12.1994
leader to hold mourning ceremonies for grand ayatollah 30.11.1994

Leader Pays Glowing Tribute to Hazrat Fatima (SA)

leader pays tributes to the most excellent daughter of eve 24.11.1994
leader pardons 190 female prisoners 24.11.1994

1,000 Couples Wed in Leader's Presence

leader advises couples to consolidate family foundation 23.11.1994
headof the mostazafan reinstated 23.11.1994

Leader Praises President's Anti-Profiteering Efforts

leader lauds president's anti-profiteering campaign 09.11.1994

Leader Says No to Relations With America

leader condoled on grand ayatollah araki's departure 03.11.1994

Leader Condemns U.S. Presence in Persian Gulf


Leader: Modern Global Propaganda Machines Spreading Anit-Iran Lies

leader: world propaganda apparatus bus spreading anit-iran lies 26.10.1994

Leader Visits Ayatollah Araki at Hospital


Leader Attends Funeral Service for 1,000 Martyr

leader expresses condolence on death of majlis deputy 12.10.1994
leader: lifting of zionist sanctions ""greatest treason"" in islamic history 05.10.1994
leader praises efforts of irib managers 27.09.1994
leader receives irgc commanders 20.09.1994
leader calls for confrontation with materialistic powers 17.09.1994
leader calls on prayer leaders to beware enemy's culturalassault 12.09.1994
leader receives pakistani president 11.09.1994
leader calls for inclusion of modern day debates at theologicalcentres 11.09.1994
leader: revolution advancing despite threats 07.09.1994
leader emphasises importance of prayers 03.09.1994
leader lauds government's performance 31.08.1994
leader: iran determined to cement friendly ties with turkey 26.07.1994
leader emphasizes irna's role in neutralizing plots of enemy media horns 25.07.1994
leader calls isreal "symbol of state terrorism" 20.07.1994
leader lauds functions of martyrs foundation 04.07.1994
leader lauds persian as a living, sweet language 02.07.1994
leader: martyrs blood has guaranteed invulnerability of system 29.06.1994
Ayatollah Khamene'i's message on Mashhad massacre 24.06.1994
leader expresses condolence, condemns mausoleum bombing 20.06.1994
leader warns against plots of satanic powers 02.06.1994
leader receives brunei's sultan, underlines islamic brotherhood 02.06.1994
leader has not issued any fatwa on use of satellites 01.06.1994
Friday Massacre of Palestinians Reminiscent of Zionist Criminality 25.02.1994
leader appoints interior minister acting commander-in-chief 05.02.1994
ceremony commemorating martyrs opens with leader's message 03.02.1994
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