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leader: iran determined to cement friendly ties with turkey (26.7.1994)

tehran, july 26, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei told visiting turkish president suleyman demirel here tuesday that hran was determined to consolidate its sincere and friendly ties with turkey. "islam is an important common motive for promotion of mutual cooperation particularly in dealing with the problems of the muslim world," the supreme leader said. referring to the role of iran and turkey in strengthening the world of islam, ayatollah khamenei said "turkey has made valuable efforts to help bosnian muslims. "we beleive that if the stance taken by iran and turkey on the tragedy of bosnia-herzegovina is generalized among other muslim countries, we will gain great successes." therefore, the leader said, besides their mutual cooperation, iran and turkey could have fruitful contacts within in the context of cooperation among muslim countries. also present at the meeting were president akbar hashemi rafsanjani and high ranking turkish officials who are accompanying president demirel in his 3-day state visit to iran.

the leader of the islamic revolution pointed out that geographical locations and natural resources of iran and turkey provide suitable ground for expansion of bilateral cooperation. in addtion, there are various grounds for strengthening of "brotherly and friendly" relations between the two neighboring countries including their joint beliefs and their constructive role in dealing with the problems facing the muslim world, the leader said. the turkish president, too, referred to the long standing friendly relations between iran and turkey and underscored the importance of tehran-ankara cooperation in maintaining peace and stability in the region. demirel said he was here to review tehran-ankara relations with the aim of promoting these ties as well as bilateral cooperation in regional and international issues. iran-turkey boundaries have been border of firendship and the two countries have been living in peace and tranquility over the past few "turkey's official stance is that the enemies of the iranian people will never be allowed to use the turkish soil for activities against its neighbor, iran, and we expect iran to do the same," president demirel said.

the turkish president assured ayatollah khamenei that no form of distrust has ever existed between iran and turkey and that the two countries promote their ties on the basis of mutual interests and mutual trust. he said that iran and turkey, as two neighboring states and enjoying good cooperation within the organization of the islamic conference (oic) should work closely together to bring about unity and solidarity in the muslim world and in tackling sufferings and pains of muslim nations. referring to some regional issues such as armenia's aggression on azerbaijan, developments in northern iraq and serbian crimes against bosnian muslims, demirel said tehran-ankara cooperation for solving these problems would benefit both countries and the muslim world as a whole .

leader emphasizes irna's role in neutralizing plots of enemy media horns (25.7.1994)

tehran, july 25, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei, on monday met managing director of the islamic republic news agency (irna), fereydoun verdinejad, its senior staff and foreign assigned correspondents. he said in his address that the struggle of the people of iran in defense of islamic values is perpetual and emphasized the necessity of conscious struggle with the enemies of islam in the scene of news and propagation. the leader said the world today is the scene of news struggle and media competition, and all spearheads of world arrogance and those with force at international rostrums are using the services of news building brains and fabricators to aim at the system of the islamic republic of iran. those at the islamic republic news agency should act as soldiers at the forefront in this regard and with wisdom and coordinated decision answer the unjust movements and provocations of the enemy, he added.

the leader said the zionists and the big capitalists are the real designers of these policies and have control over the major news agencies. they spend a lot in order to forge a news about iran and they always try to inflict heavy blows upon iran, he noted. therefore, said ayatollah khamenei, those who prepare and publish news in islamic iran must immediately disclose the incentives and goals of the zionists and neutralize their plans. zczcescribed the dissemination of correct news and reflection of the pains of the people and government as a necessary measure and addressing the irna management said: "you are the strong and able arm of the islamic system in the scene of news and propagation and in this field your important task is to inflict a blow on the enemy and ward off the blows that the enemy inflicts." he said the struggle neeeds thought and knowledge, because the defeat of the enemy would be possible by learning the science of towards the end of his address ayatollah khamenei pointed out the need for using the leading figures in the news for policy making and concentrated work, and emphasized that by positive reflection of many news subjects in the country the propaganda attacks of the enemy would be neutralized.

before the leader's speech, irna managing director, fereydoun verdinejad progress at irna both at the national and international level. in his brief speech, he said that in contrast to the planning at other news agencies, irna's planning is based on illuminating the world people with facts and realities. the seventh seminar of irna's foreign assigned correspondents opened here on july 23.

leader calls isreal "symbol of state terrorism" (20.7.1994)

tehran, july 20, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei on wednesday described the usurper zionist regime as a "symbol of state terrorism" and a "calamity" befalling the world. the supreme leader also castigated the governments of industrialized countries claiming to be leaders of the world for suppressing justice and denying such a clear reality. "resort to terrorism is the result of the lack of logic and credibility on the part of a government, organization or group," the leader told a large group of people from various walks of life who had called on him. elaborating on the meaning of terrorism, ayatollah khamenei said "terrorism means the wish of a group, government or organization to achieve its goals by creating an atmosphere of terror, intimidation, homicide and insecurity. "the crime committed by the hypocrites (as the terrorist mujahideen khalq organization is known in iran) in the shrine of imam reza (as), the holiest islamic site in the country, symbolized the ugliest form of terrorism."

the leader of the islamic revolution was referring to the june 20 bomb blast at the shrine of imam reza (as) in mashhad as a result of which 26 pilgrims lost their lives and many others wounded. since the zionists took control of the islamic land of palestine thanks to britain's anti-human and anti-islamic policies, they, like a cancerous tumor in the body of islamic world, have been massacring palestinian men, women and children and setting afire their homes in a bid to attain their goals, the leader said.

ayatollah khamenei said that israel's recent aggression on lebanon and kidnapping of people from their homes and jailing them in occupied palestine are all crystal clear examples of state terrorism. ayatollah khamenei castigated the leaders of the seven major industrial powers of the world for backing the terrorist acts of the zionist regime. "the westerners admit that iran's islamic ideas and slogans have the mko members, the zionist regime and the likes which lack credibility and power of thinking engage in terrorism, ayatollah khamenei pointed out. "the peoples of the u.s. and europe have no enmity with the iranian nation and are ready to listen to their just words, but western governments are very well aware of this fact that if their nations become familiar with the islamic thoughts of iran and its revolution they will accept them," he said. this is why western governments and zionist organizations have launched an extensive propaganda campaign to tarnish the image of islam, the islamic revolution and iran and to prevent dynamic islamic thoughts from reaching the american and european nations. ayatollah khamenei said the mko members, like bacteria which thrive on and reproduce in a trash bin, have grown up under the care of big governments. "today, the iranian people are cursing the hypocrites (the mko members) wholeheartedly and repetition of their crimes will only arouse more anger of people," the supreme leader said. condemning isreal's recent allegations on iran's involvement in terrorism, the leader of the islamic revolution made it clear that the sacred islamic system of government in iran was free from such labels. ayatollah khamenei said "because of their wicked nature, the zionists have no right to judge about islamic iran...the islamic republic relies on a pious, proud, and noble nation whereas the zionist regime has a false entity and lacks a noble origin. "by gathering together groups of jews with records of murder, theft, wickedness and hooliganism from throughout the world, the zionist regime has created an entity under the name of the israeli nation which only udnerstands the logic of terror and crimes."

leader lauds functions of martyrs foundation (4.7.1994)

tehran, july 4, irna -- leader of the islamic republic, ayatollah ali khamenei here monday praised the functions and policies of the 'martyrs foundation' in expanding its cultural activities and also extending "spiritual support" for relatives of the martyrs. ayatollah khamenei, who was speaking to the foundation's officials here monday, underscored the need for ceaseless support by the foundation for the families of the martyrs. he praised the activities and services of the foundation as well as the great responsibility its officials were shouldering. the leader also underlined the need for continued efforts to maintain and strengthen the self-sacrificing spirit among martyrs families. touching on the importance of the foundation's cultural activities, ayatollah khamenei said cultural works and spiritual support for martyrs families, their youth and children were among the foundation's "major" responsibilities. he added that economic activities of the foundation should also serve as the backbone of cultural activities in the interests of the martyrs relatives.

leader lauds persian as a living, sweet language (2.7.94)

tehran, feb. 7, irna -- leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah ali khamenei here monday said that persian is a living, sweet and widely-spoken language which enjoys outstanding traits from linguistic point of view. "the persian language has a 1,200-year cultural background and can be used for promotion of human culture," the leader told a group of foreign and iranian persian language professors and iranologists now in tehran to participate in a conference. at present, the leader said, the persian language and its signifinace has become the focus of attention of men of letters who are endeavoring for its promotion. ayatollah khamenei pointed out that the persian language was once the official languange in a wide part of the world, spoken in india, asia and areas now called turkey nearly two centuries ago. the leader of the islamic revolution called for more efforts to be made for the promotion of the persian language and for closer cooperation among persian speaking nations in this regard. before the leader's speech, minister of culture and the islamic guidance, ali larijani briefed ayatollah khamenei on the congress which is attended by persian languge professors and iranologists from members of the commonwealth of independent states and caucasus.

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