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Miscellaneous Fatwas

bulletNo. 04191: Praying and Eating with Ahl al Tasannun
bulletFurther Question to Praying and Eating with Ahl al Tasannun
bullet No. 09944: a) Determination of one's homeland
bullet No. 09944: b) On the status of children who come to Islam born of illegitimate means
bullet No. 09944: c) On the consumption of medicines containing alcohol
bullet No. 09944; d) On the purification of sewage water and the consumption of such
bulletNo. 12798: Regarding the purchase of Zionist goods
bulletNo. 14305: Cheating foreign governments
bulletNo. 21876: Regarding pastimes for the youth in licentious settings
bulletNo. 36879: About Meat in Europa and USA
bulletNo. 470150: On praying for nonmuslims

bullet 29 Questions to the Eminent Leader about cultural, art relating and social problems
   - Watching Muslimah actors without hijab
    - Professional Female photographers in mixed settings
    - Using Video players when it leads to vice
    - Film production and Islamic Shar'ia
    - The permissibility of playing someone's wife in a film
    - The permissibility of hair showing beneath one's head covering
    - Wearing colorful clothes
    - Wearing clothing with pictures of symbols
    - Wearing makeup in front of ghairul-mahram
    - Wearing ties and bow ties
    - Dealing with people who persist in imitating Western dress and habits
    - Wearing thin, shape revealing socks
    - Propagating fashion and fashion-consciousness
    - Shaving the beard
    - The minimum length of a beard
    - Clapping at public occassions
    - Listening to foreign broadcasts and sharing that news with others
    - Showing films in the mosque
    - Performing plays in the "shabestan"
    - Types of forbidden music
    - Teaching music to the youth
    - A clarification of the above question with regard to the opinions of certain "experts"
    - Listening to the music on Iranian TV and radio:
    - Listening to the music on Iranian broadcasting:
    - Listening music on Iranian broadcasts felt to belong to the people of corruption
    - Listening to music from the time of the Shah
    - Playing rhythmic music at a segregated wedding
    - Permissibility of women riding bicycles and motor bikes
    - Women participating in religious processions

bullet 12 Questions to the Eminent Leader (No 9320)
  1. Paying khoms on student loans and scholarships
      2. Paying khoms on a mortgage loan
      3. Physical contact with non-Muslims
      4. Participating in university social functions where both alcohol and halal food are
      5. Eating baked goods with uncertainty to the origin of the shortening
      6. Eating fish and canned fish when the presence of scales is not known
      7. Permissibility of eating crab, clams, and mussels
      8. Eating food in a restaurant prepared by non-Muslims
      9. Children in daycare playing with non-Muslims and eating their food
    10. Staying in hotels and houses used by Buddhists
    11. Observing property rights of the non-Muslims in a non-Muslim city
    12. Brothers from different schools of jurisprudence leading each other in prayer

bullet Children's rights in Islam and medical treatment (15 Questions)
   1. boys and girls considered mature (baligh)
   2. signs and criteria for determining maturity (bulugh)
   3. age children left to the discretion of parents
   4. guardianship of children with father
   5. can the Islamic ruler revoke guardianship
   6. diyyeh for slaping a child
   7. mature child and command of parents
   8. to seek treatment for life threatening or non-life threatening illnesses
   9. parents obligation to seek examination and treatment for their children
   10. desicion between two treatments
   11. patient’s right to be informed of his diagnosis
   12. to seek treatment for terminal illness
   13. birth control pills for a single Muslim woman
   14. physicians secret about illicit sexual activity
   15. physician suspects physical and/or sexual abuse

bullet 36 New Fatwas July 2005
  1. To Touch Qur'an, ‘Alam during Menstruation
  2. To Eat "Nadhr" food during Menstruation
  3. To Enter a Husainiyyah during Menstruation
  4. Paying Zakāt to Hāshimīs
  5. 5. Shortened Prayers
  6. ‘Aqīqah
  7. Abe-e-jau (Beer)
  8. Nose-piercing
  9. Paying Khums While Being in Debt
  10. To Sell Harām Fish to Non-Muslim
  11. To Bet in Basketball
  12. To Serve Wine to Non-Muslims
  13. To Make Wudū’ with Leather Shoes
  14. Look at Non- mahrams on TV
  15. Qadā’ Prayers (Order & Quantity)
  16. Lead a Congregation for Prayer
  17. Songs
  18. Hijāb Exemptions
  19. From Where to Calculate the Shar‘ī Distance
  20. Being Disappointed due to Committing Sins
  21. To Pray with Blood of Wound
  22. Hijāb for Old Ladies
  23. Buying Meat in a Muslim Country
  24. Wiping the Feet Only with Wudū’ Water
  25. To Say Maghrib and `Isha' Prayers after Midnight
  26. To Pray Separately or Together
  27. To Say Mustahabb Prayers While Having Qadā’ Ones
  28. Serving Harām Foods
  29. Working in a Restaurant
  30. Studying in a co-educational college
  31. An Adopted Girl
  32. Harām Music
  33. To Dye One's Hair
  34. Friday Prayer’s Time
  35. A Debtor’s Hajj
  36. To Owe to One’s Wife


Further single questions per e-mail (answered by the leader's office)

bullet Medical istifta'at
bulletMedical Istifta'aat: End of life issues
(Permissibility of withholding or withdrawing care from the terminally ill or ventilator-bound)
bullet Clothing and dress while living in the West
bullet Wishing death on the enemies
bullet Musical Education
bullet Questions about beer and non-alcoholic beer
bullet Question about Loans for Medical School
bullet Traveling and Mustahab Fasting during Traveling
bullet Traveling between non-vatan residance and work
bullet Question about Al-Khorrosani
bullet Question about imamat of person who come to Islam born of illegitimate means
bullet Question about prayer (position of waiting)
bullet Celebrating other people's holidays
bullet Shar'i age of jihad
bullet Eating at Muslim restaurants
bullet Latinizing names from the Quran
bullet Regarding marital status of those who have converted to Islam while their spouse has not
bulletRegarding end of praying full after work-journey
bullet Special medical problems
bulletAbout Vaccination
bulletAbout how complete the Holy Qur'an is
bulletAbout obligatory prayers (Tasbihat-e-Arba)
bullet About Temporary Marriage (mutah)
bulletAbout saying this word isti`adhah
bullet Buying products
bulletCivil divorce without Islamic divorce
bulletAbout calling "Imam"
bulletRegarding Cats
bulletAbout halal Fish
bulletHaram after Zina
bulletPraying Times
bulletAli yun wali Allah in Prayer
bulletHijab in Prison
bulletAbout Zakat
bulletAbout Ayat-al-Kursi
bulletAbout Marriage of Virgin
bulletDifferent fiqhi questions
bullet About anesthetized slaughtering
bulletAbout temporary marriage (mutah)
bullet About forbidden during menstrual bleeding
bullet About marriage permision an working in a Kindergarten
bulletAbout Yaum-ul-Quds (Day of Quds)
bullet About Ashura-Rites
bullet About Wudhu of Disabled
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