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leader: martyrs blood has guaranteed invulnerability of system (29.6.1994)

tehran, june 29, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei said on wednesday that the blood of martyrs has guaranteed the invulnerabiliy of the islamic revolution. "this fact has led to the ever increasing despair and helplessness of the enemies of the iranian people," ayatollah khamenei told relatives of some 72 prominent iranian officials who lost their lives in a bomb explosion at the headquarters of the now dissovled islamic republic party in tehran on june 28, 1981. the leader of the islamic revolution also paid glowing tribute to martyr ayatollah mohammad hussein beheshti, the then chief justice who was martyred in the same explosion. he said that ayatollah beheshti's unique traits and his great scientific, poltiical and ideological skills had made him an unforgetable prominent prsonality. the martyrdom of the high-ranking officials helped strengthen the foundations of the islamic republic rather than weakening them, ayatollah khamenei said. elsewhere in his speech, the leader called on all individuals to remain on the scene, maintain their vigilance and continue supporting the islamic revolution.

leader expresses condolence, condemns mausoleum bombing (20.6.1994)

tehran, june 20, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei in a message here today expressed his deep condolences to the nation on the occasion of the martyrdom of a large number of pilgrims killed in the bomb blast at mausoleum of imam reza (as) earlier today. in his message the leader said that criminal hands of enemies of islam have been stained with a dreadful crime in which blood of innocent pilgrims of the mausoleum of imam reza (as) was shed. the "monafiq" (hypocrite) and cruel enemies by resorting to such terrorist acts further prove that they do not abide by any humanitarian principles and their enmity with this galant and faithful nation knows no limit, said ayatollah khamenei. the traitor "monafiqin" (referring to the mko), also further proved that they have no respect for the sanctity of the mausoleum and nothing could quench their thirst for blood, he said. the leader stressed that enemies of the nation by resorting to such acts would further prove their wickedness and the fact that they are doomed. condoling the families of the martyrs of the incident, the leader called on the security and law enforcement forces to chase those involved in the blast and bring them before justice.

leader warns against plots of satanic powers (2.6.1994)

tehran, feb. 6, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei, on sunday warned against plots of satanic powers to physically eliminate those iranian ulema who are efficient and helpful for the country, islam and muslims. the supreme leader cited the february 2 aborted attempt on the life of president akbar hashemi rafsanjani during a speech at the shrine of the founder of the islamic republic, the late imam khomeini as the latest example of such plots. "they attempted to strip muslim ummah of one of the prominent, efficient and devotee personalities of the islamic republic, our beloved president...but thanks god this time they were frustrated as in many of their previous plots and treasons," the leader said. ayatollah khamenei made the remarks in his speech to a large group of ulema, friday prayer leaders and professors and students of theological schools. the supreme leader termed the islamic revolution as a great storm which thwarted treacherous conspiracies and ambitious plans of the u.s. and its lackeys in iran, helped spread islam and attracted other nations to spirituality. "this paid the way for the collapse of the eastern empire and of marxist rule in the world," he said. ayatollah khamenei also lauded the founder of the islamic republic, the late imam khomeini, for laying the foundation of an islamic system of government in a world estranged from spiritual values. "but the reality is that there are many people who have neither realized nor felt the greatness of these two phenomena - imam and the revolution. we should try to make this great truth tangible in the life of muslims both in iran and throughout the world," he said. elsewhere in his speech, the leader pointed out that piety, faith and knowledge is the key to all problems. ayatollah khamenei cautioned that hypocritical and blasphemous powers of the world, now fearful of the vigilance of muslims, have closed their ranks to get rid of the increasing influence of islam. "what is now happening in the four corners of the world such as bosnia-herzegovina, palestine, lebanon, algeria and kashmir betrays the deep enmity of the oppressors with islam and the islamic republic," the leader concluded.

leader receives brunei's sultan, underlines islamic brotherhood (2.6.1994)

tehran, feb. 6, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei, received brunei's sultan muda hassanal bolikiah and members of his delegation here sunday morning. the leader underlined the importance that iran attaches to its ties with islamic countires and said the powerful and great iran today is regarded as an important refuge and base for islamic thoughts. ayatollah khamenei also underscored the significance of brotherhood and solidarity among muslim nations. sultan bolikiah said his visit to iran was aimed at bringing the two nations closer and promoting mutual cooperation. he also voiced his country's support for iran's progressive stands. the iranian president akbar hashemi rafsanjani and a number of ranking official of the two countries were also present in the meeting.

leader has not issued any fatwa on use of satellites (1.6.1994)

tehran, june 1, irna -- a spokesman for the bureau of the leader of the islamic revlution, ayatollah ali khamenei on wednesday denied reports that the ayatollah had issued a fatwa (religious decree) on the use of satellites. "his eminence has not issued any fatwa on the use of satellites," he said, referring to a fake fatwa attributed to ayatollah ali khamenei which alleged that the staff of the islamic republic of iran broadcasting (irib) and of the islamic republic news agency (irna) could watch satellite programs provided that they would not corrupt them. the fake decree was faxed to the iranian mass media by unknown persons believed to be members of the outlawed mujahideen khalq organization (mko).

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