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leader calls on the world to stand against the u.s. 21.11.1993
leader condemns west for science abuse 15.11.1993
leader receives indonesian president 02.11.1993
leader emphasizes independence in medical field 14.10.1993
leader: plo-israel deal no solution to palestinian issue 07.10.1993
leader says irgc vital for future of Islamic causes 29.09.1993
leader tells rao Tehran regrets demolition of babri mosque 22.09.1993
leader underlines importance of sacred defence 20.09.1993
leader, president condole passing away of ayatollah sabzewari 17.08.1993
leader says rafsanjani a strong arm of revolution 03.08.1993
leader confirms rafsanjani's presidential decree 03.08.1993
leader condemns u.s. attempts to put iran under pressure 30.07.1993
enemies have failed to realize power of Islam, revolution – leader 29.07.1993
leader condemns zionist crimes in lebanon, palestine 28.07.1993
leader condemns armenian injustice against Muslims in karabakh 27.07.1993
leader writes to hizbollah leader, condemns zionist regime"s atrocities 26.07.1993
leader: white house responsible for bosnian tragedy 14.07.1993
leader casts vote 11.06.1993
leader says imam ali (pbuh) is best model for shiites 09.06.1993
leader condemns arab-israeil talks, says memory of imam will remain alive 02.06.1993
leader condemns arab-israeli talks, west's attitude to bosniantragedy 28.04.1993
leader attends funeral procession of a film director 11.04.1993
leader pardons prisoners 31.03.1993
leader: arab-israeli talks detrimental to palestinian nation 25.03.1993
ayatollah khamenei calls for unity among Islamic states 24.03.1993
leader on catastrophes of Muslim world, blames western govts 24.03.1993
leader says new year will aim at social justice and more help for less priviledged 20.03.1993
leader calls for massive turnout for qods day rallies 18.03.1993
leader urges nation to back bosnians, blasts big powers' procrastination tactics 26.02.1993
leader says fatwa on rushdie is 'irrevocable' 14.02.1993
leader pardons 619 prisoners 05.02.1993
leader attends imam's shrine, president issues message on 1st day of dawn 01.02.1993
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