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8.6.1984 (Mahjubaj 3/1 July 1984) - President Ali Khamene´i, the head of the Supreme Defense Council and the Friday Prayer leader of Tehran, on June 8th, 1984 called upon all people to join the battle fronts to strike “a heavy and final blow“ against the Iraqi regime and warned the Persian Gulf states to pull themselves out of Iraq‘s trap of widening the war. He said the Islamic Republic did not have any hostile intentions against the Persian Gulf states but said this policy would only hold as long as they refrained from becoming involved in the conflict. He re-emphasized that Iran would retaliate firmly against Iraq‘s backers if “our oil exports are halted in the Persian Gulf“. The President said if the Islamic Republic did not display its strength, the arrogant forces would continue their plots against her. Speaking in the Friday prayer‘s gathering at Tehran University, the President said: “The arrogant forces of the world do not want to understand the righteous words of the Iranian people. He said Iraqi rulers were expecting an Iranian offensive on June 5th, the 21st anniversary of an Islamic uprising against the shah, but they were mistaken. “We do not threaten the countries of the Persian Gulf region. Western propaganda is absurd because we never want to fight with countries like Qatar and Bahrain and we have no reason to.“ “This stand will hold as long as the countries in the Persian Gulf region do not enter the war in vain,“ he said. “Iraq spread a trap in the Persian Gulf for the reactionaries and U.S. allies in the region and they were caught in it ... We expected the governments in the Persian Gulf to deal with it (trap) Persian Gulf states, and especially Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were caught in Iraq‘s trap...“ ‘We had expected Saudi Arabia to understand the fact that the survival of Saddam and Saudi Arabia‘s entrance into the war, was not in her interests What reason is there for her to become a partner in Iraq‘s countless atrocities and war crimes (against Iran)?“ He said the Muslim people of Iran would not allow the oil export routes to be safe for those who are supporting the Iraqi regime. The Persian Gulf states should “step aside from the war and be assured that the Islamic Republic would have nothing to do with them“. On Iran‘s retaliatory attacks against Iraq, President Khamene´i said “You must be sure the officials of the Islamic Republic feel committed to revenge the last drop of blood of the old men and women and children who were martyred in their homes and at work, and they will.“ “As long as Saddam is alive, whether there is a war or not, such malicious acts by Iraq would continue in various fronts“, the President said..

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